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  • Day48

    Menschen am Rande der Straße

    February 17 in Argentina

    Wenn es Randnotizen gibt, dann müsste es doch auch Randbilder geben. Oder genauer: Bilder vom Straßenrand. Oder von Menschen am Rande der Straße ...

    Katrin hat alle diese stimmungsvollen Schnappschüsse vom fahrenden Motorrad aus gemacht und mir geschickt. Muchas gracias, Katrin!!!

    Wie schreibt Matthias Politycki so schön: "Ich bereiste nicht Landschaften oder Städte, ich bereiste Menschen." Denn sieht man einmal von Megahighlights wie Machu-Pichu o.ä. ab, dann muss man sich eingestehen: insgesamt macht man zu viele Bilder von Landschaften und Sehenswürdigkeiten und zu wenige von den Menschen, denen man begegnet. Doch sind sie nicht das Spannende? Samt der kleinen Episoden drumherum? Und nochmals aus Polityckis Buch über das Reisen (Titel: Schrecklich schön und weit und wild) : "So intensiv man Tops und Flops (einer Reise) tatsächlich erlebt haben mag, nun rutschen sie gleichermaßen in den Mittelgrund des Erinnerungsbildes. Ganz vorne übrig bleibt vor allem das, was man mit Staunen zur Kenntnis genommen hat ... das ganz Andere, das sprachlos macht vor Verwunderung."

    Gefahren sind wir auch, von La Rioja nach San Juan. Natürlich habe ich auf dem Weg ein paar Landschaftsbilder gemacht, aber die kennt Ihr ja im Prinzip schon. Gut, dass Find Penguins dazu zwingt, maximal 10 Bilder auszuwählen ...
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  • Day741

    Valle de Luna

    May 27 in Argentina

    After Cafayate we headed to a small sleepy village to the northwest. There wasn't much going on but we visited a micro brewery and had a nice night in a huge but completely deserted municipal camp ground.
    Next up was a looong drive south to Mendoza, down the iconic Ruta 40 that runs the length of the country tracking the Andes. After a good day's drive we stayed in a lovely community camp ground at Pozo Azul (Green Wells), with a gorgeous red rock canyon.
    After another longish stint we ended up in Chilecito an old mining town which had an incredibly ambitious cable car system built in the early 1900s to link the mines in the Andes to the railway line. Very impressive but now a rusted old relic. The memorable thing about the campsite here was that we had to ask the owner 30mins before we wanted a shower so he could start a wood fire to heat up the water!
    We had a short hop to La Rioja, which was a larger town as we wanted to make sure we had somewhere to watch the Champions League final. Just as we called a cab into town the fancy hostel found the big match on the TV there, as Jo was feeling a little under the weather so we stayed local to watch it.
    Another 4 hour drive and we arrived at the Valle Del Luna regional park. The national park next door costs 4 times as much and offers less, so it wasn't a hard decision which to visit. Its a strange set up as you can only drive through the park, and only in convoy with a guide, but as we got here late in the day there was only 3 cars and we got to see it in the gorgeous late afternoon orange sun. The unusual geogology make up means there's a huge area rich in fossils from across all the epocs and the landscape is pretty epic. One of the most amazing stops was the marbles you can see in the photos - they are not made by erosion but by layers upon layers of sand deposits around an organic embryo, like a dead fly - truly bizarre. We finished the tour just in time for an amazing sunset, and spent the night at a great spot with free WiFi and brand new toilets - better than most camp sites!

    We then took a bit of a detour off the main road and down a small windy side road that wound through more gorgeous scenery, and spent a lazy day cooking stew on a camp fire at a dusty little free camp ground.
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  • Day6

    Road trip Day 1 Mendoza -San Agustín

    March 17, 2016 in Argentina

    Big, long drive through a desert in 35C plus WITHOUT air conditioning. We will not make that mistake again.

    Highs - huge eagles, mostly empty roads, the most dippity doodahs ever and lovely mountains.
    Lows - the relentless sun, heat, sweat and hot drinking water. One photo shows Clare trying to shade her burning skin with a white bag. Also no toilets or suitable places to stop and when we (Lisa) did, being eaten alive by a swarm of mosquitos who then joined us in the car. Thus followed a comedy scene of two women furiously trying to swat mosquitos with their bare hands. Lisa has over 20 bites from her pee stop.

    Now we are at our rustic hotel with a swimming pool (we've had a dip) a fully stocked and very reasonably priced minibar (also had a dip) - and more mosquitos (we stayed in the room til dinner).

    At dinner Clare tried two big Argentine classics of food and drink - milanesa (chicken escalope) and fernet & coke. She loved the first, detested the second. Lisa tried it too - its very bitter like maté. Don't like either.
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  • Day9

    Difunta Correa

    March 20, 2016 in Argentina

    Stopped off on our drive back to Mendoza at a shrine to a local folk hero who is treated as a saint here. The legend has it that Difunta Correa's husband was captured in the civil war. She tried to find him, with her baby, but her body was found sometime later. She had died of thirst but her baby was still alive having breast fed from her. The main offering placed at the shrine is bottles of water - as Difunta died of thirst. There are thousands of them. Also plaques, prayer requests and thanks for prayers answered with gifts related to the request - car number plates, pictures of babies, scale models of houses and apparently somewhere a room of wedding dresses. Fascinating. My guess is that she represents many things, sacrifice, hope, love, survival, the fight for the cause...Read more

  • Day46

    El Leoncito

    September 23, 2017 in Argentina

    Wir entspannen ein paar Tage im abgelegenen Leoncito Nationalpark und lassen uns im Observatorium den sternenklaren Südhimmel erklären.
    4000km sind wir jetzt Richtung Westen gefahren und nun an den Anden angelangt. Jetzt peilen wir neu und folgen die kommenden Monate dem Kreuz des Südens...

  • Day272

    En route pour Mendoza - Jour 1

    August 15 in Argentina

    Rien de spécial à raconter pour ces futurs 3 jours, si ce n’est plusieurs centaines de kilomètres avalés. Des routes rectilignes à perte de vue, des paysages rougeâtres dignent de canyons aux USA, des animaux traversants la route sans se préoccuper de leurs sorts (vaches, chevaux, renards, montons, oiseaux et bien d’autres). Ça n’est pas sans une certaine émotion que Matthieu fait son dernier barbecue en camping sauvage du voyage ... sûrement le meilleur de tous 😏Read more

  • Day273

    En route pour Mendoza - Jour 2

    August 16 in Argentina

    Même constat que hier, le paysage est très similaire ! Le seul événement marquant de la journée sera deux parties de pétanque, dont la dernière restera à tout jamais dans l’histoire, du moins la notre. Un score des plus serré avec un niveau international ! Chacun de nous trois méritait la victoire et malgré deux balles de match de Romain volées par Pierre via des carreaux qui sortaient de nul part, Romain fini tout de même par décrocher la victoire. Matthieu n’aura pas démérité non plus.

    Bilan :
    - 1ere partie gagnée par Matthieu, suivi par Pierre (Romain largué) 13-8-3.
    - 2ème partie gagné par Romain, suivi de près par Matthieu et Pierre non loin 14-12-9.
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  • Day89

    Day 87: Down, Down, Down we go.

    April 5, 2016 in Argentina

    We couldn't quite believe we made it to the top yesterday. But sleeping at 3000m made us able to recover a bit. Headeache was gone and the legs felt a littlebit better. Today we only had to go down another 1400 meters in around 65 km. So we just enjoyed the scenery. We are definitely ready for a restday to let our bodies recover.

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