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  • Day6

    Mount Rushmore

    July 3, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Den Hype über Mount Rushmore verstehen wir nicht

  • Day30

    A day in Badlands National Park

    August 1, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    30 degrees today but we are enjoying the lovely weather. We spent quite a bit of time in the National Park today, then after a stop at a tourist trap for lunch we went to Mt Rushmore. We are staying in a little town called Keystone by Mt Rushmore tonight, only one street and a population of 600.

  • Day9

    Four Dead Presidents & Crazy Horse

    August 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    An early start this morning from Keystone , we travelled the short distance to Mount Rushmore. It is a very impressive site, and you can only marvel at the engineering genius of the sculptor and the workers to complete the task of carving outWashington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln out of granite using dynamite at such lofty heights. Fortunately, no plans to add Trump.

    Not far from Rushmore is the Crazy Horse Memorial. This was commenced in 1948 at the request of a number of Indian chiefs to acknowledge the cultural significance of the Black Hills of South Dakota to the Native American Indian people. And possibly not to be out done by Rushmore. The project is entirely privately funded, and a single family drives the project. It reminded us of Gauci's Sagrada familia in Barcelona for the length of time it has been in progress, and will be until it is finished. You can see the pic of what it is now, and the white sculpture is what it will be when it finishes... They are currently working on the hand...

    So, completing this visit, we are making the long dash back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming set for an early morning flight to end in Phoenix Arizona tomorrow. Grand Canyon lookout!
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  • Day23

    Day 23 - Make It Monumental!

    September 30, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    There was one objective today. To see Mount Rushmore. We had breakfast and then had a quick look around Wall before we were going to head off for the 90 minute car journey to get there. A friendly shop assistant asked us our plans today and she said today was the annual round up of bison at the Custer Park which is right next to the monument. She said at least 20 000 people would be there and advised not going. This was the first potential spanner in the works this trip as we had planned to get back on the road tomorrow in the opposite direction. We also had no idea what else we would do in Wall all day if we did not go. We went back to the motel for Internet access to check out this round up. The round up even made the local news. It did specify that it was mainly a morning event and we just decided to go anyway.

    Turned out fine in the end. We did not encounter any traffic going there or on the other side of the road. Mount Rushmore itself is impressively imposing and the visitor centre had the usual facts about the Presidents in front of us. I'll admit I didn't realise Theodore Roosevelt was one of them. After taking a few photos it began to drizzle and it felt like the right time to leave. On our descent, there is a small town called Keystone. It clearly existed to serve the building of Mount Rushmore and has a kitsch appeal with a long arcade on one side of the road with a saloon amongst other stores. Alice and I had a coffee a bit further up the road and then leisurely made our way back to Wall.

    We added some more excitement to the day by visiting Walmart on the way, ensuring we had snacks and supplies for the long drive tomorrow.

    When we got back we had an early dinner and an early night. We had hit the Wall! (I know, these puns are getting worse)

    Song of the Day:
    Presidents of the United States - Peaches
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  • Day72

    Take Me Back To The Black Hills...

    July 27, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    (apparently it's a song...)

    Seeing as we ended up in the Wonderful Wind Cave National Park (to avoid the $20 entry fee, $21 camping, $7.70 reservation PLUS $2 phone fee for Custer SP) we thought we might as well spend the morning exploring the cave below our feet. It was pretty different from the 2 big cave systems we have visited so far, with some incredible box formations and not really any stalagmites/tites as it was submerged then dried out.

    From there we drove the Needles Highway through the Black Hills of South Dakota, which was just incredible for the herds of bison on the road, massive big dark rock formations and road cut through tiny one-lane tunnels.

    Crazy Horse monument was just around the corner and from what we had heard from others was definitely worth a visit. Mount Rushmore is a few miles down the road and the Native Americans wanted to demonstrate that they had heroes too (and the feds refused to add to Rushmore) so wanted to build something bigger and better. Its so big they have been going at it for about 75 years and they have only just got his face done, let alone the rest of him and the horse. It was still pretty impressive so remind me to come back in another life when it's finally finished.
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  • Day168

    Mt. Rushmore

    June 6, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    Die sind fertig. Die Präsis. Der Indianer braucht noch 100 Jahre.

    Das Mount Rushmore National Memorial ist ein 1941 fertiggestelltes Denkmal, das aus monumentalen Porträtköpfen der vier bis zur Zeit seiner Erstellung als am bedeutendsten und symbolträchtigsten geltenden US-Präsidenten besteht. Jedes Porträt ist 18 m hoch. Dargestellt sind von links nach rechts die Präsidenten George Washington (1. US-Präsident), Thomas Jefferson (3.), Theodore Roosevelt (26.) und Abraham Lincoln (16.). Vor dem Denkmal sind Ausschnitte aus berühmten Reden der vier Präsidenten auf Schrifttafeln zu lesen. Das Mount-Rushmore-Nationaldenkmal wird auch als Shrine of Democracy (Heiligenschrein der Demokratie) bezeichnet. Die Lakota-Indianer sehen das Monument hingegen als Entweihung ihres heiligen Berges an.Read more

  • Day7

    Mt Rushmore

    May 6, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 54 °F

    The clouds lifted enough to see the mountain which was good because I almost got sick getting here. Apparently Thomas Jefferson is credited with the first recipe for ice cream. So they sell expensive ice cream here.

  • Day69

    Cheyenne, the final frontier...

    July 24, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    On our way up to the Badlands we hit Wyoming and there was allegedly one if the biggest/best rodeos going on in Cheyenne. We were tempted to go see Fall Out Boy thar night, but instead waited for next day and took in Frontier Days, which is a 10 day rodeo and carnival. We'd seen one rodeo before in PA and assumed it was a bit of a token effort as it was so far away from the wild west coast, but although this one was bigger and better, I'm still glad we took mum and dad to it. One thing we didn't see in PA though was the wild horse race, where a team of 3 had to saddle and ride a wild horse once around the track - it sounds easy but it was hilarious watching them get tangled up and then the horse to run in the wrong direction. The Indian Village area was pretty cool, especially the little kid strutting around in his native dancing costume.

    We left pretty late from the show and got to Guernsey State Park pretty late, which is a shame as it was a lovely camp site next to a decent sized lake. We went for a quick run and dip the next morning then spent most of the day driving through Nebraska and South Dakota on our way to the Badlands.

    We saw a herd of buffalo (same thing as bison, FYI) when we hit the national park - these things are massive and a little intimidating, then set up at Sage Creek camp ground. There was a cool ranger talk that night where we got to throw an atlatle (spear throwing thing), although only at a fake bison called Bob (a cardboard box).

    In the morning we drove through Badlands, stopping and gawping at every turn. The big multi coloured cliffs of soft stone machined into steep gorges and sharp ridges by the weather. Hard to believe this place was once bottom of a sea but they have found lots of ancient fossils of some scary looking creatures. That evening we headed back west and into the Black Hills of South Dakota. As we were nearing Wind Cave National Park, the sky went pretty black and starting hailing the size of marbles. We were held up for 15 minutes by a herd of bison dawdling in the road, and it was just as well as at the camp ground they had ice stones the size of golf balls and everyone's car ws dented plus one RV had its skylights smashed in. We silently thanked this bison later!
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  • Day142

    Dakota du sud

    August 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    La route que j'ai prise pour quitter Yellowstone, m'a fait passé par le Montana et le nord ouest du Wyoming. C'était de toutes beauté! Sans même être dans un parc, j'ai vu plusieurs serres, des antilopes, un orignal, et des bergers à cheval comme des vrais cowboys avec un troupeau de moutons en pleine rue! Les montagnes étaient magnifique! Et vraiment une surprise!

    La vanne a moins aimée les côtes dans la chaleur. La dernière chaine de montagne nous a fait passé à 9666 pieds d'altitude! Nous nous trouvons maintenant sur du plat, même très plat! Le paysage me fait penser aux prairies canadienne.

    Je suis passé voir Mount Rushmore. Je dis bien "passé", car le stationnement coûtait 10$... J'ai été trop gratteuse pour ça ;) C'est plus que certain camping, pour prendre quelques photos seulement. Mais j'ai passé presque toute la journée de l'éclipse dans les Badlands. Wow! Quel paysage étrange! C'était beau, mais laid en même temps. Les montagnes sont belles de loin, mais quand tu t'approche tu réalise que ce n'est que de la boue qui se défait.

    J'ai aussi remarqué à quel point ça fait longtemps que je suis partie. Lors de mon départ les fleures et les arbres bougonnaient. Là, ce sont les fruits et/ou les graines qui ont remplacé les fleurs. Quel changement!

    J'en ai aussi assez de visiter. J'en ai assez vu. Je dois digérer tout ça. Là c'est de la route, beaucoup de route pour rentrer à la maison!!!
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  • Day19

    Badlands, South Dakota

    September 16, 2014 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Les postes à venir seront dédiés à notre visite du National Park de Badlands dans le Dakota du Sud.
    Nous avons découvert ce parc par hasard, mais heureusement que nous l'avons trouvé car le paysage était magnifique !
    Voici un résumé de notre première journée avec le plus de détails possible.
    On roule direction Badlands et déjà au loin on aperçois que le pays monotone de champs et vaches va bientôt changer.
    On arrive sur le premier "View point", on descend du camping car et la vue est juste magnifique. On remonte sur Monsieur MegaFord et on reprend la route entre ces falaises et ces rochers étranges.
    Deuxième stop, les trails (parcours), on décide d'en faire un pas trop long ni trop compliqué car il fait très chaud et nous n'avons pas encore les chaussures adaptées. Le paysage est toujours incroyable, on dirait qu'on est sur la lune.
    Les rochers ont des mini cratères partout, il y a du sables blanc mais dur, la terre est craquelée par la chaleur et il y a pleins de petits cailloux partout (ils les appellent les "pop corn").
    Après une petite heure, on arrive à bout de notre parcours et on reprend la route direction le camping primitif.
    Sur la route on croise tout pleins de chiens de prairie et, attention, au loin premier Bison que l'on aperçoit puis un troupeau.
    Arrivé en fin au camping, après avoir roulé sur des routes non goudronnées, Arnaud et moi sommes tout simplement émerveillé par ce camping au milieu de la nature.
    Il n y a aucune barrière entre la nature et nous et d'ailleurs des Bisons sont déjà entrain de manger de l'herbe à quelques mètres de notre camping car. On profite pour aller faire un petit tour sans trop s'éloigner et après être revenu un bison femelle vient gratter sa tête à un poteau à 5 mètres de nous! C'est tellement impressionant que tous le camping regarde ce qu'il se passe.
    Notre nuit se termine dehors sous les étoiles.
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