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    • Day 24

      Day 41 Lourdes 765 km

      November 1, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      It felt like I was walking in Nanaimo today as the temperature was 8 C and it was raining. I wore every piece of my merino wool clothing and down vest to keep warm.

      I found a great grocery store and bought some salads and fruit for lunch.

      I visited a church however I cannot recall its name. It had a lot of stained glass windows. The front windows facing the altar were very unique. There were also paintings of each station of the cross. I have never seen anything like it.

      I lit a candle for Les♥️ The candle table was under the picture of Bernadette.

      I then made my way to the Grotto to collect my Holy water and touch the stone in the cave.
      It wasn't too crowded meaning there was not a long line to stand waiting. Afterwards I attended what I thought was an outdoor Mass but was a lineup to do the three things that Bernadette was led to de by Mary:
      Wash your hands with the Holy water
      Wash your face
      And finally drink the water.
      I was allowed to stay for awhile afterwards. Each person was done individually and blessed🙏

      I then went to where there are hundreds of lit candles for those to be remembered. I will post the picture of the prayer that went with it. I lit a candle for Les ♥️

      The cutest thing I heard was a child trying to blow out a candle as if it were on a cake 😃

      I walked up to the crypt at the top of the cathedral. The chapel was beautiful.

      Afterwards I walked up the side of the hill to see the stations of the Cross.

      The nicest part of Lourdes Cathedral grounds is that it is a very large property. The added size gives rise to a park like feel to it. It also helps with the throngs of people they can be spread out quite easily.

      I gave up trying to get a coffee from a bar here ( many are closed for the end of the season) so walked to the train station. It was packed with people!!!

      I was so looking forward to a hot bath/shower tonight except all the tub has is a hand held shower head you have to hold and fill the tub with. There is not a wall attachment to have a shower😓 But the biggest issue is no plug for the tub....and warm water.....not hot😭
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    • Day 3

      Lourdes - Spiritual preparation

      April 15, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      After months of physical and mental preparation, today was a day of Spiritual Preparation while discovering Lourdes.
      At first, the scale of touristy memorabilia shops made me think it was going to be a tick box process.
      But once in the Sanctuary it was Peaceful, prayerful, incredibly welcoming and a Blessing to witness. The Lourdes sanctuary precinct exists because of the 18 Apparitions of our Lady to St Bernadette. The message of Lourdes is “through Mary to Jesus”.
      Our highlight was the water gesture ceremony, a private process led by a Sister determined to ensure our experience was beautiful, moving and meaningful. The water gesture is a spiritual cleansing / healing of water, from the same Spring St Bernadette was told to wash in. We attended a Gregorian Chant Mass, spent some time at the grotto, lit a candle for all those we are holding in our prayers, a wonderful walking tour, walking in the steps of St Bernadette, by one of the Sisters, who challenged us to question ourselves and reflect. We attended the Procession of the Holy Eucharist in the underground Basilica that can accommodate 20,000 people! We ended our day with the most beautiful candlelight procession, attended by 1000s, all reciting, in unity, the rosary in their own language. I had my Mum’s rosary with me and I held her in my prayers.
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    • Day 31


      June 1, 2022 in France ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      De eerste indruk die Lourdes maakt een een lange straat waar alles betaald parkeren is. Eenmaal boven en het stadje indraaiend kom je snel in een drukke winkelstraat. Aan het einde van de straat een toegangshek naar het heiligdom. We zijn vroeg maar er zijn al heel wat mensen. In de anderhalf uur dat we er geweest zijn zien we de mensenstroom toenemen. Mensen met en zonder stok of rollator, in rolstoelen of riksja's. Met of zonder begeleiding, verpleegsters in uniform met hoofdkap, busladingen met mensen van een zelfde vereniging met bijvoorbeeld allemaal een lichtblauw sjaaltje. Bezoek is gratis, kaarsje branden is dezelfde prijs als een wijntje op het Leidseplein in Amsterdam. We hebben van alles bekeken. In de rij gestaan voor de grot, heilig water gedronken en onze handen ermee gewassen, basiliek binnen geweest en tot slot de kapel van Bernadette bezocht. De laatste maakt op ons de meeste indruk.Read more

    • Day 47


      April 30, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Wir überqueren die Pyrenäen und erreichen Lourdes in Frankreich. Hier soll 1858 das vierzehnjährige Mädchen Bernadette Soubirous Marienerscheinungen in der Grotte Massabielle gehabt haben. Bald darauf entwickelte sich der kleine Ort in den Pyrenäen zu einem der wichtigsten Wallfahrtsorte der katholischen Kirche. Wir glaubten, da es schon abend geworden war und es regnete, diese Stätte in Ruhe betrachten zu können. Pustekuchen🥴
      Tausende von Menschen liefen hier noch herum, hunderte Busse standen auf dafür vorgesehenen Parkplätzen. Jede Menge behinderter Menschen wurden in Rollstühlen dahin geschoben in der Hoffnung, geheilt zu werden. Darauf hatten wir keine Lust und ergriffen die Flucht. 🤭🤔😟
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    • Day 10

      Espinal-Auzperri nach Lourdes

      September 21, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      Das Wetter spielte uns heute etwas in die Karten, an die Bergetappen war nicht zu denken. Wir mussten improvisieren und schlugen unser Lager in Lourdes auf.
      Lourdes ist einer der größten christlichen Wallfahrtsorte, seit im Jahr 1858 dem 14-jährigen Mädchen Bernadette Soubirous in der Grotte von Massabielle 18 mal die Muttergottes erschienen ist. Im Zusammenhang mit den Erscheinungen kam es zu ersten unerklärlichen Heilungen.
      Trotz des schlechten Wetters waren Maßen von Menschen vor Ort.
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    • Day 23

      Day 41 Lourdes

      October 31, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      It is pouring rain and extremely cold.

      I am huddled in my sleeping bag wearing all the clothes that I brought. I am sitting in the front lobby area drinking my instant coffee.

      I went to Mass this morning and it was quite pleasant but now....well let's say I am dreaming of Mexico😎

      I did ask the housekeeper about a plug for the bathtub and she said No🫤

      That's OK it will make it that much better when I have my hot Burgos hopefully 🍀

      Even in the pouring rain people are still filling their containers with water and visiting the Grotto. There must have been over 200 people at the sung Mass service.

      Getting ready for travel day tomorrow..... Lourdes - Irun -Burgos.
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    • Day 7

      Lourdes part 1

      July 26, 2023 in France ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      We took the fast train from Paris to Lourdes to spend two nights there. We celebrated Holy Mass in a side chapel as soon as we arrived in the afternoon. We also went to the little farm where Bernadette stayed for some time due to poor health.Read more

    • Day 21

      Mass in the Crypt, Baths and Grotto

      April 23, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      This morning we got up at 6:15 am so we could be at the 7:00 am mass in the crypt. This chapel was quite small and we were worried about getting a seat, so we arrived half an hour early, and found only one other person there!
      Slowly the chapel filled until there were about 40 people in total and then we experienced a French mass led by two priests in white robes. It has been many years since I've been at a church service with Doug and this was a nice experience for me.
      We left the crypt as the sun rose behind the crowned dome supporting a large cross. The birds were singing and it seemed that "morning has broken" just like in one of my favorite songs.
      We lined up by the Lourdes Baths, because it can take hours to enter this part of the sanctuary. We even beat the volunteers there, only to be advised that the Baths are never busy on Sunday mornings because everyone goes to the international service first. But our waiting paid off as ourselves and 2 other couples from our tour were the first ones brought in for this ceremony. This used to mean that the person disrobed and was completely immersed in the Lourdes spring water that has produced miracles for some. But, due to the pandemic, this procedure has stopped.
      Doug and I were allowed to enter the chamber together, where a stone "bathtub" stood in front of us which is where immersion used to happen. Instead, we stood with a volunteer on each side and were led through a ritual. Our volunteer guide told us that Mary had instructed Bernadette to use the spring water to wash her hands, and then she poured water from the grotto spring into our hands and we washed them.
      Next, the volunteer told us that Mary had told Bernadette to wash her face and water was again poured into our hands and we washed our faces.
      Finally, the volunteer said that Mary told Bernadette to drink the spring water and she poured more water into our hands and we drank the Holy water.
      Our Bath was completed by prayers led by the volunteer. I think it might have been "Holy mother of God", but I don't know the words to this Catholic prayer so I listened quietly.
      The whole procedure was beautiful, and meaningful and caring. It invoked deep feelings in me that brought tears to my eyes and I am glad to have shared this moment with Doug.
      As we left the Baths, a service was just finishing at the Grotto, so we got in to see the place where the spring now runs and the place where the apparition of Mary appeared.
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    • Day 20

      Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Lourdes

      April 22, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

      After a day of traveling on the bus, we arrived in the town of Lourdes which is only about 15,000 in population. This is considered a Holy Sanctuary because a 14 year old girl, named Bernadette, saw a series of apparitions in a cave in 1858, that told her that the apparition was the immaculate conception. The girl dug in the ground of the cave as directed by the apparition and water started flowing in a spring that has never gone dry since.
      Three Basilicas have been built here and the largest and newest one holds 25,000 people and is built underground. The other two stand in a square with religious mosaics, tall steeples and a crowned dome marking their importance.
      Walking past the Basilicas, we found the famous cave or grotto with a tower of candles in front. Crossing the river by bridge brought us to a series of huts that were called the chambers of light. Here, the faithful can buy candles and light them in the chambers as prayers for loved ones. Hundreds of candles flickered and sputtered under the large fume hoods.
      This place feels very powerful and spiritual. I'm so glad we came here.
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    • Day 7

      Lourdes part 2 (the Basilicas)

      July 26, 2023 in France ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Three basilicas, all within five minutes of each other! First, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, built right over the grotto where the apparitions of Our Lady happened. Second, the Rosary Basilica, which features mosaics of all the mysteries of the Rosary. Finally, the Basilica of St Pius X which built underground because the other two basilicas were not large enough to fit all the pilgrims for the centenary.Read more

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