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  • Day16

    Phong Nha

    November 29, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    Der Regenwald ruft uns wieder: diesmal aus dem Phong Nha National Park. Diesmal mit dem Zug reisen wir ein weiteres Stück weiter Richtung Norden.

    Ganz bekannt für seine vielen großen Höhlen (drei der vier größten der Welt) und wunderschön begeistert er uns vor allem beim Trekking mitten durch tiefsten Dschungel.Read more

  • Day170

    Phong Nha - Dark Cave & Zip Line

    November 21, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Phong Nha, for us one of the must see places in Vietnam. The region has beautiful mountains, green jungle, cold and clear rivers and caves. We decided to visit the dark cave, a cave one can swim in only after using a 400 meter long zip line first. It was very cool but unfortunately we don't have any pictures from inside the cave. Outside there were some small Zip-lines we could enjoy as long as we wanted. The good thing was - we were with a small group in the cave and in the waterpark at the end almost alone.

    Phong Nha ist einer der Orte die wir im Vietnam unbedingt sehen wollten. Die Natur ist hier einfach nur mega mit Bergen ähnlich denen aus Yangshuo in China, klaren Flüssen, Dschungel und Höhlen. Es war recht schwer sich für eine Höhle zu entscheiden, aber am Ende ging es für uns in die Dark Cave. Um zum Eingang der Höhle zu kommen muss man übrigens ein Boot haben oder schwimmen. Damit man nicht so weit schwimmen braucht ging es für uns zunächst mit einer Zip Line 400 Meter über den Fluss bis kurz vor die Höhle und von da aus dann schwimmend bis in die Höhle. In der riesigen Höhle ging es dann halb kletternd und schwimmend weiter und wir haben viele Spinnen und Fledermäuse gesehen. Von der Höhle an sich haben wir leider keine Bilder, aber es war auch recht dunkel und die Gopro wäre wahrscheinlich eh überfordert gewesen. Nach der Rückkehr ging es im Schlauchboot zurück und wir endeten in einem kleinen Wasserpark mit weiteren Zip Lines. Wir hatten eine Menge Spaß auch wenn mein Zeh mir gesagt hat dass er definitiv noch nicht bereit war für diesen Trip. Aber trotz der Schmerzen würde ich es wieder machen :)
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  • Day18

    Phong Nha Lalala

    August 30, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Heute den Botanischen Garten in Phong Nha besucht. Eher ein Dchungel gewesen...Wasserfälle, Tiere und Schmetterlinge - ein Traum! Leider hat sich einer aus der Truppe den Zeh gebrochen...das hat die Stimmung etwas gedämpft. Die haben wir dann mit Bier und Livemusik wieder hergestellt!

    Mit dabei: Robin, Jonas, MarlonRead more

  • Day92

    Phong Nha Ke Bang Nationalpark

    January 11, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅

    Über 4 Stunden waren wir im Bus unterwegs bis wir endlich im Phong Nha Ke Bang Nationalpark angekommen sind. Nach dem Mittagessen ging es dann auf ein kleines Holzboot und nach 30 Minuten haben wir die "Phong Nha Cave" erreicht. Hier sind wir dann zunächst mit dem Boot reingefahren und haben uns die Felsformationen angesehen. Später ging es dann auch ein paar Meter zu Fuß. Es war wirklich sehr beeindruckend und alle waren total still und fasziniert von der Atmosphäre in der Höhle. 😊
    Die ganze Region mit den großen Karstbergen gehört u.a. zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe. Daher wollten wir es uns nicht entgehen lassen, obwohl es ziemlich kalt und auch anstrengend war, da es am Ende auch wieder 4 Stunden zurück nach Hue ging, um am nächsten Tag den Nachtbus nach Hanoi zu nehmen. 😄
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  • Day36

    No. 1 on TripAdvisor - the Duck Stop...

    April 20, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅

    In the morning we had no idea whether to stay another day, do one of the crazily expensive tours through more caves or just move on to our next destination. So we decided to check out anyway and get on with our day. First stop the infamous Duck Stop. Now, I would like yo remind you... Phong nhã is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for having some of the biggest and most beautiful caves in the world, the scenery is beautiful, but guess what is Number 1 on Trip Advisor... A Duck Stop. This is where visitors can feed and hold ducks, get a duck massage (they put feed on your feet and the ducks nibble the feed) and take many pictures of the cute waddling creatures. Well we just had to go and Elaine was particularly excited. So we scootered all the way down winding and bumpy country roads. When we arrived all 200 and odd ducks were waddling around looking very happy being fed by some tourists. We found out that the cost was 50,000 đồng, so we decided to just watch Elaine have the time of her life. It was pretty fun to watch to be honest 😀

    Next stop, vegans look away now, the must experience Cold Beer Pub. Fromthe innocent title on a hot day you'd thing "Oo this is just what I want on a hot day", well actually it's not so famous for it's cold beer than it is for its "Catch, Kill, Pluck and Cook a Chicken". Well we were hungry... Don't worry, we didn't do it!! If completely honest I was very much intrigued and up for doing it. I feel if you eat meat you should know and be able to do the full process. When we got there however we watched a video of the previous group doing it and it was horrific. They didn't give them a sharp knife and let's just say it was even crueler than killing it in one clean cut. So we just had good old noodles for lunch instead 😀

    Afterwards we want on a little scooter ride around around a village, along the river, stopped for a quick beer at the bomb crater bar and then headed back to town. We then went to Brian and Elaine's Hotel, which had a lovely rooftop to book our night bus to Tam Cốc and enjoy a couple more beverages. The hotel were so kind and then invited us to their family dinner! It was an absolute treat!!

    We then jumped on the sleeper bus, which for once wasn't horrific and I was actually able to sleep a bit! We arrived at 4am to To Tam Coc but luckily we had already told the hotel our arrival time and they let us check in so we were able to have a good couple hours more sleep!
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  • Day67

    Phong Nha

    June 17, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Phong Nha was so much fun! It’s a town surrounded by mountains and caves in the countryside which not much around but the town itself is buzzing The main thing we did there was go to the duck farm where we go duck massages, got to feed the ducks, throw the ducks and ride the water buffalo. After trying to ride a motorbike I crashed into the rice paddy (see picture of my foot). We did a lot of partying too, definitely one of our favourite places.Read more

  • Day53

    Scrapes & japes in Phong Nha

    April 17, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅

    I have become an unrecorded statistic, it's happened - I fell off the damn bike and scraped myself up. Annoyingly it wasn't even my fault; a car came round the corner too fast and I had to swerve to avoid it hitting me, so ended up in a heap on the tarmac and a smashed phone. It was a country lane too so it was unfortunate that the car was even on it - I saw about three in a couple of days- typical. You'd think it would be on a main road but no, the quietest road there. The bastard didn't even stop! Anyway I was lucky, I'm absolutely fine, just a few cuts in the arms and legs and will probably sport a small scar or two which makes a story. That's that, it happened, it was painful and annoying, but I'm still alive so onwards!

    On to more interesting things - Phong Nha is stunning, I'd go as far as to say it's one the most picturesque places I've been in Vietnam. Apparently it's where they are filming some of the new King Kong movie - I can see why, it's all lush green jungle and high cliffs encompassing caves and taverns. It's really enjoyable just riding around the area (when you're upright 😶). The weather was overcast but it didn't really matter and gave it an eerie atmosphere.

    There's a number of caves in Phong Nha, some that have only been discovered fairly recently. On the first day I went to the boringly named but beautiful Phong Nha cave. We had to join the locals on a little boat. It was me and one other Westerner - the locals loved it and insisted on taking photos of us with them. The little boat goes along the river then makes its way into the cave for about 20 mins. The cave was huge with loads of interesting rock formations and caverns. We got out for another 20 mins and wandered around it a bit before heading back for lunch.

    In the afternoon, we went to the more creatively named Paradise Cave, previously the largest cave in Asia. It was massive and you could walk 1.5 km within it. Apparently the cave is actually over 30 km long and you can do special tours to see more if you wish. The scale is ridiculous, I'd have been there all week! Paradise Cave was breathtaking though with massive stalagmites and rock formations that looked like frozen waterfalls, it was like walking on an alien planet. People used to think Paradise Cave was the biggest but they have recently found an even bigger one. The catch is you have to pay over $3000 to visit it and trek for miles - I passed on that particular tourist activity.

    The following day apart from my little incident, I also visited the Dark Cave - aptly named becuase it's pitch black inside. This was more of an activity-based visit and included ziplining and venturing down into the cave where there was loads of liquid mud. We were given hard-hats that resembled a childs toy and a headtorch which gave off about as much illumination as a lighter - the group was large though, so the combination of light showed the way. As we descended into the mud, everyone covered themselves and we looked like a bunch of swamp monsters in the dimly lit cavern. It was quite weird and you could float in it strangely - it looked like melted chocolate but I wouldn't reccomend tasting it - it definitely wasn't Wonka's chocolate factory! The way it just naturally occurred in the cave was cool though. After getting outside, we messed around on some climbing frames in the water to clean off a bit before driving back through the breathtaking Phong Nha scenery.

    The amusingly named Tam Coc was next - a tiny picturesque town near Ninh Bin. Arriving at 4 AM from the sleeper bus - we waited for an hour before being transferred to the hostel. The waiting room was half finished and looked more like a crack den than a bus office - somebody get the builders in! Once in Tam Coc we went on a boat ride which was pleasant despite the nagging for tips. Loads of Asian tourists on the passing boats kept taking sly photos of us. They love it - I must be in so many random photos. If I did it the other way round I'm not sure it would go down too well. 🤔

    We had to drive to Ninh Bin town to find an ATM. It was like a pilgrimage for the elusive cash machine, we finally found one tucked away on the side of a small road. I thought Ninh Bin town was a bit rubbish so was glad to get back to the beauty of Tam Coc. In the afternoon we rode to a massive Pagoda, it was awesome, relatively new and very ornate. There were hundreds of Buddha statues there and a couple of huge golden ones that rivalled Bangkok. It was also much less touristy and the views at the top were brilliant - worth the ride.

    Back on another bus to Hanoi next.
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  • Day156

    In der Höhle

    February 4, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅

    Durch eine Spalte im Fels, das Drachenmaul, gehts in das Innere des Berges. Durch einen hohen Felsdom folgt der Weg dem Lauf des Flusses, vorbei an herrlichen Tropfsteingruppen. In der Höhle wird das Dach des Bootes geöffnet und der Motor ausgestellt. Wir werden bis tief in den Berg gerudert und dann auch wieder zurück.!AiUv8teodO-roFwgqgUB9CJsrbB4
    Ein Stück der Höhle können wir zu Fuß erkunden und bis zum Ausgang laufen. Mit dem Boot gehts dann wieder zurück zum Ort.
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  • Day11

    Wild Boar Eco Farm

    July 25, 2015 in Vietnam ⋅

    In het Nationaal Park hebben we ook een fiets gehuurd om naar een lokale boerderij te fietsen, eerst over de snelweg, daarna over een zandpaadje naar een afgelegen plek: de Wild Boar Eco Farm. Hier aangekomen hebben we lunch besteld (bbq pork met rijst en groentes en de wereldberoemde pindasaus). Na anderhalf uur in de hangmatten te hebben gelegen (er was niemand anders) en genoten te hebben van het uitzicht krijgen we de meest geweldige verse lunch, home made en heerlijk.
    Na de lunch rijden we terug via de 'Pub with Cold Beer' om natuurlijk een lekker koud biertje te nemen :) Rural Vietnam!
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  • Day99

    Hue-Phong Nha

    January 13, 2016 in Vietnam ⋅

    Schon in der Nacht hatte ich Probleme einzuschlafen. Ich wurde auch ständig verschwitzt munter und war nur am frieren. Es war wieder mal so weit! Ich bin wieder krank! Den ganzen Tag versuchte ich mich zu wärmen, was mir nur schwer gelang. Nachdem ich den gesamten Tag im Hostel verbrachte fuhren wir am Nachmittag mit dem Bus weiter nach Phong Nha. Dort wurden wir sehr freundlich von den nettesten vietnamesischen Hostelbetreibern begrüßt. Ich schlüpfte sofort wieder ins Bett um meine Krankheit loszuwerden.Read more

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