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    • Day192

      The egyptian connection

      September 18, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      My first coushsurfing surprise in China was to find out that most hosts were not Chinese. From Russia, Pakistan, England or the US.., many expats seem eager to invite other travelers at their home.
      A happy choice led me to an Egyptian - Tunisian household : Eslam, Yasra, both teachers at an international school, and their young son Adam. Eslam being also a cyclist, he was very understanding of my simple needs (shower, food, sleep !) and sent me many supportive messages to help me finish my long day of riding.

      The second surprise was that Eslam and Yasra were close friends with my next hosts, a few cities later ! Thus, with their help, I could master all their names (both english and arabic, for 5 people), before having met them. They were indeed a large Egyptian family : 4 warm and witty brothers, their mum, another Egyptian friend and the chinese girlfriend of one of the brothers. In this joyful company, I quickly had to adapt, switching from the usual quietness of my solo journey to a crazy/ loud/ lively atmosphere in their packed living room : everyone wanted to ask me a question, show me a video, share a story or a joke or offer me something to eat or drink, often all and everything at the same time ...
      Not only these 4-5 solid men enjoy having good food in their belly, they also have many flourishing ideas and projects in mind ! Around the table were thus gathered an English teacher, a computing engineer, a dentist ready to become a CrossFit trainer, another guy who wanted to open Kindergartens, and still another who seems to be the entry gate for any Egyptian in search for a job, an apartment, legal counseling or any other advice for a successful settlement in China...

      Everyone also had different timetables. Tito/ Tahar nicely shared his room with me, which was not complicated at all, since he only went to bed when I was waking up ! I admire the courage or their mother, who has to feed and take care of all these grown-up men, their friends and girlfriends and adapt to their busy lives... Anyway, despite the tiredness of long days of cycling, I spent great evenings with my hosts and will keep precious memories of this Egyptian connection as far as eastern China.

      NB : between these two homes, a few pictures taken on the road between Suzhou and Nantong.
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      Du coup t'as retest l'autoroute ?


      Jai tenté 3 fois au total mais n'ai réussi qu'une fois, au debut, dans le Guangxi. Par la suite je me suis toujours faite recalée ! Sans doute avec raison...

    • Day49

      Ausflug nach Zhujiajio

      October 19, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      An diesem Tag haben wir einen Ausflug zu einer typischen chinesischen „Wasserstadt“ im Umland von Shanghai gemacht. Der Ort ist wirklich eine sehr schöne und malerische Kleinstadt. Auch wenn, wie immer, die Stadt doch sehr touristisch war... (die Menge an Menschen war gerade noch erträglich, aber dass so viel los war lag vllt auch daran, dass es Samstag war 🙈)
      Dort angekommen, begegneten wir einer Frau, die uns eine Halskette mit Kreuz entgegenstreckte und uns damit wohl sagen wollte, dass sie (auch) christlichen Glaubens ist.
      Wir schlenderten durch die Gassen, in denen es haptsächlich Essens- und Verkaufstände gab und besuchten einen Tempel, einen chinesischen Garten und ein paar kleine Museen, z.B. zur Post in China und zur Aquarellmalerei.
      Natürlich hatten wir dann dort auch einige Leckereien probiert. Es gab handgemachte Cracker (total lecker!), zuckerglasierte Miniäpfel, gebratenen Tofu und eine Art Reispancake mit Bohnenfüllung (nicht so unser Geschmack 🙈).
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      Oh geilo 🥰


      Tolles Bild!

    • Day7

      First week

      September 22, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      My first week over, and because I have mostly been adapting and haven't yet explored that far beyond my local area, my thoughts mostly turn to the variety of food I have eaten. I am fortunate enough to get a free lunch at work, so even without trying I get a daily dose of Chinese cuisine. It's also a pleasure looking for nice things to eat in my spare time, be it Chinese, other Eastern dishes, or occasionally a nostalgic taste of something Western (French pastries and coffee will always be my weakness!). Food delivery is extremely popular here, so eating out is always easy, with a spare table wherever you go. Most Chinese food is somewhat familiar and I have enthusiastically dived in. But some takes getting used to (note the chicken foot in the first image!)Read more


      Omg, chicken foot!? What was that like bro? 😂 Made me laugh so much when I read that part.


      I'll be honest, I didn't actually eat the foot.😂 I ate everything else around it, but I have a strict no eating feet policy 😉


      I was going to say how did you stomach that 😂 Everything else looks really tasty though... is it?

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    • Day26

      Gardens of Suzhou

      September 22, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      Last full day in China! It's certainly been busy, and action-packed. Another early start - of course - though at least today we had included breakfast downstairs. It was a bit average though, and we only learned on leaving the breakfast area that we'd chosen the Chinese breakfast area - on the other side of the building was a Western breakfast area complete with a waffle station. Damn.

      Next door to the station where we hopped on our early train to Suzhou, a city not far north-west of Shanghai. Here is the location of our last World Heritage Site for China (on this trip, we're still not even halfway through the full gamut of China's sites!): the Classical Gardens of Suzhou.

      In Ming and Qing era China, Suzhou was a very quiet and peaceful place where court officials and bureaucrats would retire, and having done so they would often take up gardening. There's now hundreds of these gardens across Suzhou, and about 10 of them are inscribed on the World Heritage list.

      We headed for the biggest and best known one, the Humble Administrator's Garden. The weather had improved but it was still drizzling on and off, so we were hopeful for a reasonable day. The gardens were quite nice - Chinese formal gardens, where it's essentially a series of imitated natural scenes. Rocks, pools, trees, pavilions, covered walkways and so on. If you've ever been to a Chinese style garden, it was likely inspired (or even directly copied) from this garden, or others in Suzhou. The overall effect is very nice, but it was incredibly crowded.

      I know that's been a running theme on this trip, but aside from Fanjingshan and the Forbidden City, I think this probably ranked 3rd in terms of crowding. You find yourself waiting endlessly for a photo opportunity, and even in quiet corners of the gardens you're surrounded by people. It's very draining, though I guess the locals don't mind because it's like that everywhere they go!

      After a nice but tiring couple of hours we headed outside and grabbed some street noodles. Caught a bus across the city to the Lingering Garden, which although busy was thankfully far less crowded. This was more focused on rock landscapes than the previous garden which had largely focused on pools. There was also a decent museum attached which clearly the locals weren't interested in - it was the quietest place we'd been in days! Though I got stung by some sort of insect on the way out, a large dragonfly sized thing. It landed on my left elbow and as I brushed it off it stung me which hurt like a bastard. The old man at first aid gave me some sort of anti-sting thing, but it still hurt for days afterward.

      Back outside where we had one last stop. We walked about two kilometres along a waterway from the Lingering Garden to see our final stop on the trip: the Grand Canal. We'd first seen it in Beijing, nearly four weeks ago, and here we were at nearly the far end of it, thousands of kilometres away. A nice metaphor for the trip I guess. The canal is much wider here, with ships plowing up and down the waterway. Unlike the spot in Beijing which was pretty much a storm drain. One of the world's greatest engineering works, and nobody knows about it. Odd.

      Another bus back to the station where we made our train back to Shanghai. Both feeling tired, footsore, over Chinese food and a little damp - we caved and had train station Maccas for dinner. Our last night in China and everything.
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      Trish Forrester

      Great one, you managed it without anyone there! Nice photo

      Trish Forrester

      The irony is that the gardens are supposed to be tranquil places but with so many people, they are anything but!


      That took about five minutes of waiting

      Trish Forrester

      It's a real calendar shot!

    • Day2

      Master of the Nets

      October 5, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 68 °F

      Su Zhou was the capital of one of the seven ancient kingdoms of China. Ancient travelers said, “There is paradise, and beyond that there is Su Zhou.” Even though its kingdom was later incorporated into larger China, this small city of 10 million people became a paradise on earth for “The Humble Administrator,” “The Master of the Nets,” and other noblemen who built their palaces and gardens here. Glorious flowers, peaceful lakes, and remarkable monoliths grace these estates. Huge, abstract stone ornaments in gardens became fashionable simply because the stones were taken from the bottom of a lake considered the most beautiful in China. Their extraction before the days of mechanization was arduous, dangerous and expensive. Merely having one of these huge rocks in one’s garden testified to the wealth and status of the owner. The status of the city was further enhanced by the construction of the Grand Canal that extended from Shanghai all the way to Beijing. We took a boat ride along a portion of the canal and marveled at the many homes and temples from the sixteenth century that still overlook the waters. Following our boat ride on the canal, we enjoyed an elegant meal that featured not only familiar Chinese favorites, such as Kong Pao Chicken, and Sweet and Sour Pork, but also a new experience for me, silver needle fish. We finished the day visiting a silk factory. I got to touch young silk worms as they ate their dinner of mulberry leaves. We saw workers extract a 1.5 mile-long thread of silk from one cocoon. On display were colorful quilts, elegant silk prints, and beautiful silk clothing. A two-hour bus ride returned us to Shanghai in time for the laser sound and light show, bouncing intense colors from the gaudy facades of some of Asia’s tallest architectural wonders. The patriotic sounds of China’s military bands led a million marchers through the streets and along the Bund as Shanghai continues to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.Read more


      I bought silk from China after seeing the process !

    • Day14

      Week 2

      September 29, 2019 in China ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      A short update this week, as I have been mostly been getting into the swing of things at work, and further adapting to life here. National Day is fast approaching, a national holiday where the country celebrates the founding of People's Republic of China. During this time, many people get a week off work, and go travelling to different parts of China. It can be very busy in the big cities during this week, with lots of activities and festivities taking place. For this reason, I will likely remain in Suzhou, as there is still so much I haven't seen here.Read more


      Waiting on the next update mate 🙌🏾

    • Day8

      Suzhou to Hangzhou

      November 21, 2019 in China ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

      A morning wandering in the lingering garden is delightful! So tranquil ( once we left the group and wandered on our own). Then to the silk factory where I am entranced bb the silk foo as and pillows and the talk of health promoting properties so of course I buy the whole set and a LV scarf! Royce did not enjoy this part of the tour 😐. To the canals for a tour of the little houses built in the canals and the local markets. Frogs of all sizes, eels and half dead fish! A colorful and interesting look at life in Suzhou. We eat at a local restaurant - vegetable sandwich and tofu vegetables and noodles washed down with local beer. On the bus for the 2 hour drive to Hangzhou. The hotel is great again- huge bed , so comfortable and an enormous shopping mall across the road. Such rapid advancement in such a short time.Read more

    • Day4


      August 12, 2019 in China ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      We travelled 30 minutes by train to get to Suzhou. The city's magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the stunning Grand Canal and dozens of classical gardens.
      We visited:

      - The Humble Administrator's Garden
      - Lion Grove Garden
      - Tiger Hill

      The gardens were really nice but crowded so we didn't enjoy them like we could.
      The Tiger Hill was better and the park was really quite. We had a nice stay there.
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    • Day1


      September 16, 2019 in China ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      I really couldn't say what I was expecting of China, other than an adventure into the unknown. However my first impressions are very positive. As with every positive cultural experience, it begins with the people. I certainly stand out - I haven't seen another Westerner in days, and I get a lot of glances. But despite this, I mostly see curiosity. And when called upon, the people have been notably kind and helpful (and the children unbelievably friendly! ) . It probably goes without saying that the food is great though.Read more

    • Day10


      July 14, 2017 in China ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

      Suzhou is een, voor Chinese begrippen, middelgrote stad met een lange gezellige winkelstraat. We hadden een hostel dat onderdeel is van een grote keten, wat als voordeel had dat we elke dag schone handdoeken kregen en ons vuilnisbakje ook dagelijks werd geleegd. Niet geheel onbelangrijk als je je w.c. papier in die prullenbak moet gooien. We wilden hier 2 nachten slapen, maar vonden het er zo fijn dat we er een extra nacht aan vast plakten. We vonden zelfs een wedstrijdbad waar we lekker af konden koelen en even wat konden sporten zonder ten onder te gaan aan de hitte. Ook bezochten we een groot park dat leek op een botanische tuin. Zo mooi! We hebben nog maar een heel klein gedeelte van deze stad gezien! Maar we kozen er nu voor om even gewoon te leven ipv alles te ontdekken.

      (We kunnen de foto's van onze camera niet overzetten sinds we in China zijn dus ik heb niet zoveel foto's)
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