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  • Day34

    We are now at Mansilla de las Mulas, a small town ( but big enough to get lost in!) and I am trying to have a fresh start in my thinking, as this is where I had my ghastly encounter with bedbugs 5 years ago, and I am inclined to shudder when I think of this place. Well so far all has been totally is a beautiful day, sunny but cool (finally), we are staying at a different hotel - very welcoming and clean, wifi seem excellent, and all seems perfect. Last time it rained, the woman at reception of the little casa rural was very grouchy and said there was no wifi (wouldn’t give us the code anyway), and our memory is very negative.

    So we left this morning at 7.55 in the COLD. It was 7° and I had a t-shirt under my shirt, but soon put on my jacket, which I kept on till we arrived at 12.30 - 19.5 kms later! So hard to remember that 2 days ago it was unbearably hot in the afternoon at Sagahún! Anyway, autumn seems to have started, and hopefully will stay, as we had a lovely walk, again on a path next to a country road, very peaceful and still in the wide open just can’t capture the scope of the scene. More corn now, and we saw our first cows (or animals of any sort actually).

    When we left it was again just light, and there in front of us was a huge full setting moon....quite spectacular, and a few minutes later it slipped out of sight, and the rising sun appeared behind us. Magical. But today people preferred to walk in the sun rather than the shade. When we arrived here we again got lost trying to find the hotel, partly because there was so much activity and is obviously market day, and instead of arriving to a sleeping town having its siesta, there were people and stalls everywhere, not just in the square, along the streets, women with trolleys, fruit, veg, cheeses, and all the other clothes and bits and bobs of markets. One kind man tried to help us find our way, but sent us in quite the wrong direction because he didn’t know the hotel, but kept following us worrying...very kind..when we did find it having asked the checkout girl at a supermarket we found the hotel closed, (but we could see our bags inside!) so we happily went and had a beer and some tapas, and the kind man saw us there and was relieved that all was well!

    Hotel seems very good - modern and clean, and they let us use the washing machine and our stuff is drying on the line now. Clean and ready for León...we entered the actual province of León just before Sahagún. It will be a reasonable walk there tomorrow, but with the usual stresses of entering a city, but we remember it as fairly straightforward. We have booked a restaurant for tomorrow night to celebrate Amr’s birthday, the same Michelin Star place we went for his 60th!! It will be great, but we have the same problem - we have to wait up till 9.30 pm which is the earliest time....this is definitely our bed time these days, but we will stay up and have a ball. It is a small place, and last time it was full by 10 pm...Now off to explore the town with new eyes...
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  • Day34

    I just have to add briefly our afternoon...we went out to is so funny - this town which was bustling and so busy at 1 pm when we arrived, had now gone to sleep...shops shut, and streets empty - no sign of any markets. The only people visible were pilgrims, now cleaned up and having a look can tell them by the many different languages, and the comfortable sandals, or après-walk shoes they are wearing! So we wandered a bit, went over the bridge (where we will walk out tomorrow morning) and saw the 12century walls, or what is left, and enjoyed the town. Such a total,contrast to last time.

    AND then as we were going back I spotted a pelluqueria caballeros - a men’s was open and Amr has had his birthday Haircut!! And a very good one. We had a discussion about it, and she (it was a youngish female barber) persuaded him not to have a 2 all over, but to have a little longer on top...etc.etc...anyway result is good, and he looks perfect for his Michelin dinner!! So that was fun..Then we finally ended up at dinner at a restaurant near the hotel (included in our deal of half board) and have just returned from a good to bed. And another plus, our bed tonight has 2 pillows each!!! Heaven!
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  • Day132

    Mansilla de las Mulas

    July 11 in Spain

    Today started out with a beautiful sunrise, a perfect cafe breakfast stop, where I had the best French toast and Alan was gushing over his eggs with bacon. we kept walking we saw the sky get scary dark ahead. The forecast had called for afternoon thunderstorms, so we figured we would be done with our 16 miles by then. The storm had other plans. It literally “stormed” in on us quickly. Flashes of lightning were ahead and the thunder was rumbling. We threw on our pack covers, rain jackets, and rain skirt things just before the skies opened up.

    It’s not a good feeling to be walking along a flat plain (almost the tallest thing around) with trekking poles with lightning striking around you. We were being pelted with rain and hail then saw a small covered area where other hikers had taken shelter. I literally ran there with Alan right behind. We were so thankful to be under something. We found out later that our friends had to duck down in a ditch trying to get lower. 😳

    A man in a car stopped and offered to take a few of us into town, so Paku (who was soaked and freezing without a coat) and two others did that. A very kind Italian man gave a warm fleece to a soaking wet and shivering Korean young man. The rest of us waited out the worst, and then we hiked 3 miles SO fast to get to the next town. We stopped in a cafe and had some coffee and hot chocolate to warm up then speed walked another 3 1/2 miles into Mansilla de las Mulas to our albergue.

    Our clothes are washed and dried, our shoes are stuffed with newspaper, and now it’s time to eat. Tomorrow - Leon 🙂
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  • Day26

    Mansilla to Leon 11.2 miles

    October 17, 2017 in Spain

    This morning reminded me of one of those delightful mornings in October. You know, when you wake up in the dark and hear the gentle rain falling against the windows. You think that since there is nothing much to do today, just roll over and catch a few more minutes of sleep So you tuck your hand under the pillow and catch another 40 or so until nature's alarm clock awakens you. Then you put on your slippers and robe, quietly walk into the kitchen to make a wonderful cup of hot coffee. Oh my! My hands embrace the warm beverage mug and I quietly sit in my favorite chair, sipping the beverage of delight and engage in reading the news, or just staring out the windows. That's sort of how my day started.

    I work up in the dark to the sound of rain gently falling against the window and thought...@#@@###&&*. So I turned over and went back to sleep until nature's alarm clock went off. Then I put on my slipper boots, my gator sock covers, my pajama bag, and my poncho robe and tried to find the kitchen for that wonderful cup of heaven. Someone forgot to tell me that the lights were out and I could not find them. I could hear others moving around and making too much noise on such a wonderful day in October.
    I found my way out of the bedroom and after way too many minutes and miles finally found the kitchen for a warm cup of Java and the joy that it brings. The kitchen where they deliver coffee to my favorite easy chair for me to enjoy. I even paid for that bit of heaven and the angle thanked me. (This ain't no dream).

    Cound not resist fanticisng a bit, but those simple pleasures that we take for granted sometimes mean an awful lot when denied. But one day soon, I will again put on my slippers and wrap my hands around a wonderful cup of java and enjoy the morning in my favorite chair.

    Needless to say it was raining this morning and made for poor pictures, but my rain gear kept me dry and I enjoyed the walk into Leon where I found an upscale albergue just across from the cathedral. My laundry is being done, have cleaned up, and will venture out shortly.

    Had a good lunch and now relaxing in a chair charging the phone. Why, I do believe it is time for a nap (another one of those wonderful times in October when the gentle sound of rain generates an overwhelming desire for a little snooze).

    Leon has much to explore...until tomorrow.
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  • Day26

    Evening in Marsilla

    September 15 in Spain

    A special evening with my Camino family. From me forward and around the table is Reiner from German, Blazenka from New Zealand, Louie from Canada, Evelyn from Ireland, Lillian from Colorado, Constance from Austria, and anund from Norway. Tomorrow it’s on to Leon. I’m going to spend a night in a hotel and take a bath😘😇Read more

  • Day28

    10.4.2017 Wednesday 14 miles.

    A beautiful cool day to walk. Long stretches of straight dirt path made the walking easier. Throughout the last few days we have been seeing what appear to be huts made into a hill with a chimney. A more elaborate one can be seen in the third photo below. They are used for storage for food and wine

    The best part of this day was our dinner. It was the best meal we've had on the Camino. La Curiosa only seats 18 people and I can only say the meal was fabulous. We were amazed when our meal was only €12.50 per person for first course, second course, dessert, coffee, bread, bottled water and wine! My spare ribs (deep fried) with homemade chips was the best I had ever tasted. A great way to end our day.
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  • Day21

    Manilla de las Mulas

    July 9, 2015 in Spain

    Efter ytterligare några km så är vi i vårt härbärge. Det ser bra ut. Idag var det bara väg efter väg efter väg. Imorgon blir det León och då skall katedralen och en massa andra POI besökas. Två kyrkor hittades i den här orten. Iglesia de Santa Maria och Ermite de la Virgen de Gracia. Skönt att komma in och sitta en stund i dem.Read more

  • Day22

    Today's walk

    September 8, 2016 in Spain

    Just a short 12 mile walk, in a mostly overcast morning from El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas. I've got another short walk tomorrow to Leoón

  • Day17

    Um 6:30 Uhr geht ein Höllenlärm im Schlafsaal los, alle fangen an zu packen und zu rascheln. Da kann selbst ich nicht lange liegen bleiben und da das Frühstück zeitlich begrenzt ist, schäle ich mich aus der Koje und gehe zuerst frühstücken.

    Aber vielleicht fange ich erstmal mit gestern Abend an? Am Nachmittag habe ich Alberto (Spanien) getroffen, der sich einfach mal bekannt machen wollte. Er reist mittlerweile ohne Geld und versucht stattdessen, den Menschen Gutes zu tun und dadurch Schlafgelegenheiten und Essen zu bekommen. Schräger Vogel, aber nett und eigentlich harmlos. Er schreibt an irgendetwas. Außerdem hat er viele Fragen und ist auf der Suche nach den Antworten. Macht sich so viele Gedanken um Gott und das Leben, richtig philosophisch. Nachdem wir unsere Ansichten, so verständlich es eben auf Englisch geht, gegenseitig erklärt hatten, habe ich ihm geraten, die Antworten doch im Neuen Testament zu suchen. Bin überzeugt, das würde ihm helfen. Er scheint aber nicht ganz überzeugt zu sein, obwohl er schon von einigen anderen Ähnliches gehört hat.

    Die Hospitaleros hatten für alle gekocht. Um 19:30 Uhr standen zur Auswahl: Vegetarisch, Hähnchen oder Fisch. Jeweils ähnlich aussehender Eintopf. Alberto und ich durften beim Austeilen/Bedienen zur Hand gehen. Letztlich habe ich alles durchprobiert und das vegetarische Gericht fand ich am besten, obwohl die Zutaten wirklich bei allen dreien die selben waren. Danach bin ich wieder in meine Koje gekrochen (Gott sei Dank, unten!), habe die Meditation sausen lassen und bald versucht, einzuschlafen.

    Jetzt also Frühstück. Die harten Baguettestückchen von gestern (hoffentlich), Marmelade, Kaffee zum Selbstaufbrühen, Kekse, Joghurt und Früchte. Die Eier lasse ich den anderen Pilgern übrig, von den anderen Sachen mache ich mein kleines Frühstück. Mir gegenüber sitzt ein Mann. Als er anfangen will, hält ihn seine Frau auf und spricht zuerst ein Dankgebet.
    Es geht dann auch entsprechend früh los, schon um 7:40 Uhr, wo es noch 30 Minuten dunkel ist. Ich finde aber schnell der Weg und bald wird es heller.

    Muss an das Ehepaar heute beim Frühstück denken. Für mich eine völlig gewöhnliche Handlung, vor dem Essen zu danken. Trotzdem erinnert mich die Frau daran: Mit Gebet fang alles an! Ich lege ja bei jeder noch so kleinen, aber bedeutsamen Entscheidung - z.B. im Büro - Wert auf Gottes Rat, aber eigentlich bitte ich ihn selten darum. Ich trage die Verantwortung für die Gruppe der Kunden und die Teammitglieder lieber selbst und rede mir ein, nicht genügend Zeit zum Beten zu haben. Es sind nicht die Umstände, die immer neuen Unterbrechungen, die Ablenkungen, die chaotischen Abläufe. Es liegt in meiner Person. Dass ich im Tagesverlauf nicht ständig mit Gott Rücksprache halte, ist kein passives Unterlassen, wie ich immer dachte. Es ist aktive Unterdrückung. Ich möchte mir nicht die Zeit nehmen. Zeit, die nicht besser investiert werden könnte. Man sollte es wie Martin Luther machen. Der sagte eines Morgens: "Ich habe heute viel zu tun, also werde ich viel beten."

    Der Weg bietet heute noch weniger Abwechslung als in den letzten Tagen. Es geht ausschließlich an der Landstraße entlang, vorbei an den endlosen Feldern. Zwei kleinere Ortschaften durchquere ich, die dritte habe ich als heutiges Etappenziel ausgewählt. Wenn ich in ein Dorf komme, vermeide ich gern die erste und auch die zweite Bar, weil sich dort alle Pilger tummeln. Das wird zum Problem, wenn es (wie in El Burgo Ranero) nur zwei Bars gibt und ich letztlich am Ortsausgang stehe und keinen Kaffee mehr bekomme. Wenn dann der nächste Ort 12,5 Kilometer entfernt ist, kommt Freude auf! Aber was soll's, zurück gehe ich nicht und außerdem werde ich schon nicht verhungern unterwegs. In Reliegos bestelle ich gegen 12 Uhr ein Stück Pizza und ein Stück Tortilla (Kartoffel-Ei-Kuchen). Geht doch.

    Komme müde und abgekämpft gegen 13:30 Uhr in Mansilla de las Mulas an, nach 26,6 Kilometern. Längere Strecke als gestern, trotzdem schneller gewesen. Meine Fußsohlen sind ein einziger dumpfer Schmerz. Ich bin überzeugt, meine Füße entwickeln sich gerade weiter, um sich den neuen Anforderungen anzupassen. Vielleicht werden Pfoten draus. Die erste Herberge ist meine, da liege ich - nach der Dusche - stundenlang in meiner Koje (wieder unten, unfassbar!). Das scheint die beste Medizin zu sein.

    Am Nachmittag gehe ich kurz in den Ort und kaufe in einem Tante-Emma-Laden Milch und Cornflakes. Wenn die Bar mir morgen einen Teller leiht, fange ich gleich morgen damit an. Ansonsten halt für die nächsten Tage in Leon. Leon wird meine größere Pause, ich habe ein Appartement für 2 Nächte schon gestern gebucht, freue mich wie ein kleines Kind darauf. Morgen noch ca. 19 Kilometer, dann gehe ich erst Dienstag früh weiter.
    Das Abendessen ist mal wieder ein Pilgermenü, hatte ich länger nicht. Muss ohne es zu wollen einem älteren Deutschen (Klaus) beim Englisch-Sprechen zuhören, ulkig :-). Nach dem Essen geht es für mich wieder ins Bett, von da aus organisiere ich den Rest des Abends...
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