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  • Day213

    Strbske Pleso, Stary Smokevec

    April 4, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅

    Woke up this morning with horrible back and chest pain and had a hard time breathing. Aunt says its fresh air poisoning and I say it was having my backpack on for two hours in the same position. Don't know how I'm going to manage the hiking. Set out after breakfast for a 1km hike to the electric train. First stop was a transfer in Stary Smokovec and then on to Strbske Pleso. When we arrived at Strbske Pleso we did a simple hike around the lake which was only 2.25 km and manageable. The high Tatras were right above us and they were magnificent. We went down to Strba after by cable car which I've never been on so that was a neat experience. The cable cars have been running up to the mountains since 1896 and were beautiful. We had a coffee at the bottom and headed back up to the top again. Once up we headed by electric train to Stary Smokovec to get lunch and some food items. We couldn't find one restaurant that was open. We headed to Tatranska Lomnica for dinner at this point. The whole time we managed to bypass the rain storm that was passing through. We caught the bus back to our cabin and finally got caught in the thunder storm and pelting rain. Bought some topical tonic my grandmother used for pain relief made from herbs and doused myself in it to relief the pain and had an early night to bed.Read more

  • Day94


    July 10, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅

    What an absolute blinder of a view.. again!

    We randomly booked to stay at a campsite here as it was a cheap option (even tho we didn't pitch our own tent!).

    Storms rolled in again so we were very pleased we hadn't decided to use our own tent, which could quite possibly have slid down the hill the campsite is set on in the downpours!

    We were here for three days and didn't really do very much at all except play games at the campsite bar and admire the view. Turns out there isn't too much close to here but we had a relaxing few days. I went for a dip in the lake as it was still super hot, though you wouldn't know it from my lack of suntan!!

    Whilst the facilities weren't the best - for example only one toilet unlocked at night with no key so I had to be chaperoned by Stuart - the people were friendly. Only Slovakian campers however and as we are finding with campsites, people are happy to enjoy their holidays without interference from us!

    Onwards to Poland...
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  • Day214

    Tatranska Lominca

    April 5, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅

    Feeling better today and after last nights storm the skies are blue. Walking trek to Tatranska Lomnica and wanted to head up the ski lift to the first trek point but the lifts were closed for maintenance. We walked a total of 6 slow kms today and I wanted to walk another 8 but aunt was complaining her toe nails were too long in her boots and she had to go back to the cabin to trim her nails. I had to choke back laughing this excuse. Once back at the cabin I cracked open my bottle of Rose and laid back in the sun to enjoy the warmth. Booked the train back to Bratislava for Friday ahead of time. Tomorrow I'm heading out hiking alone.Read more

  • Day215

    Walking trek to Stary Smokovec

    April 6, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅

    Drizzle this morning so we started with a trek alongside the river to the village if Stara Lesna. Came back for lunch and then walked to Stary Smokovec which was about 6 km. The weather cleared and it was beautiful. Took the electric train back and a good thing because it started to snow....and snow. My first sign of winter so far on my trip. Beautiful winter wonderland. Heading home tomorrow.Read more

  • Day243

    Day 244: Spissky Hrad

    October 16, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅

    Definitely feeling on the mend now, still not great but on the way towards it. Today's destination was the ruined castle of Spissky Hrad and the associated town of Levoca, about 90 minutes drive west of Kosice. The morning was chilly and foggy, but we set off anyway.

    Arrived at the castle around 10:30am, and we literally couldn't see a thing. The car park is right at the base of the castle, but were it not for the signs we wouldn't have known there was anything there! Quite eerie really, it was just you and the hundred metres or so around you.

    Hoping for some better luck, we decided to head for Levoca (also a WHS) and see if it was less foggy. This was just a typical "old town" site, so a dense fog wouldn't matter so much here anyway. By the time we arrived the fog was starting to lift, and the air seemed quite reasonable.

    Spent an hour or so wandering around and checking out the sights: mainly the town square, cathedral and a few other buildings. Did our filming, grabbed some lunch in a cheap local restaurant (two big dishes, two drinks and a coffee for about 10 euros), then back to the car where we headed east to the castle again.

    The fog had completely lifted and now we could see the castle from miles away, a very spectacular sight! It's made from white stone, sitting high on a hilltop so it completely dominates the hilltop and gleams in the sun.

    Parked, walked uphill to the entrance, smuggled Schnitzel past the no dogs sign, then commenced wandering. It was really cool and very large, apparently one of the largest castles in central Europe! It was used for several hundred years between about the 12th century when it was constructed for defence against the Mongols, through until the 1760s when it burned down. The reason for it burning down is unknown, though one suggestion is that people were brewing moonshine on the premises and things got a bit out of hand. Though my favourite theory is that it was a tax write-off, since land tax was based (for some strange reason) on the size of your roof. Burning the roof down would save a castle-sized land tax bill!

    Did all of our filming, though interrupted twice by enormous rending booms. For a moment I thought Trump had started world war three, but on reflection it was likely just a supersonic aircraft high above us. We'd heard similar noises occasionally in Hungary as well.

    Back to Kosice where we spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home. Ducked out briefly for dinner at the same sushi restaurant as a couple of nights earlier, though this time I had a pad thai and wasn't as impressed. Should've stuck with the Vietnamese food!
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  • Day3

    Tatranska Lomnica

    October 9, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Nach einem Frühstück in der herrlichen Morgensonne auf dem Seilbahnparkplatz, ging es erst mal zum Tourismusbüro wo wir ausreichend Infos für unsere Tour bekamen. Der Hin-/Rücktransfer zum Ausgangspunkt bzw. zurück zum Auto ist mit Bus und Bahn gut machbar. Aber die Hütten werden wohl zum Wochenende voll werden. Klare Entscheidung Schlafsack und Isomatte mitnehmen, damit man notfalls auf dem Boden schlafen kann. Vor Übernachtungen im Freien wird wegen der Bären eher abgeraten🤔. Den Tag verbringen wir mit finaler Tourenplanung und Rucksack packen.Read more

  • Day5

    Jahnaci stit (Weisse Seespitze 2230m)

    October 11, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Bei unserem Tagesausflug mit leichtem Gepäck ging es heute 680 Hm hoch auf die Weisse Seespitze (Jahnaci Stit). Bei bestem Wetter und besten Temperaturen mit noch besserer Aussicht (das einzige was störte war das Geplapper des polnischen Pärchens).

  • Day6

    Zweite Etappe durch die Hohe Tatra

    October 12, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Von der Chata pri Zelenom plese ging es am frühen Morgen bei frostigen Temperaturen los auf den über 2000m hohen Sedlo pod Svistovkou. Bis dahin genossen wir noch die Stille, was sich dann aber ab dem Sattel schlagartig änderte, denn über die Seilbahn von Tatranska Lomnica ist der Aussichtspunkt relativ einfach zu erreichen. Der Gegenverkehr war richtig nervig und die Krönung war dann am Skalnate pleso an der Mittelstation der Bergbahn wo sich unglaubliche Menschenmassen tummelten. So schnell wie es nur möglich war passierten wir den "Touristen-Zirkus" und auf der Tatranska magistrala begleitet von den Gleitschirmfliegern über uns ging es bis zur Zamkovkeho chata.Read more

  • Day7

    Pausetag und Planänderung

    October 13, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Nach einigen Telefonaten und E-Mail mit den Hütten und der Wochenendproblematik gibt es jetzt einen neuen Plan. Erst den Rysy zu besteigen und dann die ursprünglich geplanten Etappen im Anschluss zu absolvieren. Trotzdem war der Tag schön, gemütlich und wir genossen das traumhafte Wetter in der wunderschönen Herbstkulisse. Zum Mittagessen gab's im Goa Caffe in Tatranska Lomnica leckere vegetarisches Hamburger und am Abend haben wir noch einen schönen Parkplatz zum Übernachten gefunden.Read more

  • Day13

    Camping Tatranec

    October 19, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Es war mal wieder Zeit für etwas Hygiene und so ging es heute auf den einzigen noch offenen Campingplatz hier in Tatranska Lomnica. Neben einem Pärchen aus Lettland, die den ganzen Tag im Zelt verbrachten🤔, waren wir auch die einzigen Gäste.
    Duschen war schnell erledigt, aber da war ja noch der Berg an schmutziger Wäsche die sich in den letzten 10 Tagen angesammelt hatte. Auf unsere Nachfrage nach einer Waschmaschine, war man am Campingplatz etwas überrascht. Die nächste "Wäscherei" sei wohl im 16 km entfernten Poprad zu finden. Wir dachten Poprad mit 52.000 Einwohnern ist keine kleine Stadt da gibt's bestimmt zahlreiche Waschsalons. Also hin und in der Tourist Information kurz gefragt. Doch auch hier war man erstaunt und die nette Frau sagte sowas wie einen Waschsalon gibt's in der ganzen Slowakei nicht. Sie schickte uns zu einem großen Einkaufszentrum wo es einen Laundry Service geben sollte und noch auf dem Weg dachten wir uns "ist wohl wie in Südamerika, da bekommt man für wenig Geld auch die Wäsche gewaschen und macht das nicht selbst". Im Einkaufszentrum sollten wir aber dann eines besseren belehrt werden. Offensichtlich hat wirklich jeder Slowake eine Waschmaschine Zuhause, denn die Preise für den Wäscherei-Service sind echt gesalzen 😖. 6 kg Wäsche waschen und trocknen kostet 15€ und wir hatten 12kg, aber scheinbar taten wir der Frau etwas leid und wir haben dann mit 20€ einen Sonderpreis bekommen🤣.Read more

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