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  • Day45

    To Hampi

    January 2 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    In terms of Indian standards the journey today is supposed to be quite short. It should take us about 7 hours depending on if buses align. Normally we would have taken a single overnight bus to Hampi but due to New Years the prices of the bus have quadrupled in price so we decided to take local buses instead. We have to take 3 buses but hopefully it should be pretty smooth.

    At 5am our dreaded alarms went off and got up and ready to begin our journey. First we walked across the beach and then up the steep hill. We jumped into a tuk tuk to town and then took a bus at 6:45am to Kumta. The bus was unbelievably efficient and we arrived spot on 7:30am as expected. We were then told the next bus to Hospet was at 8am so we had a quick Puri Bhaji breakfast before heading back to the bus stand. We waited... And we waited... And we waited... We constantly checked with the bus drivers and it wasn't till 9:15am when a bus driver said there's no 8am bus it's at 9:45am! And at exactly 9:45am a bus arrived and left. Phew. After an hour we stopped pulled into another bus station and I'm not quite sure what happened but all of a sudden our driver got into a fight with another driver! Oh the fun of local buses 😂 We soon headed off again and to be honest apart from the journey being crazy long, we didn't arrive till 5:30pm at Hospet, it was OK. We then had to jump in a tuk tuk as we were going to miss the last boat across to our couch surfing tent. Luckily we arrived just in time, walked for another 35 mins and after being awake for 14 hours we arrived!

    We decided to couch surf in Hampi as there is a guy who has a campsite and just let's out tents to travellers. It's dark now so we can't see much but I'm super excited to wake up and see the surroundings. It seem super remote and beautiful!
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  • Day46

    I think I've entered Jurassic Park!

    January 3 in India ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Last night we had such a fab sleep in our little tent. The tent is super teeny but really cosy. It was so nice to wake up in the peaceful countryside! And wow what a surrounding to wake up to. I'm pretty sure we have landed in Jurassic Park. This place is like no other that we have ever been. So today we did our washing and then headed out to explore. We went for a cheap masala dosa (Rs 20!!) and then we explored the Jurassic Park boulders. It was a true spectacle to just sit and watch.

    We then went back to our tent site and chilled for a bit ensuring we had WiFi in case our new tenants needed help. We met 2 other couch surfers from Bradford and wandered up to Kishkanda Temple for sunset. The walk there was just stunning and absolutely swarmed with incredible looking birds including various types of cranes, 3 stunning blue kingfishers, green bee eater, bull bulls and many many more. Anna and Alison must have thought we were crazy as I was constantly stopping to look at a new bird haha When we finally arrived at the temple and climbed the 547 steps the temple was swarmed with monkeys! Luckily they were nice ones. We watched an incredible sunset then walked to Hippie Island for some dinner. It was a fun day but I was definitely ready for a sleep by the end.
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  • Day47

    Ancient Ruin Temples

    January 4 in India ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Hampi is a UNESCO heritage site and an ancient city. And today we are going to explore the ancient city via the Bedrock Village of boulders with a quick stop for a Masala Dosa breakfast of course! Exploring Bedrock (honestly it was like a scene from the flinstones!) was great fun. Huge volcanic boulders, rice fields, banana trees, palm trees and ancient ruins could be seen for miles. We then took a boat across the river to begin our hunt for ancient ruines.

    We visited Vurupaksha, had a quick Gobi Rice for lunch and then visited the Ganesh statues which have been carved from a single boulder.

    Unfortunately at that point the heat really got to me once again and I had to sit out for the rest of the afternoon as I was feeling sick again. Will carried on looking around the various temples and I just sat and tried not to through up...

    In the evening we had already planned to meet our couch surfing host and other couch surfing guests. He kept giving us sooo much rum and we hadn't eaten. Eventually we ate but to be honest the damage was already done. Let's just say I did not feel at all well before bed...
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  • Day49

    Sickness Strikes Again

    January 6 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    After my attempt of having no alcohol, which I didn't I woke up exerting out of every oraphus. It was not a pretty sight and I was gutted. Yep its happened I have full on Dehli belly... As I have absolutely nothing to talk about for the two days as I just led in a tent feeling sorry for myself I thought I'd invite guest writer Will to speak to write the next two footprints about his fun days out instead. (I'm not jealous at all...)

    Shahna was feeling ill, so had plain paratha in the tent. I walked over to the cafe with the group for late brunch of masala dosa. Sam and Tess has decided to accompany me on the scenic route to the ferry terminal across the boulder fields in Hampi island. Along the way I grabbed bananas for breakfast (tasty, but later a bone of contention) and water and set off. We hiked across the river crossing and through rock formations to sunset point. From this stunning location you can see the rice fields, temples and boulders strewn about the landscape. We watched the views for a long time and ate bananas. Then we found a path down to hippie village (which we had failed to find the day before), and crossed the river by boat.

    In town Sam found something she wanted to try - "goli masala soda". It turns out that this was a mix of lemon, cumin, salt and soda. I joined her in having one. It's not the nicest drink, although it's palatable...

    We then walked to see a monolithic bull statue carved from a single stone and Achyutaraya temple. This is an incredibly atmospheric temple surrounded by boulder fields. With the light dying we sat and contemplated life as the only tourists in the area. We rushed back to get last boat across river. On other side the girls rented two bikes which after a tense negotiation I got 20 percent off. I didn't rent one since wasn't sure what Shahna would be doing.

    Instead girls offered to try a "backie", so with the girls sharing a bike we set off home. We stopped at restaurant on the way for food - I had Thali and sent menu to Shahna who asked for plain egg fried rice. I ordered this for take away and insisted no spice at all, which the chef agreed to. Well, apparently their understanding of no spice means "add plenty of green chillies". Once I got it back to Shahna and delivered it to her tent, we discovered that the rice was, in fact, very spicy and Shahna couldn't eat it. So I asked the restaurant at the campsite for 2 parathas and scrambled eggs. The young chef (of 16 yrs) didn't know how to make scrambled eggs, so I taught him. Eventually Shahna had her meal...of disappointingly undercooked paratha and ok scrambled eggs. Feeling ill, she decided to go to bed. I was about to join her, when one of the other guests Anna invited me to learn how to make Makrame bracelets. Deciding this was a good idea, I sat down and started making a spiral pattern bracelet for Shahna. After an hour or so of work I had an adjustable size bracelet 🙂 Shahna was a little grumpy when I woke her up getting into bed, but was happy once I presented her with her present. At last, time for sleep.
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  • Day50

    Temples, temples and more temples

    January 7 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Having agreed to go early to Hampi with Sam and Tess, I got up bright and early at 8 am to get ready. I headed to the bathroom, only to find that the water was out. Turns out that the night before the staff had been doing some gardening and accidentally put a hole in the water pipe. Cue 5 men scrambling to construct a makeshift pipe to get the water running!

    So, with nothing to do I sat and waited for the girls. Alas, despite my early start the girls had decided to sleep in! Eventually the girls awoke, the water was fixed and with everyone ready we headed to out usual breakfast place where Shahna and I had Egg Dosa and coffee for breakfast. Shahna headed home for some more R&R, after giving me permission to explore Hampi with the girls. As they had bikes they headed towards the next nearest village Anegundi where there was a cheap ferry crossing, while I had to get myself a bike still. So I hitchhiked on the back of a local's bike up until the dirt road which headed to the ferry crossing. After walking for another minute I found an Austrian man called Frederick riding a Royal Enfield, so I jumped on the back of his bike to the crossing, before crossing over the river and negotiating for a pedal bike - down from 200 to 120 rupees.

    I'd agreed to meet the girls at Queen's Baths, around 40 minutes ride away. So in the burning midday heat I cycled to the Queen's Bath (aptly named as it was a queen's private bathing quarters). There I waited under the shade of a tree while several people asked me if I wanted to buy magic mushrooms... I politely declined.

    Unfortunately the girls had decided to visit the Vittala temple first which was on their way. Had I known I could have gone straight there, but a 50 minute ride was too much for me, so I sat and waited. Eventually I got bored enough that I decided to visit the baths and the royal compound while I was waiting. Finally the girls arrived at the royal compound and we went and explored the compound (including an intricate step well and a hidden underground meeting room) and an intricately carved temple nearby.

    We then proceeded to the Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stables. These are two of the "star attractions" for which you need to pay entry. I duly paid my 600 rupees ("how much?!?" asked incredulously the local in Hindi on hearing this, who only had to pay 50 rupees) and we entered. The Lotus Mahal is a small building with some lotus-shaped archways. The elephant stables, as the name suggests, we're stables used for storing elephants in. Neither attraction was really worth the money - the free temples were far quieter and more atmospheric and at an unbeatable price!

    With the sun lowering in the sky, the heat dissipating and the time of the last boat drawing near we headed back along the main road towards the ferry crossing, stopping once or twice to see some minor temples briefly along the way. Being lazy I didn't want to get off my bike, so I cycled down a dirt track towards one, stopping in a courtyard in front of a statue of Lakshmi. Somehow I'd failed to notice that I couldn't ride there, so cue the locals shouting at me while Sam, clearly wiser than me, had parked safely just to the side. Whoops...

    All hungry, we pressed on to the Hampi Flea Market where we all ordered Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower fried in crispy batter with sweet and sour sauce) rice and a nice glass of masala chai. Then I dropped off my bike, met the girls at the ferry terminal and we took the ferry across the river.

    Sam and Tess returned their rental bikes and decided to rent a scooter so they could explore the following day. Their plan was to go cliff diving. Again, not knowing how Shahna would be in the morning, I declined to rent a bike and decided to walk.

    The prospect of a long walk wasn't, in fact, very appealing. Generously the girls agreed to try and fit 3 on one scooter and so, crowding on, we set off for home. After a couple of minutes riding, some locals warned us "no three person, police!". Getting the message I got off the bike, resigned to walking back.

    All of a sudden two tourists shouted to us from a rock in the rice fields "Hey, are you looking for a phone!? We found someone's phone. Do you know anyone Portuguese?" As a matter of fact we did. "We know someone Portuguese called Anna. She's staying in our hostel."
    "This phone belongs to an Anna!"
    "Do you have a photo"?
    "Yes, there's an ID in the phone"!

    Running over, we discovered with great fortune that it was indeed the Anna from our hostel. Disbelieving, we took the phone, excited at the prospect of reuniting phone with owner.

    Sam and Tess headed off with the phone, while I started walking. Luckily, not twenty seconds later a local drove past on a bike. I stuck out my arm, "Hannumanhali?", "Sure, get on". My local driver was faster than the girls, and I quickly overtook them to return home.

    I found Shahna still in her tent suffering. Still, she revived enough for us to all go out for dinner. I wasn't feeling 100%, so I just stole some of Shahna's Thali and then shared a banana and chocolate dosa with Shahna.
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  • Day51

    Human Again - It's Scooter Time!

    January 8 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Finally I woke up clicking my heels ready for a day out! But.. Guess what, Will had a crazy fever last night so let's say it wasn't a great night sleep. The plan for the day is actually a tad busier than I would have wanted as we are leaving Hampi, but we have to leave at some point so today is the day. We have pretty much the whole day to enjoy Hampi before catching our sleeper train to Bangalore so we first went for breakfast with Sam and Tes and I was sooo excited to eat. I ordered veg and egg dosa and Will ordered veg pakoda and masala dosa. Then Will insisted he wanted to try driving a manual bike before he goes home, so we rented one. At first I must admit I was pretty scared but I soon realised it was just like being on a normal scooter, albeit a bit clunky with Will getting used to gear changes.

    We basically went the same route as the other day around the local little town, along the rice fields to the lake and then back. We saw some huge white bodied and black headed birds called Blackheaded Ibis, plenty of kingfishers, Bee-eaters, Egrets and much much more.

    Unfortunately we then had to get some late lunch before heading back to the campsite. As we got to the campsite we realised that everyone was sick! They had all been at the campsite all day being ill. I felt so bad for them and fully understood their pain.

    We quickly packed up, jumped on the bike and headed to the ferry terminal. As always travel can't go exactly as planned... There is a public transport strike so the buses aren't running. Obviously the rickshaw mafia became even more irritating as we got off the boat informing us of this and that they have now doubled the rate. Luckily for us we had left plenty of time to allow for such problems and there were 7 of us so there was plenty of time and room for bargaining. I just made sure that everyone was happy to go for some dinner first so we could let the rickshaw drivers sweat it out. They had openly told us that they were taking advantage of tourists in need to get a train and so we would just have to pay. I don't think any of them know me very well. We had swarms of tuk tuk drivers walk along with us each of them telling us there's no buses and that we must take their offer. I calmly said no thank you we are going for dinner and then we will go. This made them so irrate (to be honest I don't really know why...). So we did exactly that. We went for dinner at the bus stand amongst all the rickshaw vultures. Each time they tried to negotiate pricing I strictly asked them to go away and that we were eating, they soon realised they would get zero business if they carried on. Just as we finished one guy walked past me and matched the offer I asked for so we got up and went 😊 Oh the power of time.

    We arrived at the station with plenty of time to spare and said our goodbyes to Sam and Tes. Mattay and Anna were catching the same train as me so we all just chilled and eventually got on our train where I jumped straight into bed.
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  • Day121

    Indien mit Haut und Haaren

    November 17, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wenn man durch Indien reist (alleine) und an dem Punkt angekommen ist, bei welchem man sich einfach nur wohl fühlt. Sei es beim Essen von Streetfood an einer schlecht beleuchteten Straßenbude, einer Tuktuktour bei Dunkelheit, mit der Hotelcrew auf zu einer Hausparty oder abends am Bahnhof - auf dem Boden sitzend, die Füße mit Reinigungstüchern säubernd, Straßenhunde zurechtweisend und kleinen Kindern zuwinkend - auf den nächsten Übernachtzug nach Mysore wartend.

    Indien hat mich mit Haut und Haaren aufgenommen. Ich fühle mich so selbstbewusst und sicher wie nie zuvor. Vorallem im Vergleich mit dem unguten Gefühl im Magen bei meiner Ankunft hier. Mittlerweile bin ich nur noch entsetzt über die schlechte Presse, die Indien in Europa bekommt.

    Witzig sind manche Momente aber immer noch. Während ich hier schreibe kommt ein Inder zu mir, fast an meinen Kopf und wackelt mit seinem.... keine Ahnung, aber ich nimms mal hin als "viel Glück" ... und noch ne Gruppe Kinder die winken und froh sind mich zu sehen. Der Straßenhund hat sich jetzt neben mich gelegt und leistet mir Gesellschaft. Und das seitliche Kopfwackeln hab ich auch schon voll drauf. 😊

    Und OMG, I got me a nosering today 😎
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  • Day121

    Hampi Sightseeing

    November 17, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Ein Tuktuk, ein Tag, sooooo viele Tempel 😊. Das war wirklich ein harter Tag bei gefühlten 40 Grad und wolkenlosem Himmel.

    Hampi ist voll von 1000 Jahre alten Tempeln und bizarren Felsformationen. Dazwischen die kleine und quirlige Stadt. Wirklich traurig, dass die Regierung immer mehr Märkte schließt, Häuser abreißt und den Einwohnern nach und nach ihr Zuhause nimmt. Nur um diese Stätte alleinig in ein Freilichtmuseum umzuwandeln.

    Ich hoffe, da passiert noch was und das Hampi sein bezauberndes Flair behalten darf. Falls nicht, hab ich wohl Glück Hampi noch so erleben zu dürfen.
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  • Jan3

    Sonnenuntergang mit Sound-Meditation

    January 3, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    W sind mit Didgeridoo, Klangschale, Gitarre und Flöte bepackt auf den anliegenden Berg gepilgert. Dann hieß es: auf die Steine legen, ihre Wärme aufsaugen, der Musik lauschen und dann den Sonnenuntergang genießen. Als ich mich wieder aufrecht hingesetzt habe, sah ich eine Person ganz weit oben auf einem Felsen sitzen und fragte mich: Wie ist die denn da hoch gekommen? Das ist ein perfekter Fotospot für den Sonnenuntergang. Dann wunderte ich mich, dass die Person so einen runden Buckel hat und plötzlich, als ein langer Schwanz zum Vorschein kam, war alles klar. Das war kein Mensch, das war ein Affe! Verrückt.
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  • Jan1

    Hampi in Indien

    January 1, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Ganz ehrlich, so stelle ich mir das Paradies vor. Unwirklich und überirdisch liegen kilometerlang Felsbrocken und Gesteinshügel in der Landschaft, die von grünen Reisfeldern, Bananenplantagen und Palmenhainen umgeben sind.

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