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  • Day27

    As we were driving from the airport to Hanoi, our guide started telling us about the cost of motor scooters — scooters made in China cost about $400 USD, and scooters from Japan cost $1200 USD, but are better made and last longer. I thought that this was an odd thing to talk about within our first 30 minutes in Vietnam, but I found the description interesting. Of course, I had no idea that the reason he was telling me this information is that the motor scooter is a key component of life in Hanoi!

    People ride motor scooters here for two reasons. First and foremost, cars are far too expensive for most people to buy. (Even a cheap car is $25,000 USD, which is probably three years of wages for an average adult in VIetnam.) Second, the streets are so crowded and many of them are so narrow, that driving a car is pretty impractical.

    The number of scooters on the roads is phenomenal. Scooters ride on both sides of the cars, and weave in and out of the traffic. Scooters drive the wrong way down a one-way street. Scooters line up by the dozens at intersections, waiting for the light to change. Scooters are parked on the sidewalks, entryways to stores, and on traffic mediums. The din of honking from the scooters can be deafening. In short, scooters are everywhere you look.

    If the shear number of scooters wasn’t sufficiently overwhelming, the number of riders on each scooter and the variety of items that they carry is also surprising. Roughly one-third of the scooters have two riders — often people of the same age. But there are also scooters with three or four riders, particularly during rush hour. And, it is quite common to see parents with young chlldren on their scooter, either standing in front of their parents (if they are toddlers) or strapped into baby carriers. When I asked our guide whether it was dangerous for children to ride scooters with their parents, his reply was simple — “what choice do we have?” Since most families don’t own cars, if they need to go someplace with their children, or even pick them up from school, the kids have to ride on the scooters. Despite the obvious logic, I am endlessly fascinated by the sight of small children on scooters, particularly those instances when I saw two parents with two children on a single scooter!

    Also, since scooters are the primary form of transportation, all kinds of items are carried on the scooters. You see people carrying large bundles, packages and bags. We saw someone carrying long pipes (approx 12 feet long) off the side of their scooters. Pretty much anything goes on a scooter.

    Of course, there are also many accidents with the scooters. Although we didn’t see any accidents, a guy that we met on the food tour told us that in Ho Chi Minh, which is roughly the size of Hanoi, at least 10 people die in motor scooter accidents each day. Frankly, the number seems low to me, given the vast number of scooters on the road.

    Vietnam, like the US, has ride sharing services. You can use “Uber” or a local equivalent called “Grab” to call a car or to call a motor scooter! The Uber scooters are less common that the Grab scooters (which are recognizable by the green helmets worn by the driver and the passenger. Apparently, ride sharing on scooters is an easy way for young people to make a little extra money. I teased Arie that I wanted to summon an Uber scooter to go back to the hotel. He looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and our guide found the very notion quite amusing. So, no shared scooter for me today . . .
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  • Day6


    August 24, 2016 in Vietnam

    Das war der letzte Tag in Hanoi. Sind jetzt im Hotel und packen unsere Sachen. Morgen früh um 8.00uhr geht es los zur 3-tägigen Bootstour. Anschließend werden wir dann mit dem Nachtbus in den Phong Nha Nationalpark reisen und dort 2 Tage verbringen, bevor es weiter nach Hue geht. Höchstwahrscheinlich werden wir dort erst das nächste mal Internet haben.

    Nun zum Tag heute....Wir sind viel durch die Stadt gelaufen und sind durch die kleinen Shops und Stadtbezirke geschlendert. Ein altes Gefängnis indem u.a. die amerikanischen Soldaten während des Vietnamkrieges inhaftiert waren haben wir ebenfalls besucht. Zwischendurch haben wir häufig in verschiedenen Cafés gesessen und uns kurz akklimatisiert (heute war es richtig drückend heiß) und den leckeren vietnamesischen Café getrunken 👌 zum Abendessen gab es heute nochmal richtig leckere vietnamesische Frühlingsrollen und bun cha (schweinespieß mit Reisnudeln), das bisher beste Essen! 😉

    Euch schonmal ein schönes Wochenende! Wir hören uns spätestens Montag 👍🙋
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  • Day3

    Hello Hanoi

    July 3, 2017 in Vietnam

    We've finally arrived in Hanoi for the start of our Vietnam Adventures. We went to the hipster Hanoi Food Culture for a gorgeous Vietnamese dinner and tried a signature Hanoi egg coffee - not as bad as it sounds! Onto Halong Bay tomorrow ☕️☕️☕️

    Hanoi Food Culture, 60 Ngõ Phát Lộc, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

  • Day6

    Hanoi - time to explore

    July 20, 2017 in Vietnam

    After arriving back in Hanoi from Halong bay we only had one day to explore before we started travelling South. We spent the day exploring the old quarter and getting used to crossing the road (much harder than it sounds). We went to the old city gate and made our way through the city up to Hoan Kiem lake. It's a large lake just outside the old quarter with a temple in the centre. The map we had was pretty awful so it was very hard to find our way around so we were very impressed when we made it to the lake. After having dinner overlooking the lake and temple we headed back to the hostel for a good night's sleep.Read more

  • Day204


    March 8, 2016 in Vietnam

    Terug in Hanoi is de stemming een beetje bedrukt. Het is de laatste avond van Mathijs, morgen vliegt hij naar Bangkok en aansluitend naar Amsterdam. Het zit er op.

    'Besef je wel dat deze reis waarschijnlijk het meest intieme is dat we ooit samen als broer en zus zullen doen?' Mathijs zei het toen we lagen te luieren op het strand van Koh Rong Sanloem. Ik wist dat hij gelijk had. We hebben het thuis (gelukkig!) altijd heel gezellig en kunnen altijd op elkaar rekenen, maar hoe ouder we worden hoe meer onze band gevormd wordt door whatsapp gesprekken (hey, reageer eens!) en zeldzame bezoekjes over en weer (druk, druk!). We wonen allemaal ver weg van elkaar.

    Juist daarom ben ik zo blij dat het nog steeds kán. Samen drie weken reizen en het zo gezellig hebben, zonder irritaties, alsof het nooit anders is geweest. De drie musketiers, want na al die jaren is hij evenveel Thomas' broertje als de mijne.

    Samen bezochten we drie landen, speelden we honderd potjes kaarten, genoten we van het heerlijke eten, maakten we onze bucketlist iets korter (Angkor Wat uiteraard!) en vergaapten we ons aan de exotische culturen en prachtige stranden. We deelden kamers en cocktails, ontwikkelden een serieuze oreo verslaving en namen urenlange crappy (nacht)busreizen en huiveringwekkende katers voor lief.

    Wat een top tijd hebben we gehad.. Dankjewel lieve broer!
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  • Day3

    Lenin Park Bay Mau See

    September 13, 2015 in Vietnam

    Viel schoener!
    Heute gibt es hier buecher und mangas
    Ruhig ist was anderes, aber hey trotzdem schoen 😊
    Was ich hier mitgenommen habe?! Stehklo s sind besser als ihr ruf 😜 Es gibt auch pissrinnen oder halt der See, dass hab ich allerdings nicht drauf 😆

  • Day12

    Cinema - Yellow flower on Green Grass

    October 19, 2015 in Vietnam

    To kill tine, to also experience, we went to cinema to watch a Vietnamese movie. After being recommended at the tourist office we were adamant to see this, though was almost changed last minute to Guillermo Del Toro's 'crimson peak'.

    The Vietnamese movie was Excellent. Beautiful cinematography, excellent acting and great story line. A movie that sticks with you after you leave and I can still feel that emotions of the movie now. Its based on a book and conversion to film has been done wonderfully.
    The experience of the cinema itself was equally nice. The multiplex was modern, the seats and auditorium clean and nicely cool. The local woman were battering throughout but you tend to filter them out after a while.
    Could feel the audience jointly enjoying the movie with sighs and laughter shared communally at appropriate points. The screen was extremely sharp and beautifully crisp.
    The cinema also had a 4d experience where seats moved along with the film scenes. Sadly out movie was not one of those.

    Highly recommend the movie and the cinema experience.

    Oh, and the price, a measly 180 k dong for 2 people. That's like 6 pounds. A bargain ...
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  • Day367

    Chuc Mung Nam Moi = Ein Gutes Neues Jahr

    December 31, 2016 in Vietnam

    Wir sind kurzentschlossen nach Weihnachten wieder nach Hanoi geflogen, haben unser Gepäck bei Cynthia und Rebecca sowie die Mopeds von Offroad Vietnam abgeholt. Michael hat einen "Upgrade" bekommen und fährt nun mit 150cc durch die Berge.
    Den letzten Tag des Jahres haben wir in Hanoi gefeiert, natürlich mit Bia Hanoi.

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