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  • Day16

    Beijing surprised us. Our expectations were low and we were prepared for a cultural shock. But Beijing was a well organized, architecturally rich, relatively clean city with friendly people and abundant green spaces. The language barrier was huge as almost no one speaks English, but we were able to get what we wanted without too many surprises :) we got lost in the city and its hutongs, visited the Forbidden City and the beautiful Jingshan gardens, the National Museum of China, the Centre for the Performing Arts and hiked for 3 hours a section of the breathtaking Great Wall. We fell in love with Chinese paintings, ceramics and handicrafts, maybe one day we’ll come back for shopping! On the other hand, we felt a lot under surveillance, thanks to the thousands of cameras everywhere on the streets and strong police presence in every corner.

    We leave Beijing in a night train to Xi’an, which should be a small adventure in itself... let’s see what the next episode will bring!
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  • Day77

    Pingyao - Peking

    April 30 in China

    Wir machten einen Zwischenstopp im Stadtpark von Jiaozuo, eine relativ kleine Stadt auf der Karte, doch es lebten dennoch 3,5 Millionen Menschen hier…
    Ein kleiner Junge rannte auf uns zu als wir aus den Autos stiegen und meinte: Unglaublich - Ausländer…

    Am nächsten Tag standen 2 Frauen bei uns, nach einer kleinen Vorstellungsrunde stellten Sie uns ein paar Fragen über unsere Reise.
    Sie arbeiteten für ein Reisebüro und wurden von Passanten gerufen.
    Den Grund für ihr erscheinen ist uns nicht ganz klar, vermutlich wollten Sie uns nur einen Überblick geben was man alles in ihrer Stadt und Umgebung machen kann.

    In Pingyao angekommen checkten wir in ein Hostel in der kleinen Altstadt ein - die Auto mussten draußen bleiben.
    Die Stadt war schön anzuschauen aber auch sehr touristisch was man an den Preisen merkte…

    Nach 2 Nächten ging es für uns dann nach Peking.

    Die Peking Kurzfassung: Extrem viele Menschen waren unterwegs (Feiertag & Gutes Wetter), egal was man machen oder sehen wollte, man musste sich anstellen.

    Die Kreditkarte von Chris blieb im Automat stecken & wir mussten wieder 1h zurück zum Hotel und dann wieder eine Stunde zurück in die Stadt, um dann 45min auf die Karte zu warten.

    Am ende wollten wir dann noch zum Vogelnest (Olympiastadion) - auch hier musste man wieder Eintritt bezahlen, wir wussten leider nicht wo.
    Und dar es dunkel wurde beschlossen wir wieder zurück zum Hotel zu fahren…

    Nach 10h, 17km laufen und extrem vielen Menschen hatten wir genug von Peking.
    Ist sicher eine Schöne Stadt - aber nicht für einen Tag.
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  • Day16

    Selfies em Pequim

    May 19 in China

    Depois de a Sara ter vomitado no avião e ter logo arrumado com a preocupação de ficar doente da barriga, andamos a explorar Pequim meio adormecidos pelo jet lag. Felizmente era uma cidade super interessante e fácil de navegar, e fomos tendo pequenas surpresas ao longo dos dias que nos despertavam :) o hostel com as paredes pintadas com One Piece, o senhor que nos emprestou a fita colorida, os praticantes de tai-chi nos jardins, boa comida... fomos felizes em Pequim!Read more

  • Day6

    Beihai Park und Kohlehügel

    July 10, 2017 in China

    Heute waren wir im Beihai Park. Eine wunderschöne Parkanlage mit See. Bekannt ist der Park für seine Lotusblüten. Nebendran befindet sich der Kohlehügel, der künstlich angelegt wurde. Der See im Beihai Park ist sozusagen der Baggersee des Bergs. Nach einem Spaziergang durch den Park ging es auf den Kohlehügel. Von hier hat meinen super Ausblick über ganz Peking und über die verbotene Stadt. Wir haben gemütlich den Sonnenuntergang genossen und sind anschließend Peking Ente essen gegangen. Sehr lecker und wirklich empfehlenswert.Read more

  • Day3

    Great Wall of China

    February 4, 2017 in China

    Today we went to the great wall of china. It was also our first day using the subway system! Luckily it was fairly straight forward and we managed to get there. The great wall was just what it says on the tin...GREAT! The views from it were stunning...a picture did not do it justice. And though our thighs ached and our feet throbbed from the walk/climb up the great wall, it was worth it. That's to say we did not make it to the top or end (if there is an end) but we did each side north and south and reached as far as our bodies would take us. It was a good day. Plus we experienced the Chinese toilets for the first time which took some leg strength to keep ourselves steady but we came, we squatted, we conquered.Read more

  • Day138

    Food everywhere, Beijing

    September 17, 2015 in China

    With our couchsurfer Jack we've went to a hot pot restaurant. We also had tasty food at home with Bastian from Germany :)
    At a food market we didn't use our chance to try some fresh scorpions and bugs, but for this we ate a delicious Peking duck at a restaurant.
    On our last day in Beijing I've met with Yifan and we went to a delicious Chinese restaurant together.

  • Day5


    September 6, 2017 in China

    This morning I thought walking some of the Great Wall would be the highlight of our day and at the time it was! We both made it up the steepest option which was quite an accomplishment in the 30deg+ heat. Then there was the Peking Duck dinner which also was terrific. But the spectacular show we went to this evening was so amazing it makes it so difficult to chose the highlight of the day. It even included a huge on-stage waterfall.Read more

  • Day4


    September 5, 2017 in China

    Wish I had been wearing my Fit Bit today - heaps of walking. First stop, Tiananmen Square, one of the largest squares in the world. Then we walked to the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City. Such a huge place and quite beautiful. It took over 2hrs to walk from one side to the other. Thankful to be able to rest and enjoy a wonderful lunch before heading off to the Summer Palace. Joined another couple at a Mongolian Hotpot restaurant for dinner tonight - such a fun meal, trying to order with our language barrier. Staff were wonderful.Read more

  • Day2


    February 3, 2017 in China

    Our first full day in Beijing! We had slept and (just about) recovered from the jetlag though our body clock was still adjusting.
    We head out to the many attractions beijing offers...tianmen square, forbidden city and the park which had lakes frozen over (that's how cold it is!).
    The buildings were vast and the designs were colourful and vibrant even amongst all the smog! We walked around taking it all in then to be approached by various people asking to have a picture with us; we obliged, smiled for the camera and did the peace sign which they seemed to like.Read more

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