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  • Day68

    St John, Antigua

    November 6, 2017 in Antigua and Barbuda

    We’re docked with 2 other large cruise ships today (adventure of the seas and celebrity summit). I had to do Gangway in the morning but now I’m off with another photog Marie. After walking around for a while we went to a café called Waterview Café and bar for some lunch and wifi. Both were disappointing. It was a nice view though. The café is normally just over a bridge from the ship but instead you have to go around the back. The bridge is still there but it’s destroyed. There was also lots of little fishing boats just off shore that were half under water. This is another port where you can still see some of the affects of the hurricane.
    We both however did still really need wifi so we are now having some ice cream for dessert. This time both the ice cream and the wifi are good.
    This is definitely not my favourite Caribbean port but it’s nice. You don’t need to walk far from the ship for anything.
    On the gangway this morning was a steel drum band. They had all the passengers dancing. Some pictures of them will be posted later.
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  • Day82

    St John, Antigua

    November 20, 2017 in Antigua and Barbuda

    You can quickly start to see the changes and improvements after the hurricane. The bridge that was destroyed last time we were here was rebuilt. So passengers can easily get to the bar/café that we ate at last time.

    This time however I decided to give one of the beaches a try. Our assistant manager Caroline and I got a taxi and tried a new beach. Our taxi driver was hilarious, he said his name is Stress and his taxi service is called Stress-Free. There was also so much loyalty between the taxi drivers. They all say the exact same prices and don’t steal fairs from each other. We had arranged for Stress to pick us up when we were done at the beach and right before another driver backed into his taxi and scrapped up the back a little bit. When he were standing waiting for him we were surrounded by taxi drivers but none of them tried to get us to just go with them instead. Very different from back home.

    The beach was one Stress recommended based on how much time we had. It didn’t have tons of stuff around it except a Sandals resort which was about to re-open. So there was hardly anyone on the beach. Swimming in the water was weird. Is was the typical warm Caribbean water but it was full of fish. The water wasn’t clear enough to see them but whenever your feet stopped moving they swarmed your feet nibbling at them. It didn’t hurt it just felt like many little pokes all over your feet. I almost stepped on fish a few times. Caroline had googles with her so see would go down and look at my feet trying to see them. She caught glimpses of them a few times. Saying they were tiny little fish with a few bigger ones. It was a very odd feeling on your feet. I’m sure we have nice clean feet now though.

    After the beach we stopped for some wifi and ice cream before rushing back to the ship for showers before work.
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  • Day150

    St. Johns, Antigua

    November 5 in Antigua and Barbuda

    IPM today and we were docked with Arcadia. We did a gangway shoot today and teamed up with the Arcadia gangway team. It was a lot of fun even though we got completely soaked through and got only 13 photos. I got to see Andy who was a photographer I worked with for quite a while and meet a new one.

  • Day11

    St Johns, Antigua

    February 26, 2011 in Antigua and Barbuda

    Early up again and watched the ship pull into Antigua still amazes me how the drive these huge ships into these tiny ports.
    The weather isn't brilliant at the minute, we've got the Caribbean Liquid Sunshine... we know it as rain...
    But it is warm and going to rise to around 80° according to the weather forecast.
    Anyway I believe the weather at home is rubbish at the that helps....LOL.
    Boy has the weather changed its 10am ish and its topping at least 80°.
    Just going to have a walk around the town, which is normally all we do at these ports, unless there's something we really want to see.
    The ship and the getting there is the best my humble opinion anyway
    ..... First impressions of St Johns, which is where we are in Antigua, are good, people seem really friendly as normally is the case in the Caribbean.
    Even the taxi and minibus drivers are very polite when you refuse them.
    The reply from them is always "have a good day sir".
    Had a look around the old cricket ground which I must have seen on tv 70s or 80s, right across the road is the fire station with its two immaculate fire engines
    Then just around the corner is the prison, which was built in 1735 and is still in use and has 300 inmates.
    After about an hour or so I took Sheila back to the ship and I went exploring, looking for a local bar.
    I don't like the tourist type bars they have by the ship in any port you go to.
    They are not really authentic.
    Anyway I found what I was looking was called "Vics Place" and I was the only white face.
    I had a brilliant hour or so watching cricket on tv with the locals.
    The evening consisted of a quiz (again)... a brilliant singers and dancers Broadway show. And chatting with some great company we've met.
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