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  • Day71

    Day 71 - Walking to Memphis

    July 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Got up at 8:30am for breakfast, then retired back to our room for a couple of hours. The plan was to walk to downtown Memphis, just 1.9 miles away, for some sightseeing, have a drink in Beale Street at dusk & then return to the hotel.

    At 11.00am we left our hotel & marched down Madison Avenue until we saw an Enterprise Car Rental Office, so we decided to call in to seek advice about the damage to Doodle. It was too busy & after 5 minutes we gave up & carried on.

    Our 1st planned stop was ‘The Legendary Sun Studios’, which is without doubt the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The recording studio was set up by a Mr Sam Phillips in 1950 & is where he discovered and first recorded such influential musicians as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkin, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis. "Rocket 88" by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats, who were actually Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm was the first record to be recorded & released by Sun Studios.

    Sun Studios were open to go inside, where it consisted of a cafe & a record shop, both crammed full of memorabilia on the walls. You could pay to visit the actual recording studio on a tour, but we declined. After the obligatory photos, we continued.

    Next stop was downtown to the National Civil Rights Museum. On the way we passed AutoZone Park, home of the Memphis Redbirds baseball team & The Peabody Hotel, home of some ducks.

    The National Civil Rights Museum is situated in two locations, half in the Lorraine Motel & half in the Legacy Building across the Street. The significance of these locations is that Martin Luther King Jr was shot dead on the balcony of Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel & James Earl Ray (or did he?) shot him from a room in a rooming house on S. Main Street, now the Legacy Building.

    Security was tight at the Museum, but after being scanned & searched we went to the ticket desk. The ticket girl asked if we qualified for a discount by being Military or senior citizen’s 55 or over. I told her I was 55 & quite rudely she accepted my word for it without asking for proof & gave me a $2 discount. Bloody cheek. This was the very 1st time in my life that I have got a discount for being so old, luckily Jackie didn’t mention it!

    The Museum was exceptionally good, providing us with a visual & audio history of the black Civil Rights struggle from slavery up to the current day. It presented the history in a very dynamic way with lots of video footage & sound recordings. There were mock ups of the Rosa Parks bus incident & the Selma to Montgomery March amongst others.

    The ultimate highlight was that we were able to view the exact location where MLK was shot & the exact location from where he was shot. The Legacy Building contained a lot of exhibits, items left by Ray when he fled the scene, including the actual gun. There were also displays setting out the conspiracy theories & the evidence for & against. I was intrigued to discover that Ray was actually arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport.

    For us, the National Civil Rights Museum was extremely poignant having only recently visited a lot of the scenes of the significant events described, including at Topeka, Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham & now Memphis.

    When we exited, we were amazed to realise that it was gone 3.00pm, so we walked along the Mississippi River Bank to the moored American Queen Paddle Steamboat, then headed up Beale Street in search of refreshment. We stopped at King’s Palace Cafe Patio on Beale Street, where we ordered one can of beer each, which came to the extortionate price of over $15. We supped (very slowly) our beer, whilst enjoying the blues band that were playing.

    About 45 minutes later, we couldn’t make our beer last any longer, so we headed out in search of food. It was not looking good, then it started to rain, so we made a dash for Hooters & ‘Happy Hour’. We ordered a pitcher (5 pints) of Dos Equis XX beer & a large plate of sliders & curly chips, which came to the grand sum of $14.

    About 5:00pm, we dragged ourselves away & headed for the Memphis Rock n Soul Museum. Again the ticket girl asked if we qualified for a discount & I immediately piped up “OAPs?” to which without question she gave us BOTH $1 off the entrance fee. The Museum started off with a 15 minute film in the theatre, providing a visual history of music in Memphis. We then were given an audio headset to listen to the story of Memphis Music as we made our way around the exhibits. Again it was superb & we exited just before 7.00pm unable to stop foot tapping!

    I was keen to see Beale Street in the dark, but it was still light, so we hotfooted it back to Hooters for another Pitcher of our favourite Mexican beer. We sat outside & watched the world go by. Eventually we left & made for Beale Street for a final drink before going back to the hotel.

    We walked up & down & selected the Blues Hall, which had a decent band playing. We ordered our drinks, Jackie a Long Island Tea cocktail & me a Big Ass beer, which we paid for as well as a $5 cover charge. I then went to the loo, which was in the adjoining building, the Rum Boogie Cafe & was blown away by the sound of the blues band playing.

    Jackie & I then relocated to the Rum Boogie Cafe & sat down at a table with a couple from Canada, Nick & Lisa. Nick was a massive Blues fan & went crazy when I told him about our visit to Buddy Guy’s Legends & Buddy actually sang.

    Anyway, the music by the band was utterly fantastic. The lead singer played the harmonica like I couldn’t believe possible & the young drummer was incredible. We ended up staying for another 2 drinks each & possibly getting a bit tipsy. During a break, I approached the lead singer Vince to enquire about their name, Vince Johnson & the Plantation Allstars & we got a group selfie with him, Nick & Lisa.

    It was just before midnight that we finally left Beale Street & got an Uber home. Luckily we were still in reception, when our Uber driver came running in with my iPhone that I had left in the back of his car. Maybe I was a bit tipsy!

    I’ve said it before several times, but This was the best day of the trip so far.

    Song of the Day - Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohen.

    Bonus Songs of the Day :-

    Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
    Beale Street by The JT Blues Band
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  • Day72

    Day 72 - I'm Going to Graceland

    July 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Woke up at 8.30am feeling special. We couldn’t face breakfast, let alone be bothered getting out of bed for it.

    For the next 2 hours, I tried to recollect the events of the previous fantastic day & put them into some semblance of order in my blog. We checked out of the hotel at 10.59am.

    About 15 minutes later we pulled into the car park of Graceland, Memphis & outrageously we had to pay $10 for the privilege!

    We walked to the Ticket Office & purchased our tickets for the Graceland & Elvis’ Aircraft Tours at $46 + tax each. We allocated the 12.30pm Graceland Tour, which gave us an hour to kill. We were starving having not eaten for about 20 hours, so we headed to Gladys’ Diner. Jackie had a hotdog & I had Gladys’ World Famous Grilled Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich (Grilled with Bacon Grease)! The perfect hangover cure, but probably best to avoid sitting on any toilets in & around Graceland.

    After, we went to the Exhibition Hall where there were 3 separate random exhibitions. The 1st was an excellent exhibition relating to Muhammad Ali, which had decent exhibits, posters & video footage. The 2nd exhibition related to techniques used by National Geographic to photograph wildlife, but seemed more suited for children. The last exhibition related to a Century of American Motorcycles & was just a room of 30 odd old or unusual motorcycles. If nothing else it passed away an hour.

    At 12.30pm, we were ushered into a theatre to watch a short video about Elvis’ career & Graceland. We then boarded a bus & were allocated headphones & an interactive tablet. The bus took us across Elvis Presley Boulevard to the front of the Graceland Mansion. We were admitted access in groups of about 20 & our interactive tablets guided us through from room to room. At first it was a bit chaotic, with 20 people all jockeying for position, but after a short while we had thinned out into an orderly procession.

    We started with the ‘blingy’ living room, then Elvis’ paternal grandmother, Minnie Mae’s bedroom. (She lived at Graceland & sadly outlived her son, Vernon & grandson, Elvis). Next was the dining room, where Lisa Marie allegedly still eats when she visits, followed by the kitchen. We then went downstairs to the yellow & black tv room, followed by the games room decked out in a busy patterned cloth.

    Back upstairs we saw the famous Jungle Room, covered in thick green carpet, where Elvis actually recorded the LP ‘Way Down in the Jungle Room’. We then headed out to the rear garden & to his car port & office. There were horses in the grounds, Elvis was a keen rider. We then headed into a gallery which had artefacts & information relating to his family & Graceland.

    Next were exhibits highlighting some of Elvis’ more eccentric tastes & it identified Elvis 🕺 as being keen on law & order & is quoted as saying that if he wasn’t a singer, he would have liked to have been a Police Officer. He was a regular visitor to the Memphis Police & Shelby County Sheriff’s Departments. I’m not sure how this works, but Elvis held the rank of Captain with the Memphis Police Department & Denver Police Force!

    We went to his Racquetball Court & Games Room, complete with the piano that Elvis played on in that room shortly before his death on Tuesday 16th August 1977. He was due to fly out of Memphis later that day to begin another tour.

    The Graceland Mansion tour then took us to the Meditation Garden with it’s fountain, statues & the graves of Elvis Aaron Presley, his parents, Vernon & Gladys & his grandmother, Minnie Mae. There is also a cenotaph for Elvis’ still-born twin, Jesse Garon Presley, who remains buried in an unmarked grave in Tupelo, Mississippi.

    This leg of the tour ended by passing his swimming pool & getting the bus back to the Graceland complex where we then visited Elvis’ Planes. Elvis had owned several planes & two were at Graceland, a 1958 Corvair 880, named Lisa Marie & a Lockheed Jet Star, named Hound Dog II, which was primarily used by his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. We were able to go in both aircraft which I’m sure were considered hi-tech in their day.

    Graceland, particularly the Mansion, had more to see than I had expected. It was a very enjoyable visit & well organised considering the crowds.

    With Graceland now complete we headed a couple of miles down the road to the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Memphis, where the Rev. Al Green is the founder & still the pastor. If only it had been Sunday!

    After a few photos, we headed east on Interstate 40 to Brownsville arriving just over an hour later. The main purpose to stop was behind McDonald’s & was the Tina Turner Museum, which is housed in her old school, that had been moved from Nutbush. It contained mainly costumes from her shows, some framed discs & the actual tables & chairs.

    Next to it was the Home of Legendary Blues Pioneer Sleepy John Estes, which was pretty much just a run-down shed with a bed, funnily enough.

    In the visitors centre, there were a couple of other tiny one roomed Museums & we were asked to sign the Visitors Register. It was all free so we left a small donation.

    Next we drove into Brownsville town centre & located Billy Tripps MindField which is described as a dismantled, tangled, beautiful metal mess. It is the creation & life’s work of Brownsville resident & artist, Billy Tripp. It was all a bit strange.

    We had planned to stay the night in Brownsville, but Jackie wasn’t getting a good feeling about the town, so we moved on. First we drove north about 10 miles to the rural unincorporated community of Nutbush, which by it’s very description doesn’t have ‘City Limits’. We found a Nutbush sign & Jackie insisted on doing a little routine, which I videoed.

    It was a bit hazardous, but we got it in the can, but only after a tatty old pick-up pulled up & the young couple asked if we were ok. They loved our accent & were amazed that English people were in their little rural unincorporated community. Just before driving off, the lad said, “Before you leave, you should look at the duck pond, it’s real preddy”.

    Jackie was now fearful we were going to get shot, so we wrapped it up quickly & drove to the next town along Interstate 40, Jackson. It was now 7.00pm, so we quickly decided on the Belmont Inn & booked it on Booking.com. We then located a busy Asia Garden Chinese restaurant & ordered just two dishes. When it arrived the portions were enormous, but they got Jackie’s wrong, giving her chicken instead of beef. She sent it back & we started on my honey chicken. We were both pretty full before we finished mine & only then did Jackie’s new dinner arrive. We picked at it, but it wasn’t the best meal we have had. More quantity over quality.

    Song of the Day - That’s All Right by Elvis Presley

    Bonus Songs of the Day :-

    Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley
    Trouble by Elvis Presley
    Always on my Mind by Elvis Presley
    Way Down by Elvis Presley
    Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Elvis Presley
    In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley
    Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley
    Let’s Stay Together by Al Green
    Nutbush City Limits by Ike & Tina Turner
    Graceland by Paul Simon.
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  • Day110


    October 13, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Die Villa von Elvis Presley (Graceland), die Beale Street und der Mississippi

    Am Nachmittag zuvor:

    15:00 Motel in Memphis:
    Leider ist ihr Zimmer noch nicht verfügbar… Kein Problem, eine Stunde später konnten wir es dann beziehen! Auf uns warteten leider überall tote Kakerlaken und wir stornierten die Buchung und machten uns auf die Suche nach einer neuen Unterkunft…Read more

  • Day6

    Nashville nach Memphis

    September 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    350 km liegen zwischen den beiden Städten und ne ganz andere Musikrichtung. Gestern noch Country in den Honky Tonk Bars in den Ohren gehabt ertönt heute in Memphis in der Baele Street Blues aus jeder Ecke.

    In Memphis war unser erstes Ziel das Peabody Hotel. Kennt Ihr nicht? Das ist ein Fehler. Dort gibt es die Weltberühmten Enten. Nein nicht als Hauptspeise sondern als absolute Attraktion. Hunderte von Menschen drängen sich in der Lobby des Hotels und warten bis es 17 Uhr wird.
    Dann marschieren die 4Enten aus dem Brunnen in der Lobby schnurstracks in den Aufzug und fahren auf das Dach des Hotels. Am nächsten Tag Punkt 11 Uhr fahren Sie wieder runter und verbringen den Tag im Brunnen. Absolut empfehlenswert
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  • Day1369

    USA Tour - Memphis, Tennessee

    December 11, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    Arrived in Memphis today around 7pm after a 12 hour coach journey but probably close to 15 hours in total.... shattered isn’t the word. Staying in a Airbnb about 2 blocks from Beale street which is awesome, and the room I have in the house is pretty cool! I just went out for a few beers last night, nothing major but the bars here are cool and so are the people - I just wish coyote ugly was busier...Read more

  • Day1370

    USA Tour - Memphis

    December 12, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Last day in Memphis today as it was just a quick stop before moving on to Nashville. I decided to have a short walk around the town (it’s not that big) and tbh there isn’t much there, the Gibson factory has closed Down which was a bummer. However I did manage to get a picture with the king, eat at gus’s world famous chicken and drink in BB Kings bar - so not too bad of a day all told. I probably wouldn’t come back to Memphis anytime soon, however the bars on Beale street are cool and I would say if you’ve not been to Memphis and you pre thinking about going... go in the summer!Read more

  • Day7

    Graceland Part 3

    September 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Und die letzten Bilder
    Morgen geht's nach Forth Worth. 800km Autobahn. Egal Abends ist das nächste Highlight.
    Dort haben wir Tickets fürs Rodeo.

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