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  • Day5

    Alle guten Dinge sind drei

    September 8, 2017 in Mexico

    Gestern kam Nino, der dritte im Bunde an und wir haben beschlossen mit dem Collectivo (sehr günstiger Shuttle Bus, 25 Minuten fahrt kosten so 1,25) zum schnorcheln und anschließend einer Lagune zu fahren. Da ich noch nie geschnorchelt bin, war ich total geflashed von den Fischen, Schildkröten und dem kleinen Riff in Akumal. Hier gibt es sicher noch viel tollere Spots zum schnorcheln aber zum Einstieg war es echt klasse. Außerdem habe ich auch gleich meine tolle Hängematte ausprobieren können zwischen zwei Palmen am Strand :) Danach haben wir auf dem weg zur Lagune eine Kokosnuss entdeckt und Nino machte es sich zur Herausforderung diese zu knacken :D gesagt, getan und so konnten wir Kokoswasser und Nuss verspeisen - Super lecker aber auch sehr aufwändig, Also reicht jetzt auch erstmal :D
    Die Lagune war wundervoll, da hier Süßwasser und Salzwasser aufeinander treffen und es beim schwimmen abwechselnd warm und kalt ist. Außerdem waren wir fast die einzigen vor Ort.

    Neu gesichtetes Tier: Riesen spinne (Rechts oben im Bild), Tausendfüßler und Gecko

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  • Day12


    July 13, 2017 in Mexico

    Hüt Namittag simmer uf Akumal gange. Akumal isch en ganz chline Ort, ca. 30 min mitem Auto entfernt vo Playa und vorallem als Eiablageplatz für Schildchröttli bekannt. Zeme simmer denn Richtig Zentrum gloffe und hend det es Colectivo für umgrechnet 2 CHF pro Person uf Akumal gno. In Akumal acho, hend eus all 3 Meter Verkäufer irgendwelchi Schildchröttli-Toure welle abüte. ABER, mir hend eus natürli im Vorus im Internet schlau gmacht und det gse, dass mer das au sehr guet uf eigeni Fust chan entdecke. Also hemmer die all ignoriert und sind an Strand füre gloffe. De Strand isch pumpevolle gsi und im Meer sind alli d Schildchröttli am Sueche gsi. Au mir hend eusi super Schnorchelusrüstig vom Walmart montiert und sind is zimlich warme Meer gange. Scho churzi Ziit spöter hemmer denn tatsächlich die ersti Schildchrott gse. Das isch scho es cools Gfühl gsi. Sueche hemmer nöd wük müsse, mer hend immer wieder mal eini gse und teilwiis au recht grossi. Ei Schildchrott hani sicher öpe 5 min bim Esse beobachtet. Sie hets anschinend herzlich wenig interessiert, dass ich nebed ihre schwümm. :-)
    Ich han mer das ganze aber ehrlich gseit chli idylischer vorgstellt, will chum hesch e Schildchrott entdeckt, und öper het das gmerkt, sind plötzlich öpe 10 Lüüt um dich ume gsi und das het mi denn mit de Ziit chli gnervt. Mer sind trotzdem recht lang im Wasser gsi und woni denn zrug an Strand gloffe bin hani s erst Mal i dene Ferie es bizli chüel gha *haha*. De Effekt het natürlich nöd lang aneghebt, liige scho wieder total verschwitzt uf mim Bett ;o)
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  • Day49

    Grand Cenote / Akumal

    December 24, 2015 in Mexico

    Rund um Tulum befinden sich unzählige Cenoten. Viele davon sind öffentlich zugänglich, und bei allen bezahlt man ein bisschen Eintritt. Wir besuchten die Grand Cenote; nahe gelegen und gemütlich per Velo zu erreichen. Das Süsswasser ist angenehm kühl und sehr klar. Wer will, kann sogar eine Tauchtour in die Höhlen unternehmen. Uns genügte aber auch die Abkühlung 'einfach so'. Toll ist bei dieser Cenote vorallem die Höhle, welche nur schwimmend erreicht werden kann und die viele Fledermäuse beheimatet, sowie die Tatsache, dass Wasserschildkröten hier leben.

    Akumal ist ungefähr 20 Autofahrminuten von Tulum entfernt. Wir besuchten den Strand vorallem aus dem Grund, dass hier Schildkröten im Meer schwimmen und man bei ihnen schnorcheln kann. Leider - wie irgendwie schon öfters - wollte das Wetter nicht mitspielen. Die kurzen Regengüsse zwischendurch waren nicht das Problem, aber das Meer war unruhig und vorallem aufgewühlt und braun. Der Strand an sich wäre sehr hübsch gewesen und die vielen Touristen reisten wohl auch nur aus diesem Grund (und natürlich wegen der Schildkröten) an.
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  • Day181

    Akumal Bay & Dos Ojos cenote

    November 3, 2015 in Mexico

    We got up at 7am and jumped in one of the collectivo minivans that run regularly from Tulum to Playa del Carmen, mainly for locals. At 30P each, I think they likely overcharged us but it's still a bargain and far cheaper than taxis. They dropped us off on the exit road and we walked the 5 minutes to Akumal Bay.

    I was worried it would also be ruined by seaweed and be a disappointment compared to our last visit but it was as beautiful as ever. There is a ton of seaweed, but they work hard to clean out the rubbish and the water is still very clear and blue and there's no bad smell.

    As soon as we arrived on the nice and empty beach a tour guide pounced on us and told us we had to hire life jackets to be allowed to swim in the marked bay (new since our last visit). We refused and Anna went in first and swam around the boats instead, which was a little risky with some moving about. As she came out the lifeguard came and told her to swim in the marked bay and the life jacket rule was nonsense. By this point I'd also seen some locals go in without them on (the tour boys don't try it on with the locals funnily enough).

    Whilst I lay in the cool morning sun, Anna went back in and saw some turtles and stingrays. Then I went in for an hour and saw about 9 turtles, some rays and some pufferfish. The water was lovely and clear. Anna went back in and saw a small eagle ray which let her follow it for ages (sadly she’d forgotten the camera that time!).

    The beach soon filled up with people and lots of tour groups came and went - none stayed very long. Why you'd choose to swim in a huge group and surround the poor creatures rather than get a 1-on-1 experience where you won't disturb them is beyond me. Several times a lazy tour guide would see me with a turtle and yell at the top of his lungs and a swarm of splashing lifejackets would appear. But mostly I managed to avoid them and as the day went on it didn't get much busier - the tour groups were well spread out.

    By 11am we were starving and went to Turtle Bay bakery and shared a cinnamon roll and coffee / pecan cake. Anna filled up on coffee whilst I downed some cool iced tea. Afterwards, we both went back in but the visibility wasn't as good and more seaweed had moved in.

    Just after 2pm we walked back to the highway and got a collectivo to Dos Ojos cenote (20P), which was about 1km from the hotel we stayed in last time (we had no idea this treasure was there then or that there were so many cenotes nearby). We paid our 200P fee and were then told it was a 2.5km walk away! Hot and mozzy-bitten by the time we arrived, we jumped straight into the first of 2 pools. One is a lighter pool, the other is darker but they are quite similar. Both are big pools within caves with stalagmites and stalactites and huge pieces of rocks under the water as if there’s been an earthquake. And some bats. And a few small fish. The freezing freshwater is crystal clear and absolutely magical where shards of sunlight hit it. The cave system is huge and we saw only a small part of it. You can venture into it further with a guide and flashlights, or you can dive through some of the caves.

    By 4:30pm we were done and started the walk back. Thankfully, a lovely guy in a pick-up yelled at us to get in the back and gave us a very bouncy ride to the entrance. There, we got a collectivo back to Tulum (25P).

    Starving after our ton of exercise and fuelled only by cheetos, we headed straight for dinner. We went to a tiny place we'd seen by the bike shop that gave us soup, falafel and a Jamaica (hibiscus) tea for 70P. It was all amazing! Then she gave us 2 skeleton biscuits for 15P each which her friend had made - we were very excited as we'd failed to find these elsewhere. We then headed for our final ice creams before heading back for an early night.

    Sadly we haven't seen much in the way of public celebrations or parades for Day of the Dead. Everybody we ask says they don't have a clue if / when / where any celebrations are being held. There are some parties but it's more for Halloween and we can only assume that any DOTD celebrations are more private affairs.
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  • Day4

    Thank goodness for the turtles!

    January 6, 2017 in Mexico

    Awesome day today!

    My aim was to start early and drive to Akumal Beach to swim with giant turtles! As the bus tours turn up the sand gets kicked up and visability is not the best!

    The night before I had to walk all around town in the dreaded heat trying to find a rental car as its peak season at the moment. After about five attempts I finally got one then staggered back to hotel and collapsed!

    Next day I arrive at 7.30am to pick up the car and 45 minutes later I am off! Yes you have to allow abit of time in Mexico when renting a car! Everything is done in triplicate followed by lots of time on the computer. Then you sign contracts invoices and heaven knows what else. On some forms I was initialing twice and then signing and of course its all in spanish! And like the wise lawyer I am I signed it all!

    Then you do a detailed inspection of the car where every single scratch and dent is pointed out to you and then marked on a car map in triplicate. You then sign that. My map had so many markings I am not sure how they would notice a new scratch!

    So off I go........ to Walmart! Yes Walmart to buy cheap snorkle gear. Everywhere else is a rip off so this is where you go! If you hire all the time you end up paying the same and the hire stuff is the bare basics. Belize is meant to have some of the best snorkeling in the world. But more to lug around.

    So with my new pink snorkle gear because females only want pink apparently even adult females I finally set off.

    Mexican drivers. The worst. If you dare to make a turn you get honked. If you are not doing twice the speed limit they come up an inch behind you. And they hate letting in! My god you have to be aggressive and fast! All of this is exhausting me!

    Arrive at the beach and set off. Just me in my costume with my snorkle gear - everything else in the car.
    First I get stopped and told my fins are illegal! So not wanting my new pink fins to be stolen I go back to the car. I will just point out its 35 degrees with 90% humidity.
    I make it back to the beach and start swimming out. After a while I get stopped by the turtle police and am told a life jacket is mandatory. So back I swim find a hire place, get the price then trek back to the car. These turtles had better be good I am thinking!

    Finally life jacket on and I am swimming out to sea like there is no tomorrow!

    I swim up to groups as that is probably where the turtles are. After a while I finally spot one but there is so much sand it is hard to see. This might be it I am thinking sadly.

    I see people further out so I think even if I have to swim to the carribean to get into some clear water I'm doing it! I see a few in clear water with some other people around and then I swim out further.
    Thank god for the life jacket I am thinking as its choppy.
    Then I finally strike gold. A turtle all to myself in cystal clear water! Brilliant. If you watch long enough it will surface then go back down to keep on feeding. Its fascinating and I can't take my eyes off it! Its about a foot from me when it surfaces.

    I could have spent the whole day staring at them but I had cenotes to visit! Will cover them in my next entry!
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  • Day123

    Comida mexicana

    July 9, 2017 in Mexico

    Die halbe Reise schon freu ich mich auf das Essen hier in Mexiko... Zu Recht würd ich sagen, bisher war alles - von Burrito, gefüllten (Riesen-)Jalapeños und Guacamole bis Quesadilla mit Zucchiniblüten - seeehr lecker!

    Allerdings kommt man bei Temperaturen jenseits von 30 Grad in Kombination mit der obligatorischen Salsa verde ordentlich ins Schwitzen. Zum Durst löschen muss dann jeden Tag noch frisch geschnittenes Strandobst her 😋Read more

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