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  • Day14

    Day 14 - Barcelona - Last Day in Spain!

    September 23, 2017 in Spain

    Our last day in Spain started with an unsuccessful search for the perfect breakfast! Then we relaxed for a couple of hours on the beach near our Airbnb before venturing out for a good lunch and our favorite beach. For lunch, we had a delicious green salad, shrimp in garlic sauce, and mussels in marinara sauce. Then we continued the long walk down the boardwalk to our favorite soft sandy beach. On the walk back, we decided to stop in and watch the Mountain Dew street skateboarding competition. Then, after a little rest and showers, we headed off into the crazy busy part of Barcelona for dinner. The end of summer festivities are going on this weekend and things are a bit crazy - parades, drum circles, and fireworks all over. We ended up going to a delicious ramen restaurant for dinner - not quite the typical Spanish meal for our last dinner in the country, but it was so good! We walked back and enjoyed a bit of the festivities before returning home. We fly to Venice tomorrow afternoon!Read more

  • Day18

    A mere glimpse of Barcalona

    July 15, 2017 in Spain

    Today was challenging. We set our alarms for 6am as we needed to be on a train at 8:06. Everyone woke up cranky and tired after a VERY late night thanks to one of our children... We ate some cornflakes (and Sammy's tooth fell out as he was still too asleep to eat carefully) and made it to the station with 15 minutes to spare! That has to be some sort of record for Tom aka Mr last minute. His motto in life is; if you're there five minutes early that's five minutes wasted, or for flights; if they aren't calling your name over the loudspeaker then you aren't late. (Grrr)
    We found our first class seats and Samuel made a comment about how much he loved first class and how we should always travel first class. Apparently when Tom booked them there wasn't much of a price difference between first and second.

    We decided that train travel was the way to go, so much less stress that flying; no security, baggage checks, take off and landings, waiting for bags at the other end, passport control. And it is so scenic! We admired sun flower fields, hay bales and remarked on the different landscape as we traveled closer to Spain. Well Tom and I did, and poked the children who were fixated on their iPads.

    Our first impression of Barcalona was the heat, very warm and humid with a haze to the sky. We opted for a taxi to transport all our luggage to our accommodation which turned out to be an expensive 4km.
    There was no conceirge at the accommodation, only a sign informing us to go to a different location to pick up the keys. We decided that Tom would leave me with the kids and luggage and walk alone- a much faster option. Before leaving he said "if I'm not back in half an hour, panic." Silly Tom, as soon as he said this Sammy started panicking. Every five minutes Sammy would fret. I tried to assure him that daddy is always late, and that I wouldn't panic until daddy was over an hour late, but it didn't help things that at the half an hour mark Tom was nowhere in sight.
    I began wondering what I would actually do if Tom didn't reappear. I had no way of calling anyone. Anyway I didn't need to worry, Tom was back at the 45 minute mark, and relayed the strict hotel instructions; we were not to enter before 1pm or we would be fined, we could not hang anything over the balcony or we would be fined 350 euros, we could not have parties or we would be fined.
    As we were leaving to find some lunch another family arrived with the same confusion regarding check in, and Tom broke the news of the long journey to the concierge.
    I went for a short walk up the street to look for food. I found a market with raw meat, and the chickens and rabbits still had their heads on, their little eyes were terrified!
    We bought some croissants, one with jamom, some bread with sugar on it(?) a doughnut and what I thought was an apple turnover but ended up being pure pastry!
    After eating it was 1pm so we entered our room which had literally just been cleaned, the floor was still wet. But it was lovely and spacious, two bedrooms, lounge/dining/kitchen area and two bathrooms. We ha been in much smaller rooms so we were all pleased to spread out, and the kids were so excited to have their own beds!

    We set out to experience Barcelona, making our way first to their massive Sagrada Familia Basilica. There are no words to describe such a monstrosity, except gaudy; a not so funny coincidences that the architect responsible for it was named Gaudi! It pollutes ones view of the sky with its towering concrete turrets that have coloured baubles atop. Every facade is different, there is no harmony of design or even colour (and they say I'm not arty). It's gothic architecture at its worst.
    We decided to walk the perimeter (after stopping for the mandatory play in the park) but it was so big and ugly we ended up in souvenir shops but were disgusted with their prices.

    We caught the metro to the coast. Everyone was tired, most of us were holding it together but the littlest one was not. We bribed her with gelato which worked initially, but after the gelato, which wasn't even good, she went crazy. There were tantrums, screaming, stomping and general hysteria. Tom and I pretended not to know her at one point, with Sammy and I walking away (more for fear that I would start crying too!)
    Threats were made and she calmed down. She even walked for the next half an hour, silently with a stiff lip. She can be so determined when she wants to be.

    This next part of the day was my favourite. We walked aimlessly through alleys that led to vast openings and grand buildings. We commented on smells, mostly bad and noticed little things like patterns in sandstone, the bumpy paths so iconically European. We saw a wedding party and the photographer was using a drone to capture the memories, and we tried more gelato which was equally as bad as the first.

    We were hot, tired and ready to go back to the hotel when we stumbled upon the greatest find of all; some produce markets. These were mesmerising, fruits boasting vivid colours, nuts in abundance and giant fish and prawns. But the items that caught our interest were the meats and cheese. We bought paper cones filed with jamom, cheese and chirizo, all lukewarm and slightly sweating in the sun, but delicious. Unfortunately even the kids liked them- less for me. We also bought some chopped up fruit for the kids and reluctantly left via the back door. This opened up to a piazza that had people preparing to make a human pyramid! We wanted to stay but they were nowhere near ready and both children were complaining. We caught the metro back to our room, showered the kids and gave them their fruit. This refreshed them enough to happily walk to find dinner.

    We had planned for an early night but once again this was not to be. We walked for a long time in search of pallela and tapas, but most restaurants only had tapas. I was about to snap (maybe that's where Adalia gets it from?!) when the road opened into a piazza with restaurants and one had pallela!
    Tapas, pallela and a mojito, does it get much better? Even the kids who had been chanting "chips! Chips!" to the waiter, were happy with our selection. (Adalia wanted a mojito and growled at the injustice of the world that she wasn't 18, but I couldn't really blame her, it did look good).
    Tom had promised more gelato, but I had to be bad cop and over rule. It was 9:30pm! They needed to be asleep, not hyped up on sugar. Tom was shocked at the time as it was still sunny, and quickly agreed.
    Thankfully, all our walking to find a restaurant had been in a circle and we were a very short walk from our hotel, so the children were quickly in bed and asleep before the sun had set.
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  • Day12

    Day 12 - Barcelona - Best Day Ever!!

    September 21, 2017 in Spain

    What a great day! We slept in after a late night of travel (and three jam-packed and amazing, but exhausting, days in Granada). Then we worked out, did some much needed laundry, and went out for a delicious breakfast of avocado and strawberry toast with fresh orange juice! Next, we relaxed on the beach for hours and then walked a couple of miles down the boardwalk, grabbing an amazing lunch on the sand - grilled mussels, eggplant tempura, sea bass with salad, chocolate mousse, and espresso. We walked some more, swam for awhile in the Balearic Sea (!!), and headed back to our awesome Airbnb for a warm shower and some rest.

    We headed out to a local restaurant, recommended by our host, for dinner. As we waited outside for our table, several people on balconies on the street, and all of the surrounding streets, began banging on pots and pans in protest of the Spanish government's suppression of the Catalonian region's vote for sovereignty. We have been witnessing these protests since our arrival in Madrid two weeks ago.

    The small local hole-in-the-wall restaurant that our host recommended ended up specializing in fried fish. We split a small meal (fried fish and peppers) and then went to grab second dinner...the burger than Tim has been craving for about a week. Now I need to sit up in a chair and read and digest for about an hour before I can sleep!!
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  • Day13

    Day 13 - Barcelona - Gaudi

    September 22, 2017 in Spain

    We walked A LOT today!! After a yummy breakfast, we first walked about 2.5 miles to Gaudi's magnificent Sagrada Familia cathedral. Unfortunately, there was a lottery going on this weekend only for free tickets, so the purchased tickets were limited and are sold out until we leave Barcelona!! So, we only got to check out the outside, which is amazing on its own. Next, we walked another 2 miles to Gaudi's crazy Park Guell (eating Chinese food on the way!). By the time we got to the top of the mountain at the park, we were completely exhausted. We took a cab back for an early evening siesta. After we woke up, we went to yet another amazing tapas dinner. Then we walked it off on the boardwalk (with a short attempt at joining in on some salsa dancing) and through a small carnival set up for this weekend's end of summer festival.

    Tomorrow - more beach time!!
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  • Day53


    October 25, 2016 in Spain

    Although we visited Barcelona before, we wanted to make a quick stop there to visit our friend Alex. It's always nice to have a chance to meet up with friends along the way and is even nicer to have a local take you to the best places in town.

    Alex took us to enjoy some tapas and sangria our first night there which were really delicious! And the next day Mitch and I spent walking around to our favorite places we had visited while there last time. Our favorite place in the city is the La Sagrada Familia a cathedral built originally by the famous architect Gaudi. The cathedral which is still being finished today displays Gaudi's work of modernism which is pretty detailed and amazing, unlike any cathedral we've seen in Europe!

    It was a quick stop but a fun one which made us appreciate and like the city even more this time!
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  • Day3


    April 19 in Spain

    In der früh sind wir aufgestanden und haben uns alle getroffen. Dann ging es mit dem Bus in die Stadt und dort haben wir mit einem Touristen Bus eine Tour gemacht. Währenddessen haben wir Stopps im Park Güell, im Barca Stadion und bei der Sagrada Familia gemacht. Danach hatten wir noch zeit selber etwas zu unternehmen.

  • Day3

    Barcelona ❤

    January 8, 2017 in Spain

    Heute waren wir das erste mal am Strand und es ist so herrlich hier. In der Sonne haben wir um die 18 Grad . 😍😍 so lässt sich ein Winter aushalten .

    Gondelfahrt über die Stadt mit wahnsinns Ausblick . 😄

  • Day14

    Barcelona 12th - 15th

    May 14 in Spain

    After a short lie in we are up once again getting ready and it’s a day of spontaneity. I suddenly realised I had left a bottle of wine in the freezer overnight so went to get it out and left it to defrost. (Silly Jess) All holiday we have been talking about what we could do to remember this holiday by. Some people may not agree with what we did next and I’m nervous to tell you all 😂

    You can probably guess... after a lot of research and checking that what we were going to do was legit and safe, off we wandered............

    I’ve never felt so nervous in all my life, not knowing what to expect but I was certain in my mind that what was about to happen was something I wanted to do.........

    Okay I won’t leave you hanging anymore. If you haven’t worked it out already all 3 of us got a tattoo 😬 (sorry Mum and Dad). Holding onto one another’s hands we went through with it each having something small to symbolise what we have done. I was an adult about it and decided to have it somewhere where it can’t be seen and is easily covered 😁 (Please don’t kill me!!!) After worrying for ages about how much it would hurt I was surprised to find out it just felt like being scratched by a cat😂

    All 3 of us are so happy we had it done and couldn’t be more pleased by the level of professionalism the guy had, he was clean and thorough and told us everything we need to know about aftercare.

    After a crazy morning we had to have a McDonald’s to settle our stomachs again! Next it was on to St Josep’s food market which was amazing! I’ve never seen such a large food market with different types of meat, cheese, fish and sweet treats in.

    It was then onto do even more shopping!!! (Can you tell we are chilling out and having more of a leisurely holiday in Barcelona rather than site seeing - we deserve it!)

    Next we decided to have cocktails sat at a beachside cafe which were delicious before heading for our final meal :(

    This we had on La Rambla! We treated ourselves to more cocktails ordering a small one each and then somehow ending up with 1litre ones! I told the waiter we didn’t order large and he said he would just charge us the same price. As thought the bill came and he had charged us for 3 large cocktails. For once in my life I stood up for us and argued that this wasn’t correct and he went on to say I wasn’t right and he had never said that (he had). Eventually he gave in to me and reduced the price. Jess 1 Waiter 0. I noticed they had been doing this to a lot of people around and then arguing with them. Not good!

    Even with all that drama it was a lovely meal. It was then back to the apartment to get ready for our last night out 😁 I put the now defrosted bottle of wine into the fridge to make it a bit colder for half an hour. When I went back to get it out the bottle fell out of the fridge and smashed everywhere on the floor 😂 This bottle of wine was just not meant to be.

    It was then on to our last night in Barcelona. 😁 We were going to go out out but decided against it when we found not many places were open on a Monday! Determined to have a good last night we made our own fun with a trip to the shop to buy cards and drink for a night of girly gossip and games 😁😁 This holiday has been amazing but we are exhausted 😂
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  • Day13

    Barcelona 12th - 15th

    May 13 in Spain

    Our first morning in Barcelona... sunny Barcelona! I get out of bed and look out the window to see it’s cloudy :/ So much for sunny Spain 😂 Once we are all ready it’s off out to get brunch in a local cafe. It was a reminder of home, a very British tea room with coffee and ham and cheese croissants... lovely 😁

    Our apartment is just a short walk from la rambla, probably the most famous and busiest tourist streets in Barcelona! Once we had finished in the cafe it was just a short walk. Immediately we were drawn to the market stalls where we bought some bracelets and anklets at the first stall we came to! I bought the final shot glass to add to the collection! For those of you that don’t know I buy a shot glass in each country I visit.. I have done this since my first holiday without parents.

    The market stalls had some nice things as well as some wacky things such as cactus’ growing out of mugs and shoes or as fridge magnets. I very nearly bought one 😂 We then wandered down to the harbour where we were amazed by the amount of expensive yachts moored everywhere (one day we will own one!) There is a bridge that cross’s over to the other side of the harbour where there is a shopping centre and other things.

    The weather had improved by this point and was nice and sunny making the sea look a lovely light blue colour, the colour you imagine Spanish sea to be. We spent time wandering around admiring the yachts and enjoying the sea view.

    Next we decided to visit the aquarium 😁 This was a brilliant idea as we wandered around like little kids looking at the fish 🐠 There was an option to swim with the sharks but we thought we would give that one a miss seeing as I won’t even get in the water with fish 😂

    When we came out the weather had turned again and looked stormy with the rain spitting. We wandered back towards the main shopping area where we found the longest strip of people selling fake goods I have ever witnessed. As tempting as it was we resisted the urge to buy fake Michael Kors bags 😂

    We found even more market stalls, this time selling food! It was here that we decided to try some churros. They were amazing ❤️ We found an empty bench and slowly realised why it was the only empty one. There was a man blowing massive bubbles and the wind was taking them out direction getting us covered in washing up liquid 😂

    Onwards we went, this time into the gothic quarter where there were many vintage, alternative and wacky shops which were extremely interesting looking around. It was now starting to rain a bit harder and so we decided to have an early tea to get out of the rain! We found a lovely tapas restaurant on the harbour where we had some tapas dishes and sangria... very Spanish... and very delicious.

    The weather does weird things here and now there was the most beautiful sunset as we ate our dinner. Once finished we found yet more shops to look around 😁😁😁😁 and decided to stop at Starbucks for a caffeine kick.

    It was then back to the apartment via the shop to get some drinks and nibbles for another night in chilling out after a busy day! We were going to go out for the evening but unfortunately Katie had a headache and didn’t feel up to it. I really like Barcelona as there is a lot to it and each area has something new to discover.
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  • Day62


    July 20, 2016 in Spain

    Nous voilà à Barcelone!! Gros gros coup de coeur!
    La ville est jolie, ni trop calme, ni trop animée! Il fait bon! Il y a la mer! Beaucoup d'artistes! Les gens aiment les chiens!!! 🐶 C'est pratique pour le vélo...
    C'est beau! C'est chaud!

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