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  • Day22

    Day 18 - Barcelona - BAH Hotel

    April 30, 2017 in Spain

    Barcelona Airport Hotel
    No big plans today. We decided to take our own luggage off, not realizing that elevator after elevator would be crammed full. But, we eventually got downstairs and off the ship. Troi got flagged and pulled aside, still don't know why, which delayed us a bit. Then we got to the taxi queue and that's where we got separated from the Mutzes. They got assigned to a second, unofficial queue.  They seemed to move more quickly, but in the end we caught our taxi just 5 minutes later. Waved good bye to each other from opposite sides of the street.

    We are staying at the​ Barcelona Airport Hotel. So far so good. We were here at 10 am, check in is at 3pm. But it is just noon now and we are in our room. Room is spacious and feels nice and clean. The WiFi seems to be working, but the TV not so good.... Audio on most channels cuts in and out so badly it's unwatchable, though the picture is just fine.

    While we were waiting for our room to be cleaned, we took​ the free shuttle to the airport and got our seats assigned and our boarding passes printed. Changed Euros into Kenyan shillings and had a bite to eat. Then shuttled back to the hotel. We were served by a lovely ticket agent at the Swissair counter. Nothing extra special, just friendly, helpful and pleasant. I guess that is actually special - good customer service is disappearing. We told her so and she in return said we were nice customers 😁.

    Have the rest of the day to watch some of the Assembly Day we missed, adjust our packing and get ready for our early morning tomorrow. Need to be checking in for our flight at 4:30am.

    Next stop(over)? Frankfurt and then on to Nairobi!
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  • Day8

    Goodby Madrid hello Barcelona.

    November 3, 2017 in Spain

    Aboard the train to Barcelona.
    We arrived 2.5hrs later than scheduled in Madrid but had time to have a quick walk around before our tapas and wine walking tour. Met James at the statue of the bear in the centre of Madrid. Booking into the tour on our first night worked well. It gave us an insight of how things worked and where the best places to eat and drink were. Madrid is big for drinks and tapas. You judge the best place to go by how dirty the floor is. This means lots of people frequent this bar. We decided to see a Spanish Flamenco show as we may never get back to Madrid to see one. Excellent show. A little disappointing though as I would have liked someone to explain what the story of the dance was all about.Read more

  • Day1


    June 7 in Spain

    Mit 1:15 Verspätung in BCN gelandet. Dann noch etwas vergebliches Warten auf die Kollegen mit großen Koffern. Aber schließlich zu 2 im eleganten Kleinbus auf dem Weg ins Hotel.

  • Day1


    July 1, 2017 in Spain

    Ens aixequem a la 1:30 de la matinada, agafem totes les maletes i anem cap a l'aeroport amb cotxe. Un cop a l'aeroport, facturem les maletes, passem els controls i anem directes cap a la porta d'embarc. Esperem més de mitja hora davant del mostrador per poder embarcar i finalment pugem a l'avió direcció Istambul. Com que estem molt cansats, la majoria ens posem a dormir però alguns miren pel·lícules. A mig viatge aproximadament ens porten l'esmorzar: un sandvitx de pernil i formatge, un pastís salat de formatge, un pastisset, un assortit de formatges i olives i un tros de pa. Arribem a istambul cap a les 10 del matí i ens esperen 10h fins pujar a l'avió que ens portarà a la Índia. Durant aquest temps, ens posem a dormir en unes butaques i donem un tomb per l'aeroport gegant, mig zombies perquè estem cansadíssims. De 1 a 5 anem al prime class lounge, on dinem d'un buffet i després ens asseiem en butaques i estem amb el mòbil. Allarguem l'estada fins a les 6 i passegem fins que l'Oriol troba la porta d'embarc. Allà fem alguns exercicis per despertar-nos i quan és l'hora pugem a l'avió. Estem asseguts separats i tots tenim veïns estranys: un home que només mira pel·lícules, una mare amb un bebè que plora i el pare dormint, un noi que ronca molt... Tots mirem una pel·lícula mentre ens porten el sopar (formatge amb curry i arròs i altres coses que no mengem) i després ens posem a dormir. Arribem a delhi a les 5 del matí , passem el control de e-Visa i recollim les maletes. A fora ens espera un noi de Tarannà que ens guia i ens porta amb una furgoneta fins a l'hotel. Allà fem el check-in, redistribuim les maletes ja que l'endemà agafem el tren i així no anem tant carregats. Hem dormit molt poc i hi ha tensió a l'ambient. Finalment ens posem a dormir tot i que només durant una hora perquè ens esperen a les 9 del matí per anar a visitar Delhi, la capital de la Índia.Read more

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