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  • Day20


    March 25 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Final concentration camp of my trip today. I think the way Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole remember the Holocaust is very simple but respectful. Small plaques stand in front of houses where victims lived, commemorating the individual lives that were taken by the Nazi's. The plaques themselves are made of a metal that becomes shinier the more it is walked on symbolising the fact that the more we ignore the past the more present it is. Drove along the road when the assassination of Heydrich took place, the road itself has changed dramatically over the years but is marked with another simple memorial. The past couple of days have given me a massive amount of respect for what Czechoslovakia (as it was at the time) went through at the hand of the Nazi's, and I am in awe by the resilience of the people here at the time and their resistance to the regime.Read more

  • Day208


    September 8, 2018 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Wir fuhren durch die Slowakei, ehe wir nach Tschechien kamen.

    Nachmittags besuchten wir die Böhmischen Schweiz, hatten leider mit dem Wetter etwas Pech und beschlossen direkt auf einen Campingplatz zu fahren.

    Am nächsten Morgen standen wir Punkt 10:00 Uhr am „Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ Schild :) - Tolles Gefühl, fast Zuhause!

    Wir stoppten auf dem Castello Festival bei Halle, wo wir die Rückkehr ausgiebig feierten!

    Dienstag ging es dann weiter nach Gießen, wir hielten noch einmal an einem Camping Platz und ließen den letzen Abend gemütlich ausklingen.

    Mittwoch Abend war ich dann noch zu Besuch bei Oma, wo Lena und Timo auch einen Zwischenstopp von ihrer Radreise einlegten.

    Donnerstag war es dann soweit, Kenny und ich fuhren in Crailsheim ein.
    Pünktlich zum Volksfest - natürlich :P

    Das war es mit „The Grand Tour“. Ein unvergesslicher Roadtrip ging zu Ende. Wir hatten tolle Begegnungen und die ein oder andere Herausforderung, aber unterm Strich hatten wir immer das Glück auf unserer Seite.
    Wir sind gesund, unversehrt und reicher an Erfahrung Zuhause angekommen.

    Schön, dass ihr immer mal wieder hier reingeschaut habt.
    Danke :)
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  • Day38

    Czech Republic (Teplice) - yay

    August 20, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    After Dresden crossed the border into the Czech Republic. With open European borders I just sailed through from Germany - there was a border post, but no one asked me to stop so I didn't. There were some nice back roads from Germany winding up then down through dark pine forests.

    Teplice is a nice enough place though, as a "spa" town, I'm guessing winter is the time to visit when the place is covered in deep snow. It still has the remnants of old communism in some old dilapidated buildings. Oh, and as a visitor either you or (usually) your hotel has to register your passport with the local police.

    Two nights was probably one too many (see the next post I should have had 4 nights in Prague not 3). But I did have a pleasant start to my 1st morning when a local decided to sit right next to me at my outside cafe table (there were at least 10 empty other ones) and join me for breakfast.

    He was a big fit looking hairy bugger with long whiskers. He sat there saying little apart from making some munching sounds as if to make it obvious how much he was enjoying his food. He looked at me a few times but never said a word in Czech or otherwise. I'll put that down not to him being unfreindly, but the fact that he was a rather well fed rat!!!! And I mean rat in the literal sense. He ate, cleaned his teeth and went without leaving a tip.

    Okay... Next stop Prague
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  • Day37

    Somber Terezín

    January 20, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌫 -3 °C

    We didn't get to bed until after 12.30am. Kellie has sorted out her university subjects, well at least we hope that it is right. Up at 7am and went down for breakfast. Today it was garlic soup! Could you imagine how gassy you would be eating that first thing in the morning? No apples and custard, it was cous cous mushy stuff and fried onion ???. We are a bit over foreign food now. I might take the Vegemite down tomorrow and have vegemite and toast.
    We left the apartment by 9am and headed into the old town. It felt a lot colder this morning perhaps because we are a bit tired. We went to take some pictures but the town had a haze over it and it was overcast. We walked over Charles Bridge and took some photos. It is the first time my fingers have felt frozen. I haven't been wearing gloves as it's too awkward to take pictures, as my vest pockets have kept them warm enough. I had to fish out my gloves as I couldn't get my hands warm. We have seen these pastry things wrapped around a cylinder and slowly cooked like on a rotisserie. We saw them at one of the German markets. So we decided we should have a taste. We each had a different filling, mine was mixed berries with whipped cream. It was yummy except too much cream. We were still freezing cold and the kids had seen a torture museum the day before. I had done some research and knew it wouldn't take long to go through. It was long enough to warm us up again. We needed to head back towards our hotel as we had a tour at 12.30pm and had to find a quick lunch on the run. Unlike Germany there are very few bakeries or cafe's to grab a bite to eat. Our last resort was Maccas, not bad the kids haven't had it for 5 weeks.
    Our tour today took us out to Terezín. It is about an hour's drive from Prague towards Germany. Terezín the town was built as a part of a fortress in 1780 by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire as protection against their Prussian neighbours and was used during WWII as a Jewish Ghetto where the Jews from the area were forced to live. Out there also was the Gestapo prison which also served as a deportation camp sending trains to death camps, if they made it. We also visited a museum which unfortunately we only had 20 minutes in and we wished we had longer as it was so interesting and engaging. Once again our tour guide commented on how it's not usually this cold, it is unusual for it to be in the minuses.
    We arrived back in Prague about 5.30pm, once again did a bit of shopping for tea. I don't think we will need Emirates to fly home, I think we have eaten enough chicken we will be able to fly home ourselves.

    Photo 1 - Frozen on the bridge
    Photo 2 - Trdelník
    Photo - 3, 4, 5, 6 Terezín Memorial
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  • Day35

    The Elbe becomes the Labe

    July 2, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Elbe is the German spelling for the river, we're now on the Labe. The view across the river as we left Decin was impressive. Sunday on the river wasn't quite as busy as in Germany, we were worried we wouldn't find a beer garden, but one appeared. The view across the river was a bit industrial, but I was impressed that my tea was served with very nice honey.

    Sign posting has been good, we're definitely heading for Praha.

    Our next stop, Litomerice, didn't have much going for it, but the Pension was interesting, there was a climbing wall in the courtyard and the bike storage room was filled with climbing gear if we wanted to borrow anything. The owners are climbers. We tried some Czech cuisine in Litomerice, so far we're not impressed but we've yet to try the fried cheese balls. I'm sure they'll be good.
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  • Day7

    Mit dem Rad nach Tschechien

    July 15, 2018 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Wir radeln immer der Elbe entlang, bestaunen das Leben auf dem Wasser und die unglaubliche Natur. Ein Besuch im Öko Dorf Schmilka - Rast im idyllischen Biergarten, dann nach Tschechien. Kaum zu glauben, dass hier mal ein eiserner Vorhang war. Jetzt radeln wir einfach rüber. Wir durchwandern die Soutesky Klammen. Herrlich schattig und wildromantisch. Auch ein Bummel durch den grenznahen Vietnamesen Markt darf nicht fehlen. Alles bei bestem WetterRead more

  • Day1

    Abfahrt in Usti nad Labern

    August 20, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Fünf Stunden Bahnfahrt und man ist aus dem Hamburger Regen raus . Zwar steht man immer noch am Elbufer, aber es ist warm , sonnig und alles ein wenig fremd und dennoch vertraut. Usti an der Elbe ist unsere erste Station und auch wenn es eigentlich eine tschechische Industriestadt ist, ist es an uEcken auch romantisch .Read more

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