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  • Day133

    Dutch couples

    March 18 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    We woke up with the news of the EU advising their citizens abroad to travel back home and messages of family to advise us driving right back to Perth and get on the next possible flight back to Europe.

    When we started this trip we had prepared for a lot. We read several travel insurance conditions and triple checked our health insurance. We counted on unexpected things like having to go back to Europe for some weeks because someone gets seriously ill. We didn't book a lot in advance because we did anticipate that things can change like riots in Chile or a huge earthquake somewhere. But how can you prepare for the biggest travel restrictions in history? And what do you do if they happen while you are on your worldtrip gap year?

    We have no clue. All we know is that no one knows. That this has never happened before. That news, restrictions, possibilities can change hourly. And that all possibilities really suck. If we stay in Australia and they close tourism altogether, that sucks. But going back to Europe where we have no job and no home doesn't sound any better to us right now.

    The evening before we had spoken to a Dutch couple who immigrated to Australia 45 years ago. They stayed at the same free camping as we did. When they heard of our situation in the morning they were very kind offering us tea and stroopwafels but also to stay with them should everything else fail. Apparently they have a super nice house at the sea south of Sydney. It was nice to share our thoughts and fears and hear their opinion. But mostly it just felt nice to also hear about their interesting adventures all over the world, taking our thoughts off corona for a short moment.

    Eventually we had to continue. We registered ourselves in the German Krisenvorsorgeliste. Then we decided to not go straight back to Perth and continue for now. We drove direction Tom Price. Either way around, Perth is still far. At one of 2 petrol stations on the way we came across another Dutch couple who were on a shorter trip. They planned 2 more weeks rental car in Western Australia and then a flight to Japan. They seemed very relaxed about the situation and wanted to continue as planned for now. Potentially skipping Japan if the flight there gets canceled but neither panicking nor worried.

    We felt reassured and travelled further. The way to Tom Price went through the bush. You might think we have seen that enough by now. But this was different. There were hills and some parts were super green. Apparently it had rained a whole lot lately and everything was growing. Would we have not been in corona depression mood, this would have been incredible. It was very hot and lots of flies as well by the way. So the view was nicest from the air conditioned car.

    In Paraburdoo we wanted to stop for the night. The second Dutch couple had recommended a very nice camping here where they had slept last night. It primarily offered accommodation to the mining employees, but apparently that wasn't too noticable. When asking at the office however, we were told that it had closed to non mining workers due to Corona. So there it went again our good mood. Our fears of not being able to travel much longer when deciding to stay in Australia was getting real. Defeated we continued to Tom Price, another 80km north. So after more than 350km of driving today we went to a campsite there. We bought groceries, made wraps and at the same time tried to get information about the Dutch and German government actions. Are they going to organise flights to get us back to Europe? If we would ignore those, would we lose all rights on support afterwards? So that seems to be a pretty obvious thing to take. Otherwise, isn't it better to just stay and travel here as long as we still can?

    In the meantime we got a call from Dagmar, a cousin of Susanne's mother who lives in Australia. We originally wanted to meet her during our time in Melbourne which didn't work out. Now we called to ask for emergency help should we need it thanks to being stranded in Australia. Always nice to know your options. During dinner then again, we meet another Dutch couple and joined their table after dinner to discuss the new favorite topic of the whole world. They have a flight scheduled for March 27th and they will simply follow their original plan until then. Sounds easy enough. Nonetheless nice to share some thoughts again.

    It got a bit later than planned but we still went for a shower. Thanks to the amount of rain they had here lately, there are lots of crickets, frogs, and other insects. It's pretty alive everywhere. Despite a fly screen we even shared the bathrooms with many crickets, a frog, and lots of smaller flies or insects. They mostly stayed at the entrance though, so it wasn't too bad.
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  • Day39

    Snorkling in Cape Range Nationalpark

    May 14, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today we left Exmouth to explore some beautiful beaches in the park. At Oyster Stack beach it was beautiful for snorkling in the shallow water of the inner reef. We spotted a black tipped reef shark, a scorpion fish 🐠, two blue dotted rays and many more colorful fishes. Another stop we made at the marvelous Turquois bay (aerial pictures).Read more

  • Day336

    Nameless festival in Tom Price

    August 10, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Nachdem wir am Donnerstag (08.08) den ganzen Tag gefahren sind, um nach Tom Price zu kommen und dort den Stand uns unser Zelt Aufbauten, begann am Freitag die Show.
    Da es aber erst um 16 Uhr nachmittags los ging, nutzten Patrick und ich die Zeit und gingen etwas spazieren. 😊 Wir fanden einen Lookout von dem man über das kleine Örtchen mitten im Nichts schauen konnte. Danach ging es dann zur Arbeit und abends ein wenig den DJ vor der Bühne genießen. 😊
    Heute startete die Show um 10 Uhr und endete um 22 Uhr mit einem wunderschönen Feuerwerk.

    Morgen wird dann den ganzen Tag gefahren, damit wir wieder zurück nach Perth kommen. 16 Stunden fahren liegen vor uns 🙆. Das klingt nach einem platten Hintern.
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  • Day131

    Wildcamping 2. Nacht

    July 10 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Usem nüt seit er so ich muen EV. go schaffe. Ich han denkt ich han mich verhört 😂 abe nei, er het das voll ernst gmeint. Mir sind im Juhe use gsi und sini Firma het gfröget ob er ih 2 Täg det (de Ort isch 4h entfernt vo eus, abr ih die entgegegsetzti Richtig wo mir eigentli müend für de Heiwäg) chönt für 3 Täg go schaffe. Ich han denkt wenn ich standby han isch das müehsam abr bi ihm isch das immer so 😱✌🙈 Welcome to Australia, spezifisch Lüüt wo ih Mine schaffed 😅

    Da sie ihn nöd 100% hend chöne zuesäge ob er ez muen go schaffe odr nöd hemer müesse de Tag ih de Gegend verbringe und sind drum an Küsteort Onslow gfahre.
    Han es pfüsi gmacht währedem er wiedrmal 30km uf sonere shit Strass gfahre isch - zum schlafe sehr ahgnehm, het schön gschaucklet 😋😂 de Strass het eus zude Altstadt gfüehrt --> FAIL 🙈 1. hets 1000igi vo Flüge gha wo um eim umedüsset sind und sogar ufd Lippe ghocket sind - Mistficher 😬 und 2tens isch die Altstadt echt nüt speziells gsi 🙈 mano man...für nüt und nomale nüt und brutal heiss isches au gsi.

    Immerhin hets am Endi vom Tag gheisse, dass er doch nöd go schaffe muen und so simer den Richtig Exmouth gfahre und hend eh witeri Nacht Wildcampiert 😍⛺🇦🇺 dasmal simer die einzige uf den Campingplatz gsi 😊 Hend es Lagerfüür gmacht und d'Marshmellow hend au nöd gfehlt 😍 De unglaublichi Sternehimmel isch so ihdrücklich gsi! ✨ einigi Sternschnuppe und am 11i z'Abig isch den endli de Mond am Himmel ersichtlich gsi 😊
    S'zmorge am andere Morge hani as Bett serviert becho inkl. Kaffi ☕🍞😍
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  • Day142

    Karijini Nationalpark 1 - Knox Gorge

    June 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Nach dem Mittagessen sind wir weiter zur Knox Schlucht gefahren. Auch diese Wanderung hatte es in sich. Der Abstieg in die Schlucht war durch das lose Geröll ziemlich anstrengend und der Aufstieg am Ende war wieder eine schöne Kletterei aber es hat sich gelohnt. Der Weg durch die Schlucht ist einfach toll. 😊
    Am späten Nachmittag ging's zurück ins Camp, wo wir den Tag mit einem typisch australischen Abendessen (Burger) beendet haben.
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  • Day321

    T5 - Karijini NP

    September 7, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C


    ▪️Vica hat von den letzten Wanderungen Muskelkater und blieb deshalb auf dem Zeltplatz
    ▪️Béla und ich haben den 2. höchsten Berg in Western Australien in 2,5h bestiegen, teilweise mussten wir steile Abgänge hochklettern
    ▪️1235m waren auf den letzten Metern sehr hart, man hat jeden Schritt in den Beinen gemerkt
    ▪️Es war eine Herausforderung für mich und ich habe sie gemeistert - bin stolz :)
    ▪️Der Ausblick hat uns belohnt, verbrachten 2h Stunden auf dem Gipfel - wir hatten nach 4 Tagen wieder Empfang :P
    ▪️Abstieg ging schneller und war einfacher - in 1,75h waren wir wieder bei Henry :)
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  • Day142

    Karijini Nationalpark 1 - Hancock Gorge

    June 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Gestern Abend sind wir 21:30 Uhr auf dem Campingplatz angekommen und haben unsere Zelte bezogen. Da die Tour nicht ausgebucht ist, hat jeder sein eigenes Zelt bekommen. 😊
    Heute morgen ging es dann um 7 Uhr los. Nach einem leckeren Frühstück, sind wir in den Nationalpark reingefahren. Der Karijini Nationalpark ist der zweitgrößte Nationalpark in Western Australia, mit vielen Schluchten, Wasserfällen und Felsbecken.
    Unsere erste Wanderung führte uns durch die Hancock Schlucht, an deren Ende sich der "Kermits Pool" befindet. Die Wanderung war eine super Mischung aus Spaziergang, Klettertour und Kneipp-Therapie 😅 und der Blick auf "Kermits Pool" am Ende war fantastisch.
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  • Day325


    September 11, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    ▪️Heute besuchten wir Ellen in Onslow
    ▪️Wir haben ein mega leckeres BBQ am Strand gemacht
    ▪️Am Abend sind wir in den Pub gegangen wo Ellen arbeitet
    ▪️Nach einem Bierchen fuhren wir schließlich zu einem richtig schönen kostenlosen Zeltplatz direkt am Fluss
    ▪️Leider besteht der Boden aus Ameisen, Kakalaken und Spinnen - nicht normal, konnten nur mit Füßen hoch am Tisch sitzen :P
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  • Day16

    Weiter nach Port Hedland

    September 29, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Port Hedland hat den weltgrössten Hafen für Schüttgüter (Eisenerz).

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