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  • Day18

    Last week

    May 5 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    All happened so quickly. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then we already are on the train today.
    I would say it was a great last week and my feelings about the departure are mixed. On one eye I’m crying and on the other I’m laughing (It’s a Swiss saying hopefully it translates directly into English).
    On Sunday we were in the best exhibition I’ve ever went to. At the counter a nerdy clerk kindly gave us a student discount and on top of that a group discount too. So, basically, we got in for free. Inside it was heaven. Lots of ancient gaming consoles such as Nintendo’s, Gameboys, PlayStation and lots of more other old computers or gaming consoles. I played the very first Grand theft auto, Tetris and Mario. After about 6h of gaming and competing against each other in a big variety of games we left and ate dinner on the lawn in front of king’s college.
    Tuesday was a very weird school day. We had to solve different riddles. The first ones were so easy that I think the teacher took it straight out of the kindergarten. After school we went bowling in a very big bowling hall.
    On Wednesday we went punting. Punting is some kind of driving a boat without an engine. The chauffeur has a long stick and pushes the boat with it.
    Thursday was not special.
    And now I’ll make a giant announcement to my fans:
    I’ll be doing a live coverage of my travel back!!!
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  • Day2

    I did it! I found them!

    April 19 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    I don't want to ruin this moment with too many words. Its wonderful.
    On our way back to the city center, after buying some thing in a local supermarket, we spotted it.



    We found it. We did it. I am proud of it. I wanne greet my grandma and ace (the lovely dog of my host family (he watched liverpool vs manchester with me too))Read more


    Omg I'm so proud of you!




    So proud of you. Looking forward to seeing more of the cute dog!


    i can do that


    but only if the response is a lot of fame


    Of course of course. I will make sure you will be famous


    omg are you FindPenguins micro-celebrity DePizzol Manuel 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Day2

    The first school day

    April 19 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Since my last post, a lot happened.
    Yesterday, after arriving in Cambridge Station and being picked up by Guy (a funny and nice Guy from the language school, and yes Guy is actually his name) we got distributed to five different cabs, which took us to our host families.
    My host family is very nice. The mother is very charming and cool. The dad is a liverpool fan and cool, too. I don't know anything about the son yet, because he stayed in his room all the evening gaming. But since at home I do that too, I can pretty much relate to him.
    So that evening we talked a lot and then I went to a comfy even a bit too soft bed.
    I slept more or less good, but my room got very cold.
    In the morning I got up at 7. My host mom had prepared a variety of different cereals and some sweet croissants she had bought at the local Spar. After I had finished my breakfast I was ready to leave the orange brick house.
    The first bus has never arrived at my bus stop but luckily, the second one did. It is very frustrating to drive in a bus at the morning, due to the many traffic jams. At least I had a great view on the yellow number plates since I sat at the 1st floor.
    In the school we all had to do an exam. And this exam was 100 boring multiple choice questions long. Afterwards we received some informations and got split up into classes. I made it into the advanced one. In our class 9 from 11 students can speak german and 8 of them are swiss, so everything felt pretty normal. The teachers were nice and we talked a lot about random things with them. This school has not a tight schedule as the Kanti has.
    We passed the noon break near the train station searching something eatable which was also payable. Eventually we found a supermarket with a nice student deal.
    The afternoon lesson were rather boring, so we had to entertain ourselves and involve the teacher in more interesting conversations.
    After classes were done, we got a guided tour through the many colleges and old houses of cambridge. Generally speaking, it is a wonderful city with very charming narrow streets and an interesting architecture style.
    The only downside of the city is its public transportation. Since I arrived none of the two busses were on time and I had to wait 60 minutes on just one day. It was a gamble wether the bus will take you to the right place because even the bus drivers didn't knew were they're heading. And they were very stressed.
    Now I am eating a strange ham-salami-minced meat pizza and later I'll be watching football in a pub or here at home.
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  • Day3

    The heights if cambridge

    April 20 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Today I was confronted with my biggest fear. Heights (Not really but emotions give more views). We climbed on the highest mountain (you have to be very dutch to call it a mountain) in this region. It was a big effort and it took us about 30 seconds to climb those exhausting 6 meters (20 feet) to the top. The view though was worth it. We saw a beautiful sunset and the ancient skyline of Cambridge.
    I still like it here in Cambridge. But the excited (and hyperactive) dog starts to get a bit annoying. If a dog can have ADHS he has the strongest mutation of it.
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  • Day2

    My really good relationship with busses

    April 19 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    After a not so bad sleep. I ate breakfast. There was a big choice of food. I heard already, that the busses aren't that good in this city. There aren't fix times because of the pandemic, but they guarante, that every 20 minutes there should drive one. I waited a bit more than 30 min. The school is very beautiful. But sadly they put us in a class, were we learnt stuff, which we've already learnt in primary school. After the school we had a short trip through the city, we waited around 40 minutes. After comming home and eating the chicken burger. I wanted to go back to the city. This bus luckily arrived nearly punktually. But after a few stops the bus got stuck because there were two car owners who can't parc. So we had to walk the other 5 km. After beeing out, the bus luckily came punctually. But i want to say, that my normal place at the first floor in the front is very nice, because of the view on the left sided traffic.Read more


    Buses in England are indeed not as reliable as in Switzerland, but we are definitely spoiled in this respect. I am glad to hear that you like your host family and hope your English classes become more challenging, soon ;) Best wishes.

  • Oct9

    Cambridge day trip✨

    October 9, 2021 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Vandaag heb ik een dagtrip gedaan met een aantal meiden die door de uni georganiseerd werd. We zijn om 08:00 uur vertrokken en komen om 20:00 uur weer aan in Sheffield. Cambridge is een ontzettend mooie stad met veel oude gebouwen/universiteiten. Helaas zijn deze door corona gesloten voor bezoekers. 🏫🇬🇧Read more

  • Day18

    Last week in Cambridge

    May 5 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    After videocalling my family, I was a little homesick. But I also wanted to enjoy my last days here in Cambridge. On Monday, we had school until 5 o clock, because they booked us lessons for our arrival day, when we logically can't go to school. That was also the reason, we were the only students who had school on friday afternoons. On Tuesday we sneaked in the Kings College, which should be closed for tourists like us. This is a big campus with beautiful buildings. We saw a group of little kids with suits and cylinders. All of them had to follow a teacher. This moment reminded me on Harry Potter, especially as on of them took his cilynder of and looked exactly like Draco Malfoy. On wednesday I we wanted to go playing pool, as every evening. But after waiting over 1h and 15min on my bus to go home, I realised that I wont be able to go to the city again. Because my busride takes 30 minutes. At this day, we went punting. We saw many bridges and heard many stories about the universitys we were floating by. Aftrr playing pool on our last evening in Cambridge, I spent my last pounds in the biggest grocery store I've ever been in. There was more than a ca ten meter long shelf only with chips. But with less vegetables than in the migros.Read more

  • Day1

    The arrival in cambridge

    April 18 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    At our hole day trip towards London happend many thinks. We startet in Schaffhausen with 10 people, but in Zurich de 11th luckily had the chance to go on the next train and join us in Zurich. We thought, that we only would have around to hours in paris. We walked a bit around and discovered a church, the typical houses and the metro. After that, we stayed in the queue for the check in and the safety check. After an our of waiting, we've realised, it takes a lot longer than expected. An 10 minutes later we became the message, that there is a fault in their software. Because of this we expected to wait two more hours, but luckily we departed only one hour later. The we drove with the first class to London and after that with a normal train to our home destination cambridge. My hostfamily is very kind and it's a little lovely house nearby a big parc.Read more

  • Day26

    15-8 Cambridge deel 1

    August 15, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    "Iets" andere dag dan gisteren. Het blijft, ondanks dreigende donkere wolken, droog. De route begint auto vrij, over een voetpad. Reuze leuk, maar errug slecht wegdek waardoor het zowel omhoog als omlaag totaal niet opschiet. Krijg nog even een hartverzakking als de weg in een meer lijkt te eindigen. Valt mee. Gelukkig weet ik inmiddels dat het meestal niet zo blijft. Klopt, na Huntingdon wordt het een asfalt fietspad (zulk mooi asfalt heb ik nog helemaal nergens gehad) langs een "geleide busbaan". Ik kende het niet, een bus als trein. In ieder geval fietst het erg lekker, al is het jammer dat je door al die heggen en bramen zo weinig ziet. Ik geloof dat er meertjes waren. Windkracht 6-7 pal achter was ook wel een belevenis.Read more

    Monique Hermans

    Aha, een Ford, erg Engels😉

    Barbara de Groot

    Slim! met wind mee fietsen...

    Barbara de Groot

    En... welk pad heb je gekozen????

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  • Day27

    Day 26 Cambridge

    August 26, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Yesterday Oxford, today, Cambridge!! Yes we doubled down on our University sojourns and spent the day in Cambridge. It is about as far north east of London as Oxford is west of the Capital and just as easy to reach by train.

    Given that we took the hop on, hop off bus yesterday and to keep the comparisons fair we decided to do the same in Cambridge. For my money Oxford is slightly the grander of the two cities and Cambridge seems to have more of a chip on its shoulder about Oxford than vice versa. Cambridge is where a number of the royal family have gone and Prince Charles is less than fondly remembered as probably the dimmest person to ever attend (there are strict academic criteria to meet for everyone else) and they created a course specifically to enable him to pass out with a degree (although even that took a year longer than usual).

    The main tourist related activity that Cambridge does way better than Oxford is punting, so we waited till today to take a punt tour along the river Cam. You can do it yourself, but having watched people giving out a go yesterday we took the safe option and left it to the experts and took a trip with one the many firms offering guided punts. It’s only a about a kilometre each way and passes alongside three of the university’s most famous colleges (St Johns; Trinity and Kings). Whilst the colleges are a seperate entity from the university itself, every student must be a member of a college to study.

    Thankfully no transportation issues to report today and apart from managing the unseasonable temperatures (it was another hot day here with temps again in the early 30’s) the day was drama free. Less people around today as the bank holiday long weekend is over and just as we are about to end our holiday the high temps are due to end. Should drop down to a more comfortable mid 20’s tomorrow which is our departure day. We are not due to fly out until late in the evening so we have a day that we will spend shopping in Oxford Street/Covent Garden before collecting our bags for a 7 pm check in time at Heathrow.

    Photos attached show... The Cambridge version of the bridge of sighs from our punt... (sigh, I’m over the bloody bridge of sighs, I’ve seen Venice’s original and in the past two days, replicas of it in both Oxford and Cambridge); St Johns College Chapel; the mechanical bridge; our train to Cambridge; Trinity College; a Cambridge Street with random construction worker in the foreground...; the river Cam; Kings College; the punting station on the river Cam.
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