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  • Dec29

    Hampi , last day

    December 29, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Last day in Hampi. We pretty much saw all important temples, so after breakfast our tuktuk guy came and took us to see Queen's bath, Water steps and Rama temple. It was such a hot day. Without any more ideas and tired of sand and heatwe headed back to Hospet to eat and having beers while waiting for evening sleeper bus to Goa!
    Surprisingly bed was big enough for me. Ride was okay but bumpy because of Indian roads. Even highways are far from Deutsche Autobahn 🤣
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  • Day35

    Hampi Temple Exploring

    February 9, 2020 in India ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We woke up after having a pretty good sleep in our double dorm bed, got a breakfast masala dosa at the restaurant we went to last night and then made our way over to Hippie island, where we would get the ferry to cross the river. However, as we were walking a peculiar man approached us, showing us a scatty piece of paper reading “Ear Doctor”, with some references from his previous happy customers and then started to shove a metal instrument into Tom’s ear and started to pull out wax and show me how dirty his ear Tom had blocked ears anyway from the beaches, he thought he’d ask him to do the other ear whilst he was there. We knew the inevitable demand for money was coming, but as soon as he tried it on we walked was his decision to go into Tom’s war in the first place. We began to walk towards the ferry point and noticed 2 guys walking a different way... we had heard of a way you can just walk across the river without paying so thought that’s what they were doing...indeed it was. They showed us how to cross, walking through waist level water to get to the other side we came out triumphant having saved ourselves 20 rupees each.

    As soon as we got to the other side we were hounded by TukTuk drivers trying to sell us a tour of the temples to which we politely said no to as we were going to get a moped and drive round ourselves...(we were originally going to rent a moped from our hostel and drive round to the other side but we were informed that it’s was forbidden to take a moped from this side of the river over to the other side and we would have to get a moped there). We looked around the street for a little while trying to find somewhere to rent a moped from (with a hundred TukTuk drivers pestering us at each second) and we soon realised there was nowhere to rent mopeds from. We decided to have a few minutes to collect our thoughts and decided what we were going to do, but one TukTuk driver just wouldn’t leave us alone and was insisting on showing us this map of the temples for the 50th time...I was getting really impatient so just said to him “will you just please stop talking!!”...he left with his tail between his legs and we decided to just get a TukTuk tour to show us round the free temples. Eventually, after a lot of negotiation and fake walkaways (our bartering technique) we came to an agreement with a driver to take us round all the free temples for 400 rupees.

    We were told the Tuktuk tour would take us around 3 hours, and we’d visit all the free sites in Hampi including hidden tunnels, underground temples, ancient bazaars, ruins, step wells, queens baths, the list went on and on. In the Krishna temple we were both walking around taking in the really well preserved temple when a middle age lady approached us with her daughter lingering behind. The (we assumed) mother started to ask us lots of questions about us; how old are you? What do you do for work? Which country we were from? Do we have wives at home? What qualifications we have? Etc. We soon realised that she was trying to set us up with her daughter, we had heard about this- Indian parents trying to set their children up with Western boys but we just said for them to enjoy their day and carried on.

    After about 3 hours of seeing the temples and ruins of the ancient city of Hampi our TukTuk driver told us that we were finished..and I think Tom and I were secretly happy as we were a little templed out. On the drive back the TukTuk driver stopped outside a temple that were having some form of party. It was a colourful, vibrant and noisy affair with free food! We were given a large metal place and presented with a portion of rice and various curries, we sat on a wall adjacent to the temple and ate this tasty food before going up for seconds! Satisfied with the tour and the free lunch our guy managed to get us, was paid him with an extra 100 on top. However, he still requested more and also requested any foreign currency we had as he was collecting... a little cheeky, but nice try!

    We then walked to the Hampi Bazaar where I got into negotiations with a woman about buying some vests.m as it was so hot for even T-shirt’s. She practically emptied her entire collection onto her shop floor and I found various different polite ways to tell her each vest she was showing me was awful...I eventually found 2 which would do and managed to get them both for 400, a bargain that I was pretty happy with after she firstly asked me for 1,200! We aimed to walk to the top of a boulder mountain for a cool viewpoint. On the way Tom grabbed a cucumber - the woman initially wanted 20rupees but he got the smallest one for 10. Thinking it would be a nice non spicy meal, the woman then decided she’d sprinkle it with salt and masala powder! We walked on a bit following the river and we sat at a temple for a while to get out of the heat. Soon after an Indian guy came up to us and started talking about wresting and asked for our water (definitely not) and then he asked how we get so white. We both responded saying that we were white people, but he didn’t get it and then asked if we used some sort of special cream...all a bit weird.

    We walked through Achyutaraya Temple which was really impressive and dead quiet, so we stayed here a while before climbing the boulder mountain - Matanga Hill. The boulders were massive when you got up close to them and the views were amazing on the climb up. As usual, I entered mountain goat mode and started clambering all over the rocks, jumping from one to another. Tom however has a much stronger sense of self preservation so took a more sensible route up to the top.

    After this long day of being in the Tuktuk and doing plenty of waking, we decided to call it a day and head back before sunset, crossing the river on foot to avoid the charge and we walked back to the hostel as the sun went down. There were a few more people at the hostel tonight so we grabbed as many people as we could and went back to our little place for a feast and to get to know people.
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  • Day36

    Hampi by bicycle

    February 10, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    I woke Tom up at 845, after we both had an amazing night sleep, probably getting 10 hours! We got ready and made our way to our favourite food place (I.e. the only food place we had tried in the area) and got a Masala Dosa for breakfast before returning to the hostel to take out some bicycles out. After our unnecessarily thorough induction by our host on how to ride a bike and how to lock one up, we were on the road. These bikes were much better than the last bikes we took out in Kalpitiya, so we were going much faster this time. We were passing through beautiful scenery, rivers and rice paddies to the left, and enormous boulder mountains to the right. We had pinned a few things on our map the day before to go visit.

    Our first stop was Kishkanda Temple. It was right on top of one of the boulder mountains so inevitably there were steps to climb - only 570 this time unlike Adams Peak. However, the heat was extreme so it felt like miles and miles to the top. Eventually we got there and were treated to a 360° view of the whole of Hampi. With it still being quite early in the day, the dust and heat hadn’t hazed up the air, so the view was clear and we could see miles. At the top there was a little ceremony happening with people gathering round a very old man with face paints on seemingly getting religious advice. Inside the temple, people were offering food to a man who then gave them oil and salt. They would then smear the oil on their face and hair and then sprinkle the salt over their heads. It was obviously quite a sacred place for a lot of people, so we just observed. After a while we headed down, with all these Indian people coming up calling out “Jai Sriyam” over and over again, obviously some prayer. When we were asked what country we were from they started chanting “Jai England”. No idea what it meant, but it was quite a nice chant. We hopped back on our bikes and headed to a couple of other temples, one of which was abandoned which looked cool but was a bit creepy. We messed around here for a bit, and drank the last of our was now getting boiling hot outside, at least 35° so we sought refuge at a little shop and bought some more water and some snacks.

    To get further out of the heat, we cycled to a little cafe which was overlooking the rice paddies and chilled out here for a bit. I wasn’t feeling too well as I think I’d caught a cold the previous day, so I just lay down as Tom read his book and we ordered a couple of cups of tea, one Mint and one Ginger Lemon. They took ages to arrive and then one did and looked all milky so Tom went to sort out the order and eventually we got them. We chilled here for a bit waiting for the heat to subside, and then hopped back on the bikes and took a back road towards the reservoir. We’d heard that there was a swimming spot and even a big boulder you could jump off into the lake. We took this back road and surprisingly there was nobody on it, busy rice paddies and little villages to the left and right. It was the best thing we’d seen so far in Hampi, and maybe even India. Eventually we got to where the two Hampi reservoirs were. We were so happy to see some water after being so hot all day and tried to find the swimming spot. We couldn’t find it!! So we thought it might be on the other side of the lake, we cycled down over a bridge and then I saw people round the corner to where we were swimming. We went straight back, locked the bikes up and went to the place.

    There were a group of Indians, a few British and a group of guys and girls from Sudan. There was some debate as to where was safe to jump in and if there were rocks. Tom went to be spotted in the water and dove down to see if there were rocks...there was one but it shouldn’t be in the jumping zone. We went to the top of the rock where there was a bunch of Indians and one of the group from he Sudan. Still nobody was sure really where to jump. I always try and jump high and far out in this situation, so I geared myself up and became a flying guinea pig with a running start of course. I hit the water and thankfully there were no rocks, good job Tom! This set the ball rolling for others and I was followed by the Sudanese guy, Tom and an Indian guy fully dressed. After a long day on the bikes, the water was amazing even though we’d read online and on signposts that the waters were infested with crocodiles, there wasn’t even a lizard in sight. We played around here for a bit and jumped a few more times.

    The brits who were at the lake were all the things I hate about travelling. They were at this beautiful lake, in the gorgeous sunshine and all they were doing was getting high...periodically checking if we wanted any. Of course we said no, but when offered chocolate biscuits we took the chance! After chilling here for a bit we went over to the Hippie Island where we’d seen a sunset spot on the maps. Eventually we got there down the bumpy roads and then had yet another boulder hill to climb. It wasn’t too difficult this time and we managed to get an amazing spot right on the edge. Both Tom and I FaceTimed home to catch up as this was the best signal we’d had in a couple of days. We enjoyed the sunset and cycled back to our place on the bikes and promptly went for dinner back to the same place where we both got our own thali as it was amazing and we were starving. As I wasn’t feeling too well, we went back to the hostel and I just rested up as Tom wrote some diary and read his book. It had been a long day out on the bikes and in the sun, but we’d seen loads of Hampi, time for a good sleep.
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  • Dec27


    December 27, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Room last night was quite comfy, hot shower, pills, zzzz. I woke up fiverish tho, but somehow better. Yay!
    We went to the street to find some breakfast. There was actually a breakfast place on the street, for locals. Breakfast and coffee for two - 100 ruppee (1,2€). Pretty good 😋 Next up was what we came here for - Hampi!
    We found a hostel for one night, a cottage in some alley. All is full. The tuktuk driver from last night (named Freehug, which he proudly showed tattooed on his arm) took us there and then to som temples. This place is BEAUTIFUL! Boulder rocks all around us. And you go to one temple, continue to another, it just doesn't end! This kingdom was huge! It is quite impossible to take photo of anything without 73 people posing or doing selfie, so patience is a virtue 😊 We continued to another temple, guard tower and elephant stables. So lovely to just walk around in silence. In the end we went to some rock in the hill to see the whole place, green rice fields and banana fields, rocks all around. Amazing!
    Dinner time - finally some chicken! Yes, I ordered an enchilada. It was so good! And 4 mango juices, this restaurant is so good, we're coming back tomorrow for breakfast.
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  • Dec28

    Hampi, day two

    December 28, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Since we are in the center of Hampi it's easy to go around 😊 Amazing breakfast and off we went to see a big tower temple and surroundings. So nice, so many people, school kids smiling, always asking us to take pictures or selfie with them. They are just so lovely!
    Me and Mara ran out of money so we needed to head aaaaaall the way back to Hospet, because all ATMs were closed. In India there is always a guard near atm so it must've been some special day.
    Got the money and went over the river to hippie island, where beer is allowed, people smoking weed everywhere (nope, I'm done with that), we passed some rice field and hiked to a nearby hill. Finally, peace and quiet! We just sat there, quiet, observing the area, so beautiful! Mara was really enjoying the sun.
    In the evening we just got some dinner, bought a dress for Eva ❤️ and went to bed. Whole night there were monkeys running on our roof 🤣
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  • Day12

    Segen und Securitys

    February 28, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Eigentlich wollte Mr. Paul (ein Mitarbeiter im Hostel) mit uns Hampi unsicher machen, letztendlich hatte er aber doch einen anderen Rikscha Fahrer engagiert, der uns den Tag über noch mehr von Hampi zeigte. Nach einem Affentempel auf einem Felsen ( 525 Stufen hoch oder so) sind wir zu einem Stausee gefahren. Über die runden Steine konnte man ins kalte Wasser klettern was echt nice war, außerdem haben wir noch einige andere Backpacker da getroffen. Der letzte Tempel war nochmal besonders, da man ohne Schuhe ewig über Steine und Schotterwege laufen musste um dann zwischen Felsspalten hindurch in eine Höhle zu klettern in welcher ein kleiner Tempel war. (Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatten wir leider eine Flasche Wasser weniger da erst ich und dann Katy von Affen angegriffen wurden die nach unserem Wasser gegeiert haben. Katy konnte sich dem Affe gegenüber leider nicht durchsetzten.) In dem Tempel wurden wir dann gesegnet, und obwohl keiner verstanden hat was genau wir machen mussten als der Priester (?) uns Kerzen und Blumen hingehalten hat, uns den roten Punkt auf die Stirn malte und wir meditieren sollten, war es echt spannend und schön.
    Der Tag danach war geprägt von mindestens 30 Indern (nicht übertrieben) die Bilder mit Pauli und mir machen wollten als wir nochmal an unserem Lieblingsplatz saßen und gemalt haben. Was btw laut einem Security-Typ, welcher zwei Mal vorbei kam, verboten zu sein scheint.
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  • Day10

    Stabile Seitenlage

    February 26, 2020 in India ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Nach einem entspannten und verschwitzten Tag in Panjim sind wir abends auf die Suche nach der Nachtbus-Haltestelle gegangen. In einer kleinen Hütte mit Palmenblättern als Dach, warteten wir dann fast 2h da zum ersten Mal ein öffentliches Verkehrsmittel Verspätung hatte.
    Wir sind beim Bus wirklich vom Schlimmsten ausgegangen, und waren dann sehr begeistert von dem fast modern aussehendem Bus (auf jeden Fall fahrtüchtig) und den breiten Betten, es lagen sogar Kissen und Decken bereit. Wir lagen im oberen Doppelbett und da es natürlich keine Anschnallgurte gab war meine größte Angst während der Fahrt runter zu fallen. Aber sobald der Bus keine abenteuerlichen Kurven in Schieflage mehr hinlegte und auf der Schnellstraße war lag man in der stabilen Seitenlage tatsächlich sehr stabil. Klar war es laut, der Motor hat gebrummt und die ganze Fahrt fühlte sich an wie ein Flugzeug kurz vorm abheben, trotzdem könnte man fast entspannt schlafen.
    Schön waren auch die Begegnungen mit zwei anderen Backpackerinnen aus England und Frankreich.
    Weniger entspannt war der Ausstieg- wir hatten verpennt und und wurden von einem schreienden Inder geweckt, welcher uns innerhalb von Sekunden aus dem Bus scheuchte. Dort warteten dann mindestens 20 Rikscha Fahrer und Hunde, die irgendwas von uns wollten noch bevor wir unsere Rucksäcke hatten. Wir haben uns noch nie so belagert gefühlt, auch als uns diese Gruppe Inder dann noch ein Stück weit die Straße entlang verfolgt hat. Insgesamt war dieses erste Nachtbus- Erlebnissehr cool und der erste Eindruck von Hampi bzw. den Felsbrocken und Tempeln wunderschön :))
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  • Day12


    February 28, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Also erstmal zum Hostel namens "funky monkey": die Zimmer sind etwas ranzig, der Gemeinschaftsbereich aber mega schön und gemütlich (plus geiles Essen). Gestern wurden wir mit den Rikscha von Tempel zu Tempel gefahren, und trotz der knallenden Sonne war es wunderschön und zu viert in dem kleinen Rikscha schon fast abenteuerlich. Das Gesamtbild aus Tempel-Ruinen und Felsen zwischen Bananenplantagen, Reisfeldern und Palmen passt einfach. Wobei wir noch nicht herausgefunden haben warum diese Steine so abenteuerlich gestapelt und rund sind. Im Internet findet man lediglich die Erklärung, dass sich adelige Affen ein Machtduell im Steine werfen geliefert haben, wobei ich dass eher als Mythos abstempeln würde.
    Besonders war auch der Sonnenuntergang auf hohen Felsen mit unglaublichem Ausblick. Das Klettern auf den Felsen erinnert an das Felsenmeer, das Panorama ist aber nicht vergleichbar. War fast magisch, und wir waren alle einfach nur glücklich da zu sein:))
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  • Day13

    Ich wünsch mir ein Rikscha

    February 29, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Nachdem Mr. Paul uns von Hampi mit dem Rikscha nach Hospet zum Busbahnhof gefahren hat mussten wir dort knackige 4 Stunden auf den Bus warten. Vermießt haben uns die Wartezeit unzählige Moskitos, dafür haben wir uns noch mit einige Engländern unterhalten (einer kam aus Brighton und kannte sogar den Pub in dem ich letztes Jahr gearbeitet hatte :)), ein Inder hat uns Zaubertricks gezeigt und wir haben Doppelkopf gespielt.
    Amüsant war auch die Schreibweise meines Namens in den Nachrichten vom Busunternehmen.
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