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  • Day33

    Show #16 Wien

    December 19, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Unsere Anreise startete dieses mal deutlich eher. Um 15uhr haben wir mit dem Nightliner Werne verlassen. Auf in den nächsten Show Block. Diesmal sind es vier Städte in Folge. Angefangen in Wien.

    Mit ein paar Runden Kniffel und Schocken sowie ein paar alkoholischen Getränken war der Tag/Abend dann aber gerettet.

    Wien war dann, naja Wien eben. Die Stadthalle ist ein schöner Spielort, allerdings hat man auch weite Entladewege und die Wiener Gemütlichkeit bei den örtlichen Kollegen.

    Mittags kam dann leider noch ein Problem bei unseren Szenisch verfahrbaren Lichtpods hinzu, welches wiederum ein Problem am Abend mit sich brachte.
    Naja, in der Pause konnten wir das dann auch beheben und ab dann war es ein entspannter Abend.

    Auf in die schöne Olympiahalle München.
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  • Day4

    Viena 1

    December 29, 2018 in Austria ⋅ 🌬 3 °C

    Once again we went to Viena by bus. 70 km separate us from Bratislava, so this was a short journey. When we arrived it was already a good time to eat and that’s what we did. The Schönnbrunn palace was packed with tourists and no more tickets were available for the day, so we bought them for the following day and strolled around the Christmas market where the traditional Viennese cookies and Christmas decorations. So cold but sooooo beautiful! After checking in with Thomas - our make up breakfast specialist host - we headed to the city centre where it was still possible to visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the pedestrian area with the Opera House and the Sacher Hotel with the fancy butler and the Sacher Torte fans queuing outside.
    At eight we met Dorothea and her husband in a nice traditional restaurant with delicious Austrian food!!!
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  • Day5

    Schonbrunn Palace

    December 17, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    As we learned on the walking tour yesterday, this was the summer palace, and we had fun exploring the grounds, scrunching through the gravel admiring the disciplined hedging (Richard particularly, huge fan).

    It's about 7km from where we're staying and we ended up at the Palmenhaus, still in the palace grounds, which I had triumphantly talked up as our lunch destination, only to find out nope this is a zoo, the brasserie I'd booked is in the *old* Palmenhaus, much, much, closer to town.

    Rich was delighted.
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    Steve and Felicity Magill

    Stylish 😊

    Steve and Felicity Magill

    😀 happy!

    Steve and Felicity Magill

    It’s a good looking zoo 😉 - F

  • Day17

    Winter is coming

    October 6, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Die Zeit in Wien bei meinem Bruder und seiner Freundin habe ich diesmal gänzlich dem Müßiggang gewidmet. Neben extensiven Mittagsschläfchen standen nur Sport und kulinarische Labungen auf der Agenda. Nach der langen Nacht der Museen bei 7°C und Sturmregen musste ich jedoch feststellen, dass meine Motivation aufs Mopped zu steigen scheinbar noch am Security-Check im Tel Aviv Airport feststeckt. Nichtsdestotrotz mache ich mich auf den Weg Richtung Bratislava, um dann zeitnah nach Süden zu fahren.Read more

  • Day4

    Viena 2

    December 29, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    The second day in Vienna was very rainy. The day before we had bought the tickets to visit Schönbrunn Palace and that was our first stop. This is definitely a special place to visit in Vienna. If you can start early you can have a relaxing stroll around the rooms. The free audio guide is very nice because it explains enough for one to understand what happened in Sissy’s time. Entertaining and not boring at all! After this we made an effort and went to the city centre but the rain got heavier and heavier, so our plans for the walking tour around the city centre were stopped after a while. One stop for coffee and Sacher torte, another in Saint Stephan’s Cathedral and even an attempt to go further after buying an umbrella weren’t enough to fight the discomfort of walking under the rain, so Wolfi went to the rent a car stand and the rest of us relaxed at the Airbnb for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening we met Miriam and Lucas for a special traditional dinner in Heurigen Sommerbauer Resi in Perchtoldsdorf. Heurigen is the name given to taverns in Eastern Austria at which local winemakers serve their new wine under a special licence in alternate months during the growing season. The Heurige are renowned for their atmosphere of coziness shared among a throng enjoying young wine, simple food, and - in some places – Schrammel music. Heuriger is the abbreviation of "heuriger Wein" (this year's wine). Originally, they were simple open-air taverns on the premises of winemakers, where people would bring along food and drink the new wine. Nowadays, the taverns are often situated at a distance from the wineyards and offer both food and drinks. Heurige where apple or pear cider is served are called a Mostheurige. In the well-known wine-growing areas of the city of Vienna many eating establishments have a rustic interior design similar to Heurige, yet they have a normal licence and sell wine they buy from outside sources.Read more

  • Day2

    Ein ausgefüllter Tag

    December 16, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Lachsfrühstück danach Spaziergang Zieglergasse,Burggasse,Neubaugasse,Westbahnstrasse und zur Stadthalle.Wir besichtigen die Ausstellung Körperwelten mit Anna,Florian und Ralf.Es ist sehr interessant.Danach Cafe Vollpension,lustiges von Pensionistinen geführtes Cafe.Weiter gehts zum Christkindlmarkt am Karlsplatz.Am abend in den Stadtsaal zu Resitarits und Molden.Read more

  • Day1


    July 8, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Navigacija naju pelje okoli riti v žep. Prispeva do hotela Leonardo Wiena, ter parkirava avto v garažno hišo. Glede na to da so garažna vrata zeloooo ozka, se nisva mogla izogniti, da nebi malo popraskala avtomogila, a ni bilo hudega. Odpraviva se do sobe ter nadaljujema najino potepanje po Dunaju. Najprej na podzemno po dvodnevne karte, nato pa via Prater. Malo zabave, kave in norčavosti. Nisva se dolgo zadržala, saj sva kar utrujena.
    Z podzemno, se odpeljeva do Stephans platza, kjer istopiva. Malo se razlejujeva po mestu ter peš hodiva proti ulici Mariahilfer strasse. Zavijeva v Starbucks in si privoščiva najino klasiko. Jaz frappucino Flamingo limited edition, Dejan pa srednje veliko belo kavo. Malo posediva in počijeva. Ker nisva skozi dan jedla nič kaj konkretnega, si v bližnjem kiosku kupiva vsak en kos pice, ki nama ni bila najbolj všeč. Ampak za silo bo že. Ob 21:45 prispeva v hotel. Najprej tuš potem pa padeva v posteljo. Jutri naju čaka nov dan. Malo gradov, živalski vrt, shooping in veliko sonca 🤗🌞🌞.
    Se beremo.
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  • Day229

    Day 230: North to Vienna

    October 2, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Time to leave Graz and head to one of my favourite cities in the world, Vienna! It was a bit of an awkward transfer though, since we'd booked a fairly early train (11am) to save money (the price for afternoon trains was doubled). And annoyingly, when we'd requested to book our Airbnb in Vienna, the host originally said check-in was available between 9am-5pm. Perfect, it's near the Westbahnhof so we can arrive at lunchtime, drop our bags at the apartment and then go exploring.

    But when we requested to book, she said it was only possible to check-in at 6:30pm, and was that OK? But then she confirmed our booking, meaning that if we cancelled we would lose 50% of our now-taken payment. We could probably have gotten it back from Airbnb, but it didn't seem worth a fight. In the end, we arrived at the station and left our luggage in a locker for 4.50 euros instead.

    Interestingly, this train journey travelled along a World Heritage listed section of track, the Semmering Railway, one of the first and most famous mountain railways in the world. Since we didn't have a car, actually seeing the railway was going to be difficult so we decided to just ride it and film as we went. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake - most of the interesting stuff was out of the southern side of the train, looking directly into the sun. Most of my footage turned out crap since all you can see is the reflection of my phone/hands, and dirt on the exterior windows.

    We didn't really even get to see much of the engineering works aside from going into tunnels - there's 16 impressive viaducts along here but you obviously can't see them when they're underneath you. I'm not sure whether I'll end up creating a video for this or not - if it's just crap footage I'm not real keen to put my name on it.


    Arrived in Vienna around 1pm, dropped our bags off and grabbed some lunch at the Westbahnhof. Not really knowing what to do, we decided to just catch the metro into the centre of town and have a wander. So that's what we did!

    It's such an incredible city, the history, architecture and culture that just oozes from every building, street and alleyway. From the enormous and impressive like the twin history and art museums fronting an enormous statue of Empress Maria Theresa, to the small but moving Plague Monument it's all just so impressive! Definitely one of my favourite cities.

    Wandered around for a couple of hours, then took refuge in a cafe where we had coffee and cake - sacher torte, the local speciality. Chilled out here for a while, then did a bit more walking while Shandos shopped for a new handbag. The one she'd bought in London wasn't performing to expectations (no shoulder strap, not enough interior pockets to put phones etc) so she was on the hunt for a replacement. No luck today though.

    Finally it was 6pm so we headed back out to the Westbahnhof, collected our luggage and walked the 10 minutes to our apartment where we met the host. Apartment is very large and thankfully very tidy for a lived-in place - apartments where you're just living in someone's place while they're away tend to be super hit-or-miss. Nice load of stuff in the fridge for us which was good, though the wifi is a bit patchy and the place stinks of cigarettes which gave us both a headache after a couple of hours.

    Headed out for dinner to a takeaway place nearby called Mr Schnitzel where we both had enormous schnitzels for dinner. Tasty, though not the healthiest option!
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