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  • Day103

    Welcome to the tropics

    March 2, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Nog enkele grieperige dagen verder met een campsite aan t strand, met elke dag een heftige hoosbui, trek ik verder naar Airlie Beach, en slaap bij een backpackers hostel, wat betekent dat ik wat meer comfort heb, en een hoop andere travelers ontmoet .Nog een poging gedaan om de Platypus in t echt te zien : nee dus, wel veel schildpadden ! Dan donderdag na een stevig skaterondje een middag op de jetskitour langs de kust en 2 eilandjes.... Groot plezier, en beetje spierpijn achteraf, s avonds met pizza en biertje goed geeindigd.Read more

  • Day117

    Townsville to Airlie Beach

    August 14, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Rolling through hot countryside we travelled further south to Airlie Beach, from where we planned to explore the Whitsunday Islands by boat. The journey was the shortest we will take in Australia at just under 4 hours and as with the others it was largely uneventful. A monotony of arid landscape flickered past our window as we edged closer to our destination.

    Once at Airlie Beach we 'checked-in' to our boat, which departs on Sunday before wandering around the small tourist town with its quintessential shops; a McDonalds and a drive-thru alcohol store...

    Since New Zealand we have heard about the McDonalds' 'gourmet menu', which allows you to create your own burger from items on their menu (do they have this in the UK too? We hadn't heard of it before travelling). Too tired and uninspired by our hostel's small kitchen to cook for ourselves we decided to give it a go.

    It was novel, particular when Alex's burger arrived without its meat patties. With the air of Benjamin Disraeli he returned to the counter for a sheepish teenager to complete his design. Both burgers were huge and satisfying but for the money that you pay, you could get a main meal at a restaurant. Yet it's a clever concept as you are tempted to go back and improve on your first attempt...
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  • Day120

    Whitsunday Islands to Airlie Beach

    August 17, 2015 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 64 °F

    It was a night of fitful sleep in our little berth aboard Hammer, however after breakfast we were ready to head off to snorkel through the nearby Langford Reef.

    The current was strong and the water cold as we submerged ourselves. Although our wetsuits offered some protection, this was mostly against jellyfish stings. Nevertheless the strong current forced us to swim hard and this kept us somewhat warm.

    We followed after shoals of fish dancing amongst the small coral but whilst we had spotted a sea turtle while aboard Hammer we had no luck sighting one whilst in the water. Whilst the coral was varied in places it was limited in its size and colour when compared to our experience of the Great Barrier Reef. Nevertheless we then sailed on to Blue Pearl Bay, both coral and fish were of a diversity and size greater than what we had seen before.

    Even before submerging we could see how the water around our dingy teemed with fish. Once out exploring we saw how diverse the coral was in colour and shape. There were shades of blue, green and yellow with even hints of red in shapes like flowers, trees and even the human brain. Tips of the branches appeared to glow like LEDs and in other places the coral was tube like and swayed in the current. All the while fish of all colours and sizes swam around us, close enough to touch but quick enough to escape our clumsy movements. We could have stayed in the water for longer but the temperature was hard to take. Shivering but elated we threw ourselves back up into the dingy before warming ourselves on lunch and sunshine upon Hammer's decks.

    Afterwards we opened the sails once more to head back to Airlie Beach. The boat tilted as the sails and our faces caught the wind. Our hanging feet once again catching spray thrown upward as the hull met the waves head on. Whales and perhaps dolphins were spotted as we bounced and curved a path to the mainland.

    Although neither of us have ever had any particular interest in sailing we both really enjoyed ourselves. The crew and our fellow travellers were great company and once again we felt very fortunate to having such an experience.
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  • Day25

    Airlie Beach

    September 25, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Airlie Beach ist sicher von allen Orten die wir bislang besucht haben die touristischste. Hier tummeln sich eine ganze Menge an Familien und junger Menschen zum feiern und zum relaxen an den Lagunen. Trotzdem ist Airlie Beach eine ganz schöne kleine Stadt, die trotz des Rummels viele stilvolle Restaurants bietet.

    Aber das was Airlie Beach so besonders macht, das sind ganz sicher die Whitsunday Islands. Eine der vielleicht schönsten Inselgruppen der Welt die in unmittelbarer Nähe erreichbar sind.

    Da wir heute mit rund 3 Stunden eine etwas längere Anfahrt hatten, haben wir die meiste Zeit an einer Lagune verbracht, sprich einen der öffentlichen Schwimmbäder die hier kostenfrei für jeden am Strand zugänglich sind. Und dazu noch eine richtig schöne, so dass Jonas heute wieder schwimmen konnte 😎

    Morgen geht es dann für uns auf die berühmt berüchtigten Whitsunday Islands. Wir sind wirklich gespannt, ob es so schön wird wie die Fotos es versprechen.

    Liebe Grüße
    Jonas, Jasmin&Thomas
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