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  • Day63

    Museum of Natural History, New-York, USA

    August 17, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Hier matin on a pris le métro pour se rendre au musée d'histoire naturelle de New-York. Nous avons pris 1h30 pour arriver au musée au lieu de 30 minutes parce que les parents se sont trompés plusieurs fois dans le metro. Arrivés au musée, nous avons vu un film sur les baleines à bosse et on  a vu le squelette de la créature marchante la plus grande du monde : le titanosaure. Le tyranosaure ressemble à une fourmi à côté du titanosaure. Le titanosaure a été découvert en 2014 en Argentine.

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  • Day15

    strawberry fields forever

    September 3, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    After the craziness of Thursday I had to wonder what yesterday would bring, based on what I had seen through airport transfer bus Windows, on subway cars and at the game, all I had to look forward to were bustling crowds of people with no time for anyone outside their current life and high prices....back in London so soon??? 😝

    I set out with not so high hopes, but having had a pep talk from Rach about why New York is amazing and a shortlist of things to do I was gonna give it a shot. Jumped on the E train into town and got out at port authority bus station where I had been dropped by the airport transfer the day before and went for a semi structured wander around. First impressions where essentially... London with taller buildings and more neon (I realise how cynical and grumpy I'm coming off here but stick with it, I untwist my knickers pretty soon). Made my way over to times square, as I posted on Facebook...don't get it, lots of adverts and....i hate to be the one to tell them...not even square.

    I decided I would head north and find the park, maybe some trees and grass would sort me out.... Boy did it, wow, central park is amazing, if I decide I like nothing else in New York(which I think is massively unlikely), central park in the sunshine makes the whole trip worth while. I walked down past some old guys doing batting practice like they thought they still might get a try out for the Yankees, a young kid being taught to pitch like he might one day play for the Metz, an all welcome kickball game that was in the process of teaching some Japanese tourists the fundamentals, a couple of volleyball games with an atmosphere dead centre between top gun and family fun day out, horse and carriage rides through the park with chatty drivers and a ton of smiling faces and beautiful scenery....and just like that New York began to sell itself to me.

    I spent most of the rest of the day in the park, with a brief exit to find some lunch (fish tacos and a couple of beers) and won't bore you with every minute of it but my highlights have to be sitting on a secluded bench next to the pond, alternating between reading and staring out over the water and the recommendation from Rach to go to strawberry fields... For those of you like me before yesterday, that have no idea what strawberry fields is, it's a small memorial garden for John Lennon on the edge of the park right next to the Dakota where he was assassinated. I ... Like pretty much everyone I've ever met... Love the Beatles and have specific memories from growing up triggered by some of their songs, so to wander round with their music playing in my ears and imagine coming on in between was actually quite emotional. All up, yesterday Google tells me I walked just shy of ten miles.

    The evening was pretty chilled, met my airbnb host and she drove us out to a new park area in queens for a beer and one Hell of a view and after a quick stop off at the local market I decided to chill with a couple beers and some chips and cheese salsa and watch some tv... It was on the sofa drinking said beer and eating, and I kid you not, "maple bacon" flavour crisps (designed rather successfully to taste like bacon with maple syrup) and giggling to Jeff Foxworthy stand up, that I fell asleep.

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  • Day8

    Cool down New York

    July 26, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    A very hot and humid airmass will persist over portions of the mid-Atlantic and southeast. Afternoon high temperatures in these areas are forecast to reach 95 to 100 degrees with heat index values ranging from 100 to 110 degrees. Hot temperatures are also expected over portions of the west. In the central and northern Plains, strong to severe thunderstorms are possible.

    Temperaturen die aanvoelen als 38graden kunnen wij niet aan... Dan maar naar binnen. Toen we hoopten dat het wat afgekoeld zou zijn, kregen we een heel zwaar onweer op ons dak. Lang leve de hittegolf van NYC ☀️
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  • Day41

    Day 41 - Indian Summer in the City

    October 18, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Today was the hottest October 18th in New York City since 1928. Bonus! Those wooly hats and scarves are staying in the depths of our suitcases for a few more days at least.

    So on a sunny day in the city we headed to Central Park. As you do. The park is huge yet also hectic in the areas we were in, with large crowds, roads, traffic lights, horses, cyclists and numerous other distractions all buzzing about. There are many activities and sights within this rectangular parade ground and the park feels like a microcosm of the city. We entered from the Strawberry Fields entrance and we stood by the John Lennon memorial. Whilst the area has a sign that specifically says to keep quiet for peaceful contemplation, a man was playing a few chords on his guitar right next to the memorial. No-one seemed bothered until he finished his strumming, noticed that people weren't looking at him and then decided to insult everyone for being heartless, etc. Two different guys rose to the bait and the guitar player was keen for a confrontation, insulting and belittling them. It was a strange moment that lasted a while and couldn't have been further from the purpose of that specific part of the park. Alice and I moved on and headed to our venue for lunch. It was at 'Tavern On the Green' and the calm and peaceful surrounding brought a bit of zen back into our day. The sun was shining and we were eating juicy salmon burgers. All was good.

    Refreshed and assessing the time, we headed towards Hell's Kitchen. The reason for this stroll across Manhattten was to join a queue and wait for a number of hours. A novel way to appreciate this freakishly warm weather but it was for a good reason, hopefully. We were queuing for tickets to see The Daily Show. Tickets were only available for the first two hundred and it is always difficult to gauge how far you are in a queue and if those waiting in front of you are just keeping their place for a larger group later on. Luckily for Alice and I we were given a ticket each and were guaranteed entry. After a little more waiting we were in. The set, the time keeping, the warm up act, everything felt professional and slick. The warm up comedian was genuinely funny and lightly mocked a few members of the audience who willingly put their hands up. He also knew how to whip up a crowd and he had warmed us up so well that on Trevor Noah's entrance everybody went crazy. And this was just Trevor introducing himself and speaking to the audience. I didn't know much about Trevor Noah but what is apparent is his professionalism, confidence and intelligence. In just five minutes the audience were in awe and the show was under way. The show is so well rehearsed that all three parts are shot in one take and only at the end did one slipped line need to be reshot. In between each part and speaking directly to the audience Trevor jokingly addressed the audience off autocue and these moments were probably the funniest. By the end of the show Alice and I left the set in a good mood glad we had sat in that queue. We rounded off a long day in the big city by having a hearty slice of New York Cheesecake and a cup of coffee.

    Song of the Day:
    Joe Cocker - Summer in the City
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  • Day5

    Anden dag i New York 16/7

    July 16, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Vi starter dagen med en god morgenmad og er inde ved american national museum of history omkring kl. 12. Her mødes vi af 45 forskellige museumsrum! Det kunne man jo bruge flere dage på, hvis man ville. Vi havde lavet planer for hele dagen, så nogle rum blev gennemgået lidt hurtigere end andre. Man kunne i en af rummene se hvir meget man vejede på de forskellige planer - for eksempel så vejer jeg 2780 pound på solen 307 poundpå jupiter.

    Videre fra musset så fik vi frokost i central park, hvor vi spiste vores hjemmelavede sandwich med en lille brik juice. Det var hyggeligt!

    Efter frokost bevægede vi os ned mod det outlet vi havde været ved dagen før. Vi prøvede også noget, men tanken om at det kan findes billigere er jo altid der.

    Til aftensmad slog vi en smut forbi columbus circle, hvor der er en stor statue af christistofo columbus og er flot springvand. I denne rundkørsel ligger trump tower også. Han har godt nok mange penge den mand!!
    Vi gik til den nærmeste subway og købte aftensmad og spiste det henne ved springvandet.

    Dagen endte inde på det menneskefyldte times sqaure! Hold nu op hvor var der mange mennesker! Vi fik set en masse brand stores fra blandt andet disney og m&m's samt carlos bakery fra TLC(dog ikke den rigtige, den ligger lidt uden for new york).
    Efter alle de mennesker var det forfriskende med en mcflurry også gik turen hjem med subwayen!

    Rigtig god dag! Jeg sov også som en sten denne nat!
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