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  • Day55

    •4• Hinton dag 3+4 🚐👯‍♀️🐻

    July 30 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Zaterdag 30 juli en zondag 31 juli

    Klein rondje gewandeld bij Old Fort Point. Toen we beneden kwamen vertelden mensen dat er 3 zwarte beren bij het water waren!! Dus wij de auto in en zoeken, niet gevonden, omgedraaid en ja hoor! Een moederbeer met 2 kleintjes!! Wat gaaaaaf!! Daarna nog even gezwommen maar we zaten nog steeds met ons hoofd bij de beertjes.

    Zondags een zondags dagje gehad. Lekker hangen bij de caravan.
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    Supergaaf manon spot op het moment de Big Five haha [Patricia]


    Oja ook heel gaaf! Zijn waarschijnlijk wat groter

    Gerty Jans

    Wauw 🤩

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  • Day8

    National Parc Jasper

    Yesterday in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Spending the night here. We chilled the afternoon and evening, strolling around in the city, did a bit of shopping (afterbite for the moskito bites for Julia and a pullover for Iris, everyone gets what they need😉) and now relaxing in our RV getting full of energy for tomorrow💪🏻Read more

  • Day57

    Seen, Wandern, SUP

    June 9 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Nach dem Frühstück ging es mit dem Auto erst den Berg hoch zum Pyramid Lake. Dort haben wir einen kleinen Spaziergang über eine Brücke auf die Pyramid Island gemacht. Im Hintergrund war der Pyramid Mountain zu sehen, der rot schimmert.
    Danach sind wir wieder ins Tal gefahren zu zwei Seen: Lake Edith und Lake Annette. Erst sind wir um beide Seen gewandert und haben uns dann nach einem kleinen Lunch jeweils ein SUP Board ausgeliehen. Eine Stunde lang sind wir dann auf dem Lake Edith gepaddelt, einfach nur atemberaubend schön! Alle Blau- und Grüntöne waren in den Seen vertreten und das Wasser war total klar. Bei Sonnenschein hat man sich endlich im Sommer angekommen gefühlt.
    In Jasper Village waren wir noch kurz einkaufen.
    Abends ging es dann zurück zum Campingplatz, wo wir früh gegessen haben.
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  • Day8

    Pyramid Lake

    Yesterday in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After the rafting this morning and then another one hour drive to National Parc Jasper we were a bit tired. So we decided to chill at a lake here, Pyramid Lake. We took a lot of flyers with us and read a bit about what we all can do here and figured our dayplan out for tomorrow:) a lot of walking it is tomorrow!Read more

  • Day45

    Jasper National Park

    June 29 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Kanada ist wirklich bisher immer und überall konsequent zweisprachig!
    Mount Edith Cavell, Pyramid Lake und Wanderung am Athabasca River leider überwiegend im Regen ☔️. Wir erholen uns im Café "Wicked Cup" 😀.Read more

  • Day9

    Fun filled day ahead

    September 7, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Up early to see the sun break over the mountains - stunning

    Head out to Maligne Overlook, a little brisk but the scenery is also stunning.

    Back on the coach and off to Jasper - first stop, Whistlers Inn. It’s had a tissy up but not much has changed - still that very 70’s feel. Speaking to our coach driver Heather this is where she & other drivers stay when they’re on tour. The tradition lives on.

    Secret Naval Base in Jasper - 1940’s

    Little bit of souvenir shopping (another fridge magnet for me). Back on the coach for our trip to Mt Robson. (3,954 mt) highest peak in the Rockies.

    OMG - there’s an Elk on the side of the road..

    Lunch is at Blue River, then we’re straight onto a “catamaran” - it just looks like 2 boats strapped together. It was sea worthy enough 😳. So out onto the lake we go, the whole time scouring the bank for wildlife. We had a brilliant sunny day so our day of wildlife discovery turned in to a lovely cruise around the lake.... bit of natural vitamin D was the order of the afternoon.

    Back on the bus for the next leg of our journey- afternoon tea @ Painted Turtle. It was an RV park @ Dutch Lake.

    Last leg before we settle in at Sun Peaks.

    Very big day on the coach - we did some miles today.
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    Carol May

    Hi Maris it all looks great glad you are having a great time xx

    Susan Frederick

    Amazing pics, you all look so wonderfully relaxed, and Maris so glad you received VIP treatment for your Birthday xx

    Katrina McGee

    Hi it looks like you are having so much fun. We stayed at Whistlers in on our holiday 4 weeks ago. Fabulous hotel with great little bar. We also did the canoe trip at Blue River, our guide was Matt from Melbourne and we saw a mother bear and 2 cubs walking along the bank. Such fantastic scenery. I am loving all the photos and commentary and am enjoying seeing your mum have such a great time.

  • Day67

    Gallery, Rafting and Elk in Jasper!

    August 21, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    Gosh darn, we had an overcast, looked like it would rain at any time, sort of day. And it was a cold morning; one of our coldest; I could see my breath.

    We decided to do a little more sightseeing in town and then try the river in the afternoon while Kristi and Steve sprinted another mountain trail. The temperature warmed up as the morning wore on so we drove back to town and strolled up to gallery and museum area. This town is so clean, lots of cute buildings and nice! Some gorgeous, recently built buildings, and the gallery is in one of them.

    It is one of those municipal buildings that is home to the library, not for profit cultrural programs, and the gallery. A (green) building with lots of natural light, glass, stone, light woods, and stainless steel. (I can't believe I did not take a picture of it!) Loved the gallery, small, all local artists, and mostly watercolors or acrylics. And the subject was usually something to do with the Jasper mountain and lake scenery.

    The featured artist had a really nice series on the elements of art! Hanging pieces of her work that spoke to line, shape, color, etc. And a number of other regular scenery pieces. Cheryl Potter. Liked her work enough that I bought a small print to take home as a memory peice. Meanwhile Tom (very patiently) enjoyed the sun on a park bench outside.

    Walked back to the busy retail area and had lunch at the Jasper Brewing Company prior to our rafting adventure. Met the tour and they bussed us out to the "put in" spot. What I didn't quite understand was that while they did provide wet suits (the river is glacial water) we had to use the school bus as the dressing room. So anyone with out a swim suit, and that was most if us, needed to strip down to your underwear to put on the wet suit. Interesting. Some of "us" look better in their underwear than others....especially the twenty somethings!

    Safety discussion and we jumped into the raft, 7 of us plus the guide. Learned a lot, Class 1 is essentially moving water, versus say a lake. This was a rafting trip for beginners and we did quite a bit of Class 1 which pretty much means even if you dont paddle you are moving. We did get several sections of Class 2, but mostly so the guide could make sure we all got a faceful of glacial water! Reminder: Tom does not like water, especially cold water! At one slower part of the river we all had the chance to get out of the raft and take a dip in the river. I took up the offer figuring its not often I will be in a glacial river with a wetsuit on, and let myself slip in. Cold! The wet suits were sleeveless, so I definitely felt the temperature. The challenge was getting the guide to haul me back in the raft! It was kind of neat to be in this silted water that we have seen in most of our travels this summer!

    All things must come to an end and so did our raft adventure, maybe we had 45 minutes (plus) actually on the water and the rest of the time was getting wet suits on and off. Hmmmmh, off? A wetsuit, in a school bus, with all genders and ages present?? And put my clothes back on. Fortunately I was at the back so at least I didn't have numerous fellow raftees walking by in a state of undress! This other mom and I were both laughing pretty hard over the awkwardness of the experience. Especially as most Europeans (again most are twenty somethings) look as this situation differently! Tom has now declared his interest in more rafting adventures! The trip was great, no rain and no wildlife, but a lot of laughter and cold, cold water!

    Back to the RV, into town for a few groceries and back out to the campground for a quiet evening...oh. but wait the day is not done. Elk! Elk began trickling into the park. First it was a couple of doe, and then a big ole bull elk, and then the whole rest of a small herd showed up in section "W" of the campground. They were everywhere as they grazed right through the sites to the river, and then back thru the sites again. And then just when all the cameras were gone and the dogs had stopped barking, they would be back! I took picture after picture, first with the big camera, then with my cell phone, then we would try to eat dinner and they would come back! I only saw the one bull, but Steve saw another younger, smaller bull, but all size of does with young ones, no babies, but young. And noisy! Honestly as I finally went to bed, I looked out my bedroom window and they were back again! Just that very day I had told our rafting guide that I had not seen one elk, he was shocked. As the end of day we have seen , what maybe two dozen? Hard to tell, except for size, they all looked the same! It was ironic, because the campground name, Wapiti, means "elk".

    Even with all the elk noise and confusion, we fell peacefully asleep, shoot, we had a bull elk guarding camp!
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    Caroline Hansen

    So fun, good job rafting! Jasper is so awesome!


    Those antlers are massive! How would you like carrying those on your head all day every day? Lollie!


    Tom, you look like a pro! Lollie

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  • Day61

    Auf dem berühmten Icefields Parkway

    July 6, 2020 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute ging es von Golden den viel gerühmten Icefields Parkway gen Norden. Anfangs war es noch sonnig und wir konnten die zahlreichen Seen, Berge und Täler genießen, die an uns vorbei zogen. Leider zog es dann immer mehr zu und am Ende fing es an zu regnen. Glücklicherweise fahren wir die Strecke in ein paar Tagen auch wieder gen Süden - da können wir vielleicht den Rest sehen 😉.
    Zum Wandern war leider keine Zeit, wir haben tatsächlich nur hin und wieder an einem Vista Point angehalten und sind dort ein paar Schritte gegangen ... Aber besser als nix! Außerdem ist im Jasper Nationalpark wieder mehr Action angesagt!
    Abends kamen wir in unserer Unterkunft an, einer gemütlichen Lodge direkt am Flussufer. Jetzt haben wir gegessen und fallen gleich ins Bett 😊.
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  • Day62

    Auf Wanderschaft

    July 7, 2020 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    Heute Vormittag waren wir etwas in der Umgebung wandern. Für eine größere Tour war das Wetter leider nicht stabil genug (und die wäre mit Töchterchen eh mühsam gewesen 🤣), aber immerhin konnten wir Blicke auf die imposante Bergwelt des Jasper N.P. erhaschen und uns mal wieder etwas ausgiebiger bewegen. Es blieb trocken und fing erst am Nachmittag wieder zu regnen an. Das haben wir genutzt um mal anzufangen unsere vielen hier geschossenen Urlaubsfotos auszusortieren und mit Tabea zusammen zu spielen und zu malen. Ich glaube, sie fand das zur Abwechslung mal wieder ganz gut 😊.
    Ob und (wenn ja) wo morgen unsere geplante Kanutour stattfindet, erfahren wir erst heute Nacht bzw. morgen früh. Die Wetteraussichten sind leider nach wie vor nicht die besten - aber wir lassen uns die Laune nicht verderben 😃.
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  • Day63

    Wilde Gewässer

    July 8, 2020 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Heute Morgen haben wir einen Zettel unter unserer Tür gefunden, dass die geplante Flusstour leider ins Wasser fallen würde 😢.
    Auf Empfehlung unseres „Herbergsvaters“, der im Gegensatz zu meiner Vorstellung von einem typischen kanadischen Hauswirt jung, groß, schlank und gutaussehend ist 😇) haben wir gleich nach dem Frühstück den Wagen genommen und sind zum nahe gelegenen Maligne Canyon gefahren. Die Wassermassen waren aufgrund der Regenfälle der letzten Tage enorm, sehr laut und wirklich beeindruckend, dafür der Besucheransturm bei dem Wetter eher lau 😉. Es war zwar bewölkt, blieb aber trocken. Erst als wir vier Stunden später zurück in Jasper waren, fing es an zu tröpfeln, bevor es nachmittags dann wieder richtig regnete. Ein Spiele-, Rate- und Malnachmittag war wieder angesagt 😀.Read more

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