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  • Day4


    December 4, 2015 in New Zealand

    Kaikoura staat er bekend om dat ze veel wildlife hebben. Je hebt de optie om met dolfijnen en seals te zwemmen. Dus ik ben beide gaan doen.

    De dolfijnen waren niet meer in de mood om te spelen helaas maar toen we eenmaal weer om de boot waren werd het plots speelkwartier.

    En de zeehonden waren gelukkig wel heel speels. Op het droge lijken het luie langzame beesten. Maar eenmaal in het water lijken ze wel even snel als dolfijnen. Ze draaien om me heen en kijken me aan met hun grote uitpuilende ogen. Erg leuk!

    Een stukje verder noord is er nog een waterval waar de zeehonden hun pups veilig bergen. Hier kan je van dichtbij zien hoe ze met elkaar spelen. Soms komen ze ook nog even bij jou kijken en spelen ze met een stokje wat je naar ze gooit.
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  • Day79

    Kiwi Exp. - Christchurch to Kaikoura

    July 7, 2015 in New Zealand

    The sombre memories of Christchurch drifted through the mind's eye as we drove along a cold damp East Coast to Kaikoura. We travelled on New Zealand's equivalent of the M1 but it looked more like an A road. Closing in on our destination the road squeezed between cliffs and the Pacific Ocean, turning with the curve of the coastline, going through tunnels when the cliffs refused to give way.

    We passed a statue to Captain Charles Upham, a name neither of us recognised but learnt was New Zealand's most famous soldier and one of only three men to have ever won the Victoria Cross twice (highest military award for valour to British and Commomwealth forces). Captain Upham received these decorations during his service in the Second World War and reading about this and his general character highlighted what a remarkable individual he was. After the war and returning to New Zealand, NZ$10,000 was raised for him to buy a farm. Upham refused and used it as a scholarship fund to send ex-servicemen's sons to university. (

    A steady patter of rain coated Kaikoura as we arrived at our hostel. With most activity either called off or made prohibitive by the steady rain we chose instead to bask in the warmth of the hostel's lounge where blues played from the stereo and wood crackled in the burner. As we lounged Alex found Spotify was finally listing ACDC's albums so he was as happy as a pig in shit for the rest of the afternoon. Here is another playlist of music that has accompanied our journey back north so far ( - this could have been all ACDC had Alex made his discovery in Queenstown) -

    Hozier - Jackie and Wilson
    Rae Morris - Love Again
    Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running
    Kate Tempest - The Beigeness
    Oh Wonder - Technicolour Beat
    Youth Club - People
    Eliza and the Bear - Friends
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Can't Keep Checking My Phone
    Sunset Sons - Remember
    Martin Luke Brown - Nostaligia
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  • Day61


    November 1, 2016 in New Zealand

    Heute ging es nach Kaikoura.
    Bereits auf den Weg konnten wir wieder einmal die tolle Landschaft Neuseelands betrachten und wurden von vielen Seelöwen überrascht welche am Meer schliefen oder mit einander spielten und dabei vollkommen unbeeindruckt von unserer Anwesenheit schienen.

    Nachdem wir ein wenig Kaikoura besichtigt hatten, haben wir uns bisschen darüber informiert, was man hier alles so unternehmen kann.
    Schnell wurde dabei klar, dass die tollen Touren wie Wale watching und mit Delfinen schwimmen ziemlich teuer (für ein Backpacker-Geldbeutel) sind.
    Deshalb schoben wir den Gedanken an solch eine Tour erstmal zu Seite, doch nachdem wir ein Angebot im Internet gefunden hatten, waren wir voller Tatendrang und nun sind wir in Besitz einen Tickets um morgen mit DELFINEN zu schwimmen ! 😍🐬

    Am nächsten Morgen ging es dann früh los.
    Nach einer kurzen Bootsfahrt kamen wir dann bei den Delfinen an und umgezogen ging es dann auch kurz darauf ins kalte Wasser.
    Ich musste nicht lange warten und schon schwammen die ersten Delfine unter mir durch! Ein atemberaubendes Gefühl diesen Tieren so nah zu sein!
    Über 45 Minuten schwammen wir mit Delfinen und diese schienen genau so viel Freude mit uns zu haben, wie wir mit ihrer Anwesenheit.
    Zurück auf dem Boot gab es dann Kakao und Kekse und es wurden noch ordentlich Fotos von den Delfinen vom Boot aus gemacht.
    Diesen Tag werde ich nie vergessen, dass war mit Abstand das coolste was ich je gemacht habe!

    Eure Sara
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  • Day88

    Wuchenänd in Kaikoura

    November 25, 2017 in New Zealand

    Bin das Wuchenänd in Kaikoura gsi, das isch sochli es Mekka für alli Wassertierliebhaber (Wal, Delfin, Seehund und Albatross) Bin uf de Delfin watching tour gsi, doch nöd nume das, mer sind au mit dene go schwümme! Das isch aso na ganz aaschträngend, wells rächt schnäll sind und s Wasser iisig chalt gsi isch. Mer hend zwüsche 200-300 Delfine gseh und es hett au en huufe Jungtier gha, won im Oktober gebore sind. Das isch mega härzig gsi, s Mami und s Junge mitenand z gseh! Mer hend aber au Albatrosse und ein Seehund gseh, das isch au rächt härzig gsi. Am Namitag simmer denn bitzeli usserhalb vo Kaikoura gsi, dete hetts e Seehundkolonie und das isch sehr spannend gsi (hett aber mengmal fürchterlich gstunke, weiss nöd öb das d Seehünd oder s modrige Meerwasser gsi isch) Am Sunntig simmer denn zruggfahre und hend ide Hanmer Springs en Halt gmacht, dete gitts es Thermalbad well dete heissi Quällene entspringet. Das hett richtig guet tah, vorallem well die ganzi Autofahrt 6 Stunde (ein Wäg) gaht... Es super weekend gsi!Read more

  • Day15

    Kaikoura - Whales – what Whales

    November 5, 2016 in New Zealand

    Saturday 5th November
    Daily Mileage 247
    Cumulative Mileage 1,391

    An early start today as we had to be on the road by 7am. Paulina prepared an organic breakfast for us, insisting we started with a hot lemon and ginger drink to cleanse our sinuses. This was followed by organic yogurt, muesli, grapes, dates, dried apricots soaked in redbush tea rounded off with a small cheese omelette. She also gave us some croissants for the road.

    I drove the first couple of hours to Kaikoura; the roads were quiet as it was early so we bowled along nicely, eating up the miles, snaking round the mountains along the windy roads. At one point I found myself following two gorgeous vintage cars, a Bentley and a Rolls Royce open top. The Roller was racing along pulling away from the Bentley and me at one point (and I was going at the speed limit of 100kph), then the Bentley put his foot down and tore off away from me too. I was left just pootling along. After a while I caught up with the Bentley and we spent a few miles behind it admiring it. It had a black roof and a gunmetal grey body, with the spare tyre in a matching metal cover on the boot. There were big spotlight lights on the front and the man driving it had a wide brimmed straw hat, which oddly seemed to suit the car. For vintage cars, they sure had a turn of speed and could, if asked, zip along and more than hold their own against modern cars. Finally, the driver of the Roller held a yellow padded gloved hand aloft in the way a policeman does to stop traffic, this was obviously a signal to his mate in the Bentley that they were going to stop as they both slowed down and pulled over.

    After a stop for a takeaway cuppa – sorry no photo as it was at a roadside café and not very picturesque, Peter took over driving. A little way outside of Kaikoura we spotted a few motorhomes and cars pulled into a large parking bay by the edge of the sea. It looked interesting and we wanted to stretch our legs so we also parked up. When we got out of the car we saw there was a colony of seals all around us in the rocks by the sea. People were wandering around taking photos, it was very relaxed and we joined in. There were large male seals claiming territory on the top of big rocks, chasing off smaller seals who dared to try to clamber up. Most of them were lying on rocks in the sun just resting and sleeping, but some of the youngsters were messing around in the water the way juveniles do. It was an entertaining and relaxing break for half an hour or so.

    We arrived at the Whaling Station early and adjourned to the café which was a bit of a disaster as they forgot my food and Peter and Janet’s chicken and vegetable soup was lukewarm and greasy on top – not nice. Then there was an announcement, the whaling trip was cancelled as the spotter planes had not been able to locate any in the area at all. We were very disappointed but realise that wildlife is unpredictable so it couldn’t be helped. We went on the waiting list for a later trip but that too was cancelled. So instead we checked into our B&B, Nikau Lodge to dump our bags off and went into town to browse around then headed to Half Moon Bay to explore the rock pools. There were some seals there too, not nearly as many as we had seen earlier on. There was one with a big bite mark on its back. A local said he had been caught by a boat propeller and was being watched to make sure he is ok. He had been around the beach for about a week.
    We are on the wait list for whale watching tomorrow afternoon and if that fails we can get a plane to fly over them instead so we are keeping our fingers crossed they may come back into the area tomorrow.

    I have included a photo of the view from our bedroom window. Our B&B is on a headland over the town with beautiful sea views.
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  • Day16

    Swimming with Dolphins

    November 6, 2016 in New Zealand

    Sunday 6th November
    We had an 8am Swim with the Dolphins trip today so we were up early and ready at the meet point. I wasn’t at all confident about swimming in the open ocean with the dolphins but put on a wetsuit in case. Peter was very keen to do it and Janet had decided just to watch. The boat was like a substantial cabin cruiser but very powerful with a couple of wide steps into the sea at each side at the rear of the boat. The bottom step was in the ocean and had grab rails around it. It only took about 20 mins to get to where the dolphins were thought to be. After a quick tutorial on snorkelling and tips on how to attract the interest of the dolphins the horn blasted which was the signal that dolphins had been seen and it was ok to go into the water. The crew knew I was very nervous about the whole thing and I was holding back to the end of the group before going in the water. I have a strong gag reflex and do tend to panic if I start to gag, often ending up hyperventilating. My biggest fear was that this would happen in the ocean when I was snorkelling and I might drown. However, I really did want to swim with the dolphins and this got the better of my fear, so very gingerly and with lots of encouragement from the crew, after everyone else had gone, I sat on the rear step of the boat and, with a last deep breath slipped into the sea. It was cold and this did make me gasp a bit but that was not scary. I also had a floatation jacket on as I thought this might give me confidence I could not drown, but in fact it got in the way more than helped and I kept rolling over so I decided to replace it with a noodle. This was also a bit of a hindrance so I decided to go with just a float. I found this much better. By now it was time for everyone to come back on board as the dolphins had moved and the crew wanted to drive the boat closer to where they had gone to. The boat stopped again and everyone got back into the water. Peter was doing well and was in the crowd with the dolphins swimming around them. Once again I slipped in and for a few minutes managed to paddle around near the back of the boat with my face in the water, breathing correctly through my snorkel and looking for dolphins. I felt a little more confident now so when we had to go back to the boat to move on again I thought I would go in once more. I preferred waiting until the end as I felt no pressure to keep up. The crew kept calling out encouragement and I managed to swim around a little but not as well as before and began to panic about being in the sea, the boat seemed a long way away but in reality, was no more than 10-12’. I was really scared now and splashing around. I got myself closer to the boat and one of the crew leant down and I was half dragged whilst pulling myself as best I could to scramble onto the step. I firmly decided not to go in again and I think really I should not have gone in the third time as when I got back on board I felt very queasy. I managed to get dressed and sat next to an American Chinese lady who had only been in the water once but was also not very confident and felt sick too. Brightly coloured buckets were given to each of us in case we felt we needed to use them. Neither of us was actually sick thankfully. However, I continued to feel panicky on the boat and began to hyperventilate. The crew were very good and talked to me calmly which helped and wrapped me in a big blanket which was very cosy. Back on land I sat on a bench by the boat, still feeling rather ill, one of the other swimmers who was a doctor came to see if I was ok which was very kind of him. We went back to our B&B where we had hot showers and I had a lay down which helped. The feeling of being on a boat bobbing around continued for several hours though which was not pleasant. I think basically I had got myself over worried about the whole thing which just made me have a bit of a panic attack and to start to hyperventilate, I am normally ok on boats. The whale watching was cancelled this afternoon again as the whales had still not come into the area, which was just as well really as I didn’t feel like going on another boat today. I had really wanted to swim with dolphins and the reason I went back into the water was because I wanted to see one through my mask swim past or around me. Sadly, I didn’t see any through my mask, but they were in the water near me so I think I will give myself half a mark for being in the water with them nearby. Peter did very well though and thoroughly enjoyed it. Both he and Janet got some photos of the dolphins.Read more

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