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  • Day19

    Day 19: Lake Nakuru National Park

    February 20, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Time to hit the road! We were leaving the Masai Mara and our home for the past two days at around 6am and had to drive for about 7 hours (including a one hour stop at a car service station due to some technical problems 😂) was a rough drive ... the roads are pretty bad and bumpy. But at the end it was all worth it. Another game drive. See for yourself.Read more

    Delphine Gardere

    This trip is amazing! ♥️ keep sharing You are doing great

    Marleen Relling

    Thank you D 😘

    Peter Dilg

    Beautiful! I love flamingos

    Peter Dilg

    They can be pretty aggressive, also attacking cars. Watch out!

  • Day293

    Tag 4: Velotour zum Hellsgate

    May 23, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Höt finded offiziell kei Aktivitäte statt und mer händ frei chönne ussueche was mer mit dem Tag wänd ahfoh. Ich ha mich för ehn Velosafari dur de Park entschiede wo viel Szene vom "König der Löwen" und au anderne Film inspiriert hed.

    Währed ehm fahre hämmer Zebras, Warzeschwein und schöni Vögel gseh. S Highlight vo dere Tour esch aber die Atemberaubendi Landschaft gsii!Nach ca 6km Velofahre hämmer z Fuess ehn Schlucht erkunded - mega schön!

    De Nomittag han ich frei gmacht. Es hed leider grägned aber so hani jetzt wenigstens Ziit gha chli Footprints z schriibe 😅
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    Louise Arber

    Einfach nur ein Traum 😍

    Sabrina Schorno

    Weiss gar ned was schribe sooo wunderschön😍😍😍

    Markus Bütler

    Ri Eifach wonderschön gnüsses i volle zöge

  • Day4

    Rain and Shine to Mumias

    October 19, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    An early start, Jose arrived at around seven but we didn't leave Ken and Maz's until quarter to eight. We drove for about two hours over the Great Rift Valley, roads which had steep edges with no railing. On those roads we saw some baboons and an unreal view. We arrived at Lake Naivasha, which we went to because Jose said we couldn't go to Africa without seeing many animals, so we stopped off for a short boat ride. There was waterbuck and lots of birds at the side of the lake, as well as locals standing in the lake fishing, a very dangerous form of fishing! We got into a small boat which the boat driver said a hippo could try and flip over if it had the chance, we saw lots of birds for the first five minutes before seeing the first pool of hippos with about 30 hippos, no more than 5 metres away, the scariest part was that you could only see some hippos at a time, so any could be lurking beneath the boat... We also saw some giraffes on a peninsula, where both films: Out of Africa and Born Free were filmed, as well as more hippos and lots more birds. Then the driver called a fish eagle in to a neighbouring tree to the lake. Then he chucked a dead fish into the lake and the eagle swooped down from the tree at a rapid pace and picked up the fish from the water. Then we had a relaxing boat ride in to shore. We continued our long trip to to Mumias with still 6 hours to go. The journey was smooth with better roads than 4 years ago. We also stopped briefly at the line of the equator, took a quick photo before getting on our way. The trickiest moment was when the beautiful sunset suddenly morphed into an electric storm with torrential rains, masking the road, meaning it was almost impossible to see the road ahead, fork lightning and booming thunder. We were very thankful for Jose getting us safely to Fred and Esther’s house where a lovely meal was awaiting us. We finally arrived at no. Seventy guest house in more pouring rain.Read more

    David Burton

    Wonderful to have your news and seeing the fantastic pictures and video clips. What a fantastic experience for you all and a transformational one for the boys. So glad that after your very long and testing journey you have arrived. What a star Jose is. Will be interested to learn how many of the boys and adults will remember you from 4 years ago, and you them of course. Every blessing and much love Mum and Dad/Gdad and Granny

    Anna Burton

    Looks great and can’t wait to hear more. I’m glad Jose was there and heard he’s really nice so hope you have a good time with him. Xxx Anna x

    Esther Wells

    Wonderful pictures and videos. What an experience for you all. Not sure about nasty Hippos!! Just wondering what dear Margie (mum) would be thinking. Maybe a blessing she does know 😉 😊. Love to all and praying for safe onward travels xxxx

    Esther Wells

    *DOESNT know! Sorry for the typo. Love Ettie xx

  • Day294

    Tag 5: Walking Safari

    May 24, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Es esch nomol ganz es anders Erläbnis z Fuess näb de Tier här z laufe! Höt Morge simmer ehn Stund dors Crater Lake Sanctuary gloffe und händ Zebras, Giraffe und Affe gsichted. Am Schluss simmer zu ehmene Ussichtspunkt gloffe wo mer ehn super Blick über die wunderschöni Landschaft gha händ.

    De Nomittag hämmer de mit Fahre verbrocht und uf ehm neue Campingplatz ahcho hämmer Spieli gspielt, gässe und üs denn ih üsi Zält zrug zoge wells am nöchste Morge früeh wiiter gange esch.
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  • Day21

    Another day, another park

    October 13, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    After 2 nights in Amboseli it was time to move onto our next park - Lake Nakuru. We boarded a 12 passenger Cessna for the 40 minute flight to Nairobi. Not really that fond of small planes but the flight was really quite good (and probably better than the 4 hour drive to Lake Nakuru)

    Along the way we stopped at a viewpoint to see the Great Rift Valley, a 6,400km crack in the earth crust stretching from the Lebanon to Mozambique. Much of it is found in Kenya, where it has literally cut the country in two. A great view!

    Arrived at Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge and oh my goodness, this place is amazing. The rooms are large with fantastic views over the lake. Surprisingly, I thought it would be stinking hot since we are almost on the equator but the temperature has been quite mild. Not complaining!

    I shall cover the game drives in the next post - just a few photos of our journey here and the lodge.
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    Ah Neil’s home town.

  • Day22

    Lake Nakuru Game Drive

    October 14, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    We had a very long game drive - left at 7 and returned after 12. While Amboseli is mainly known for elephants, Lake Nakuru is more recognised for giraffe, cape buffalo, zebra, impala, baboon (well, they are just everywhere), rhinos (mostly white , but occasionally black rhino), and flamingos. The big cats (lion, cheetah and leopard) are in the park but usually they are not seen.

    While we did not see any cats, we did see all of the others, including both black and white rhinos. The giraffe were the Rothschild giraffe which I think are more beautifully marked than the ones we saw in Kruger (Maasai giraffe I think). On some, the tiles/spots were almost black and very striking.

    The difference between the black and white rhino is mainly to do with the shape of their snout. The white being more square because they graze while the black is more pointed to help pick fruits etc from bushes. The white rhino is bigger while the black rhino is rarer. We were lucky to see both as or guide said they usually only see the white rhino.

    There was a flock of Greater flamingos which are only slightly pink whereas the Lesser flamingos are a much brighter pink. Unfortunately we could not get closer to the flock because the vehicles can only travel on designated tracks unlike Kruger where we were on a private concession and could drive off the path. So in most cases the pictures were done with a telephoto lens so may not be as clear as they could be but Brad did a good job.

    The evening drive was called off due to storms but we didn't mind because we had basically seen the main points of interest in this game park. We travel to Masa Mara tomorrow where we will have 2 full days to hopefully find a leopard.
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  • Day391

    Lake Naivasha

    January 11 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    I spend two nights at lake Naivasha to recuperate from driving around. Together with lake Baringo, lake Naivasha is the only fresh water lake in the eastern Great Rift Valley in Kenya. The others are shallow alkaline lakes and are listed as World Heritage. The Fisherman's Camp has a designated campsite which is surrounded by a low electric fence in order to keep the hippos outside at night. But I decide to stay on "the wild" side with the hippos. It's nicer there, quieter and hippos are your best friends, of course. On the first night I get very angry because one local visitor scares two hippos with his car, literally pushing them with the car back into the water while using his horn additionally. But without any reason! He just says "You know, they are dangerous!" but they were just grazing at safe distance. Disrespectful idiot.
    One morning I visit Elsamere just around the corner. It was the former house of George and Joy Adamson - protagonists of diverse novels like "Born Free" and famous conservationists. Now it is a lodge and a tiny museum. Everything is kept in lovely original condition and I learn a lot more especially about Joy. Did not know how awesomely she painted flora and Kenya's indigenous tribesmen! A lot of her work is exhibited in Kenya's National Museum. This woman must have been a machine!
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    Tobias Riedle

    Da war ich auch schon, glaub ich! Wir hatten ne Giraffe 🦒, die da immer rumgehangen ist in dem Areal. Fands richtig cool dort!

    Michi, der

    ja, mega, die kommen angeblich einfach mal vorbei. war super chillig, kann man auch mal länger bleiben (für die nächsten Lockdowns und/oder COVID2022-2035)

  • Day6

    Lake Nakuru

    February 20, 2020 in Kenya ⋅ ☁️ 32 °C

    Unser letzter Gamedrive steht an, bevor es am Mittag zurück nach Nairobi geht.
    Der Lake Nakuru verzaubert uns direkt mit der schönen Landschaft. Hier leben nicht nur sehr viele Wasservögel, unter anderem Flamingos, sondern auch Nashörner. Beides bekommen wir zu Gesicht und riesige Schwärme von Pelikanen, die sich am Ufer versammeln. Je mehr Pelikane sich am See aufhalten, desto geringer ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass man Falmingos sieht, denn die Pelikane fressen Falmingoeier.
    Gut im Gras versteckt liegt ein Löwe auf der Lauer und beobachtet Warzenschweine. Leider reicht unsere Zeit nicht aus, den Löwen bei der Jagd zu beobachten.

    Nach dem Lunch warten wir ca 2 Stunden auf unseren Fahrer, der uns zurück nach Nairobi bringen soll. Gegen halb 8 erreichen wir Cecilias Haus und gehen mir ihrem Bruder Victor etwas essen und noch ein Bier trinken.
    Wie erfahren viel über das Leben in Kenia:
    - Bei einer Hochzeit muss der Bräutigam den Schwiegereltern ein Brautgeld zahlen. Dieses besteht z.B. aus zwei Kühen (ca 200 US $), zwei Ziegen und einem Umschlag voll Geld, ca. 1000 US $ (welches die zukünftigen Schwiegereltern nicht zählen dürfen). In der Regel ist das Brautgeld so hoch angesetzt, dass es langsam abbezahlt werden muss. Geheiratet wird in der Regel zwischen 25 und 30 Jahren.
    - Die Lebenserwartung eines Kenianers liegt bei 60 Jahren.
    - Das durchschnittliche Monatseinkommen eines Mittelklasse Kenianers liegt bei 200- 300 US $.

    Asanti (Danke) Cecilia und Victor
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  • Day5

    Lake Naivasha

    February 19, 2020 in Kenya ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Wieder geht es früh raus in die Masai Mara. Lediglich eine Stunde haben wir Zeit, denn am Tag zuvor hat Ali (unser Fahrer) zwei Überstunden gemacht. Wie sich später herausstellen wird, haben wir noch eine ordentliche Wegstrecke mit dem Auto zurück zu legen. Also wird kurzerhand alles gepackt und um 9 Uhr verlassen wir das Camp. Zurück über die abenteuerliche Straße in die „Zivilisation“, keine Pfütze ist zu tief, kein Berg zu steil oder zu schräg und kein Schlagloch zu tief...
    Nach dem Lunch trennt sich unsere Reisegruppe und wir sitzen in einem neuen Van. Unsere neue Reisetruppe entpuppt sich als deutlich geselliger und auf der weiteren Fahrt bis zum Lake Nakuru wird viel gequatscht.
    Am Lake Naivasha machen wir einen Zwischenstopp, bei dem optional eine Bootstour gemacht werden kann. Wir entscheiden uns dagegen, denn die vielen Hippos kann man auch vom Ufer gut beobachten.
    Wieder folgt ewig lange Fahrerei bis wir abends endlich am Lake Nakuru ankommen. Abgesehen von den Hippos ein eher verschenkter Tag im Auto...wir merken immer mehr , dass alleine Safari mehr unser Ding ist.
    Endlich angekommen wird mit der Truppe Karten gespielt und dann geschlafen.
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  • Day4

    Lake Naivasha

    January 24, 2020 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    Auf dem Weg zum Naivashasee genehmigen wir uns noch einen Cappuccino in dem Mara Sarova Camp, kurz bevor wir die Mara durch das Sekenani Gate verlassen. Die Fahrt ist wieder lang, und wir sind froh, als wir in der Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge ankommen. Von unserem Balkon aus haben wir einen schönen Blick in den weitläufigen Garten, in dem Wasserböcke und Zebras umherlaufen. Ein ausgiebiger Spaziergang führt uns durch das Gelände der Lodge und zum Ufer des Sees. Abends grasen hier sogar die Hippos direkt vor den Zimmern!Read more

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