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  • Day38

    Day 38/72: Raglan

    December 4 in New Zealand

    Our day started with thunder and lightening over the campsite! Tom decided to go for a beach run in the rain, and when he got back we both went for a swim in the sea, approximately 10m from our campervan. The water was cold, and the rain didn't do much to warm us, but the black sand beach and the hills surrounding the water was spectacular.

    We had breakfast in our campervan, and headed to the village of Raglan to wander around the shops and contemplate how we could get either surfboards or skateboards back on the plane to the UK.

    We got pulled pork sandwiches for lunch and then headed to one of the world famous surfing beaches and sat in our camper van and watched the surfers while eating. The waves were consistently big and incredible to watch.

    After a walk down onto the beach to play some tictactoe on the sand, we sat in our campervan and played a few games of cards while we waited for our surfing lesson. The lesson was great! The waves were big, and we are both improving a lot, and eager to get back in the water. It hurts a lot less to fall off a surf board than a wakeboard (at least on small waves anyway)! The instructor was absolutely great, but bizarre: very much a surfer dude.

    We drove to a pub and had a ridiculous amount of food for dinner, our eyes were somewhat bigger than our stomachs, and we got an early night.
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  • Day132

    Raglan - Julie's Home

    May 12, 2017 in New Zealand

    Morgens aufgewacht - und es regnet immer noch. Das ruft doch nach einem gemütlichen Tag und Bücher lesen. So dachte Julia sich das. David hat mal wieder Hummeln im Arsch und fährt erstmal die Surfshops und Wellen angucken. Wellen sind hier super, also David ab aufs Wasser. Wasser ist ja auch nass, also ist es auch Wurst ob es regnet oder nicht... War ein top Tag für beide, alle glücklich.

    Abends wurden lecker Wraps gerollt und der Film "Captain Fantastic - Einmal Wildnis und zurück" geschaut. Etwas verrückt zu Beginn, aber guter Film. Auch etwas traurig. Kann man sich mal antun. Und da wir dann noch nicht genug hatten, wurde noch eine Dokumentation über minimalistischen Lebensstil hinten ran gehängt. Interessant. Wir beide merken auf der Reise auch, was man eigentlich wirklich braucht und wovon man sich verabschieden sollte, um sein Leben für sich "reicher" zu machen. Klingt wie das Wort zum Sonntag. Dabei ist grad mal Freitag.

    Die Sonne scheint, als würde sie versuchen, uns den gestrigen Regentag aus den Gedanken zu brennen. Wettervorhersage: 16 Grad und Sonne bis zum Abwinken. Geil! Ab an Strand! Der Ngarunui Beach um die Ecke ist ein echtes Schmuckstück. Ca. 2 Kilometer lang und die perfekten Wellen zum Surfen. Deswegen waren hier auch eigentlich nur Surfer mit ihren Familien oder Surferdudes mit ihren Surferkumpels.

    Der Surfboardverleiher, wo David sein Board ausgeliehen hat, wollte Julia auch direkt eins geben. Als sie ihm erklärt hat, dass sie noch nie gesurft ist meinte er "dann bist du wohl eher ein Surfer Model". Gebauchpinselt war Julia natürlich am grinsen. Als er Julia dann den Anfängerkurs schmackhaft machen wollte, hat sie trotzdem abgelehnt. Tja, so einfach ist sie wohl doch nicht rumzukriegen. David muss das damals besser angestellt haben...

    Bei strahlend blauem Himmel wurde der Tag am Strand verbracht. Einfach richtig schön. Abends wurde dann wieder lecker gekocht und dann entspannt. Ein bisschen Planung für die kommende Zeit auf der Nordinsel. Viele schöne Ecken liegen noch vor uns.

    Heute ging es nach geilem Rührei mit Käse schon um 9 zum Strand. Surfen in Raglan, die Dritte stand auf dem Programm. Wieder Sonne, Bilderbuchwellen, herrlich.

    Danach zurück zu Julie, kurz duschen und ab zum Bridal Veil Wasserfall. Auf dem Weg gab es Futter am Straßenrand mit Blick auf die Bucht. Der Wasserfall war dann sehr cool anzusehen. 55 m hoch. Es gab 3 Aussichtspunkte. Das Wasser zerstäubt durch die Höhe und erzeugt dadurch den Brautschleier Look.
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  • Day19

    Surfing at Raglan

    November 15 in New Zealand

    After taking a look at a 55 metre waterfall we went to a beach with black volcanic sand . We were thinking of swimming in the sea but we thought we could hire some body boards and wet suits first. Then we got into the sea and did some surfing . It was really fun being dragged into the sand.

  • Day83

    Tree house

    March 23 in New Zealand

    Love it this house, still my last week is a little adventure.I can sleep outside in the nature can here all the sounds of the night and morning.
    And the best... I don’t have the sound of the children of my friend in the morning ;) ;)

  • Day28

    Pirates Part II

    February 24, 2016 in New Zealand

    Soaked still and in need of a shower I drove back to Scott's Place. There aren't many better feelings than getting out of filthy and wet clothes, through a hot shower and into some which are dry. This is doubly true if you have taken a spontaneous nap in a parking lot, take it from me.

    Dry and rested it obviously made sense to crack some cold beers whick also became my dinner. As evening gave way to night Adam and I tried to learn Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". Now, under normal circumstances plucking out a few note riff on the guitar can be challenging, but completely doable. Much to the chagrin and what later turned into amusement of those around us we had a couple things working against us. First, Adam has less guitar experience than I at playing guitar so this very much became an exercise in the blind leading the blind. Secondly, we had nearly polished off a bottle of whiskey. The combination proved to be too much and despite the helpful intervention of others around us and over two hours of attempts, we finally headed to bed. I'm pretty sure I heard the faint echo of laughter following me down the hall as we slipped away.

    The next morning my head somehow only hurt slightly, my pride was still intact and the Redemption Song riff was rattling around in my brain like a guitar pick stuck in a guitar that just won't come out. After breakfast a few of us went to the beach. It sure was handy to have a pickup because everyone's surfboard fit in the bed. The day was sunny and warm and while a couple guys surfed I practiced a different song on guitar. Partly to learn something new and partly to exorcise Bob Marley from my mind. Sitting there on the beach was supremely relaxing and made me wish we had closer beaches to Austin. Perhaps with some research I can find something similar in the land locked city I call home. It would sure be nice.

    Following a couple hours at the beach we grabbed lunch in Raglan and most importantly bought a bunch more beer and another bottle of whiskey for the impending pirate party.

    Returning to Scott's Place by late afternoon the festivities had already begun. This made me happier than a rat in a crate of saltfish because the first rule of a good pirate parrrrrty is T' starrt before the sun dips below ye horizon. The second rule of a good pirate parrrrty is t' dress the parrrt. I mean after all if ye be showin' up a lookin' like a smarmy land lubber, the plank ye should walk. It took less time for me to get into costume than it takes to pop the cork from a bottle of rum.

    Every one of the forest pirates was in a glorious mood and the conversation was lighter 'n seafoam and funnier 'n a captain with two good legs. A couple of flagons of grog in ol' smarmy Barney hoisted the Jolly Roger and declared himself captain of the lot. Little did he know, mutiny was in the air. With Barney distracted by a lass I was able to secure the flag. The lass took not kindly to the capture of the flag after a struggle power was temporarily back in Barneys hands. This happened a couple more times until after I retrieved the flag one last time I gave it to who would soon, and temporarily, become Captain Adam.

    Under Captain Adam we had new orders. The lot of us was to participate in the dreaded waterfall. For those uninitiated out there this means the captain hosts his drink high and the rest of us scoundrels do the same. The captain begins drinking and every pirate follows suit. We drink until he has had his fill at which time the mate to his right can keep drinking as long as he likes, forcing the rest of us to keep downing our grog. When he stops the person to his right can keep going, again with the rest of us not stopping. This continues pirate by filthy pirate until it reaches the last person. Unfortunately for me, I was that last pirate. It was rough, but a might bit better than walking the plank.

    It wasn't long before another ship full of buccaneers arrived at our port led by the Dread Pirate Alex. He and his motley crew fit right in and helped us in our quest to drink absolutely everything in sight.

    With all of us scoundrels wet with rum, smarmy Scott wove us a tale of sea creatures so fierce they would leap from the water to take a bite of human flesh. With many a sailor's leg a tremblin' and teeth a chatterin' we sallied forth to the lair of these beasts. Unafraid of the dangers, Scott tempted the creatures with chicken. Now I have been told that a man's flesh tastes almost exactly like chicken so I kept me distance and watched. Moments later the creatures lurched from the depths all the way from the water onto the land. In a frenzy they writhed, wriggled, and squirmed all over one another and with great ferocity tore the chicken to pieces.

    A couple brave, or foolish mates even tried to hoist a creature from their lair, but those who did ended up with wounds so grave we nearly ran out of hooks to replace their mangled hands with. No doubt they will respect the creatures more should they encounter them a second time.

    Returning to port the drinking continues, more music was played and many tales of adventure and triumph were spun. I kept up until the land beneath my feet began to feel like I was out at sea again. Knowing that it was time to trade my scimitar for a pillow I crawled into the back of my truck and drifted to sleep freaking of treasure chests and smiling lasses.
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  • Day23

    Forest Pirates of the North Island Pt 1

    February 19, 2016 in New Zealand

    After leaving Middle Earth I continued West to a hostel called Scott's place. I actually ended up here because a fellow traveler suggested I would like the town of Raglan and this was one of the few remaining rooms I could find. Little did I know that by my departure I would have hiked in a downpour, strummed my guitar on the beach, worn a wide array of silly hats and met some delightfully wacky characters I would now call friends.

    Unlike the other hostels I've been in, Scott's Place is a house. It is actually Scotts home, as the name implies. It sits in some beautiful woods between Hamilton and Raglan on a few acres of land. When I pulled up I was greeted by a very spirited woman who introduced herself as Bubbles. I wasn't sure if it was the bright red dreadlocks, the glowing smile, or the helmet she was wearing that hit me first but it was at that moment I knew my stay here was going to be something to remember.

    Bubbles took me around the property and gleefully pointed out the chicken coop, creek, library, outdoor kitchen, empty hot tub and campsites before returning to the house to show me my room. The house rules were also outlined and included one critical rule and a few less so. The top rule was that if you were caught leaving dirty dishes out you had to do everyone's dishes. This rule was quite effective as I rarely saw anything dirty in the kitchen.

    I didn't have anything planned that afternoon so grabbed a book and sat in an easy chair to thumb through it. Within five minutes Bubbles reappeared from outside and in one motion as she walked by grabbed a pirate hat from the silly hats rack next to me and placed it squarely on my head. She was still in her helmet. Safety first! She sat down for a second and asked me how long I would be there. I replied that I was leaving Saturday morning. She immediately said I should at least stay through Saturday night because they were having a Pirate party. It took me about two nanoseconds to agree. How could I possibly say no?

    It wasn't long before I began to meet the other residents of scotts place and first got introduced to Michelle from California and Tali from Boston. Michelle was just there for a while and Tali was helping Scott with some of his projects, so would be there a bit longer. Both helped around the place getting people checked in and whatnot. Michelle was also trying to get a work visa for New Zealand and the poor girl was having the worst luck trying to complete the application. I think by the third day I was there it was complete. A+ for persistence. I'm not sure I could personally travel a country for a year and just work odd jobs, but it seems fairly commonplace here. Maybe I should try it.

    As the day rolled on more of the guests returned and I got to meet Adam, a surfer from Washington as well as Andy and Susie, a lovely British couple on the tail end of a three month holiday. Adam and I chatted a bit while I was still wearing the pirate hat. He was completely unfazed by it which was a good sign. Later, Andy and Susie were cooking dinner at the same time I was and we had a good chat. After dinner and a few beers they proposed a game and we landed on Scrabble. It wasn't long before I remembered just how fun games like this can be and I need to remember to play them more when I get home.

    Scrabble concluded about the time Andy and I poured a couple glasses of Jamison. We took the conversation outside and I pulled out my guitar. He explained that he and a buddy had bet that he couldn't learn some guitar songs before his 40th which was still several years off, so I tried showing him Tom Patty's Free Fallin. Needless to say that drunkenly trying to teach or learn and remember a song is pretty ineffective, but we sure had fun. Sadly, I'm afraid Andy's friend might win the bet (sorry Andy).

    Some time in the evening we decided to do a several-hour hike the following day. This hike would have us Mt. Karioi, an extinct volcano on the coast. The hike was listed as about 6 to 7 hours round trip and was listed as an advanced trek. They weren't kidding.

    The following morning greeted us with more rain on the horizon, but after breakfast we headed for the trailhead anyway. We dropped Adam off in town so he could go to the skate park in town and had a coffee before making the winding drive along the coast and up gravel roads to start the hike.

    It wasn't half a kilometer into the hike before we realized that this trek was going to be tough. Most trails I have hiked will have switchbacks to reduce the incline you need to walk. Whoever put this trail in probably said that switchbacks are for pussies because this thing went mercilessly straight up the side of the mountain. Undeterred by the incline we marched on. Ten minutes later the rain started and five minutes after that Susie opted to turn around. Andy and I agreed to hike for an hour one way, rain or not.

    The rain subsided a little while later leaving us in thick cloud cover. For a hike known for its breathtaking views, we could barely see each other because of the clouds surrounding us. This still was not enough to turn us around and we succeeded in our mission of an hour up. Completely soaked, we turned around and began our descent. Let me just say that hiking uphill on wet rocks and mud is sure a lot easier than going down. Each step brought with it the risk of slipping so we used branches and anything we could find to stabilize ourselves. At one point we had to crab crawl the rocks were so slick. Our slow trip down lasted as long as the steep journey up and wouldn't you know it, but by the time we reached the car the clouds had nearly all lifted.

    We grabbed a sandwich and beer in town and Andy and Susie went on their way for the last two days of their 90 day trip. I drove to a park by the water and pulled the truck into a spot. Thirty minutes later I woke up, truck still running and realized I had just taken a rather spontaneous and unexpected nap. It was a bit of a strange experience waking up and not even realizing I had been asleep, or where I was. From here I drove back to Scott's Place.

    (Continued in next entry)
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  • Day159

    Trip North Island

    April 17, 2017 in New Zealand

    Ondertussen alweer ruim 2 weken onderweg. Eerst onderweg richting Opotiki, een prachtige weg langs een rivier tussen de bergen (of heuvels zoals ze het hier waarschijnlijk noemen). Opotiki even ingeweest en Sophia weer ontmoet. Vervolgens doorgereden naar een goedkope camping in Ohope, waar we uiteindelijk 3 dagen zijn gebleven. De restanten van cycloon Debbie kwamen over, dus 3 dagen stromende regen gehad. De campingeigenaren hadden heel aardig een hal voor ons geopend zodat we niet alleen maar in onze auto hoefden te zitten..

    Nadat de regen weg was een hike tussen Ohope en Whakatane gemaakt. Er was mij verteld dat dit een 17km lange en prachtige hike was. Wij hebben hier 7km van gedaan kwamen we achteraf achter, het bleek namelijk een loop en wij hebben daar maar een gedeelte van gedaan. Lekkere hike, prachtig weer en mooie uitzichten!

    Hierna geluncht langs een rivier die al begon te overstromen, een uur later met vloed zou de weg helemaal overstroomd zijn. Achteraf blijkt dat die rivier ook de reden te zijn dat Edgecombe geëvacueerd werd. Doorgereden naar Tauranga/Mount Manganui. Camping gevonden en daar 's avonds heerlijk in een hot pool gezeten.. de volgende ochtend Mount Manganui beklommen, wat een geweldig uitzicht!

    Hierna doorgereden en kwamen we in de vrijdagmiddagborrel terecht bij Hannah & Robbie (de zus en zwager van mijn baas). Hier lekker gegeten, gedronken en kregen we een echt bed aangeboden. Zij woonden op een kiwi orchard, dus mooie wijde omgeving.

    Toen doorgereden naar de Coromandel Peninsula, mooie gebied ook, prachtige natuur en super geluk met het weer. Telkens tussen de buien door allerlei hikes kunnen doen. Laatste dag hadden we nog een hike willen doen, maar daar was helaas de weg nog afgesloten vanwege cycloon Debbie. De volgende dag zou Cycloon Cook aan land komen en was er weer heel veel regen voorspeld. Onderweg naar Raglan wilden we Hamilton in, maar het kwam met bakken uit de lucht, dus maar doorgereden. Afgelopen weekend in Raglan verbleven. En waar de rest van Nieuw Zeeland regen en overstromingen had, hadden wij elke dag een paar fikse buien en tussendoor prima weer! Hier bij Raglan Backpackers verbleven met jacuzzi, sauna en hangmatten en de tijd doorgekomen. Afgelopen avond bij een familie die Sophia al eerder ontmoet had gedineerd en konden hier blijven slapen.

    Vanmiddag weer op pad gegaan richting Mount Taranaki en dan door naar het Zuidereiland!

    Hierbij wat foto's van mijn telefoon, van mijn camera volgen later!
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  • Day118

    Hakarimata Walkways

    December 28, 2016 in New Zealand

    Noch einmal schlafen und dann ist unsere Neuseelandetappe vorbei ☹️. Aber wir freuen uns auf Sydney und Silvester, also auf nach Auckland, denn dort fliegen wir morgen ab.
    Da die Fahrt nur 1,5 Stunden dauert, bauen wir uns noch einen Jahresendkick ein! Wir wollen das Gefühl kennenlernen, wie es ist, wenn im Fernsehturm der Fahrstuhl ausfällt und die Treppen benutzt werden müssen 😳!
    Wir haben eine Wanderung ausgesucht, die ganz harmlos anfängt, sich Waterworks Way nennt und uns in 20 Minuten zu einem alten Damm bringt. Wir finden, dieser schöne Weg durch den Busch lastet uns nicht ausreichend aus! Also nehmen wir noch den Weg zum Hakarimata Gipfel in Angriff. Nun ist der Anstieg auf 374 m Höhe zwar nicht wahnsinnig hoch, aber der Weg ist so steil, das er so gut wie komplett aus Treppen besteht. Nämlich genau ! 1349 ! Stufen. Das ist richtig harte Arbeit und wir verstehen jetzt, warum die meisten "Wanderer", die wir treffen, Sportzeug anhaben - die nehmen das als Trainingseinheit (wir inzwischen auch)! Uns gelingt es trotzdem, einige von ihnen zu überholen und wir sind beruhigt, das auch die jungen Leute gehörig schnaufen! Kluge Sprüche am Geländer treiben uns nach oben und dort gibt es zur Belohnung einen Aussichtsturm - mit Stufen 😬!
    Nach einer kleine Pause machen wir uns an den Abstieg, geht irgendwie deutlich schneller.
    Wir sind nun der Meinung, Sport brauchen wir in diesem Jahr nicht mehr (soviel Bewegung haben wir an und zwischen den Feiertagen unser ganzes Leben noch nicht gehabt 😉).
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  • Day118


    December 28, 2016 in New Zealand

    Wir müssen unsere Energiereserven auffüllen und suchen uns einen Picknickplatz direkt am Waikato River. Ganz in der Nähe, nur einen kleinen Spaziergang weit, können wir auf der gegenüberliegenden Flussseite das Königreich Kingitanga sehen. Hier wurde erstmals 1858 ein von den meisten Maori-Stämmen anerkannter König gewählt. Der Maori-König erfüllt repräsentative Pflichten mit geringem politischen Einfluss. Der Ort ist für die Öffentlichkeit nicht zugänglich, wir können nur ein Foto über den Fluss machen.
    Nun machen wir uns endgültig auf den Weg nach Auckland, wo wir unser Auto entkramen und im Hotelzimmer in aller Ruhe unsere gesamte Habe sortieren, denn im Laufe der Wochen hat sich da eine ganze Menge Zeug angesammelt, der nun entweder entsorgt wird oder in den Rucksack passen muss 😃!
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  • Day190


    April 12, 2017 in New Zealand

    Endlich mal wieder surfen 🏄🏽 😍

    Raglan ist ein super niedlicher, kleiner Ort an der Westküste Neuseelands. Etwas außerhalb liegt Solscape, eine Mischung aus allem, was es nur so an Unterkünften gibt - es gibt einen Campingplatz, es gibt alte Zugwagone (Caboose), Tippis, eigene Häuschen,... Darüber hinaus gibts noch ein super leckeres veganes Restaurant, allerdings mit echt eigenwilligen Öffnungszeiten - es schließt jeden Tag um 14.00 Uhr... sowie ein richtig schöner Yogaraum mit Blick aufs Meer.

    Die ersten beiden Tage surfen sind gar nicht schlecht, gute Wellen, teilweise aber etwas schnell für mich. Leider wird das Wetter und die Wellen schlechter. Neuseeland stellt sich auf den schlimmsten Cyclon seit seit den 60er Jahren ein. Zum Glück wird es aber nicht so schlimm wie befürchtet, wir bekommen in Reglan nur etwas mehr Regen ab.

    Da Solscape etwas außerhalb liegt und es keinen Bus in die Stadt gibt, muss ich irgendwie anders hin kommen. Mir von der Rezeption einfach Autostoppen (hitchhiken) empfohlen - ob ich das wohl kann?!?
    Ich habe aber richtig Glück, sowohl beim Hin- als auch beim Rückweg muss ich nicht lange warten und werde mitgenommen - Neuseeland halt. Auch wenn sie eigentlich keinen Platz im Auto haben, versuchen sie dich irgendwie mitzunehmen, wird halt mal das halbe Auto umgeräumt oder die Matratze im hinteren Teil des Auto ein paar cm auf die Seite geschoben (wie ich da mit meinen Lebensmitteln wieder rausgeklettert bin, weiß ich nicht 😂)

    Die 4 Tage surfen vergehen viel zu schnell, aber das heißt auch, dass es jetzt nach Auckland geht...Besuch von zu Hause - oder mein Paketdienst kommt 😍

    Ach ja, hat zufällig jemand 4 Millionen New Zealand Dollar für mich? Solscape steht zum Verkauf. Yoga, Surfen, gutes könnte einfach so viel daraus machen...
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