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  • Day26

    Guatemala City

    January 9 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Really not much to say about this dirty big charmless city.

    We arrived at night - the hotel
    Is in a clean and reputedly fashionable
    part of town - perfectly fine I’d say. We slept well, woke to a nice breakfast and headed to the artisanal market half an hour’s drive away.

    There was nothing remotely interesting to see en route and we arrived to a soulless, suburban ‘market’ selling very uninteresting handicrafts. It was slightly depressing and we left as soon as we could, heading across other freeways to the centre of town and the market there.

    It really did feel like we were going through the motions, and after looking around for about an hour we headed back to the bright, modern and cheerful plaza with a plethora of food options. Last night we had a reasonably good Italian, and today we chose Japanese teppanyaki which we all greatly enjoyed.

    And then it was onto the airport for our flight to LA. The kids were thrilled with an upgrade to business class. And the flight went fast.

    Back in LA it was déjà vu - staying back at The Jeremy (another upgrade) - this time to a one-bedroom suite. Heaven!
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  • Day15

    I never wanted to do it!

    January 17, 2017 in Guatemala

    Camping in an old tent with holes in it in mosquito land. No thanks!

    The mist in the early morning was nice though.

    But the shower block wasn't used by anyone!

    But disaster I can't get the pop up mosquito net back into the tiny circle!! Everyone in the group tries. Even the swiss guy who can solve a rubiks cube in under a minute can't solve it. So it has to go in the bus as a fairly large circle. And yes I did watch the you tube instruction on how to fold it and thought I got this! Wrong! Once I get wi fi I will have to watch it again - closely!!

    We drive through the country side to our next destination Rio Dulce which is set on a lake.

    The country side on the way is beautiful but there was alot of poverty and people living in one room timber shacks.

    On the way we stop at Flores which is a lovely little town on a tiny island.

    Then we stop in Rio Dulce to have lunch and stock up on food as the jungle retreat only has the one restaurant. The main street is crazy with heavy traffic and lots of people walking down the fairly narrow road. Very easy to get run over and a van reverses into us giving us a scare.

    I do quite well and manage to get some yoghurt bread avocados tomatoes bananas and a bag of sliced mango. Then I find a place that does smoothies so with alot of sign language I get the best banano and fresa (banana and strawberry) smoothie. They must have sweet tooths here as she offered to put a tablespoon of sugar in!

    Then with the huge mosquito net we get on a boat and get to our jungle retreat on the river. Its heaven.
    I am a real sight with the mosquito net!

    My room is gorgeous and we have an outdoor lounge area facing the jungle and a shared bathroom and there are only two of us in the little house like structure.

    Rest of the afternoon spent relaxing and had a nice dinner in the restaurant which overlooks the river.

    Mosquito net put to use and an early night.
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  • Day293

    Guapos en Guate

    May 18, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Guatemala City is a short, two-hour flight from San Jose, flying Volaris, a low-cost Mexican airline. While we waited for our flight, a woman nearby overheard our conversation about the prices of everything in Costa Rica. Airports are notorious for overcharging but prices were almost as high as at home. This started a conversation and we found out that the woman, Norma, was from Mexico but had been living in Guatemala City for a long time. She gave us the run-down on all the things to do and see in Guatemala (and Mexico). If only we had more time, but instead we would need to be satisfied with a small taste of the country.

    Norma was a little worried when we said that we were staying in Zona 1, which includes the historical district. We only had one night before heading to Antigua for two nights so we wanted to be close to the historical centre so that we could get-up early and explore the colonial buildings and houses. We arrived late in the evening and it seemed that the streets were deserted, with a few dodgy-looking characters wandering around.

    The next morning, the city looked like a completely different place, with people filling the streets. As we wandered around admiring the architecture and the character of the city, we were overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people – and not because they wanted to sell us something or try a scam on us. The people seemed genuinely nice and welcoming. All of the stories about Guatemala being so unsafe seemed untrue. It is true that the streets are monitored by a large number of police with full-on weaponry but we never felt threatened or unsafe, although we only spent one night before and one night after going to Antigua.

    Next stop: Antigua

    For video footage, see:
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  • Day6

    Guatemala City

    January 6, 2015 in Guatemala

    We zijn er! Na een lange vlucht en vervolgens een heerlijke nacht slapen in het hostel, gaan we de stad in! We belanden ( natuurlijk ) op een lokale markt met lekker eten en kleurrijke spullen.

  • Day1

    Guatemala City

    February 29, 2016 in Guatemala

    Despite everyone's telling me that Guatemala's capital wasn't a really nice place to visit, I wasn't keen about leaving right away after the long flight either, so I took one day to explore the city. My first thoughts were that people had been understating, but when I arrived at the historic center it didn't even seem that bad. There is a nice historic route which you can walk all the way from the railway museum, past different churches and cultural centers, down to Parque Minerva, which contains my personal highlight: a huge relief map of Guatemala.
    Aside from that and an old mansion called Casa Mima, I spent my day enjoying the sun and eating coconuts (one of them, already peeled so you can drink the coconut water and eat the frute, costs amazing 5 Quetzales / €0,60 !). Also, I saw many women in their beautiful traditional dresses.
    In turn, the Guatemalans were rather curious to see ME, they turn ans looked at me. When I was resting at a plaza, a woman close to me in fact starred at me for two whole minutes and then asked me if she could take a picture. Even though this was exaggerated, I can't even blame the people for looking: aside from my bright hair and eyes, I am around 50 cm taller then most of them.
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  • Day65

    Guatemala City - G wie Good-bye :(

    November 7, 2017 in Guatemala

    Guatemala City ist (leider) der letzte Stopp für mich in Guatemala bevor es morgen nach Costa Rica geht. Ich glaube es gibt wenige Leute, die traurig sind nach Costa Rica zu fliegen aber ich kann mich nur schwer von diesem wundervollen Land und den vielen netten Leuten verabschieden :/ Ich habe viele Locals kennengelernt, die alle super aufgeschlossen, nett, herzlich und lustig sind und die mir den Abschied schwer machen. Einer davon ist Ranfis, ein großartiger Musiker, der mich diese Woche in Guatemala City an ein paar schöne Orte gebracht hat. Guatemala City selbst hat mir ziemlich gut gefallen und wenn man mit offenen Ohren und Augen durch die Stadt geht, ist es auch relativ sicher würde ich behaupten.

    Für den 1. November, der in Guatemala ziemlich groß gefeiert wird, sind wir zu einem Drachen Festival gefahren. Ziemlich beeindruckend wie groß die Drachen sind - die größten bis zu 5x10 Meter. Eingeführt wurde das Festival vor mehreren hundert Jahren um die bösen Geister vom Friedhof zu vertreiben, heute ist es eindeutig eine riesige Touristen Attraktion.

    Der Abschied aus Antigua fiel Alex (meiner Reisebekanntschaft seit mehr als vier Wochen) super schwer, vor allem weil wir uns im Hostel schon wie zu Hause gefühlt haben und sogar ein kleines Abschiedsgeschenk bekommen haben.

    Ich werde das Land und die Leute jedenfalls super vermissen und kann jedem nur eine Reise hierher empfehlen.

    Machs gut Guatemala und bis bald!

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  • Day22

    Ciudad de Guatemala

    January 18, 2017 in Guatemala

    I probably wouldn't have spend any more time than necessary in Guatemala City if I wouldn't have met Ines in Lanquin.
    Her parents are german but she was born and raised in Guatemala and she invited me to stay with her and her family for a while. I was really happy about this invitation as it is an opportunity to get to know a city in a way not a lot of backpackers will.
    After Ines and her brother Thomas had picked me up at the bus station we went back to their mums place for a typical german "Abendbrot". It was delicious with good bread, cheese and ham. Ines and I finished 2 bottles of wine and talked till late. What a nice evening to start my stay in the city.

    The next day I got the complete Guatemala City Tour. I guess most backpackers only see Zona 1 and the historical buildings around Parque Central but with Ines and Thomas as my local tour guides I got to see a lot more.

    We started at Mapa en Reliefe (see extra post) but already on our way there we passed by a lot of buildings and areas Ines and Thomas would point out and explain to me. From there we continued to Zona 1 and the historical buildings mentioned above. We also strolled down 6 Avenida a bit to check out some shops around here.

    Our next stop was Ciudad Cayalá. We had lunch and some Micheladas on the terrace of La Playa. From up here you have a good view over the whole city. It was a bit cloudy but you could still make out a lot of the areas we had already visited and also saw the volcanoes in the far.
    After this we made our way to Plaza Berlin for another nice view and to see some pieces of the Berlin Wall - I wonder who brought them here? :)

    On our way the two kept showing me more stuff and we made some stops to buy necessities for me - things you need to do when visiting a big city.
    For sunset we went to an empty apartment Ines family owned on the 14th (or 15th?) floor of an building close to the airport. Even though the sunset was partly covered with clouds it was really cool being up there. Ines pointed out the volcanoes to me and I caught my first glimpse of Fuego erupting (I'm super excited to go to Antigua now!). Also we could watch the planes land right in front of us. It was crazy how loud you could here them up there once they were in the right spot.

    For dinner that night we went to Cafe Saúl. Not the typical backpacker dinner but definitely the best food and wine I had on my trip so far. And I really liked the design of the restaurant! A place to remember.

    The next morning Ines and her mum dropped me off at the bus station to catch the chicken bus to Lake Atitlan. And after 2 unusual but most amazing days in Guatemala City I jumped back into the backpacker world with a stomache full of good food, a backpack full of freshly washed and good smelling clothes and a mind full of nice memories of a city most backpackers might skip. I'm really thankful to Ines and her family for this and hope I can return the favor one day!
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  • Day22

    Mapa en Relieve de Guatemala

    January 18, 2017 in Guatemala

    The Mapa en Reliefe is a huge relief map of Guatemala at a scale of 1:10000. But as I read later the height of the mountains has been exaggerated to 1:2000 to make it look more dramatic. The map was build over 100 years ago.
    Belize is also part of the map as it technically still belongs to Guatemala (in 1859 Guatemala gave Britain rights to the land provided that the british build a road from Guatemala to the Caribbean Coast - but this road is still not finished).
    I think every country should have a map like this. It gave me a much better understanding of the country I have traveled to see it like this. You can walk all around and on two sides you have little towers to view the map from above.
    The funniest thing though was the guy cleaning the map who would just walk over the mountains like a giant :)
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  • Day7

    guatemala city

    January 10, 2015 in Guatemala

    Einige schöne Tage verbrachten wir in Guatemala City. Hier gingen wir ausgiebig shoppen und fanden in unserer direkten Nachbarschaft auch ein Hard Rock Cafe, indem wir uns natürlich einen leckeren Burger schmecken ließen.

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