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  • Day27


    January 3, 2020 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    In Meines gibt es die Möglichkeit direkt an der Medina mit dem Wohnmobil zu übernachten.

    Allerdings ist schon die Anfahrt sehr eng durch die Stadttore und der Stellplatz ist ein Parkplatz. Mal sehen ob wir da morgen wieder rauskommen.

    Leider ist heute Freitag und somit sind nicht viele Geschäfte auf.

    Zuerst machen wir eine Kutschfahrt um uns einen Überblick zu verschaffen. Wir sind am Königspalast und den Königlichen Reitställen vorbei. Dann wollten wir zur großen Moschee, doch die wird umgebaut und so sind wir in die gegenüber liegende Bou Inania Médersa.
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    Und da sind auch unsere Freunde wieder ☀️👍


    Kutschfahrt mit einer Königskutsche 😊

    Jürgen Dr. Ries

    Richtige Freunde treffen sich immer wieder.

  • Day7

    De Oualidia a Meknes

    April 16, 2019 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Cerca de quatrocentos quilómetros separam as duas cidades. À medida que nos aproximamos de Meknes a temperatura vai aumentando, mas como é uma zona mais montanhosa, também é mais verdejante.
    Chegámos por volta das quatro. O caminho até aqui não ofereceu grande novidade porque uma parte já o tínhamos feito para Sul.
    O Riad Jardim de Bahia é fantástico! Uma casa marroquina com o pátio interior que serve para refrescar todo o edifício. Neste caso o pátio é fechado, mas cumpre o propósito na mesma. Todo ele tem o bom gosto da decoração marroquina - simples no edifício, com apontamentos decorativos de uma combinação de cores sempre tão pungente, mas equilibrada.
    Meknes, com a sua pequena Medina, tem os artesãos descontraídos e prontos a conversar com os visitares e a explicar e mostrar os seus ofícios. Há uma zona de madeiras, de bordados e zeillij - mosaico - que deixa qualquer um encantado.
    Para um ponto final certeiro, restou-nos um simpático jantar nas varandas panorâmicas com vista para a praça Al Hadim - parecida com Jamal el-Fna, em Marraquexe, mas bem mais pequena, e um voltinha final para comprarmos as tão apreciadas tajines. Parece que em casa vai haver comida nova.
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  • Day8

    Meknes, Volubilis e Moulay Idriss

    April 17, 2019 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Dia de regresso à escola! A Madraça Bu Inania - escola onde os rapazes aprendiam a recitar o Corão - é maravilhosa! Muito parecida na sua estrutura com a de Marraquexe, mas um pouco menor, tinha alojamentos para estudantes e professores. Os alunos que tinham entre 8 e 10 anos residiam em quartos duplos no rés de chão, mas os mais velhos e os professores viviam no primeiro andar. Alem disso, há um anexo que era uma sala de abluções.
    À tarde seguimos para Volubilis - aprendemos que este é o nome do sítio porque está coberto de flores de ipomoea - chamada de volubilis pelos romanos. É um complexo extraordinário! Até para os dias de hoje seria uma grande cidade.
    Seguimos para Moulay Idriss, onde se encontra o seu Mausoléu. Não pudemos entrar, naturalmente, porque não somos muçulmanos. Valeu a pena a pequena espreitadela que pudemos dar até ao primeiro pátio, no entanto. Aqui, como o contacto com o mundo não muçulmano é bastante recente, somos muito observados.
    Chegámos a Fez já perto do anoitecer para um jantar preparado “em casa”...
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  • Day28

    Meknès, Markt

    January 4, 2020 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Da gestern am Freitag kaum Geschäfte auf hatten und der Markt geschlossen war, sind wir heute morgen erst noch einmal in die Markthalle.

    Die Händler machten gerade Ihre Geschäfte auf und dekorierten aufwendig ihre Auslage. Besonders die Oliven- und Gewürzhändler haben es uns angetan.

    Schnell werden wir fündig und kaufen Oliven, Gemüse und verschiedenes Gebäck.
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  • Day6

    Morocco Day 6

    October 17, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Off by 8:30 for a long day of travel with Erfoud, the gateway to the Sahara, as our destination. Raining in Fes but weather expected to get better as we head South. Very interesting morning drive. First stop was in the Mid-Atlas Mountains, elevation around 6,000ft. Irane is a mountain ski town with A-frame sloped roofs for the snow as in Switzerland and Austria. Very busy place in the winter with Moroccans from the lowlands who want to enjoy winter sports. A walk around town to stretch our legs and a quick stop in a café for some take out tea and pastries. Second stop was in a National Park where the monkeys come out of the forest at this time of year to feed and prepare for winter. Here we also heard about the cedar forest, 2nd in size to the largest in the world in Lebanon. Morocco is learning how to protect the trees for future generations. Cedar is used for much of the building in Morocco, especially the wooden balconies we saw in the Fes Jewish quarter. Last stop before lunch was Zaida, a small town know for its meat (lamb, goat, and camel) and currently, the center for the apple crop distribution. Landscape this morning changed from the city, to the mountains, and now in the wide fertile valley before we drive over the High Atlas Mountains and into the pre-desert after lunch.
    Lunch of fresh trout today from the lakes nearby (farmed), but good. An afternoon of driving in the High Atlas, up to about 8.000 ft. Then a long stretch of flat plains until we reached Errachadia- the largest City in SE Morocco. A brief stop for bathrooms and stretching our legs. About 30 minutes before Erfoud, we arrived at an oasis. Amazing – arid rocky desert all around and this wide green space around a river bed filled with date palms. Runs ~100 miles!!!
    Arrived around 6:30PM at Hotel Chergui in Erfoud – a large very touristy hotel with lovely grounds. Buffet dinner and an early evening.
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  • Day5

    Morocco Day 5

    October 16, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today is an “Optional” day on the tour. The optional tour goes to Volubilis, an UNESCO world heritage site for its Roman ruins and Meknes, also a UNESCO site, the onetime home of a 17th C Moroccan Sultanate – Moulay Ismail. After some indecision, I decided to join the tour for the day. Day started rainy and cool.
    After a drive through farmland and rolling hills we arrived at Volubilis. In comparison with other Roman ruins I have seen, these are very well-preserved, down to the details to the Corinthian columns. The primary reason that the ruins are so well-preserves is due to a 1755 earthquaw in Lisbon, Portugal that did damage as far South as Morocco and covered the remains all at one time. Thus the ruins did not withstand the weather elements for all of those years. Excavation started in the 1920s and is on-going, sporadically, today. Several good maps at the start of the walk: one at of showing the extent of the Roman Empire (picture attached) and the other showing the size of the current excavated area in comparison to the much larger portion of the site that is still covered. A very worthwhile experience, especially because we were outside walking for a couple hours!! 😊
    Lunch in Meknes and an afternoon of learning about Moulay Ismail, his huge palace and grounds. A sultan in the 16th-17th C, First stop at the beautiful main gate of the palace with massive intricate mosaic designs. The large square across from the palace gates had a great market, seemed to specialize in tagines – all shapes and sizes. And on the pavement in the middle of the square were 2 separate sets of 2 guys with snakes running around them!! One played the music from afar and was a snake charmer. I did not get real close as snakes are not my favorite reptile. A bus ride around the palace and its different section with a stop at the immense granary and horse stables of Moulay Ismail. This sultan was not one of the “good guys” but was a friend of Louis XIV of France and brought French architects in to build the granary. He lived to be 92 so ruled a long time and was constantly preparing for war.

    An evening in the riad. We stopped at a grocery store and stocked up on cheese, crackers and nuts for snacks. So cocktail hour in our room with Marsha and Judy, then down to the rest of the folk cocktail hour in our dining room. Dinner was Bstella and very good. Jeannie and I need to learn how to make. Early finish to pack and prepare for 9 hour bus ride tomorrow
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  • Day22


    January 15, 2020 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Und noch ein paar weitere Eindrücke von Meknès

    Hermann Theobald

    Hi Rutger, Gut angekommen in Meknes? Heute sind Thomas und Mutter hier eingetroffen. Wir fahren morgen weiter. See you down the road.

    Sabine Bakels

    Zielig dat aapje 🤔

  • Day13

    Meknes (bei Iveco und in die Stadt)

    May 1, 2019 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Und die Nacht wurde seeehr lang und ging in den Tag hinein.WoMo haben wir erst um 0930 vor der Iveco Werkstatt abgeladen ( 1.5 ist auch hier ein Feiertag). 13 Stunden fast (für etwa 200 Km) sind wir non stop über die Berge im 1 & 2 Gang geschlichen. Erst ab 5 Uhr morgens ging es etwas flotter.
    Relativ niedrige Bäume im Wald, tiefhängende Kabel in den Dörfern,und lausige Strassen haben ein schnelleres Weiterkommen verhindert.
    Marokkanisch typisch wurde gefahren,immer wieder wurde gehalten um vorbeifahrende Freunde zu grüssen, mit dem Firmenmechaniker arbeiten am Schleppwagen zu besprechen, Verpflegung zu kaufen, Kaffee zu trinken, pinkeln,und,um ca 3 Uhr, einen Kat zu rauchen.Hilft wohl, nicht einzuschlafen (einer der Fahrer ist von 2030 bis 0630 gefahren, die Anfahrtsstunden zu uns nicht gezählt!).
    Maja ist im Womo gesessen, ich bei den Fahrern, ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art. Geschlafen habe ich nicht, Maja auch fast nicht.
    Wir stehen heute auf der Strasse.
    Der Iveco Wächter schaut nach unserem Womo, hat uns gleich zu Beginn typischen Minztee gebracht, und uns dann geholfen, ein Sammeltaxi (Wie kleine colectivos mit 7 Sitzen) zu erwischen, ohne Erfolg.Zum Schluss hat er einen Kleinlaster angehalten, der uns für 2€ in die Altstadt brachte (ich auf der Oberfläche, Maja in der Kabine.) Sitzen nun bei einer Tajine (Essen in einem typischen Behälter gekocht). Werden heute wohl nicht "sehr alt".
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    Es liest sich seeehr spannend! Wünsche euch eine bessere Nacht und morgen keine bösen Überraschungen!!!


    Das war mit einem lieben Gruss Evelyne aus der Schweiz


    Ich hoffe,dass ihr heute gute Nachrichten bekommt und positive Erfahrungen mit den Marokkanern macht🤞Wir drücken euch alle 16 Daumen😉.Suerte😙

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