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  • Day8

    Camino Del Norte - Day 8

    June 16, 2017 in Spain

    Camino Del Norte - Day 8

    Pobena to Islares
    Distance 25km (7 hours)
    Total ascent 300m

    An enjoyable peregrinos meal last night with pilgrims from Germany, La Reunion and Spain. Three courses and wine (not for me) for the princely sum of 10 euros.
    We were packed in like sardines last night in the Albergue. Thankfully, it was a cool night and no snorers.
    Shane and I were one of the first out the door at 6.15am onto the Del Norte. The path Initially followed an old iron ore railway line through tunnels and the cliff edge.
    As we got to Onton, we parted company as the Camino offered an inland choice or stay on the coastline. I stayed with the coast which meant walking close to a motorway for a couple of hours. Not pleasant but needs must.
    I eventually arrived in a stunning town called Castro-Urdales which is dominated by the Church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion and a castle. The church is one of the Norte's finest Gothic churches.
    I joined some locals for brunch in a small cloistered cafe before setting off over the hills towards Islares. I saw over 20 Griffin vultures floating on the thermals near the cliffs edges.
    Islares is a small village with not a lot to offer. I am staying in a metal hut for peregrinos. Basic but somewhere to put my had down. The Albergue is closed.
    Tomorrow, I will walk to Laredo and may go a little further to Santona. This will involve a short ferry across to Santona.

    Thank you all for your donations to B.I.R.D and your fantastic support and messages.

    Buen Camino.
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  • Day52

    Day 51: Bilbao - Castro Urdiales

    October 3, 2016 in Spain

    Distance: 30k (1295.4/663.5)
    Weather: 27C, sunny and warm
    Mood: bit emotional and tired
    Blisters: 0
    Staying at: Aqua Via H & Spa Hotel

    Up and down

    Just like this route moves up and down (and I truly believe it's harder than the Camino Frances!), so does my mood. Bilbao didn't help, being such a big city with so many noises and people, in contrast to the stillness of my walk.
    I had a look at the amazing shapes of the Guggenheim museum in the early morning sunlight and then took the metro to Portugalete (inspired by a German mother and son) to avoid some of the industrial areas of the city. But even here I found uninspiring and industrial buildings, including a crazy cycle highway over the main roads. The landscape slowly worked on my mood and my legs felt tired.
    After a little climb (I now regard 180m as little) I rested on a bench and met Sonia from Romania, living in Germany. It was just what I needed. We had some good chats and laughed at the many similarities between us. The highlight was encountering a large truck with both a Dutch and a Romanian numberplate at a petrol station. We thought this was the most brilliant thing, but the grumpy guy being the counter was oblivious to this and demanded us to take of out backpacks but fire getting in. How beautiful these contrasts are!
    We ate our ice-creams while walking a pretty big main road (bit crazy to walk here if you ask me) and enjoyed the last of the sun.
    It was starting to get late and if there's one thing I haven't quite been able to let go, it's the need for a safe place to sleep, so I was getting a little nervous. No need though, as we slept at a lively little spa hotel and even caught a rise there for the last 1km. I slept like a baby! It was a memorable day of ups and downs...
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  • Day14

    Castro Urdinalesand bust.

    September 11, 2017 in Spain

    Yesterday was a tough one. I walked way more than I thought I was going to. Ten more kms than I wanted to and my feet were not happy.
    I left Bilbao after a sleepless night in the hostel owing to fellas coming in to set up at 11.30pm then going out on the town to return at 5.30 am. Anyway, walking out of Bilbao on a quiet Sunday morning was good. Not so nice along the river, but it is bring revitalized. The next part of the walk was lovely. Country life like it had been for centuries. It looked like people were at their alojamientos, harvesting and grilling the veg.
    I thought at 26 kms or so, I would stop, but there was no place. A passing walker told me 10 km more and that was not what I wanted to hear. I put on my flip flops, with socks Woonsocket style, and kept going. I can do this saysI, it is only like two laps in Lincoln Woods. Well, no, because it was a lot of big hills on a busy road, so Says I to myself "look you, it is OK to stop" and since it was 4 pm and I started at 7.15am I did stop! I put on a few band aids, put the shoes back on and hobbled along. I was not doing any positive self talk, that is for sure.
    . Along comes Pablo! A recently retired Basque French fella who spoke French, Euaskadi and Spanish and who also had sore feet and just wanted to get to the town. So we went hobbling along together, he was charming company and made the last 5 km go by fast. We consulted our guide books on a bench on the lovely promenade when we got there and he made the phone call so we could go straight to a place and not have to roam around looking for somewhere .
    It was heaven to have my own room and shower and no snoring or smelly feet to deal with.
    Pablo and I went out for Pinxtos. We talked kids and work and football. He played on a lower division in France and he said it was the first time in his life that he had a conversation with a woman about the physical attributes of football players. Of course CR7 was top of the list, well my list. He was very interesting andy Spanish was flowing freely. It was such a lovely end to what was an up and down day, both physically and mentally.
    Thee is something about this Camino. You read about it and I am sure it is different for everyone. The Spanish people are so ready to help out and also wish you well. The people who are walking are friendly and interesting.. Maybe every one's defenses are down. It is hard to not get involved when there are 14 of you in bunk beds in a small room, sharing food and one bathroom. Great as long as I can escape to my own room after 5 or 6 nights of it!
    I fed up being ignored, despite my cooing and clicking and psh, psh kitty, horses and sheep and cows and goats and sheep, with really long legs, just keep on eating. But victory this after noon., "here chicken, here chicken" I plead from the gate, and it came over!! Made my day.
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  • Day9

    Castro Urdiales

    September 20, 2017 in Spain

    Nice walk today, but with a little too much asphalt. Great to see the sea again and to have an afternoon swim. More comments too follow when I'm less tired!

  • Day8

    Islares - Mi Casa por esta noche

    June 16, 2017 in Spain

    Sharing with Tymon from Dortmund. All for the princely sum of 10 euros.

  • Day11


    July 27 in Spain

    Wie zu erwarten war, ist hier alles ausgebucht.
    All das was der Autor von dem Reiseführer schreibt stimmt nicht. Die Idioten in der Tourist Info wissen keine Preise der Pensionen und sind wenig hilfsbereit. Man muss selbst überall anrufen. Was bei geringen Sprachkenntnissen schwierig ist.
    Um ein Bett zu bekommen, musste ich jetzt über Booking. com ein Zimmer für 35.- buchen. Liegt wenigstens zentral.
    Mal schauen was das für eine Absteige ist.
    Die Alternative mit 8km weiter laufen, fällt weg, da lt. Touristen Info die Pilgerherberge dort inzwischen geschlossen ist. Die nächste wäre 12km von hier.
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  • Day11

    Endlich sind meine Klamotten mal alle trocken. Die Nacht im Heizraum hat denen gut getan.
    Frühstück war gut. Um 9.30 ging es mit dem Bus zurück nach Pobena. Von dort den Küstenweg entlang nach Castro-Urdiales. Die wunderschöne Aussicht konnte ich wenig genießen, da ich immer im Hinterkopf hatte, "wo schlafe ich heute?". Die Herberge am Zielort ist sehr klein und auf Grund der Heerscharen von running Pilgern ist mir klar, dass ich dort kein Bett bekomme. Zudem ist es ein Touristenort und es gibt wenig günstige Zimmer. Die Touristen Info war wenig hilfreich. Letztendlich habe ich über ein Zimmer für 35 Euro (o. F.) bekommen. Mitten in der Stadt, einerseits cool, 50m zum Hafen, andererseits bis mitten in der Nacht sehr laut. Obwohl es abends regnete, spielt sich in Spanien alles auf der Straße ab.
    Mich kotzt das tägliche Wettrennen um die Betten an. Das ist nicht das was ich wollte. Spontan die Etappe verkürzen, verlänger oder irgendwo bleiben ist nicht.
    Eigentlich muss man immer 2-3 Etappen vorbuchen. Was bei öffentlichen Herbergen nicht geht. Das sind aber meist die besten, auf jeden Fall die günstigsten.
    Ich muss mir was einfallen lassen, denn den Wettlauf kann und will ich nicht mitmachen.
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  • Day12

    Immer noch schlecht drauf. Bei Kaffee und Pintcho vor einer Bar in Castro-Urdiales, lief Kim vorbei. Wir unterhielten uns über die Herbergen und den täglichen Wettlauf. Gefällt im auch nicht. Er versucht lieber kürzer zu laufen und am frühen Nachmittag bei einer Herberge zu sein um notfalls Zeit für eine alternative zu haben. Es macht doch immmer wieder Mut mit einem anderen Pilger zu reden.
    Wir vereinbarten beide bis Islares zu laufen um frühzeitig bei einer Herberge zu sein. Er hatte eine alternative in seiner App, da die reguläre Herberge geschlossen ist. Mir war leider nicht klar, dass die Herberge 5km hinter Islares liegt.
    Da sich der Weg doch hinzog, rief ich in der Herberge an um zu reservieren. Am Nachmittag traf ich Kim in der Ortschaft vor der Herberge. Er meinte dort ist voll und versucht doch in der öffentlichen unter zu kommen. Wir trennten uns und ich lief die 3km bis zur Herberge.
    Die ist nicht der Brüller, aber ok.
    Bett 15.-, Abendessen 9.-(appetithäppchen, salat, huhn auf kartoffelchips oder fleischbällchen und vino tinto), ich nahm das Huhn (schmeckte sehr gut) , Frühstück 2,50
    Besitzerin sehr freundlich, spricht englisch.
    Soweit gut für heute. Kurze Etappe, Zeit gehabt die Füße ins Meer zu halte (für mehr war es zu kalt). Mal schauen was der Tag morgen bringt.
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  • Day6

    45km - Albergue

    July 5, 2015 in Spain

    We arrived at the albergue, it only has 17 beds and it was full. However the manager of the albergue had set up tents outside for other pilgrims to sleep in. We got our own tent!!! :)

    Price: 5€ per person

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