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  • Day26


    September 11, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We arrive in Mykonos. We offload from the ferry. And find our transfer to Petinos Beach Hotel.

    The area is call Platys Gialos.
    The water here is a mix of blue, green and aqua. It is so different from anything I have ever seen.

    Our hotel room looks directly onto the sandy beach, covered in loungers and beach umbrellas. Our view is from the righthand side facing out.

    We are in a Cove, with restaurants and cafes lining the beach in an arc.
    White buildings dot the hillside above amongst the brown rocks.

    The pool is a quick walk down the steps from our room. Athena immediately puts on her bathers and she goes down to bake. Her aim is to get brown. I go to the local shop and buy my supplies, chocolate and a lilo.

    Our room is pure white with whitewashed curved cement walls.

    The shower is the size of a dining room. I have a shower and feel like I'm in a cave. It echoes in here. Cool.

    We are very lazy at this point and our thinking brains have turned off. So much so that Athena said she didn't want to go out for dinner or to explore.

    At 6.00pm she has her nightie on and is giving herself a facial.
    I head across the street and grab a pizza... Continued

    She tells me to have a shower so she can blow dry my hair. I do it. She dries my hair whilst I sit in my white fluffy bathrobe.
    I hear clapping, laughing and greek music coming from outside.

    I ask Athena, when is our 'Greek Night'.
    We forgot greek night!!!!

    Athena says 'It's ok, we' ll do it another night'
    Me, panicked, runs to reception and asks how often is greek night?
    Wednesdays and Sundays.
    We fly out Sunday.

    I let Athena know and she says she she is disappointed and really wanted me to see it.
    I clapped my hands and said get up, get dressed,
    5 mins it took us to get ready.

    We invited ourselves in at The Blue Myth and sat at the bar. Men in black tshirt and and pants were dancing to traditional songs.
    We sculled a couple of bourbans quickly.

    Then that wonderful 'Zorba' music began.
    I love this. Really gets me excited. Slowly the boys move arm locked, side by side and it speeds up and takes you along.

    We get up and have a dance, with old and young. Reminds me of a wedding. Thank goodness it is an open air restaurant.
    We do the conga inside and outside.

    A young tall kid steps on my foot and breaks my toenail!
    I keep dancing!

    At around 12.30 it slows down. We creep into bed all buggered.
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  • Day41

    Mykonos: The Island of (No) Winds

    September 8, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    A trip to Greece wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of the Greek islands. For our gaycation what better island to visit than the infamous gay, Greek island, Mykonos. Promoted as the gay-friendly island and the Ibiza of Greece for its nightlife, it’s also called the island of the winds but fortunately for us the weather was absolutely perfect.

    We set out for the little gay Greek island from Athens on the Hellenic Seaways ferry, early on Friday morning. As we boarded the ferry in special economy, although we didn’t feel so special along with the hundreds of others that were travelling cattle-class, Ricky began to recognise the music playing in the background. It was a Greek, pan-pipe version of Celine Dion’s Titanic theme song. Was this an omen? Would we make it to our destination without re-enacting the famous scene of Leonardo and Kate on the bow? We had heard that the trip through the Cyclades could get really rough but we weren't aware of any icebergs. "Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on ..." or so the song goes.

    The island landscape of Mykonos is mountainous, dotted with white little houses with blue windows. Our accommodation was situated on the Southside of the island with amazing views of the Aegean Sea. While the island is only small, the only way to traverse it is to hire a motorcycle, car or ATV. As we set out on our 50cc motorcycle, Ricky was gripping on for dear life as we travelled up and down the steep mountains and narrow roads, lined with rock fences, to get to the many beaches on the island. At one point the gradient was so steep that the power of the 50cc motorcycle couldn’t handle it and Ricky needed to run (well, a slight canter) up the slope.

    Typically European, the beaches are lined with umbrellas and deck chairs for hire. And in true European style nudity on the beach is not an issue. All shapes and sizes are celebrated and the taboos of other western countries seem absent. Healthy attitudes to the body are diminished by an almost unhealthy obsession for worshipping the sun. Tanorexia, the condition where you can't be too tanned, is rife in the Cyclades, enough to make Donatella Versace and Tanning Mom proud of their disciples. In fact, we’re convinced that the Versace leather-making factory is situated along the coasts of Mykonos. Take your pick of the type of leather and Donatella will whip you up a custom-made handbag to accessorise with the latest season’s outfits.

    After six weeks of running from one iconic tourist attraction to another, the respite that Mykonos brought was exactly what was needed to recharge the batteries to forge through the next six weeks of our European sojourn.

    Next stop: Athens for one night and then Barcelona.
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  • Day9


    September 30, 2017 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 20 °C

    We walked to nearby Ornos for a late breakfast (well really it was lunch) and found Bowl. Everything about it screamed Australian cafe, and turns out it basically is. It is run by two expats with a focus on organic all day breakfast. It was lovely food and I especially liked that they used glass bottles for water which they reused instead of the usual plastic bottles I have become accustomed to. It melted my greenie heart.Read more

  • Day507

    Mykonos Town

    September 4, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Hello so from Delos we headed to South Bay on Mykonos, the bay was as the pilot book had promised very busy with a lot of permanent moorings but we found room to sneak in, there was music from the shore but fortunately it wasn’t loud even in the night. We spent most of the afternoon watching a charter boat with Lithuanians on board wander around the bay first they were stern too on a mooring bouy, then bow to on another one, then drifting out of the bay with the four crew swimming rapidly after it, they caught it before it hit anything thankfully and then spent an hour try to tie up properly to a mooring we think they dragged the first one so went to another and tied up and immediately launched the dinghy and off they went! Apart from being the Mediterranean’s answer to Ibiza Mykonos is famous for the number of churches it has. It is rumoured that every family on the island has their own private church, they usually have red roofs, resulting in over 400 island wide.
    The next day we spent 25 mins waiting for the bus to Mykonos Town and just as we gave up the bus arrived. On the 20 min journey I counted 24 churches. The Town was as expected, busy with throngs of tourists following people with brollies in the air. It was also expensive E3 for a Nescafé frappe! We saw the famous windmills and lots of other idyllic shots of white washed homes with blue shutters and if you headed a little up hill in the town suddenly the tourists disappeared.
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  • Day5

    Mykonos erreicht

    June 13, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Am Nachmittag segelten wir um die Südspitze von Rhenia und hatten plötzlich 32 kn auf der Anzeige des Windmessers, dann wieder nur 11 kn. Ich fuhr weiter hinaus, um den Böen von den Inseln Delos und Rhenia auszuweichen. Je näher wir Mykonos kamen, um so windiger wurde es. Als der Wind mehr von vorn als von der Seite kam, bargen wir die Segel. Die Jungs hatten eine Bucht im Sinn, Gialos, zum Ankern, wo sie mal einen Hotelurlaub verbrachten. Nur da wurden wir weggejagt. Ein Jetskifahrer verwies uns in die nächste Bucht und meinte, diese hier wäre gepachtet. Eine Menge Luxusyachten lagen dicht an dicht, mit Landleinen am Ufer. Nein, die wollten uns hier nicht.
    In der Bucht Ornos ankerten wir bei 25 kn Wind auf 13 m Wassertiefe. Die Jungs wollten unbedingt in ihre Bucht, auch mit Taxi, und fuhren mit dem schwach motorisierten Dinghy an Land. Das sah ziemlich armselig aus im Vergleich zu den hin und her flitzenden Tendern der Luxusyachten.
    Ich genoss es, allein an Bord zu sein. Telefonierte, las und sah mir einen Film an.
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  • Day7

    Sturm abwettern

    June 15, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Die Partynacht war wohl toll und die Jungs werden davon noch langecerzählen. Aber sie war ihnen mächtig aufs Portemonaise geschlagen, so dass sie baten, woanders hin zu fahren. Wir gingen ankerauf und verholten wieder in die Bucht Ornos. Da wir früh dort waren, konnten wir näher am Ufer ankern. Der Wind hatte noch mal zugelegt und wehte hier mit 30-35 kn. Die Jungs fuhren wieder an Land und ich beobachtete die Jetskis und Dinghys beim Hin- und Herfahren, die herinkommenden Yachten bei mehr oder weniger erfolgreuchen Ankerversuchen. Dann traten Böen bis 47 kn auf und der mittlere Wind pegelte sich bei 35-38 kn ein. Ich rief den Vercharteter an, weil wif ja am Abendcreinkommen sollten. Aber er bat mich, erst am Sonntag in den Hafen zu kommen, da einfach zuviel Wind sei.
    Als die Jungs zurück kamen verkündete ich ihnen diese frohe Botschaft. Aber sie machten lange Gesichter. Einer von ihnen hatte seinen Flug auf Sonntag früh umgebucht, um eher bei Frau und Kind zu sein. Der wollte unbedingt in den Hafen. Es war nicht einfach, ihm beizubringen, dass die Naturgewalten und das verhinderten. Am Morgen würde der Wind abflauen und er könnte hier in der Bucht an Land und ein Taxi nehmen.
    Am Abend, gegen 19 Uhr zogen sie dann noch einmal los. Ich kochte mir Knoblauchspagetti und genoss die Ruhe.
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