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    • Day 22–27


      May 8 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Heute Nacht war Horror, wir hatten einen Schnarcher, den Kate sogar 2x weckte, ohne dass es etwas nützte und eine Schnarcherin, die ich weckte und ihr sagte, dass sie zu laut sei. Sie schaute mich nur ungläubig an, aber alle Pilger waren wach und beschwerten sich. Doch was nützt es, irgendwann schliefen wir ein, aber um 6 war alles auf um sich fertig zu machen.
      Heute ging es wieder dem Strand entlang, ab und zu suchten wir schon ein wenig abseits den Weg, immer der gleiche Strand und vor allem legten wir heute viele km auf den Holzstegen und im Sand zurück. Hostel hatte ich vorab schon reserviert und so konnten wir uns wirklich Zeit lassen und waren trotzdem um 12:30 beim Hostel und trafen alte, junge Bekannte.
      Heute konnte ich auch erstmal eine zeitlang am Strand verbringen, obwohl das Wasser saukalt ist.
      Am Abend waren wir ein netter Trupp, Kanadier, Dt., Ukrainer, Iren , Engländer und Franzosen, die sich bei Rot- und Weißwein gemeinsam zum Strand begaben, war ja gleich über der Strasse, und den Sonnenuntergang miterleben.
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    • Day 2

      Albergue Sao Tiago Labruge

      June 27, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

      After walking 25 kilometers (15.9 miles), we arrived at this albergue or “hostel.” We chose a room with 8 bunk beds (16 mattresses), empty when we arrived, but now mostly full. There are plugs next to each bed-yea! My shower was lukewarm/cold, so it was refreshing and quick. We settled in-plugging in all devices, changing to fresh clothes, and putting on sandels.
      Dinner at Novo Rumo by the sea was delicious! Pasta Carbonara, mixed salad, hamburger (Charles) and ice cream. My mojito and Charles’ Macallen whisky hit the spot. Now it’s 9:00 pm, we have pre-packed our backpacks, and we are in bed after 41,445 steps! Tomorrow, we plan to do it all again!
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    • Day 3

      Who'd have thought it?🙄😂

      May 10 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Last night, after a short trip to the local mercado, where we purchased bread, tomatoes, salad leaves, Philly, peaches, yoghurts and a large bag of crisps (oh, and a beer each) we very happily made our way back to our room and ate a simple, but hearty supper! After showering and repacking ready for our next day, our first camino day, we were flat out by 2200 (well, I was, Julie, not so 😴).
      We left our room at 0900 this morning as we didn't have to be at our next stop in Labruge until 1500, and with only 18km to walk (ahem), that was tons of time! Our walk was fabulous and we strolled along for about 6km until we reached Matosinhos, where we stopped for our second breakfast, the first being yesterday's yoghurt and a bread roll. My second was some sort of thing with ham and chorizo inside and a caffeine kick with a coke zero, Julie's was a cake and coffee 😋. Sid and Mog managed to get stuck in, as well! Then it was back on the sidewalk and a stamp at the information office, where we came upon the mourning ladies, fantastic bronze sculptures remembering a tragic storm when 152 crew lost their lives leaving 72 widows and 152 orphans 😥. We met a couple of Swiss German ladies on bikes who wanted to know how to get to the bridge that took us over the rio Leça and, between us, and using English, my basic school girl German and Google maps, we managed to show them the way! We continued walking over the bridge and through Matosinhos until we found a lovely little chapel where we stopped again for a drink and a look out to sea, and another bilingual chat with the ladies. We watched a couple of divers and were a little worried about one who seemed to be being washed by the waves a little too close to the rocks! He obviously wasn't worried, though, so we left him to his snorkelling and joined the boardwalk, the start of a great walk to Labruge on bouncy planks of wood that were good for the knees 😄. Timing was good and we were on track to arrive at our accommodation by 1500ish, so we stopped for another coke and an ice cream - much needed!
      We also passed some gorgeous little fisherman's cottages and, if you look closely, you can see the cat nestled amongst the nets😂.
      Continuing on our way, we reached the turn off for Labruge so I switched on the Airbnb message for directions. BIG MISTAKE!😂😂😂 It took us inland for a few kilometres, that was fine, but then directed us across fields of some crop or other🙄. Hmm... what to do? Actually, using Google maps was a good idea and brought us to our night's accommodation, with just an extra 3+ kms walked 🙄😂. Should have known😂.
      Our room is very nice, and we've managed to handwash some smelly clothes (not easy when there's no plug in the sink!) and it's so warm it's already nearly dry 👏. I must admit to walking most of the way today with yesterday's wet knickers pinned to the back of my rucksack. You can take the girl out of Liverpool...😂
      We were very sensible and stocked up on provisions before we reached our room, and have enjoyed tuna, tomatoes, bread and an orange for supper. With, of course, a beer. Wouldn't be a camino otherwise, would it?
      The little village we're in is lovely, surrounded by farmland (and don't we know it - tractors and smells...😱😄) but has a lovely church and an unusually large cemetery which seems to be having a makeover by the church commitee ladies. Fresh flower arrangements were being laid on graves and the whole place was being swept clean. Wonder what for?
      We've planned our route for tomorrow. Just 22kms... Yeh, right 😂😂😂
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    • Day 3

      Day two - Matosinhos to Vila do Conde

      April 24 ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      Felt like a proper walking day today!
      Up early and stopped for breakfast at Marreco, where I met a lovely old lady who told me she’d be too scared to ever hike on her own in case the got lost. By contrast, at my next proper stop in Vila do Chã (quick orange juice and percebes snack), I met an even older, visually impaired lady who is doing the hike on her own, with just her wits and her stick. Amazing.
      Hostel number two is rather fancy, in that it is a small palace. I did, however, have to ask of my roommate to move her shoes and socks away from my bunk as they were proper stinky. Oh, the joys of roughing it. Also met five cats.
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    • Day 3

      Day 1 in the bag

      April 22 in Portugal ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

      After a late start to my walk and making a detour for the aquarium. I made it to Lavra, where I met an extremely generous and helpful couple who helped me get to my hostel, which was way further inland than I thought.Read more

    • Day 13

      Day 1 Cycling Porto to Vila Do Conde

      May 18 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      We are starting our cycling trip today. The description of our day is as follows:
      You'll follow the Douro River as you leavePorto, following the seafront to the former fishing village of Foz. You'll then pass a
      lighthouse and couple of fortresses before reaching the town of Matosinhos, which
      claims to have the "world's best fish". Pass the fish market, and Leixoes port and cruise terminal, to reach the municipal market
      Alternate between cycle paths, tarmac roads and wooden boardwalks as you stay close to the Atlantic Ocean, passing
      several beaches. There are some industrial sections, especially around the Petrogal plant near Matosinhos but these are soon counterbalanced by nature reserves and scenes of local fishermen at work. Continue
      on to the attractive town of Vila do Conde. The ancient town, dating back to the year of
      953, is famous for its Roman Aqueduct and the Santa Clara Monastery, and it was also
      the main centre for Portuguese lace and has the Bobbin Lace Museum. It's also centered
      around an ancient shipyard and is full of historical and architectural interest. The Camino greeting between pilgrims.s is Buen (Spain) or Bom (Portugese) Camino

      We were given our paniers, bike locks, water bottles, hotel vouchers, our Camino shells to I dicaye we are pilgrims and our pilgrim passports to gather stamps from the hotels, restaurants and various stops last night at our meeting. We adjusted our bike seat heights a bit last night. This morning we got our luggage to reception for the pick up and transfer. We had a big breakfast again and made sandwiches and got some fruit for our lunches. We got ready to go and brought our panniers to the underground garage to place on the bikes. Unfortunately Andrew misplaced his lock key so one of the hotel employees cut his lock and he will get another tomorrow or next day. We Were ready to start and rain shower 1 began!!!
      It subsided within 10 minutes and we had decided to ride out o to the breakwater in front of our hotel to start our ride with a photo and Porto in the distance. It was a cloudy day. We began our ride out of the city. My helmet microphone wasn't connecting but we later discovered that Anthony was pressing the wrong button so we got me back up and chatting through the helmet Bluetooth.
      We followed the bike paths and in the city we had bike traffic lights where we had the green bike or red to stop at pedestrian crossings. We had a total of approximately 5 or 6 rain showers so we would get our hoods up under our helmets. We had a cafe and bathroom breaks, a ride over a draw bridge, a lunch stop at the beach, followed by a good rain shower, a little gift shop stop hosted by a woman and her husband who have walked the Camino and recognized a need for souvenirs and stamps and a WC stop for pilgrims. We bought a magnet and a Camino notebook and def. used the WC. We had stops to take jackets on and off, quick checks for route and ensuring we were going the right way. We have the Macs Adventure daily maps all set up to help us navigate our daily cycle right from hotel to hotel. It's great.
      The unfortunate thing is that our bike seats are extremely hard and narrow. They are uncomfortable, especially on the many cobblestones roads😦😲 We are going to see if the company has gel seats because tomorrow we have a 50 km ride and we can't imagine how awfulness going to feel. We will be doubling up on cycle shorts or rigging jackets up to sit on because it's that hard!!
      We saw the site of a plane that went down on the beach close to Vila do Conde, a few fun pirate and other vignettes in the photos. As we rode across the bridge I to the town of Vila do Conde we had a wedding g procession driving towards us with the bride and groom and everyone waving and honking their horns. The big building ahead of us was originally a convent, then became a prison and is now a hotel!! We got into the area of our hotel and locals were so friendly and helpful pointing us in the right direction even when we hadn't asked...they could see we were searching.
      We got our bikes stored, got showered, stretched and went to walk and see the town. We came across a.matket and sampled the chocolate cup filled with a shot of Jin ginjah ( cherry liquor). We walked to the river and took some photos then walked to a restaurant that had great ratings and reviews for their tapas. We arrived and there was a 30th birthday party going g on, but the owner invited us in to sit in a different area. We tried a variety of tapas ( fresh vegetable salad, cod croquets, garlic shrimp, a fired chorizo sausage, and jalapeno-bacon croquet). It was all so delicious. The owners were a young couple that were just so friendly, helpful and they ended our evening by giving us a shot of their homemade liquor with honey. It was really strong!! We had her sign our Camino passports because she doesn't have her stamp yet. She asked us to sign their comment board which we were so happy to add our complimrnts to. We said our thank yous and goodbyesand walked back to our hotel. We have been so grateful for evenings out at restaurants with amazing food and welcoming , friendly owners.
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    • Day 5

      Tag 2

      May 3 in Portugal ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

      Nach einer Nacht auf dem Campingplatz und einen kleinen Frühstück ging es wieder auf die Piste. Wetter na ja, muss man durch. Heute Nacht schlafen wir in einer Herberge. Für Fritz etwas ganz neues. Mal schauen was die Schnarcher machen.Read more

    • Day 2

      Day 2 - La. Bruge to Sao Pedro de Rates!

      June 28, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

      So, we walked today! Just walked, observed, talked and were silent. Just curious, is there anything else going on in the world? Nevermind. Please don’t answer that. I’m enjoying my world with Claudia too much.

      We spent the first part of the day walking the Coastal Route from La Bruge to Vila de Conde. The Portuguese coastline is really beautiful. A little treacherous looking but beautiful. Most of it was along the boardwalk allowing us to see up close all the rock formations and huge, incredible beaches and the wonderful artwork along the way. Apparently stacking and painting rocks is an art form. Enjoyed that.

      As we arrived in Vila de Conde and left the coast for the Central route we realized we would have to go it on our own. No way points. No yellow arrows. Just us and Apple Maps. Critically, we did not want to end up on a highway. So we chose a route avoiding it. Ultimately, we were successful. There were some doubts, but the scenery was well worth it. Endless fields of corn with the traditional granite white houses with red tile roofs surrounded us. Many of the crops were surrounded by tall stone fences making us feel like we were in a tunnel. And we had to watch for cars screaming by on barely a one lane road.

      After some tense moments, we finally arrived in Arcos San Miguel for a thirty minute break and lunch at Cafe Barbosa for a small sandwich, chips, banana and Super Bock beer. What else is there? A bathroom! Thank God! Amen! The Camino always provides.

      2.2 km later we ended up at the oldest albergue in Portugal, met some nice young Peregrinos, had a chance to visit with them, dinner and now to bed.

      Not sure how far tomorrow. I have some blisters that have developed. Hopefully, we will be fine. The road less traveled is behind us and the path to Santiago is clear.

      15.8 miles and 36,000+ steps.

      Bom Camino!
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    • Day 10

      Gute Nacht Geschichte- Sonntag Nr 5

      May 21, 2023 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Bericht kommt später. Und Bilder auch

      Puhaaaaaaa bibber schlapp, schlapper am schlappesten.

      Ich kanns nicht einschätzen, aber 30 km warns bestimmt. Erst 5 km zur Kathedrale, dann ewig in Porto am Fluss und Meer entlang und dann sagte jemand, ich wäre schon längst aus Porto raus und dann waren es noch mindestens 10 km wo ich jetzt angekommen bin. Ich wollte eigentlich zelten, aber ein Bungalow mit Einzelzimmer, gegenüber von Dusche, WC und Handwäsche für nur 18 Euro. Nur das geschleppe vom Esseneinkauf noch....schwitz. Aber ich habe Fanta- bonbons entdeckt. Natürlich in den Wagen. 🤪😂😂

      Nicht schön für Schuhe und Füße sind die geteerten Fußwege, aber es gab dann Holzwanderwege am Meer und Strand entlang. Nice

      Und ihr glaubt es nicht, gegen 17 Uhr traf ich zufällig den Leipziger vom Ort des schönen Gartens und der Türen. Krass camino, Krass man sieht sich dann wohl doch immer zweimal im Leben, und krass warum wusste ich noch da nix vom Bungalow. 😂😂😂😂😂 alles gut. Passt, eh zu jung und vergeben. Und fremdgehen mag ich selbst nicht gutheißen und offene Beziehung.....pfffff .

      Geschichten den ganzen Tag, Samba mehrmals, viel Regenbogen. Und rrrrrrr die portugiesischen Männer. Nice. Am besten waren die heten, die immer wohl dachten ich würde ihr Mädel anstarren 😂😂😂 als ich sie dann überholte, dachte ich, na hete guck mal Regenbogenflagge am Rucksack,. Grins. Erst dachte er vielleicht puuuuuh will nix von meinem Eigentum was er Frau nennt, und dann wars wohl besser vor als hinter ihm zu laufen. Und ich sags euch, mich es gibt sogar hetenmänner auf der Welt mit Knackpo. 😂😂😂😂

      Jedem das seine, Hauptsache kein Besitz- oder Eigentumsgedanke.😡

      Jetzt hab ich endlich geduscht, Wäsche per Hand gewaschen und während dem tippen hier, mampf ich vergnügt den Einkauf auf. 🤭🤭🤭🙂

      Ansonsten bin ich bald fertsch, noch was schreiben außerhalb von hier und dann nur noch 😴😴😴😴😴

      Wie gut dass hier die Zeit eine Stunde zurück ist.

      😱😱😱😱😱 in deutsche Land sind bestimmt schon alle eingeschlafen.

      Bis morgen Klaus-Peter

      P.s. vom Duschen wollte ich keine Fotos machen. 🤪🥳😭🤔😅😅😅

      P.p.s. ohhhhhh 🤤🤤🤤🤤 war die Melone lecker

      P.p.p.p.s. ich träume heute Nacht cun: ein Bungalow-Vermieter-Park-Besitzer zu sein
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    • Day 12

      Angeiras to Vila do Conde

      September 23, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      After coffee, I was back to the boardwalk. Most of the trail today was on this boardwalk, and the rest on cobblestone. Plus a short (thankfully) area where the sand had drifted over the trail. That was tough.

      I chatted with some people from Malaysia, Columbia, Germany, and New Zealand. And the people in my room are from Germany and Italy. The Camino is very international.

      Once I got to Vila do Conde, I had to find a bridge to cross the large river. Once that was done, I had a fabulous lunch. Salada do Frango, or chicken salad. Very nice.
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