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George Town

Here you’ll find travel reports about George Town. Discover travel destinations in Malaysia of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day112

    It's voting day and the youngest sister's birthday back in the UK so today really feels like we're missing out on not being at home. Luckily our proxy vote applications arrived from Thailand in time so my parents are voting on our behalf today. It's time to say farewall to the busy Kuala Lumpur and head to the island of Penang. Our train was leaving at 11:30am so this gave us enough time to get ready, have breakfast and use the cheaper public transport to get to the station instead of the quicker more expensive taxi. We boarded the train with no hiccups and found it was very modern and spacious with plenty of leg room which was nice. The journey lasted 4 hours and it was the coldest 4 hours of our lives. The air con was on so high that it was bitterly cold and basically like being in the UK in winter! Luckily and I mean really luckily Nick had packed not only his hoodie in his hand luggage but also his fleece too. I'm not sure we would of survived without them! Having arrived at a place called Butterworth we met a fellow traveller and worked our way up and down a very stair heavy route to the ferry dock. With a bag weighing 20kgs on your back and dodgey knees this was not a fun trek but at least we had our new companion to talk to about her travels. Sadly when we disembarked after 15 minutes on the water we lost her in the hustle and bustle of people getting off the boat so we didn't even get to say goodbye or find out her name. We walked to the guest house which is only 15 minutes away and no matter how much you look at the pictures and read reviews it's always a surprise when you enter a new accommodation. We'd chosen this place as it said it had a private bathroom but turns out non of the rooms did. Being a bit tired I disputed this and said on the website the room we booked does not say it's a shared bathroom to which he went to check and came back offering us to leave and that he'll have to inform about this. He was very apologetic and the room is the best value we saw here so we decided to stay. It made it a little awkward when leaving later for dinner but he seems okay with us and showed us where all the essentials are on a map. We headed out to find some dinner but soon realised we should of researched it as it was all street food places. Penang is known for its street food but after being so ill last time there's really no way I'm risking losing two days of doing things again. After a bit of wondering we found a lovely modern bakery and bistro. They had lamb shank! I cannot tell you how happy this made me and so of course I had to order it. Back home you can pay anything from £15 to £30 for this dish so when the price of this main was £5 it had to be done and by golly it was beautiful. It was in a tomato sauce but it was so rich and flavourful that it went surprisingly well. Nick had a baked rice dish which he was also impressed with so maybe we'll head back there before we leave. Georgetown where we are staying is know for its street art so tomorrow we plan to fully explore the area on foot.Read more

  • Day113

    We've based ourselves in Georgetown in Penang which is known for it's British and French architectural influences but also it's vast array of street art. Today we had planned to set off early and explore the area on foot hunting down all the different artworks to see. We did have a slight hiccup with leaving though. As I pulled the door closed the whole handle came off to door! One of the staff luckily managed to fiddle around with the key and open the door again but he had to wait for the other member of staff to arrive to look at it. We waited for him and after 20 minutes or so we just decided to go ahead and lock the door and leave. There wasn't anything we could input to fixing it by staying so we told the guy we'd come back in and hour or so and after some coffee and an explore it was all sorted with a new lock. Woopsie! I love Georgetown! I love the weathering of the buildings, the bunting, lanterns and plants that are everywhere and the wonderful street art. It's crumbling plaster and mishmash pavements give it such a charm so much so that it is becoming my favourite city that we have visited so far. After we visited all the artworks on our map we began a 20 minute walk to a supermarket. It was so unbelievable hot today: 35 degrees but it said it feels like 46. We were melting in the heat and when we entered an air conditioned mall at the end of our walk it was pure heaven. We stood for a minute or so just with our arms on the cold metal railings inside. We had some juices and then eventually found the supermarket. With the heat we decided to get a taxi back and visit a traditional mansion in the town that has Malaysian, Chinese and Indian influences in it's decoration and style. We had an 81 year old tour guide who took us around and was very insistent we had a photo with her which turned out to be an awful shot but it's a good memory to have. She didn't have much information to share and there wasn't any signs either which was a shame but we enjoyed having an explore. Afterwards we headed to a great little restuarant bar for dinner and I had the most amazing burger for tea. Coming back and having a cold shower was almost the highlight of the day!Read more

  • Day114

    We hadn't planned anything after we leave Penang on the 13th so we used our morning to go to Starbucks on the bus and plan our next moves. We booked our bus and hotel before heading back to the bus stop to continue our journey to a butterfly farm and centre. There are some great reviews of this place online so we decided that it would be a good afternoon activity but having visited we could of spent the whole day there. The place was amazing. The areas with the butterflies are so open and full of wonderful plants, trees, streams and even a waterfall. They've built the area on several levels and every section feels individual and unique to the next. They had some beautiful species of butterfly all flying around and we even had the opportunity to release some that had newly hatched from their pupae stage. Many were landing on the path as we walked around so we were anxious that people would step on them so helped as many to the side as we could. I had a bit of shock when one decided to land on my eye and eyebrow and Nick caught the moment on camera! Definitely a perfectly timed shot. At the centre they also house many reptiles and insects and we were able to hold two of the insects there. It was all very informative and interactive. Inside they have a fantastic 8 room educational centre that is so modern and engaging that this was when we realised we should have given this place more than an afternoon. We went right up until closing at 7pm before walking the 1.6km back to the bus stop. We had to wait and while for the driver and then we had our delightful one hour journey back into Georgetown. By the time we go back it was almost 9pm so for ease and the need for more lamb shank we went back to where we ate on the first night. It wasn't as amazing but we think it's because it's the end or service and they were quite busy but it still tasted great. A great end to a long colourful day.Read more

  • Day115

    I was feeling quite home sick today knowing that all the family, except my sister, were together meeting my new nephew. With that in mind and still with planning to do we headed to Starbucks to plan how we we're getting to Singapore and our accommodation there. Singapore, we have heard, is very expensive so we wanted to get our accommodation booked as soon as possible to avoid the costs going up too much or cheaper places not being available. After some research we concluded that we will be heading back into a dorm room, our first since Kyoto, Japan and private rooms are just too expensive. Even for a dorm room for 3 nights it is a lot more expensive than we have been paying but we think we have found a nice hostel and are in an 8 bed dorm together. We also had a look into what to do this afternoon and everything is far away and we felt we weren't that bothered about doing any of the things, not enough to travel far for it. To cheer ourselves up we decided to head to the 8th floor of the mall which did have some great views and visit the cinema there. We decided upon The Mummy in the end which was very jumpy but so good! The sound effects and volume in the cinema make it so much more scary. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it was the treat we needed and felt like we were back in the UK. After the cinema we headed to an authentic Italian restaurant for some pizza. It was quite a trek and when we got there we were seated and then told as we were looking through the menu that their oven is broken so they have no pizza. We decided to leave and managed to find another one not too far away from where we are staying. It wasn't amazing but it was still a nice dinner before we headed back to the guest house. Not a very exciting day but something that needed to be done.Read more

  • Day71

    Penang ist eine Insel an der Westküste von Malaysia und durch 2 Straßen mit dem Festland verbunden. Außerdem ist sie für ihr Essen sehr bekannt und für die Straßenkunst in der Altstadt von Georgetown (größte Stadt auf Penang). 😊
    Am ersten Tag erkundeten wir Georgetown mit dem Fahrrad und aßen uns an den Spezialitäten der Insel satt. (Char kuay teow, Cendol, Mee goreng)
    Auf den Penang Hill (höchster Berg auf Penang) fuhren wir am zweiten Tag und genossen die wunderschöne Aussicht von oben.
    Gegen später klapperten wir die verschiedenen interaktiven Straßengemälde ab, die aufgrund des Georgetown Festival im Jahr 2012 bis heute die Wände schmücken. 😎
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  • Day33

    Sehr froh über die kurzfristige Möglichkeit im Trockenen schlafen zu dürfen, aber dennoch etwas erschöpft verließen wir die Unterkunft in Richtung unseres eigentlichen Hotels.

    Freundlichen wurden wir begrüßt und als wir die Lage schilderten, war die Sache für uns geritzt, da wir die Nacht wie erhofft nicht zahlen mussten.

    Der heutige Tag sollte ereignisreich werden: Zu erst spazierten wir durch klein Dehli, wobei wir uns das indische Essen schmecken ließen. Weiter ging es mit dem Roller nach Butterworth auf dem Malaysischen Festland. Eine knapp 14km lange Brücke trennt Penang vom Festland, diesen Anblick wollten wir uns nicht entgehen lassen. Wer die Mainbrücke daheim kennt, kann sich in etwa vorstellen, dass sie ein bisschen länger ist (~80-Fache).

    Anschließend besuchten wir die Festung "Fort Cornwallis", was Penang seit 2008 zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe macht.
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  • Day247

    George Towns Sehenswürdigkeiten wollen wir heute sehen und organisieren uns wieder einmal über Grab für 40 Cent ein Taxi zum Besucherzentrum am Rand der Altstadt. Von dort aus sollen alle wichtigen Punkte der Stadt fussläufig erreichbar sein. Wir besorgen uns ein paar Unterlagen zu den Sehenswürdigkeiten, der Street Art und den Museen und starten unseren Rundgang direkt vor der Tür, am Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Clocktower, erbaut 1897. Der Uhrenturm ist 60 Fuss hoch. Jedes Fuss steht für ein Jahr der Regentschaft Queen Victorias zu Ehren ihre diamantenen (60 Jahre) Jubiläums.
    Nebenan steht im Kreuzfahrthafen eine andere Königin, die Queen Mary 2, der wir einen kurzen Blick schenken.
    Das Fort Cornwallis mit seinem Leuchtturm und seinen Kanonen lassen wir links liegen und marschieren gleich weiter zu City Hall (Drinnen ein nettes kleines Museum über die Geschichte George Towns) und Town Hall. Letztere diente übrigens als Kulisse für den Film "Anna und der König ".
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  • Day250

    Heute besichtigen wir ein chinesisches Stadthaus, erbaut Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts. Es gehörte einem superreichen Baba.
    Die Baba-Nyonya oder Peranakan sind eine in Malaya lebende ethnische Gruppe, die ursprünglich aus der Verbindung von malayischen Frauen mit chinesischen Männern entstand. Die chinesischen Männer waren als Lohnarbeiter nach Malaya emigriert. Baba bezeichnet einen männlichen Angehörigen dieser Gruppe, Nyonya einen weiblichen.
    Unser Baba war garantiert kein Lohnarbeiter 😉! In seinem großen, schönen Haus sind über 1.000 Antiquitäten ausgestellt und wir sehen, was mit Geld so alles geht! Wertvolle Möbel, Porzellan und Stoffe aus aller Welt. Allein die äußerst aufwendigen und kostspieligen Rituale vor und nach der Hochzeit hätten unser Weltreisebugdet nach einem halben Tag verschlungen. Und das Schmucksortiment einer der Hausdamen (es gab vier!) inklusive Kleidung lassen jede Kronjuwele der Queen blass aussehen!
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  • Day250

    Nach soviel Reichtum holen wir uns mit einem Bummel durch Little India auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurück. Obwohl - genug goldige Läden gibt es hier, Inder lieben nun mal den Goldschmuck. Ansonsten ist hier alles schön bunt und ein bisschen durcheinander.

  • Day250

    In den letzten Jahren hat sich George Town zu einem Zentrum für Street Art in Südostasien entwickelt, was vor allem dem litauischen Künstler Ernest Zacharevic (diese Info ist für die Kenner unter euch 😉) zu verdanken ist.
    In der gesamten Altstadt finden wir etliche Wandmalereien und zudem noch über 50 Metallkonstruktionen, die mit Humor an alte Bräuche oder Berufe erinnern. Wir mieten ein Doppelfahrrad und radeln die Gegend einfach ab.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

George Town, Ĝorĝtaŭno, جرج تاون پنانگ, Khiâu-chhṳ-sṳ, גורג טאון, PEN, Georgetown, ジョージタウン, ჯორჯტაუნი, 조지타운, Džordžtaunas, Džordžtauna, Џорџ Таун, ജോർജ്ജ് ടൗൺ, ပီနန်မြို့, जर्ज टाउन, Penang, Джорджтаун, ஜார்ஜ் டவுன், จอร์จทาวน์, جارج ٹاؤن، پینانگ, 乔治市, 喬治市

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