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  • Day18

    Greek bureaucracy

    April 11, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Well sadly we are still here in the yard at Preveza waiting to receive the transducer that will fill the 2inch hole we currently have in the bottom of the boat. You really wouldn’t believe what a palaver it’s been, the transducer took I think it was 36-48 hours to get to Athens then three days of doing nothing we then contact DHL to enquire about the problem and they say they have been trying to contact us as apparently we have the wrong address on the parcel, by the way we have no missed called or emails obviously. We get sender to send revised customs invoice with amended address. No news call them again invoice has to have a number, sender sends another amended customs invoice with a number, through DHL Guernsey as cant be forwarded by us apparently. Next hoop, next day, we have to send proof of payment, I try to explain that we wouldn’t normally pay for goods until we receive the goods but to no avail, sender sends us invoice and we pay and send confirmation to DHL Athens. Next day I call again and they want a letter from sender saying exactly what is printed on the customs invoice, i loose it, why another thing that says the same. They should as we didn’t hear back now be clearing the parcel, but who knows?
    Rant over. We have been doing some useful things with our additional dry time, john managed to stop an irritating leak we had on one of the portholes, wiped the rust streaks and washed exterior and has now replaced all the fender ropes. I have done more internal sanding and varnishing finally finishing all the portholes, and some external touch ups, not as much as I would have liked as still scattered showers every other day.
    I have also finally finished baby Sophia’s cardigan and one bootie other is ongoing and have posted Sam and Nathan’s baby sleeping bag to them, I am hoping it’s a boy, well not really there just wasn’t as much colour choice as i would have liked so it’s in pale grey, pale blue and turquoise.
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  • Day6

    Ionion Marina Yard in Aktio

    March 30, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 17 °C

    The boat was lifted yesterday a little late due to a scheduled power out but all chucked by 13:00, nice and close to power and water but sadly the toilet block next to us is out of action as they are installing new water tanks. The view across the fields and the Preveza Gulf is beautiful. Boats bottom was a lot dirtier than last year but we, well I have now scrapped and sanded it down, popped the bubbles and scrapped out wet bits and John has wire brushed back to steel where needed so almost ready for primer. Having a break now that we have finished the smurf jobs.
    Only problem at the moment is that even though we have now properly cleaned the transducer, the downward facing sensor, for the depth sounder we are still not getting a reading, it ticks and the receiving screen appears to function OK just no depth. John is hoping to hear from Robin shortly.
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  • Day13

    Boat maintenance done!

    April 6, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Hurray we have finished the antifouling, and received the completed insurance survey. Survey was great just need to replace one of the rollers on the anchor bow roller, we had noticed but then forgot about it as you do while in a marina using their slime lines. Boat bottom is darker than before as now covered with Seajet 33 mid blue previously it was Micron International blue. Looking good even if we say so ourselves, also liking the new red bar on the rocha anchor, done to enabling more accurate estimations of where it is once released.
    Will be back in the water as soon as the sounder transducer arrives, we know it arrived in Athens Wednesday evening but no one knows how long it will take to clear Greek Customs fingers crossed 🤞 not much longer.
    We have booked our flights home to a Guernsey for the summer, we will be there 9/7-9/9 so if anyone would like us to house/pet sit please let me know as we currently of no fixed abode for those summer months.
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  • Day26

    Floating again !!

    April 19, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Well it took a while but we are back on the water. The boat was all ready to go except for the new transducer for the the depth sounder, a week after lifting but it took over 2.5 weeks for the transducer to arrive. I think this was partly my fault in the way that I had asked the remitter to address the package but also partly Greek bloody paperwork. We ordered the transducer on 1/4, it took only 36 hours to travel from Guernsey to Athens but then spent 3 days waiting to be processed before DHL failed to contact us, they used incorrect email address, we called them. We then started the painful process of complying with Greek paperwork, 3 customs invoices, a payment to Guernsey for goods not yet received, a further payment to DHL for assisting with customs clearance and finally at 3:00 on wed 17/4 it arrived. It took 10 minutes to fit but no lift space until Friday morning. Thursday we gave the dinghy outboard a blast and took ourselves across to Preveza to check out fuel options and space on the town quay and met some more expat locals, Dave and the dog that had adopted him for the winter, Frank from NY and his daughter, Steve on a self built stainless steel 30ft yacht and Mary a Polish/Canadian whose been in Greece for 15 years now whose waiting for crew to help with the pre season maintenance.
    It was a relief this morning to find that the depth sounder was fully operational, don’t want to contemplate how we would have felt had it still not worked. There is a festive feel in Preveza as it’s Christian Good Friday today even though the majority of Greeks will be celebrating next weekend.
    Fuel and then were off
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  • Day83

    Auf nach Preveza

    December 3, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Montag Früh kamen nochmal die Handwerker. Es war ein schwieriges Unterfangen mit dem Autopiloten... Um 13 Uhr konnten wir endlich den Hafen verlassen. Dieses Mal konnten wir segeln!!? 2 Stunden später funktionierte der Autopilot plötzlich nicht mehr richtig. Hermann telefonierte mit den Handwerkern hin und her. Wie waren kurz davor umzudrehen. Doch dann bastelte Hermann mit der Technik herum und es funktionierte wieder alles. Leider haben wir dieses Problem immer wieder auf der Fahrt und er muss es ständig richten... Irgendwann war der Wind nicht mehr stark genug und wir mussten wieder mit Motor fahren. So sind wir dann um 04:00 Uhr morgens in Preveza angekommen. Um 3:00 bekam Marina Hunger und machte uns Rührei und Bratwürste.

    Die ganze Fahrt über hatten wir wunderschönes Wetter!! Der Sternenhimmel war unglaublich. Was soll ich sagen? Die Stimmung auf dem Meer ist etwas sehr Besonderes. Erst war ich nicht scharf darauf, in der Nacht zu segeln und dann konnte ich mich nicht sattsehen am Sonnenuntergang, dem Mond und den Sternen!
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  • Day16

    Spontane Nachtfahrt ⛵️✨

    September 12, 2020 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Tag 15 & 16: Ankunft in Preveza, der neuen Heimat von „Joker“ ⛵️.
    Wir nutzten die Zeit um vorab die Einwinterung abzuklären und besichtigten das Trockendock.

    Eine super Brise Wind kam nachmittags auf. Wir setzten die Segel und kreuzten gegen Norden auf. Das Boot lief super bei bis zu 22 Knoten Windgeschwindigkeit.

    Leider war der geplante Hafen aufgrund des Seegangs zu riskant zum Anlaufen und die Ankerbuchten nicht genügend geschützt. Wind und Wellen wurden stärker und die Sonne ging allmählich unter. 🌅
    Um 21.00Uhr siegte die Vernunft und wir beschlossen nach Preveza umzukehren. Eine Nachtfahrt stand an✨🌙

    Dann ging alles recht schnell: Segeln einrollen, Taschenlampen und Fernstecher positionieren, Schwimmwesten mit Lifebelts anziehen und die Positionslampen einschalten. Mit dem großen Wagen✨ im Rücken fuhren wir 3h zurück.

    Höchste Aufmerksamkeit war geboten, damit wir mit keinem anderen Boot kollidieren oder eine Untiefe übersehen.

    Die spannendsten Aufgabe stand jedoch noch bevor😓. Einen Ankerplatz suchen, alle bereits ankernden Schiffe ausfindig machen und den Anker erfolgreich werfen. Nach einer Stunde und 2 erfolglosen Anläufen sitzt er endlich ⚓️😊😬🙏🏼

    Das Abenteuer Griechenland geht bald zu Ende und das nächste Ziel ist bereits gesetzt.

    More about that... later 😉🤙🏼
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  • Day450


    July 9, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Our first night in a marina in Greece, well sort of we are actually on what they call the Town Quay it has elec and water but only costs E14 a night. We have filled up with water and are charging everything up and may even, if it gets a little cooler do some hoovering. I have been using the ‘ it’s really not worth putting the generator on just so I can hover excuse’ for a while now. Luckily a friendly German helped us to moor up as this was our first stern too with the anchor but we did a lot better than the catamaran that came in after us that had 4 guys and their wives on board, admittedly the wives all stayed inside well out of the way while the men stuffed things up on their own even with both John and the helpful German assisting.
    Since I last posted we have spent 2more nights at anchor, the first in Parga where although we tried to go ashore in the dinghy the swell caused by the high winds made it impossible, well impossible without getting soaked. The second night we spent in Two Rock Bay which was only about 10 miles south of Parga but as the swell was horrible and I had had a lousy nights sleep a short trip was called for. Two Rock was much quieter only 6 boats not 13 and no jet boats and ringos or waterskiing. The reason I, well both of us really, had a bad nights sleep was the wedding party that was in the beach bar/restaurant off our stern with speakers pointing offshore so as not to upset their neighbours. Initially we thought it wouldn’t be too bad as after the fireworks there was DJ music not too loud and recognisable for the most part, but at midnight the volume went up and a Greek guy started warbling, hat off to him he kept going for 3hours, but really some of us wanted to sleep! I was hoping to spend another night there under calmer and quieter circumstances but the swell when we woke was rolling in so we headed off to find somewhere calmer. We very nearly came unstuck when John assumed, you know the joke, that we should go south about the rocks in the bay to get to the anchorage and got to the point where there was no spare depth under the keel but all’s well that ends well.
    We have dropped off a load of washing and will be returning there later as they also have hot showers for E2 a time, our last proper shower was in Gallipoli, though in our defence we do rinse off the salt every night and have tried to wash our hair with our fish friendly shampoo every couple of days but it doesn’t lather or seem to be able to cope the salt build up very well. But it’s salty hair or poison the fish so salty it is!
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  • Day10

    Esperanza quietscht

    April 13 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Heute morgen erster Kaffee und erstes Frühstück an Bord der Esperanza. Ich fühle mich wohl. Am Nachmittag spülte ich das Heckfach der Esperanza, eine Vertiefung, in der Gasflasche und später die Rettungsinsel untergebracht sind. Das Ruder quietscht erbärmlich. Mit Zoe und Joe, die ich zur Begutachtung holte, waren wir uns einig, dass der Ruderschaft in der Dichtung quietscht. Fetten ist angesagt aber womit?
    Und wofür waren noch mal die vielen Schalter am Paneel?
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  • Day9

    Ankunft in Preveza

    April 12 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Endlich erreichte ich den Amvrakischen Golf bei Amfliochia. Das Herumgekurve hatte ein Ende. Noch eine Stunde bis Preveza. In Vonitsa noch schnell in den AB-Markt und dann war ich da, in der Cleopatra Marina, bei meiner Esperanza.
    Schnell einen Schlauch geborgt und das Schiff abgespült. Das Nötigste an Bord und ANKOMMEN.
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  • Day10

    Gyros Pita

    August 7, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Nach knapp 3000 km ein sagenhaftes Mahl. Unbeschreiblich diese Komposition von Fleisch, Pommes und Fladenbrot. So einfach und so genial. Alleine dafür lohnt es sich die Reise noch einmal anzutreten. Nein die Sonne ist nicht zu warm.Read more

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