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  • Day2

    Beau Vallon

    August 26, 2018 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Eine Busfahrt kostet hier ca. 30 Cent pro Person und man kann solange fahren wie man will. Also rein in den örtlichen Bus und mit Vollgas geht es entlang von Abhängen und riesigen Wassergräben neben der Straße zum Strand. Wir würden Beau Vallon jetzt nicht als den schönsten Strand von Welt bezeichnen, aber er ist gut mit dem Bus zu erreichen und es gibt genügend Versorgungsmöglichkeiten drumherum. Der Blick auf die Insel Silhouette ist leider durch Wolken und Dunst eingeschränkt, so macht sie jedoch ihrem Namen alle Ehre. Streetfood (Barbecue), Cafes und Restaurants finden wir entlang des Strandes, so ist für jeden Geldbeutel was zu finden. Denn jetzt zeigt sich, dass die Seychellen kein billiges Land mehr sind. Die Preise für Nahrungsmittel und Restaurantbesuche sind ähnlich oder deutlich teurer als in Europa. Das war in den 80igern noch deutlich anders. Bis zu Zusammenbruch von Sowjetunion und DDR erhielten die Seychellen große Finanzhilfen, da sie ihr Staatssystem sehr am Sozialismus ausgerichtet hatten. Kostenfreie Ausbildung bis zum Uniabschluss, kostenfreie medizinische Versorgung und eine staatlich gesicherte Grundrente gibt es daraus immer noch, aber 2008 kam es zu einer Finanzkrise, die zu einer 60%igen Entwertung der vorhandenen Geldmittel und einer gleichzeitigen Verdopplung der Preise geführt hat. Die fehlenden Finanzmittel versucht man heute durch Einnahme aus Tourismus und Privatisierung zu erhalten. Das ist aber noch ein langer Weg.
    Wir genießen einfach den Strand, spazieren entlang der Hotels, Restaurants und Barbecues und genehmigen uns einen Lemongrass Icetea an einer Strandbude (sehr lecker 😋) und einen Kaffee auf der Terrasse des mondänen Savoy-Hotels. Wir bleiben bis zur einbrechenden Dunkelheit und schlendern durch die Straßen auf der Suche nach einem Restaurant für den Abend, welches uns ein einheimisches Pärchen im Bus empfohlen hat, das Sun Coco. Dort angekommen müssen wir feststellen, es gibt alles was sie beschrieben haben, aber ausschließlich zum Mitnehmen 😕. Dann eben in das Nachbarhaus und wir essen creolisch, Red Snapper und Spare Ribs 👍.
    Danach fährt der Bus nicht mehr und so lassen wir uns mit dem Taxi zurück zu unserem Apartment chauffieren.
    Morgen fliegen wir auf die zweitgrößte Insel, Praslin.
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    Angelika Catholy

    Habe gerade Euren Bericht gelesen Wie schön. Viel Spass. Liebe Grüße Angelika und Ottchen.

  • Day18

    Hilton Northolme

    January 23, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    I just love this hotel. Amazing views, several
    small bays, garden with wooden villas...The hillside and ocean front villas are colonial style, inside-outside wood, when you step into the villas it smells very nice, a bit like in a sauna...this wooden scent. The new pool villas which have a modern colourful design inside, have a pool overlooking the ocean. There is a special tree also with a nice flower fragrance and huge melon-like fruits on it. The fruits are more used for healing, medical purposes as to consume it pure.
    On the terrace next to the main restaurant there is also two times a week yoga in the morning...I have to experience that too:)
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  • Day26

    Maison de Mahe, Victoria

    January 31, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    So how does a less fabulous, usual office day look like in Victoria?
    As I mentioned already, our office is right downtown Victoria, close to the Big Ben and the mayor's office. It means also that as in any other city center, here also we are short of parking places. We have to parking lots close to the office, but you really have to go round and round till finally somebody leaves. There is also a daily or monthly parking fee, we receive a monthly card, it's a round piece of paper with the month and year printed on it, you have to put that in the window.
    At the office it is more vivid as usually in Europe. Seychellois are a bit louder, especially that it's almost only women working at our office.
    I can get quite lost in work and forget about taking a break. But when I do realize it's time for a break, then I either go to La Dolce Vita ("our italian") or to Little Italy which I discover lately thanks to a colleague of mine who showed the place. Sometimes I feel like I am living in Italy after all those pizzas and pastas what I am eating here. I was also very brave and tried sushi at Dolce Vita...and it was actually good.
    One morning I was looking for the key for my office, which I left at our receptionist so that she passes on early morning to the cleaning lady. But our receptionist was strangely not at her place. The others explained me that she must be soon back, she is on the other side of the street in the bank. So I went over, and I saw all these people queuing at the bank..Now I know that this phenomen happening on the 27th of each month is called payday. It's especially the expats from African and Asian countries who want to send home part of their hard earned money as soon as possible.

    When I finally survive the usual office day...I usually do some sports, go to the gym in Savoy and enjoy the sauna and swim a bit. I also started to go to a local yoga class organized by the Indian Embassy. This is the real hot yoga: the instructor is closing the door of the room and there we are sweating like never before. I discover that some unknown body parts can also sweat. The instructor is a Seychellois man with braids...if I would have seen him in the street, I wouldn't have guessed he is doing yoga. But he is quite good, he also corrects the mistakes and has a quite calming voice. I am definitely coming out refreshed...and if I can catch a nice sunrise on the beach, then it's a perfect closure for the day.
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  • Day14

    Moving to Coral Strand Hotel

    January 19, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    So it has been a while since I had the time/energy/internet connection to write, but better late than never.
    My colleague left finally, so today was my first day alone. Managed to drive on the left side without damaging myself, others or the car...that's already a good start. I have a pretty Kia Picanto, as the name suggests it is small. For now I just call him matchbox, but I am thinking about a proper nickname. It is pretty funny to drive on the "wrong" side, because it's not only about where you drive, but that inside the car everything is placed the other way as we are used to. So instead of blinking, I usually wipe my window. To change the gears with left hand is also a challenge. The roads around the island are very curvy and steep, and when it gets dark, then there are no lights near the roads, so good luck with surviving here. As we are in the rainy season, it really rains a I have never seen so much water. I also had to move from one room to another in the hotel where I stayed before, because the first room was under water because it rained so much. So yes, there is really a looooot of rain, so when it rains a lot then the small Picanto turns into a boat.

    I also moved from the horrible hotel (aka youth hostel) where I stayed, so now I have my final residence in Coral Strand Hotel in Beau Vallon. I have a balcony overlooking the mountains and a nice room, so far so good. The front office manager also speaks Turkish, which is cool, like this I won't forget the language and feel a bit closer to my beloved Turkey.

    The first day at the office was quite challenging. A couple of interesting cases to solve and of course, the law of Murphy..nothing seemed to work on my laptop, there are still some things to be set up and sorted out. Me and IT are maybe not that good friends after all...:)
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    Zsoka Montvai

    Zsókcsi lett az első follower :D stalkingstalking

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  • Day17

    Savoy Beau Vallon

    January 22, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    Finally some time to relax (read an interview with Alexis Bledel about Gilmore Girls on the beach...yes I am a big fan!) and do some sports during the weekend. The gym of Savoy Hotel which is located right next to where I live, is just amazing. There is also a spa with sauna..or Russian Banya, as they call it. Steam room, pool, relaxation area. Just what I need! I also bought a yoga mat. Life is good:)Read more

  • Day18

    H Resort

    January 23, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    My line manager came yesterday evening and today we had a day with site inspection and a meeting at the office. The new hotel during the site inspection was H Resort. It is a creole-french styled hotel with great interior design. They used a lot of wood, and they really caught the colonial creole feeling. It felt very close to the nature. The bathtubs were really cool in the rooms, retro style. The whole garden is very nice, very tropical. They also have a garden with different spices, like for example rosemary, and they also use these organic spices in the restaurants. I really like this hotel, it is one of my favourites so far. I also got to know from a colleague of mine that the Trader's Vic restaurant/bar is also a cool place to go out, and Wednesdays there is ladies night...good to know:)Read more

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