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  • Day431

    Day 432: Exploring Le Havre

    April 22, 2018 in France ⋅

    As I mentioned yesterday, this World Heritage site is a modern town rebuilt by French architect Auguste Perret in the 1950s after the centre of town was almost completely destroyed by WW2. It was all done in a unified style with reinforced concrete, but with splashes of colour and with forward thinking ideas, like tree-lined boulevards, space for trams and bicycles, and space for parking as well.

    Although I say the "town", the town centre is only a fairly small area, a triangle roughly 1km on each side, and we were staying right in the centre of it. So we headed out in the morning and set to filming the points of interest we'd chosen. It was quite nice, and surprising to see a huge load of tourists around. We later realised there was a cruise ship in port disgorging German retirees.

    The cathedral had survived the bombing largely intact so that was interesting, and the huge Hotel de Ville was cool as well though quite Brutalist in style. There was also a massive modernist cathedral which looked from the outside like a lighthouse - over a hundred metres high! And it's like a lighthouse inside as well, since the walls are covered in stained glass panels and the interior ends up filled with coloured light. A memorial to the 5000+ civilian victims of the bombing.

    But just like that, we were all finished around lunchtime. So we retreated to our apartment with some supplies and stayed there the rest of the day. Very quiet outside now anyway as it was a Sunday afternoon. Passed the rest of the day by working and relaxing.
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  • Day1

    Samstag, Tag 1

    April 28, 2018 in France ⋅

    Nachdem wir unser Auto gepackt hatten, ging es mit ein wenig Verspätung los. Grobe Richtung Frankreich, genaueres Ziel Bretagne. Es ist Wahnsinn, wie viel Gepäck zwei Personen zusammen bekommen können, wenn sie sich zu Hobbyfotografen zählen. Je weiter wir uns von Hannover entfernen, desto schlechter wurde das Wetter. Der Weg zog sich und wir kamen um 18 Uhr in Le Havre am Hotel an, welches wir für eine Zwischenübernachtung gebucht hatten. Nachdem wir unser Gepäck im Zimmer verstaut hatten, fuhren wir mit dem Auto in die Stadt. Mit unserer Ankunft wurde zugleich das Wetter besser, es ließ sich die Sonne blicken und so machten wir einen Spaziergang durch Le Havre. Auf unserem Weg kamen wir an zahlreichen Lokalitäten vorbei, die jedoch noch nicht geöffnet hatten. Wir fanden letztlich ein Wirtshaus, in welchem es Steak und Entenbrust gab. Ein kleiner Spaziergang zurück zum Auto lies uns noch ein wenig von der Stadt sehen, die als Hafenstadt hierfür typische Bauwerke aufwies aber auch kleinere regionaltypische Häuser und große Hochhäuser aus Beton sich dazwischen fanden. Zurück im Hotelzimmer fielen wir müde ins Bett und waren gespannt auf den folgenden Tag.Read more

  • Day4

    Le Havre/Frankreich

    October 18, 2016 in France ⋅

    Bei unserem ersten Landgang haben wir im Städtchen Giverny in der Normandie das Museum von Claude Monet besucht. Sehr eindrucksvoll waren der Seerosenteich, der Malergarten mit vielen bunten Blüten und natürlich das Wohn- und Atelierhaus von Claude Monet. In den Wohnräumen konnten viele Reproduktionen bestaunt werden. Unserer vorzügliche Reiseführerin hatte uns vorab mit Geschichten aus dem Leben des Malers auf den Besuch bestens vorbereitet.Read more

  • Day25

    Le Havre

    September 1, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    The main port of Paris at the mouth of the Seine. The first pic is of arches made of shipping crates that is located at the port. It's become a kind of symbol for the city. The second is an overview of the lower city from one of the old forts in the upper city looking towards the port in the background. You might be able to make out a cruise ship docked there. Then 2 statues at opposite ends of the beach. First, at the port end is a man with an elephant on his back. At the other end ("world's end"), a man has a child on his shoulders. Finally, the old port and a 16th century hotel, now a museum.Read more

  • Day39

    Le Havre, France

    October 8, 2017 in France ⋅

    Today definitely didn't go as planned. We were suppose to be docked around noon in Le Havre but an announcement from the captain woke me up around 11. The dock was pull of protestors who had even gone as far as swinging cranes out to block us from docking. At that point the announcement was to let passengers and crew know that we were sitting just inside the port limits waiting to see what happened when the police arrive. An hour later he made a second announcement that the police were not going to be doing anything about the protestors and the police were telling us to leave. So we left and have just very slowly been making our way to Southampton. After some google searching I learned that it's a strike involving pensions and a lot more then just our docking has been affected.

    Amsterdam was the main port this cruise so the passengers didn't seemed to be bothered by the fact that they missed Le Havre. A lot of crew were very disappointed they didn't get to go to Paris though.
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Le Havre, لو هافر, Havr, Горад Гаўр, Хавър, An Havr Nevez, Havre, Χάβρη, Havro, El Havre, لو آور, Grasville-Lheure, O Havre, לה הבר, Հավր, LEH, ル・アーヴル, ჰავრი, Гавр, 르아브르, Franciscopolis, Havras, Havra, Авр, ला आव्र, لو اور, Lé Hâvre, Hawr, لی ہاور, 76600, லே ஆவர், เลออาฟวร์, 夏華, 勒阿弗尔

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