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  • Day12

    The Golden Triangle

    November 28, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We started the day at a tea plantation owned by a Chinese businessman. I mention this because the Chinese have had a big impact on the Thai economy. For example, most of the 7-elevens are owned by Chinese entrepreneurs. The tea plantations pay Thai women 8 Bhatt per kilo to pick the tea leaves or 300 Bhatt per hour to clear old plants (they need to be replaced every four years). 100 Bhatt is equal to about $4 Cdn.

    This area of Thailand is part of the Golden Triangle which includes parts of Laos and Burma. Opium is still an issue as the farmers burn out the forests for opium fields. The farmers do not recognize the authority of the state (i.e. the police); they only recognize the authority of the King.

    Tan, our guide for the rest of the trip talked about the education system. King Rama IX recognized the importance of education and offers loans to students who want to go to university. But after studying in the cities, the young people find it hard to get meaningful work; increasingly they are returning home to start small businesses. Boys also have the option of becoming monks while in school; most return to their community after graduation.

    A sobering stop was the Scorpion temple with its museum of the events of the rescue of the boys from the cave. The Navy seal who died in the rescue is considered a national hero. The museum had thousands of flowers and garlands as well as hundreds of pictures of the events and the main players.
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  • Day12

    Borders and Buddhas

    November 28, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Next we went to Mea Sai the border town with Burma. Thie Main Street is one big market so we browsed for awhile. The vendors seemed content to let us window shop; there was no hard sell like in Bangkok. Burma drives on the right side of the road and Thailand on the left. So there is a dance on the bridge connecting the two countries where the cars switch from one side to the other!

    Lunch was a westernized buffet at The Boarderview Restaurant, overlooking the Mekong River. The village is in poor shape as the Chinese have built a casino in Laos, across the river, and that has bled out much of the traffic. Many of the storefronts were shuttered.

    The Mekong is shallow and silty here. Tan blames dams upriver in China for diverting the water from the river.

    Our last stop for the day was at Wat Cheri Leung, a 12th century temple ruin. The main temple has been restored. We saw many Buddhist monks. The orange robes signified a Thai monk, the rust robes were Burmese and the brown robes were monks who strictly followed the Buddha’s teachings in hopes of reaching enlightenment.

    The property has many teak trees; the temple is trying to get permission to cut them down and sell the timber. Teak is making a comeback here but it takes a long time to reach maturity. We also passed many rice fields, pineapple plantations and the ubiquitous banana trees.
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  • Day13

    Afternoon in the Mountains

    November 29, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Over a horrendous, pot-holed road we visited Burmes refugees famous for their “long necks”. The Karen hill tribe people wear heavy brass necklaces from a very young age. The longer their neck, the more beautiful they are thought to be. These members of this tribe are refugees from the war in Burma and persecution by the Chinese. As refugees, they have few rights and limited opportunities. Brian thought subjecting these children to this practice bordered on child abuse and couldn’t wait to leave.

    Further up the mountain we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Maekok Village Resort. overlooking a tributary of the Mekong River. The resort was started as an international school by a British couple but has been expanded to include a cooking school, and a spa. A short walk through lovely gardens brought us to our “long tail” boat and a 45 minute cruise down the river.

    The river reminded Brian and I of our Viking Cruise up the Mekong. We saw men fishing with poles from boats and from the shore and a family fishing with nets. We also saw people working in the corn fields and orange groves. No wildlife except egrets. But the main activity seemed to be dredging sand from the river. Although the river banks looked lush and green we also saw signs of environmental stress. There were floating plastic bottles, plastic bags stuck in bushes, and large areas where the forest had been completely cleared. Most disressing was seeing the significant presence of the same invasive species that we see taking over the wetlands in Ontario. Tall fronds with feathery tops which can grow to 8 feet and push out all the native plants. Tragic.

    We disembarked at a Lasu village, cut through a family's backyard, said hello to their pig and 3 piglets and then met up with our driver. We bounced over another terrible road to get back to the main highway.
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  • Day5

    Weiter gehts

    December 21, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    So ein letztes Mal schlenderte ich durch die Stadt Bangkok. Auf dem Weg zurück zum Hostel kaufte ich mir noch ein Paar Sandalen, da ich nur geschlossene Schuhe dabei habe. Was nicht gerade praktisch ist für am Strand. Das eine Kleid das mich seit dem 1 Abend in Bangkok angelächelt hatt, musste jetzt auch sein🤩. Natürlich war noch eine Pediküre Pflichtprogram bevors in den Süden geht. Im Hostel schulterte ich meinen Rucksack und machte mich richtung Busstation auf. Da war allerdings ein grosses Verkehrschaos🚍🚗🚕🛵⛟, nichts gieng mehr. Aus zeitlich Gründen entschied ich mich dann für ein Roller-taxi. Für 50 Baht umgernecht ca 1.50chf fuhr ich in 10 Minuten zum Bahnohf. Im rasten Tempo manövrirte mich der Fahrer quer durch die stehenden Bus, Taxis, Autos und Tuk-tuks. Am Bahnhof raste mein Adrenalin immer noch, wie nach 10 Türkischen Kaffes🙈. Am Bahnof hatte ich noch ein wenig Zeit, da ich nun viel eher da war als erwartet. Auf einmal gabes einen lauten Pfiff. Alle erhoben sich und die Nationalhymne spielte. Aus Angst das ich verhaftet werden könnte, machte ich schön mit😅. 19.00 der Zug war bereit zum Einsteigen. Der Zug sah zwar eher so aus als stamme er noch vom letzten Jahrhundert. Ein Paar Blindepasagiere hatte es natürlich auch🕸🦗🐜. Im Abteil neben mir sassen gleich 2 Schweizer, heute war sowieso der Tag der Bekanntschaften: Beim Mittagesssen lernte ich ei Koreanischs Pärrchen kennen, im Bahnhof einen ausgewanderten Kanadier mit seiner Familie unterwegs in Urlaub, bei der Pediküre eine Deutsche Touristin. Was für lustige Gespräche wir hatten. Der Schaffner bereitete unsere Betten vor und das schon um 9.00h? So entschieden wir uns drei Schweizer im Restaurant noch ein Bier zu trinken. NO ALCOHOL! NO SMOKING! Das mit dem Alkohol stimmte aber geraucht hat jeder im Bistrowagen! Um halb 11 war aber auch hier Feierabend. So gings ins Bett, schliesslich gehts morgen früh aus der Kajüte.Read more

  • Day3


    July 23 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Giornata intensa oggi a Bangkok. Per goderci al meglio la città abbiamo deciso di usufruire del tour Bangkok Starter consigliato dall'hotel. Partenza quindi verso le 9.30 questa mattina alla scoperta della città. La nostra guida si chiamava Phi Phi, una thailandese molto simpatica e chiacchierona, che ha vissuto tanti anni a Stoccarda. Insieme a noi c'era Mari An, una ragazza coreana, ma che vive da sempre a New York. Il tour è stato interessantissimo, siamo partiti visitando il flower market, dove abbiamo potuto capire tutta la cultura dei fiori ed assaporare il cibo di strada. Dopodiché abbiamo visitato il tempio del Buddha sdraiato, templio enorme e bellissimo e con appunto un enorme Buddha sdraiato. La posizione del Buddha sdraiato tra le altre cose rappresenta Umbi, perché è nato di martedì ed è quindi una persona votata al relax. Finito il tour del Buddha, abbiamo assaggiato il gelato al cocco e pranzato piatti tipici thailandesi in un ristorante conosciuto da Phi Phi. Piatti molto piccanti, ma molto buoni. Nel pomeriggio abbiamo effettuato il tour dei canali in una barca privata. Ci sono tantissimi canali a Bangkok e sono anche sporchissimi, ma vale la pena visitarli, perché rappresentano una parte molto interessante della città. Terminato il tour dei canali, abbiamo visitato China Town, sempre immergendosi in mercati e bancarelle e con una Ferries ci siamo quindi inoltrati nel centro città. Qui lo stacco è ecclatante: grattacieli e Sky walks fanno qui da padroni. Il tour si è concluso con una bellissima vista panoramica su un roof top bar e tornando in albergo in autobus, come i veri abitanti di Bangkok. Molti dicono che Bangkok la prima volta non piaccia. A noi sta piacendo molto, generi e stili diversi convivono a Bangkok e come dice Phi Phi non esiste un quartiere veramente ricco e uno veramente povero. La povertà così come la ricchezza sono molto accentuate qui, ma poveri e ricchi convivono senza alcun muro o alcuna differenza. Forse questa è la cosa che mi è piaciuta di più di questa città.Read more

  • Day2

    A rainy walk to Maharaj

    August 22, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    Quite close to the Palace there is a shopping area called Maharaj. To be honest there are not too many shops there but the view on the river is quite nice. Furthermore there is a need small restaurant called ‚Favour Coffee‘ which gave us the opportunity to relax and dry our clothes.

  • Day20

    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

    June 1, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Today we decided to do an all day Mekong River tour. Better than being stuck in the city all day. We were picked up from the opera house at 8.00am and then had a two hour drive to the boat. Of course we slept most of the way, because it was early after all! We went to a village on one of the islands and had fresh fruit and were serenaded by some local farmers. We then went to a bee farm where we had honey tea which was yummy. Bit scary with all the bees around as we were trying the honey straight off the comb with the bees still on it.

    Then we went on the boat to another location and got in a tuk tuk and went through some windy skinny streets until we reached our lunch destination. That was an experience! We arrived and had a magnificent lunch and there was a elephant ear fish that looked amazing. Met a very cute dog too!

    After lunch we walked to the river and jumped into little row boats and we went through the canals around the islands. Then back on the boat for more cruising on the Mekong and returned to the bus for another sleep on the way home.

    As it was our last night in Vietnam we wandered off to find a decent restaurant. We stopped at a bar first off and played jenga which I finally won, also started to drink beer and it was quite good!

    Then we found a great restaurant the food was excellent, only problem was a very loud birthday party going on upstairs and there was ear splitting screaming and laughing upstairs which ruined the ambience somewhat. But the food was great and it was a good way the finish our last night!
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  • Day1

    Abflug nach Hanoi

    September 26 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    +++ Check in is ready +++

    Es geht los, der A380 steht in den Startlöchern.
    Da ich das Fliegen liebe, ist der A380 immer wieder ein Erlebnis für mich, das so ein großer Vogel in die Luft geht. Der Flug geht in die Nacht hinein & es ist Wahnsinn wie es sich verändert, von Tag zu Nacht innerhalb von Minuten. Jetzt ist es dunkel draußen und der Flug geht noch mindestens 6 Std. Entertainment, ein paar gute Gespräche, Bier und Wein sowie schlaf verkürzt den langen Flug....

    Bis später im Bangkok
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