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  • Day6

    Cerro Castillo Trek

    February 27 in Chile

    Nun erzähle ich euch aus dem Paradies eines Trekking-Amateurs:
    Diese Tour war von Beginn geplant und sollte den sonst obligatorischen Torres del Paine-Circuit im Süden Patagoniens toppen, weil hier weniger Menschen sind und kein Geld fürs Zelten erhoben wird. Zu einer guten Mehrtagestour gehören für mich 1. ununterbrochene Wanderwege, die nicht den Hauch einer Ahnung zulassen, dass ein Fahrzeug fahren könnte, 2. regelmäßiger Zugang zu Wasser aus Bächen oder Flüssen, 3. ausreichende Wegmarkierungen und 4. ein stetiges bergauf und bergab mit vielfältigen Aussichten auf die umwerfenden Landschaften.
    Das alles gab der Trek her!
    Die Wegbereiter vollzogen beim Anlegen ein wohlbedachtes Konzept von körperlichen Herausforderungen, die nach jeder Nachtruhe mit einfachen Passagen begannen, bevor dann Kraft- und Balancefähigkeiten oder Konzentration gefordert wurden. Insgesamt war die Strecke dramaturgisch erstklassig aufgebaut - mit dem idealen Wetter gepaart ein Geschenk.
    Die Strecke absolvierte ich free solo. Free heißt dabei ohne Funkverbindung. Das bedeutet: Vier Tage gehen, essen, schlafen im eigenen Rhythmus einzig am Licht orientiert. Gezeltet habe ich an drei von fünf Plätzen. Da ich meist vor den anderen das Tagesziel erreichte, konnte ich mir den besten Platz aussuchen, Wäsche waschen und Kaffee schlürfend die Nachzügler empfangen.
    Am liebsten morgen wieder!
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  • Day113

    La Casona

    January 20 in Chile

    We woke up around 10 am the next morning feeling quite refreshed. We wanted to start the trek of Cerro Castillo before 12 pm when we had heard they stop the entries for the day. It was a lovely sunny morning with hardly a cloud in the sky. We could see tge granite peaks of Cerro Castillo, which boaded well for our trek plans. La Casona where we had been very lucky to find a place the previous night was a lovely cozy place in a very scenic location. It was a beautiful wooden villa run by a single lady. She had some cabañas and was also running a restaurant there.
    We had paid 20000 CLP per person for one night, making it a total of 80000 CLP which was double than what we had paid in most places but then we didn't have a choice the previous night and we had been very lucky to find this place. The breakfast was included so we didn't have to go anywhere else to find food before the trek. It was during breakfast that we found that they had cabañas as well and were costing 45000 CLP for the 4 of us. It was a nice cozy cottage within the same compound and as we were expecting to come back exhausted after a day long trek, we decided to stay one more night there but moved to the cabaña.
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  • Day115

    Back to Puerto Ibáñez

    January 22 in Chile

    As planned, we were up and ready early. The bus came and picked us up a little after 8 am. Then, it was all the way back about 120 kms to Puerto Ibáñez. We turned off the Carretera Austral towards Puerto Ibáñez, past the Laguna Morales and reached the port on the Lago General Carrera, just before 10 am.

  • Day110

    Just a few kms before Cerro Castillo, there were some very interesting rock formations along the road. The weather was overall quite good, with a bit of cool, a bit of sunshine, some clouds and clear visibility.

  • Day110

    Mirador Cerro Castillo

    January 17 in Chile

    Just before the road snakes its way down to the valley of Villa Cerro Castillo, there is a beautiful viewpoint. We stopped for a while at the viewpoint. The scenic beauty of the valley was stunning. The road was like a serpent lying on the green slopes of the valley. The view of the Cerro Castillo mountains was very clear but the peaks were covered with clouds.

  • Day110

    It was almost 5 pm when we reached Villa Cerro Castillo. This is one of the venues we had on our itinerary for a trek into the mountains. But we had decided to do it on the way back since it takes a full day to do it.
    Now, we just stopped for some snacks and tea/coffee. The 3 people we were giving a ride realized that we were driving all the way to Rio Tranquilo and asked if they could come along. We didn't have a problem with that. They too had their meal and then we were off again.
    The views of the granite peaks were stunning and we all were looking forward to stop for the trek on the way back. We were hoping that the skies would be clearer when we do the trek so we could see the beautiful peaks.
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  • Day113

    Maria decided to skip the trek as she wanted to relax a bit and the La Casona was the perfect place for it. She dropped us off at the base of Cerro Castillo where the trek starts and went back to the villa. It was almost 12 pm when we started the trek. The day was a clear one with hardly any wind. There was a small cloud floating just below the mountain peaks which we hoped wouldn't be there when we reached the top. Overall, an ideal day for a steep mountain trek.Read more

  • Day113

    Cascada Del Rey

    January 20 in Chile

    There were several deviations on the main route up. We decided to go to the side path to Cascada Del Rey which was a short 2 km deviation from the main route. Hardly anybody else was going on this track and it wasn't even marked on so we weren't sure if was worth going 2 kms to it but we decided to check it out. It was a beautiful waterfall with ice cold water coming from the melting snows above. We stopped for a while and filled our water bottles before heading on.Read more

  • Day113

    Back on the main trail

    January 20 in Chile

    From the waterfall, didn't show any trail joining the main trail so we would need to walk back 2 kms and then continue on the main trail. But, from where we were, a section of the main trail showed to be about 700 mts away. There was a sort of a trail or clearing among the thick grasses that lead in that direction so we decided to try and reach the main trail this way. The path was quite steep and tricky at some places and there were a lot of bushes with thorns and seeds that stuck to the pants. After walking for about 20 min, we reached the main trail. We had climbed quite high pretty quickly. The views were stunning. We could see the valley and the hills behind us. On the other side we could see the upper section of the stream forming more waterfalls. There were many tree trunks broken in strange formations. We could really figure out why they were like that. The most probable guess was fire burning the trees and the broken remains after that.Read more

  • Day113

    The steep climb up

    January 20 in Chile

    On the main trail, the track continued going up at a steady rate. The valley behind was spectacular. We could see for miles around. To the right were ts snow covered peaks with the Rio Ibáñez snaking its way into the valley. In the middle was the small village of Villa Cerro Castillo and mountains in multiple steps of plateaus behind. In some of the flat places, there were lakes. On the left side was the valley leading to the Puerto Ibáñez with the Rio Ibáñez continuing till the General Carrera lake.Read more

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