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  • Day104

    Machetengauner & Animal Rescue Center

    December 13, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Wir sind in Costa Rica angekommen. Der Tropensturm der letzten Tage hat eine menge Chaos angerichtet. Neben Erdrutschen und umgestürzten Bäumen, hat es vorallem am Strand eine Menge "Güsel" und Holz angeschwemmt. Puerto Viejo eigentlich ein lebendiges Städtchen, erwacht nun langsam wieder zum Leben. Eigentlich wollten wir gestern in den Nationalpark Manzanillo um ein wenig das Wildlife von Costa Rica 🇨🇷 zu erkunden. Nachdem wir den ersten Viewpoint passiert hatten, dann aber der Schock. Maskierte Männer mit Macheten und Sturmmasken haben direkt vor uns ein betagtes französisches Paar ausgeraubt. Wären wir eine Minute früher vom Viewpoint weitergelaufen, hätte es wohl uns erwischt 😕 zumal ich mein Sackmesser in unserem Appartement vergessen hatte 😉

    Am nächsten Tag wollten wir auf nummer sicher gehen und sind ins Auffangtentrum für verletzte Tiere gegangen. 350 Tiere werden pro Jahr dort eingeliefert, mit dem Ziel, diese wieder auszuwildern. Es war sehr interessant zu sehen wie sich die Volunteere aus aller Welt den Tieren annehem. Katrin wäre auch gleich ins Programm eingestiegen, aber die mindestdauer beträgt einen Monat. Wir konnten Faultieren, Affen, Tukane und vieles mehr bestaunen 👍
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  • Day95

    Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo

    December 29, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Wenn man nach Costa Rica fliegt hat man die Chance sich die Hauptstadt San José anzugucken. Allerdings reichen dazu auch 1-2 Tage. In der Zeit wo ich dort war, fand eine traditionelle Pferdeparade "Tope" statt, die sich einmal durch die Stadt gezogen hat. Einen Tag später war eine "Karnevalsveranstaltung", auch quer durch die Stadt.
    Beste Zeit abgepasst ;-)

    Nach der Stadt ging es weiter an die Karbikküste nach Puerto Viejo. Hier ging es sehr chillig zu und man war eigentlich gezwungen abzuhängen... Ein sehr schönes Plätzchen!Read more

  • Day39

    The world's smallest pasta!!

    February 9, 2017 in Costa Rica

    I am STARVING so imagine my horror when the attached was delivered! Good god serve a decent size!

    Pottered around in the morning doing washing and going to the post office.

    So hot in my sauna room that had to have a cold shower after my washing chores. Yes a freezing cold shower is a blessing!

    Have been carrying around some postcards for four countries. In Granada they had run out of stamps!
    Our dopey tour guide couldn't manage to locate an open post office. In Guatemala we were told the post offices were closing and that there was nothing to replace them!! Apparently private contractors are going to do it - eventually. I didn't have the strength to question further.

    Then I started looking for some electric bikes I saw the other day. Couldn't find them, hot and time marching on so had a smoothie which is the answer to everything and hired a car which took care of the heat issue and safety as I was by myself. Most of the new tour members were on a day trip and the old members that are left are horrid!

    The whole process to rent the car took an hour and a half - carribean time which is slower that central american time! Missed the jaguar rescue centre tour so drove up and down the coast then settled into an upmarket hotel for a few hours on the beach alternating between a lounge chair and a hammock. Super until the tiny pasta came! So had another smoothie!

    Dropped car off and then had some gelato as no day is complete without gelato and walked along the beach settling into a nice spot right on the beach for an early chicken and fries dinner. Very relaxing. Lots of offers to purchase substances! One guy even had his kids with him!

    Then yes - gelato again! I am on a first name basis with the owner of the shop!

    Tedious group meeting at 7pm then clicky old members of group met up for dinner with other clicky members of group who are no longer on the tour but are following us! Its like high school! Anyway I have avoided the clicky group most of the tour and will continue to do so. The new members of the group are really good though.

    Early night as didn't sleep much last night in my sauna room. Next place we have been told has air conditioning. Yay!
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  • Day143


    January 27 in Costa Rica

    Die letzten Tage wollten wir uns an der Karibikküste am Meer entspannen. Als wir in
    unserer Unterkunft ankamen, war ich ganz schön enttäuscht. Sie war gar nicht am Meer, sondern an der Hauptstraße. Außerdem hatten wir das Haus nicht ganz für uns, sondern die Vermieter haben über uns gewohnt - ziemlich laut, weil es nur ein Holzhaus war. Da hatte ich wohl nicht richtig gelesen. Feucht war alles irgendwie auch noch, aber nun ja, wir machen das beste draus, ne Petra?! ;-) Der Strand in Punta Uva, der theoretisch auch zu Fuß erreichbar war, hat uns nicht wirklich gefallen. Es war nur eine eine Bucht und zu viele Menschen mit viel Zeug im Wasser. Sind dann gleich zum nächsten Strand gefahren. Der war echt schön lang mit vielen Affen und einem versteckten Faultier. Baden konnte man nicht wirklich. Die Strömung war zu krass. Und ich dachte immer die Karibik ist blau, klar und hat keine Wellen. Abends waren wir in dem Touristenort Puerto Viejo lecker karibisch essen, mit Kokosreis, Fisch und karibischer Soße.
    Am nächsten Tag sind wir zum Playa Cocles gefahren, der war ganz nett mit kleinen Sandbänken. Aber die Strömung war auch hier krass, je näher man den Felsen kam. Wir wurden sogar bis zum Strandabschnitt dahinter getrieben wurden, weil wir es nicht geschafft hätten dagegen an zu schwimmen.
    So viel zu unseren ersten zwei Tagen Strandabenteuer in der Karibik. Das Karibikfeeling kam hier aber trotzdem auf, die Leute waren sehr entspannt, viele kamen aus Jamaika. Überall fuhren die Leute mit ihren Beachbikes und es hat nach Gras gerochen. Wir haben uns dann trotzdem zum Abendessen Pellkartoffeln, Quark (sowas ähnliches) und Gurkensalat gemacht. 😜 Alles gut!
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  • Day143

    Puerto Viejo

    June 25, 2017 in Costa Rica

    And so now I find myself in Costa Rica, having taken the most lax border crossing in the world. The border has local people riding bicycles up and down and families taking their children across. The only people who go into the immigration offices are the tourists.

    But anyway, finding myself in Costa Rica is pretty good because I've always wanted to come here.

    First stop on the map is Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast. The town has a Jamaican/ Caribbean vibe to it and is on the beach but also in the jungle. In a way it reminds me a lot of Thailand.

    Tom and I arrived at around 3pm and had a total mind fuck seeing as we had gained another hour (now 7 hours behind the U.K.). We are staying at the Selina's here which I like a lot less than the one we stayed at in Bocas. We chilled for a bit and I got into a political debate with this American guy by the poor for about an hour or so. Them Tom and I walked into town and had a big faff over trying to get money out of the cash machine. We went to the supermarket and nearly had a heart attack when we spent $14 on literally not much food at all. CR is expensive!

    I ended going to bed quite early because gaining the hour had really played with my body clock (so help me for when I come back to England). On a separate side note to all my loyal, avid readers - I've finally booked my flight back to London on 13th September from Varadero in Cuba. 🙌🏼

    The next day we got up early for yoga which I really enjoyed. We then rented bikes with no brakes - to make them stop you had to cycle backwards which was not that fun to get used to. We cycled to Punta Uva which is one of the nicest beaches in the area. We sunbathed until it became overcast and then slept until it started to rain and then we had to cycle back to the hostel. It then continued to rain pretty much all afternoon and I had to walk 1km in the rain with my big backpack to my new hostel which I prefer a lot more. The rainy season here is pretty full on and stops everything!

    In my new hostel I spent the next day just chilling until around midday when it was time to speak to Josh. We've barely spoken since he left Colombia just due to being busy and having no wifi in the San Blas.

    In the afternoon I went on a run to Playa Cocles. I haven't put on a pair of running shoes in an embarrassingly long time (since March) but have thought it's time to have a bit of a detox and get back on the fitness wagon. I ran 8.45km and it was okay until it was time to turn back and then it was a bit of a struggle. I stopped along the way to get water and OJ and also to take some photos of the beaches - cus they were so pretty and the sun was shining.

    When I finished I went and lay on the beach for a bit and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon sun. I then went to the supermarket and got some food for dinner. I made a healthy dinner of quinoa and brown rice with parsley, pepper, onion, sweet corn and chickpeas which was really delicious. I had a pretty quiet evening because I've got to get up at around 6am tomorrow to get the bus to San José and then onto Manuel Antonio.
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  • Day358

    Puerto Viejo, CRI

    August 23, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Da wir in Costa Rica ziemlich viel Programm hatten, haben wir uns für die letzten Tage noch eine schöne Unterkunft nähe Strand zum Entspannen gesucht.

    Bei der Suche sind wir auf ein modernes Haus gestoßen, welches auf einem Schiffscontainer basierte. Klingt rustikal aber das Haus war sehr neu und super eingerichtet. Das besondere an dem Haus war, dass es sehr offen war, d.h. Wände gab es nicht überall. So waren z.B. die Küche und das Wohnzimmer nur überdacht. Die Tiergeräusche in der Nacht waren ein wunderbares Einschlafmittel, welches wir jetzt schon sehr vermissen. Daher ließen wir auch nachts die Türen unserer Schlafzimmer offen.

    In Puerto Viejo haben wir bewusst auf Programm und Action verzichtet, da wir uns wirklich erholen mussten. Hin und wieder sind wir an den Strand spaziert, um uns abzukühlen und sonst haben wir es uns in der Unterkunft mit Lesen und Spielen gemütlich gemacht.
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  • Day13

    Playa Cocles

    January 9 in Costa Rica

    Sun Is Up

    I don’t know what caused the change but this morning the weather promised the day to be a good and sunny one again. Since the weather changed I feel so enterprising and curious to see as many places as possible. Today we planned to visit the Bri Bri Waterfalls. By bus we were chauffeured directly in front of the entry. The guard told us to take some sticks because the way could be slippery and explained in which waterfall we could bathe and in which not because the water jet was to strong and dangerous. Actually, it is not the biggest waterfall and only like 10 minutes walk in total. It turned out that the bus driver let us off at the wrong waterfalls - the so-called Home Creek Waterfalls. Nevertheless, it was a really nice setting and worth to visit.

    After we had still so much time we decided to go back and spend some time at the Playa Cocles. I was very curious to see this beach actually, because everybody was talking about it. Especially, for surfing one can enjoy the perfect waves in Cocles. The way to get there, however, turned out to be more difficult than expected. The bus which passes like every half an hour just passed when we waved so we tried to tramp by private cars. However, here in Costa Rica it seems not to be so easy to tramp than for example in Ecuador where everyone carries everyone. (Later on somebody some guys told us that they often don’t like to carry people. Even if we were just three innocent-looking girls, most people might be afraid of others hiding in the back and robbing the car when they would stop to let us jump on.) In the end, nonetheless, three guys were willing to let us jump on their pick up. We spent a really beautiful afternoon at the beach!
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  • Day21

    Playa Chiquita

    January 17 in Costa Rica

    Small, but impressive

    Since I’ve got to seen nearly every beach in the area of Puerto Viejo there was no beach left than Playa Chiquita. It’s a very nice beach though. Like its name Playa Chiquita is pretty small but therefore, one can nearly enjoy to have the whole beach for himself. Mia and I went by bicycle and wondered why we never had come here before. It’s also a nice setting for taking a lots of photos - and with a lots of photos I mean many.

    When we returned I asked Elisabeth, the cleaning lady of our hostel, if she would like to cook together after her shift - She already invited me once to eat from her prepared food the other day. It was a lot of fun and I’m always open to learn some new latin american recipes.

    In the evening we made some music in the living room. Then Jorge, Vicky and I swam to the stranded boat near the hostel and set on top to watch the spangled sky and the colorful lighted beachside. In the night we went out with the whole hostel.

    There are only a few days left in the Lazy Loft..
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  • Day17

    Jaguar Rescue Center

    January 2, 2017 in Costa Rica

    I dag har vi varit på en guidad tur där de räddar och tar hand om skadade djur. För att sen släppa ut dem i det vilda igen,

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