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  • Day14

    Weiter über den roten Platz wieder zum Bus und noch eine neue Kirche besucht. Sie wurde 2000 in nur 5 Jahren erbaut.
    Nachmittags zum Camping zurück und mit dem Taxi zum Hardrockcafe. Lecker und preiswert gegessen ( 4 Personen für 63,-€ ) und noch unseren Pin abgeholt. Das HRC liegt in einer Einkaufsstrasse die uns eher an die Kölner Hohestrasse erinnert hat, Strassenmusiker, Souvenirläden, ...

    Dann mit dem Taxi wieder zurück, (für eine Strecke von 15km haben wir 5,17€ bezahlt), ein wirklich schöner Tag trotz Regen.
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  • Day19

    Moscow Zoo

    April 24 in Russia

    Today is our last day in Russia! We had a sumptuous breakfast - Kyria and I had about 3 things on the menu that we wanted to try so we decided to share so we could try them all! Greedy much 😂

    We then walked to Cafe Pushkin and made a reservation for dinner as it was supposed to quite the restaurant and we thought it might be nice for our last dinner in Russia. The metro we needed was not far from here - we only needed to go one stop and the zoo was a hundred metres or so from here.

    I love going to zoos - I think I enjoyed it as much as Heidi did. Although with all the exotic animals we saw, later at the apartment all she talked about wanting to see again were the horses!! Yes, they had horses and ponies in the zoo 🤷‍♀️ in two different areas! All Kyria had wanted to see was a Russian bear...and its enclosure was empty which she was most disappointed about. We found the seals at a good time - they were being fed and doing tricks with the trainers - balancing balls and raising flippers etc. My favourite were the orangutans. There were two younger ones who were wrestling and rolling all over the place - so much fun to watch and they have such cute faces. I could have sat and watched them for ages.

    It was cool to see some of the animals from the colder areas too - Arctic Fox, tundra wolf, polar bear etc.

    We were there for a few hours before heading back. We decided to go home and put Heidi down for a sleep. The others grabbed a shwarma on the way back to the metro and I had a crunchy baguette from a place near our apartment.
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  • Day23

    Moscow - Monday

    September 5, 2016 in Russia

    (*TESSA*) Buffet breakfast again to start the day, and this time I got right into the chicken nuggets.
    As a group, we visited the Kremlin. It's home to three cathedrals: one built for funerals of the royal family, another for baptisms and marriages, and another for coronations. Presidents of Russia still use the Cathedral Square to swear in to the post.
    Russian Orthodox cathedrals differ from Catholic in that there is no stained glass used. Paintings decorate the inside of all the walls and ceilings. The alter is entered only by priests. Women cover their hair when the enter. I find these old, old cathedrals very moving and said a thank you for the fact that the Soviets didn't damage these ones.
    Still as a group we visited the armory museum. Catherine the Great has always captured my attention. She participated in a conspiracy to dethrone her husband (he was assassinated) to take power. She communicated with philosophers such as Voltaire, had lovers and toy boys and began the Hermitage Museum. As well as armor, carriages and all that jazz, we saw the dresses Catherine the Great was confirmed in, married in, and then a dress from later life. Her portrait, as we are familiar with it, shows a grand women of some age and waist line. But she was so tiny as a girl, and as a bride, and judging by the dress not much bigger than me in later life, if at all. No photos allowed in the Armory Museum.
    We are getting along well with the other tour members. We're sharing our transport and daily tours with one retired couple from Scotland and a single guy, Andy, from England. After our tour we shared long, late lunch with Andy and caught up on life stories. A lovely guy.
    At night we all boarded an overnight train for Veliky Novgorod. Sheldon and I were in a four berth cabin - I got the top bunk! It was hot, the toilet was primitive and the train rattling.
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  • Day1

    Getting to Know the Area

    March 18 in Russia

    As it was already late when we arrived at the hotel, we decided just to talk a short walk outside the hotel and get to know the area a bit.

    Near the hotel there was a little park with access to Moskva River.. and SNOW 😁

    We later made a short visit to the big shopping mall directly next to our hotel: Evropeysky Shopping Center

  • Day39


    August 13, 2015 in Russia

    So langsam kriegen wir ein Gefühl vom Zug fahren in Russland, man geht einfach so oft zum Schalter, bis der Preis stimmt ;-) In Moskau angekommen ging es direkt in die Metro, eine circa 1 km lange Rolltreppe führte uns tief unter die Erde von Moskau. Hier erwarteten uns prachtvolle Mosaikbilder an den Wänden, die erste Sehenswürdigkeit war also schon geschafft.
    Nach langem Suchen und hilfsbereiten Menschen fanden wir unser sehr zentral gelegen und gut verstecktes Hostel ;-) Da es schon spät am Abend war, gingen wir gleich schlafen, um am nächsten Tag ausgeruht durchstarten zu können.

    Karten für den Kreml zu bekommen, schien auf den ersten Blick etwas kompliziert. Scheinbar tausende Menschen standen an den Schaltern an und wir schmissen uns mittenrein ohne genau zu wissen, wofür wir eigentlich anstanden. Dann hatte Bine einen Geistesblitz. Direkt neben uns stand ein Automat, den scheinbar keine Menschenseele beachtete... Das schauten wir uns dann genauer an und tatsächlich hatten wir nun innerhalb von Sekunden die Karten in der Hand und konnten unsere Besichtigung starten. Nachdem wir den Großteil des Kreml, der für Besucher zugänglich war, gesehen hatten, war unser Hunger nach Kultur vorerst gestillt.

    Der nächste Tag führte uns zum roten Platz, hier sahen wir Lenin's Mausoleum und die Basilika-Kathedrale. Auf dem riesigen Platz waren Massen von Menschen, es wurde geheiratet, gechillt, geschaut und gestaunt.

    Jetzt geht's bald los mit der transsibirischen Eisenbahn, nach unseren Vorstellungen erwartet uns ein romantisches, nostalgisches Abenteuer mit einem der schönsten Züge dieser Welt. Ob es auch so kommen mag?!
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  • Day13

    Dinner time with my father in Moscow

    September 28, 2017 in Russia

    Long time no see: Met my father the last time about 16 months ago the last time. So I was very happy and looked forward for tonight where he flew in with his Russian wife from Frankfurt to Moscow to meet Corinna and me.

    His wife also got to see in addition her son with his wife and so we gonna spend the next few days in the capitol of Russia together walking around, talking about our lifes and discovering the highlights of the city.Read more

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