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  • Day186

    Bergkapellen, Maria Elend

    December 29, 2016 in Austria

    We were very much looking forward to getting to Italy later that day but there was one last thing we wanted to do before leaving Austria. Jenny, a friend of ours, had recommended visiting the chapel at Maria Elend. When we arrived at the village we had a look at the main church, then followed the signs past a small herd of what we think were buffalo, up the hill towards the 'mountain chapel'. The path left the village and became a steep, rocky track that wound its way between tall pines. There was some amazing ice crystals that had formed like in patches along the way. 40 minutes later and slightly out of breath, we reached 784m above sea level and a beautiful little white and terracotta coloured chapel with amazing views of the sprawling valley below. The chapel itself was closed but there were outdoor pews under a wooden roofed shelter and bell tower. The climb in the cold but clean air had been invigorating and we were far enough away from any other civilisation for it to be wonderfully peaceful. It was a great way to spend our last fews hours in the Austria.Read more

  • Day119

    Die Gailberghöhe Hotel, Kötschache

    October 23, 2016 in Austria

    We set off south hoping to cross the Hohe Tauren mountain range on the main road after having been refused entry to the more scenic high road yesterday. Thankfully it was second time lucky and for an €11 toll we still got to see some beautiful sights but from the safety of a wide road untouched by snow.

    Soon after we were over the range we swung off the north south road and on to a smaller east west route marked as scenic on the map. Our stopover was run by Die Gailberghöhe Hotel and we were treated as guests and encouraged to make use of the facilities. We parked up at a spot where we could see a rocky snowcapped mountain (when the clouds allowed) and because electricity was included in the price, we plugged the van in. It was the first time since we left the UK nearly 4 months ago that we'd had mains electricity and so for tea Will plugged in our Remoska, a little electric saucepan with a heated lid that acts as an oven. It also meant we didn't need to worry about the fridge whose gas flame had been struggling to light due to low air pressure caused by high altitude.

    As the light was fading we went and sat in the comfortable hotel lounge to use the free wifi. Unfortunately it wasn't a good enough connection to do much but we did enjoy stretching out in the plush armchairs with the log fired stove burning in the corner and the contented talk of others around us.
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  • Day330

    Today was the start of our 'Swallows' Flight' up to Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden where we would meet Will's sister Sue and our brother in law John, in 11 days time. It had been too hot in the van at times, especially for old Poppy, so it was time to fly north to cooler climes.

    We were sad to leave Slovenia, but bubbling with nervous excitement for our big journey, the new country and adventures that awaited us!

    Will had been busy planning a route and researching places to stay along the way. With 2032km to go, it was a slow but beautiful start to the trip, travelling the winding roads of Slovenia's northern valleys, past hayracks drying cut grass and people handworking the land. After a short time we passed into Austria and the rounded hilltops of mixed deciduous woodland gradually morphed around us. Definite peaks formed at the tops of the hills, whose tree coverage was now more coniferous in nature. The houses became larger, the plains more vast and ornate roadside shrines more frequent.

    We stopped near the Gurktaler Alps at Pension Hochsteiner, a B&B that allowed vans to stay for €3 a night, a charge that was waived with the price of a meal. We'd planned to eat with them but unfortunately Monday was their 'ruestag' or rest day, so this option wasn't available.

    The gravel car park looked out on a rolling meadow with two low hills intersecting at their base beyond a handfull of homesteads. It was brilliant sunshine and hot when we got there but after a while, steely grey clouds formed over the hill behind us and the rumble of thunder could be heard. Shadow covered the van and the meadow, silver flashes of lightning bust forth from the sky, heavy raindrops beat down on the roof and the temperature dropped to 8°C. The storm continued for hours, but near the end, a sunburst shone over the tree tops behind and a rainbow began to form, increasing in intensity until its two tips joined into a glorious arch and the beginnings of a faint double could be seen!

    Will used the afternoon to whip up some homemade scones to go with his homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream (lucky Vicky!).

    Pension Hochsteiner opened at 9am so we went in to see if they had a pastry for breakfast as the mist was rising from the hills. We came away stuffed with fried egg, bread, honey, jams, cheese, ham, OJ, yoghurt etc. For €14 with a peaceful night's stay included it was great value!
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  • Day79


    January 25 in Austria

    Mit Monika und Franz von der Schönen Aussicht zur Winklener Alm , Tourenski noch weiter auf den Strasskopf,gemütliche Einkehr auf der Hütte,Sonnenterasse 🎿🌞🍺☕ein wunderbarer Tag !

  • Day1

    Was ist los mit Petrus?

    September 2, 2017 in Austria

    Mit diversen Pausen, einer grösseren Frühstückspause und kleineren Staus sind wir um 16:30 Uhr in Villach angekommen.

    Die Fahrt verlief reibungslos, bis auf 2-3 "Vollidioten" unterwegs- aber wer kennt das nicht!? Als erste kleine Herausforderung stand uns dann die Fahrt über den Arlbergpass bevor, da der Tunnel gesperrt ist! Aber auch das klappte wie am Schnürchen, trotz Schneeregen da oben! Generell meine ich mit "reibungslos" allerdings mehr den Verkehr als das Wetter. Es hat nämlich quasi die gesamte Fahrt, bis auf etwa die letzten 20 Minuten durchgeregnet, und das ziemlich ordentlich!

    Nach einem kurzen Spaziergang, das gute, nein, das trockene Wetter muss schliesslich genutzt werden, freuen wir uns nun auf unser Znacht: Kartoffelsalat mit paniertem Putenschnitzel, a la Mama!
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  • Day2


    June 28, 2017 in Austria

    Sopronból tovább indultunk Bled volt a következő célpont. Az osztrák szlovén határon észrevettük hogy van egy Bunkermuzeum, úgyhogy megálltunk megnezni, hisz nyaralunk, ráérünk. Nagyon érdekes volt a hely, a múzeumot a bunker utolsó parancsnoka vezeti, úgyhogy egy kis tájékoztatást és ismertetőt tartott nekünk előtte... az összes fegyver és tank típus neve persze nem volt meg angolul, de ennyi baj legyen 😃a hidegháború alatt kezdtek el építeni és nagy szolgaltot tett a jugoszláv háború kitörésekor is. Eleg jo pozíciójuk volt ott a hegyekben, hogy szemmel tartsak a határvonalat és be védjék az országot. Talán 2005 óta nincs benne érdemi tevékenység és üzemel muzeumkent. Azért eleg durva lehetett ezekben a kialakitott kis beton föld alatti valamikben több időt is eltolteni kukucskalva a kis lyukakon az ellenségre. Nem lettem volna a helyükben, az tuti. De megnezni nagyon érdekes volt. Egyetlen probléma volt itt is, hogy elkezdett esni az elején, a végére már szakadt ugyhogy rendesen el is aztunk mire visszaértünk a kocsihoz. Nem gondoltam volna hogy a strandtorolkozoket a hegyekben kell először hasznalnunk de jó hogy kéznél voltak. 😊Read more

  • Day608

    Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

    August 27, 2016 in Austria

    Tolle Lage am See, viel Grün, eine wunderschöne, stilvoll renovierte Altstadt, vom Kulturfreund bis zum Sportbegeisterten.
    Eine Stadtführung durch die Klagenfurter Altstadt ist es wehrt dort ein Stop einzulegen.

  • Day1345

    Turracher Höhe

    February 12 in Austria

    Skiing holiday @ Turracher Höhe, Austria.
    The skiing area is on, but there is more or less no apres ski party here. More a family thing.
    We stood at Marktlalm which was quite luxury but expensive. So next Time we are heading for something less expensive but more party.

  • Day1

    Síelés osszefoglalo

    February 14, 2016 in Austria

    Szombaton erkeztunk, akkor nagyon szep napos ido volt, bar a palyak mar kicsit kijegesedtek a nap vegere. Vasarnap mar nem volt ilyen szerencsenk, mert majdnem egesz nap esett a ho, szerencsere szep hoeses volt, nem viharos havazas. Hetfon is viszonylag sielheto ido volt a havazas ellenere, de aztan kedd az kitett magaert. Fel napot is alig birtuk, foleg en es a ruhak, kis jegdarabok ultek ki a ruhara, ami elkezdett atazni, plusz a szemuvegre is allandoan kiult ez a jeges-havas reteg, amitol semmit nem lehetett latni, igy kb500 meterenkent meg kellett allni tisztitani. Kicsit tulelo tura jellege volt, de renelem azvidei szezonra kipipaltuk ezt az idot is es nem lesz tobb ilyen.
    Szallasunk marktlalm volt, egy kis hutte falu, remek kis fahazban laktunk 6 szemely plusz Petike, jo kis szallas volt nagyon. Bar a szallason felul fizetni kellett az aramert es agynemuert is pluszban, sot a torolkozoert is, csak azt vegul hoztunk. Sibusz kozlekedett a felvonohoz kb orankent, es ha reggel lekested, akkor az egyik felvonohoz bemelegitessel feleroen oda lehetett csuszni. Sonnleitn volt a hazresz ahol voltunk, szauna kulon kis fahazban fel oerc setara tolunk. Es nyitottak 3 uj palyat is idenre uh hosszu hetvegere abszolut idealis.
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