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  • Day44


    January 17, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Udaipur is a sprawling city set in a beautiful landscape. A series of ridges surround lovely lakes. It is considered to be the most romantic city in all of India. It's the site of numerous films, one of which was the Roger Moore as James Bond film Octopussy. It is also notorious as one of the places on the planet that middle-aged women go to experience another culture and let their hair down. We enjoyed our time here. Lovely sunsets and good food.

    Here's a link to a panoramic photo of the city.

    We were able to take care of some business while we were here. Laundry, ATM, and a haircut. Nancy chatted with the proprietor while his son gave me a post haircut head massage.

    Later, as we were on one of our walks, we were commenting on how Sri Lanka and India are so similar in that it is hard to strike up a natural conversation that doesn't end in a pitch to visit a shop, or go to a cousin's restaurant, or see an art gallery, or get one's photo taken with a camel, or pay to have a prayer said by a priest, or be asked if we need a ride by a Tuk Tuk driver. In many places we've been in Rajasthan the barrage is almost constant. It has become another one of the things that we gird up for when leaving our hotel room; like seeing a person with a crippling malady begging, or copious amounts of trash, or incessant honking, or being cut off by pretty much anyone and everyone. Just as we'd reached the conclusion of our discussion, we walked by an older woman drying pappadam in the walkway of her home. She smiled and called out to us. Next thing we knew it we were being asked in for tea and biscuits. Her whole family joined us and we spent the better part of an hour talking politics, recipes, California, and family connections. It was great. India, if nothing else is a place of contradictions which shakes my convictions each time I come close to any sort of understanding.

    Here's a video from a wedding procession in the street below our hotel room this evening.

    Tomorrow we fly to Varanasi and some other new way of almost understanding...
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  • Day10

    Lake City - Udaipur

    November 28, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    The pollution has finally caught on and I have fully swollen glands. But I'm not going to let that stop us enjoying. We got up first thing ready for our long journey to Udaipur which actually did take a very long time. I fell asleep for most of the journey and woke up about 3pm...wups!

    We tried to go to a famous temple along the way but unfortunately it was closed till the evening. Then we visited the Palace Gardens which was a very welcomed break from not stopping for 4 hours. Then we just went straight to our hostel in Udaipur. Wow wow wow! Two friends from Udaipur worked, lived and travelled to various countries around the world and during their travels they came up with the idea of creating a hostel. They have a hostel in Goa which is in its 2nd year and then due to its success they decided to have one in Udaipur. They decided as its their home town they would buy a castle. And that they did! The hostel is in the grounds of the old Fort and has possibly one of the best views of the city. It's really beautiful. The ground of the hostel is humongous and there are just 4 of them working on it so I think it will take years! It's truly a beautiful sight though it would be amazing to come back when it's done. For now we are honoured to see it from the beginning.

    We went for a late lunch at Millets Mewar and had Bhindi Masala and Sev chhana daal and chapattis, which was really different from other dishes we've been having. We then Skyped with Will's parents before heading out again for more food. Seriously we haven't eaten all day and even though we don't feel hungry we are definitely both loosing weight so it's not good! We found a man on the street selling Pani Puri and then found a masala chai stall. So we sat, people watched and chatted with the locals. They recommended a cheap but fantastic thali restaurant so we couldn't not go. We were definitely full now!!

    We walked around the town at night for a bit before heading back to the hostel as it was beginning to get quite cold.

    The night was really cold. It dropped down to 13 degrees Celsius from 28, so it was quite a difference. I think I might have to wear all my clothes tomorrow night including a coat!
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  • Day46

    Exploring Udaipur City

    February 20 in India ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    I woke up at around 8am with 40km still to go until Udaipur. I had a really good nights sleep! I opened the curtain watching the world go by and then put a film on until the bus conductor loudly started screaming “Udaipur, Udaipur” with a lot of other incomprehensible words. We got off the bus where we got an Ola to take us to our hostel for only 27 rupees thanks to my online discount. The hostel was right in the middle of Udaipur, on the island connected by bridges on Pichola lake.

    We found our hostel, Whereabout Hostel, checked in and then chilled out on their roof terrace which had an awesome view of Pichola lake. We read through some of the Lonely Planet books which were there to get a better sense of what what here in Udaipur as we hadn’t done much research about here. After a little while our room was ready for us to check in, so we dumped our bags and then went to grab some lunch at a place called “Queen Cafe” that we had read about in Lonely Planet book. This place was tiny, and run by these two old people and their daughter Meera who also did a cooking school. As it turned out, Meera also did the cooking for the cafe and soon after ordering she brought us two biriyani. It was a bit odd as she just sat there and watched us eat the food, clearly doing the hard sell on her cooking school. After the food, she even insisted on taking us to her kitchen to show us where we’d cook. We were up for the idea, but it was so expensive so we would consider it long and hard.

    We walked around the old part of the town over the little bridges which connected little islands and lakes and we were quite surprised at how pretty it was here after coming from Mumbai. Even though we’d had some good sleep on the bus, we were still quite tired, so we went to the hostel rooftop and had a little planning session for Udaipur and the next few places we were going. We knew of this view point which overlooked the Palace Island Hotel to watch the sun go down. This was a place which had been a main filming point in James Bond Octopussy and it was really nice and quite grand.

    By this point we were quite hungry, and looked around a few different parts of town but they were all quite expensive. So we went back to near our hostel and got a Thali for 120 rupees. We were sold, and it was all fresh too, so we sat down and almost immediately there was a power-cut. Luckily the guy doing our cooking was creating enough light with the occasion flame up of his pan, so it didn’t delay our food. The power came back on and we were served an enormous thali which was delicious. We went back to the rooftop and tried to watch Slumdog Millionaire on the iPad, but there was no subtitles and half of it was in Hindi...oh well, so we just headed to bed for a good sleep.
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  • Day39

    The final palace

    December 21, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    OK so now we are actually done with the forts and palaces hahaha. We by chance strolled into this one and thought why not. But we are not as excited any more about these buildings. They are magnificent but we have become desensitised to the true beauty! So we will choose more nature orientated trips and hang outs from now.

    We have made friends with a local cafe owner who made us extremely spicy, but according to him not at all spicy chow mein noodles. Had a good laugh with him. The guest house we are at is very nice, we are exhausted from traveling so taking it easy and decided to spend Christmas here and stay longer until getting a super long train journey back.
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  • Day198

    Udaipur, Rajasthan

    March 14, 2019 in India

    Unfortunately, Udaipur won’t likely rest in our memories for its ornate palaces, scenic lake vistas or even as the shooting location for 007’s Octopussy....India finally caught up with us and delivered our first team gastro-bug. It wiped out the family for a couple of days and all I can say is that it was a good thing that our washroom’s sink was close to the toilet.

    Burrowing out from a pile of laundry and electrolyte-replacing Gatorade bottles, Dale and I managed to visit a couple of places today. AnimalAid is a rescue centre for local animals that are sick or injured. In the last 6 years over 100,000 animals have received medicine, therapy and love from 90 staff and countless volunteers at the centre. Rehabilitated animals are released back to where they were found, or, if unfit to survive alone, they are allowed to convalesce at the centre for the rest of their days. Visitors can take a tour of the facility or arrange volunteer hours where they can learn to take care of the patients.

    On our way home our tuk-tuk driver brought us to the foot of a large hill. Still too weak to climb, we took a government jeep to the top where sits the once grand Sajjan Garh Palace overlooking the peaceful lakes and busy city of Udaipur. The structure is affectionately known as the Monsoon Palace as its location was supposedly chosen as an ideal point to watch the monsoon clouds rolling in.
    - Geoff
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  • Day19


    January 11, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Coming to Udaipur was a sight we won't forget. With all the natural beauty that surrounds this city it was a nice break from all the noise and crowds of a typical Indian city.

    The highlight of our visit to Udaipur was our stay at Fatheghar, a hotel situated up in the hills overlooking Lake Pichola. The sunrise we saw from on top the hills was also worth the early wake up call and the sunset was pretty too!

    Aside from the beauty, Udaipur is known for the lavish City Palace of King Udai Singh built in 1559 which was nice to see especially the peacock mosaics that surrounded the courtyard!

    Udaipur was our last stop on this side trip around Rajasthan. It was nice to see another State aside from Gujarat where we'll be spending a week with family as all States in India have their own history and culture!

    And as a side note, we couldn't help but resist to stop on the side of the highway to pick up fresh vegetables as we drove back to Ahmedabad.
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  • Day15

    Udaipur on the Lake

    March 1, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We got off the beaten track a bit on the way here, driving from Jodhpur via the small town of Ranakpur and the incredible Rana Khumba Jain Temple.

    A symmetrical structure 60 by 62 metres, it contains 1,444 exquisitely carved marble pillars, no two of which are identical. It was well worth an hour’s bumping and jolting on narrow roads to reach it.

    We continued a steep, winding climb over the Aravalli range and on to Udaipur, but not before that darned Indian reality intruded into our world again.

    A crowd of onlookers, a wrecked motor cycle strewn across the road and the rider face down and unmoving in the middle of it. 137,000 people die here each year in road accidents, 25% of them motor cyclists. There were no jokes about the traffic or the drivers for the rest of the day after that most sobering of events.

    Famous for its lakes, Udaipur is an attractive city by Rajasthan standards. The lakes are low on water at present, and the rubbish-strewn shorelines not overly attractive, but overall we thought it excellent.

    We visited the Maharana’s Palace, large enough to contain two hotels plus his residence plus a museum and still have room left over to rent out for weddings and functions.

    It was very photogenic, perched on a cliff above Lake Pichola. The various preserved rooms were interesting and there seemed to be cool, green, peaceful courtyards everywhere. Then of course, from almost every window was an expansive view over the lake.

    We took a boat ride on the lake, cruising out to the Maharana’s “Fun” island. Exactly what kind of fun he used to take himself and his entourage off for wasn’t specified, but it was quite a small island.

    We visited the Garden of the Maidens, built by Maharana Sangram Singh in 1734 for his wife and entourage to relax. With fountains everywhere, manicured paths and gardens and bougainvillea running amok it was absolutely brilliant.

    For dinner one night our capable and friendly driver, Anand, took us to a restaurant on the lake. There’s not much view in the dark, mind you, and a cold wind came up that blew straight through us in our semi-outdoor location. These were minor considerations, though. Cold beer and wine, great food and an endless supply of inane conversation kept us well entertained.

    We also relaxed for a day here, sitting by the pool and wandering down for a look at our sister hotel - the uber-luxurious Oberoi. So pleased were the staff to see four Australians in thongs walking into their hotel that they gave us a ten minute tour then promptly called for a golf cart to take us back to where we had come from.
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  • Day102

    Udaipur - Tag 1

    June 23, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Nach unserer gestrigen Ankunft in Udaipur beschlossen wir heute einfach ein wenig durch die Stadt umherzuziehen. Udaipur hat nicht sonderlich viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, hier ist es mehr die Stadt an sich, die als sehenswert gilt. Aufgrund der Lage zwischen mehreren Seen wird die Stadt auch das Venedig Indiens genannt.

    Da wir am Ende der Trockenzeit sind, konnten wir die Seen zwar sehen, das tatsächliche Ausmaß jedoch eher erahnen, da die Seen sehr ausgetrocknet waren. Da unsere Unterkunft direkt in der Altstadt gelegen war, hatten wir die perfekte Ausgangsposition für eine Erkundung der Stadt. Im Vergleich zu den vorherigen Städten ist Udaipur wesentlich entspannter und ruhiger. In den verwirrenden Gassen finden sich zahlreiche Malereien und Kinder, die gerne Fotos machen wollen.

    Neben Ziegen, Kühen findet man auch sehr professionell abgesperrte Baustellen und unzählige Menschen die gerne Drogen verkaufen wollen.
    Uns gefällt die Stadt sehr gut, da es viele nette Cafés und Sitzmöglichkeiten gibt in denen der Blick auf die Stadt genossen werden kann.
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  • Day103

    Udaipur - Tag 2

    June 24, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Nachdem wir gestern die Sehenswürdigkeiten ausgelassen hatten, beschlossen wir uns diesen heute zu widmen.

    Gesagt getan, begonnen wir mit dem Palast der Stadt. Dieser war wirklich sehenswert und viele geschichtliche Referenzen gut erklärt. Wie immer wunderten wir uns hier, wie sich die Herrscher einen solchen Prunk damals leisten konnten und wie dieser zur damaligen Zeit ausgesehen haben muss!
    Danach machten wir die obligatorisches Bootsfahrt um die Stadt vom Wasser aus zu sehen.
    Dabei machten wir auf einer kleinen Insel mit Hotel halt, die sich wunderbar für unsere nächsten Gartenpartys eignen würde.. :D
    Abends besuchten wir eine Tanzaufführung in einem lokalen Museum. Bei dieser wurden diverse verschiedene traditionelle Tänze aus Rajasthan vorgeführt. Wirklich ein tolles Spektakel, bei dem wir immer wieder durch die Kreativität der Tänze beeindruckt wurden. Z.b. Der Mann, der glühende Kohlen mit den Zähnen nimmt und sie dann ausspuckt.
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  • Day75

    Venedig des Ostens - Udaipur

    October 2, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Soooo eine schöne Stadt! 5 Seen, die vor 500 Jahren vom damaligen König für seine Konkubinen angelegt wurden, verwandeln diese hübsche Stadt in das Venedig Indiens. Glücklicherweise haben Amy und ich eines der zwei Zimmer mit Lakeview erwischt 😊 und das beste war die Yogaklasse bei einem indischen Yogi!!! Soooo happy 😁

    Did you know: Das indische Geburtstagskind küsst an seinem Ehrentag traditionell die Füße seiner Eltern. Das soll ihm Glück bringen.
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