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  • Day66

    Extended stay in Gemas

    April 10 in Malaysia

    If you read the earlier post about the great experience we were having getting on the train in JB Sentral, the Malaysian countryside, etc, you may have got the impression that the trip was going really well. And it was, until ten minutes out of Gemas, two hours from KL. Apparently its hot here in Malaysia. And the diesel engine that was towing us along the rickety tracks to KL gets hot too. So hot in fact that it overheated and stopped dead “in its tracks” one stop before our destination. Literally, in the jungle, near the highway, 33 degrees.
    So we sat there, wondering what could possibly be going on, because they don’t tell you. Three and half hours later, two buses show up over on the road. We’re getting a bus to KL, direct. But we will miss the fast train, which was part of the mission on this trip. Stymied again with fast trains. Thanks to the nice people on the train and bus we were able to let the people know where we were staying about the delay.
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  • Day65

    After considerable deliberation, investigation and discussion we decided that we would take the jungle line (electric and diesel train) from Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur. Johor Bahru is across the river into Malaysia from Singapore. Our online investigation into the finer detail of this leg was confusing at best. So we took a chance and booked the train tickets and figured we would “wing it” once we got out of the country.
    A S$25 cab ride to the Woodlands checkpoint (border crossing) and there we were, on foot, 830am, backpacks loaded, and already 29 degrees.
    Customs was a breeze at that hour on a Monday morning. With some help from local law enforcement we had directions to JB Sentral (our departure point). “It’s just across the river”. Great, we’ll walk. It was only when we got to the other side that the girls fitbit’s told us we walked 4km. I don’t think any of us are sure that what we did by walking across the border on foot, in the sweltering heat with roaring traffic literally inches from you was the best decision we have made as a group. But its early in the trip. And anyway it was fun.
    We had no hold ups at immigration on the Malaysia side and off we went to catch our train.
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  • Day13

    We are finally really here!!

    August 20 in Malaysia

    It was a long wait at the Singapore checkpoint but we have forgotten all that now we are at Legoland. It's so much fun! We remembered lots and are rediscovering things too. We had lunch at the nearby mall and had great times building with giant Lego, then we did a family scavenger hunt where we solved clues and took photos of ourselves with the the number answers. Soon it was time for dinner and a cool ninja class. A late bedtime should mean we sleep well ...Read more

  • Day14

    Sam is 10! Mum and Dad can't believe it. What a place to wake up, on a birthday.

    Legoland is great. So many things are made of Lego. The rides and displays are awesome. And for once we didn't get rained on! The first ride we chose was a Virtual Reality rollercoaster... You really go on the rollercoaster but wear a headset and it feels like you're in a race with other Lego vehicles and in different terrains. So exciting! And of course we won.

    We went on lots of rollercoaster rides and other rides. It was awesome to do so many fun things all as a family. And we've already done some Lego shopping!

    In the afternoon we had a couple of hours at the water park. We all went swimming in a river where you could try to make a raft out of foam Lego! And we went on some waterslides. Sam and Ruby went down a waterslide in a raft together without mum and Dad! Sam went on the high fast slides while mum and Ruby did more floating.

    At dinner a Lego chef brought Sam a little birthday cake and all the staff sang. Pretty cool

    We have more photos to share in the next post...
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  • Day15

    We woke to storms and rain but luckily by the time we finished breakfast, it started to fine up. We wanted to go on the Dino island ride 1st, as it was the last major ride we hadn't been on. We knew we might get a bit wet but we all got completely soaked! Mum and Sam even went a 2nd time. We went in a giant dryer but still took ages to dry. It was totally worth it though.

  • Day15

    More of our day at Legoland

    August 22 in Malaysia

    So many Lego models to discover, so many rides. We pulled ourselves up on a high tower. We watched a "4D" movie with water and snow sprays at the right times. We went in a building competition and Sam came 3rd!! More to come...

  • Day15

    Bye bye Legoland...

    August 22 in Malaysia

    Bye for now Legoland Malaysia! No tears this time but we have had an awesome time. And we don't want to eat rice for a while. It was rainy but we hope you can see the big rollercoasters in the picture we took from an observation tower.

    We got our Lego drivers licenses! And tested our skills building to withstand an earthquake. At the end of the day Sam tried a hoverboard and Ruby drove a cool car at the nearby mall.Read more

  • Day52

    Ronny, der Fels in der Brandung

    February 22 in Malaysia

    Am Pool und im Meer war echt wieder was los … Die Action-Cam 📹 mal richtig in Action 🎬 Das Meer war heute sozusagen echt umwerfend 🙃 Hinterher war gefühlt mehr Sand in der Hose als am Strand. Außerdem ist Caro von einem Piepmatz 🐦 angesch… 💩 worden, das soll ja Glück 🍀 bringen. Im ersten Augenblick konnte sie ihrer Freude darüber nicht so recht Ausdruck verleihen 😂

  • Day50

    Singapur in Sichtweite

    February 20 in Malaysia

    Fast wären wir heute schon in Singapur 🇸🇬 gelandet. Zumindest standen wir schon in der Schlange für den Bus. Am Busbahnhof in Johor Bahru wusste nämlich keiner so genau, wie man mit dem Linienbus in die City kommt 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♀️ – ging dann natürlich aber doch wieder irgendwie. Zehn Minuten vom Hotel entfernt, schon wieder fast in Singapur. Die Hochhäuser hinter uns (s. Foto 📷) stehen nämlich genau da und sind nur 1200 Meter Luftlinie entfernt. Das chinesische Neujahr ist irgendwie immer noch Programm, auch in unserer Hotellobby.Read more

  • Day51

    Die letzten zwei Tage in Malaysia

    February 21 in Malaysia

    Nach fast drei Wochen durch Malaysia, sind unsere Tage jetzt gezählt und wir verbringen die letzten 24 Stunden am Strand 🏝! Außer der Fahrt von JB hierher nach Desaru ist heute folgendes passiert: Schwimmen, Lesen, Ausruhen, Schwimmen, Lesen, Schwimmen, Kniffel spielen, … ☀️

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Johor, JHR, جوهر, Cohor, Джохор, Ĝohoro, Johori osariik, جوهور, Yù-fu̍t-chû, גוהור, ジョホール州, 조호르 주, Džohoras, Џохор, जोहोर, ஜொகூர், รัฐยะโฮร์, جوھر, 柔佛州

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