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  • Day18

    After a 20 minute overcrowded public ferry ride in the 32 degree heat, we arrived (sweating) to Gili Air. This island, known for its "chill factor" and accessibility to psychodelic mushrooms, is the smallest of the three gili islands and takes about 26 minutes and 54 seconds to run around. We had to walk for about 10 minutes from the ferry to our hostel 'Bedadang' which was located on the opposite side of the island. True to the island's reputation , we were offered magic mushroom several times during this 10 minute walk. Our hostel's rustic island theme (grass huts, palm trees, mosquito nets) was accented by a mushroom shaped swimming pool which was awash with flashing colours after sunset. We were still travelling with our USA contingent so most evenings we would head out as a group to get some cocktails and the cheapest meal we could find. Whitney and Alli (a girl in our travelling group) sought out the infamous Gili Air swing for a beautiful picture in the dying light while I proceeded to use the hostel table tennis table to assert Kiwi dominance by thrashing Max (a guy from our group) who suggested he might have some talent for ping pong (current score 8 - 5 to me). We now head to the Island of Lombok, known for its waterfalls, trekking, and surfing.Read more

  • Day10

    The third and final of the Gili Islands that we will be visiting during our trip. Really enjoying the island lifestyle, this place is a cool mix between the madness and parties of Gili T and the chilled vibe of Meno. Bikes are a must to get around the place.. trying to cycle in sand is probably my biggest issue of the day 😤 Bailey likes to put this in perspective for me and remind me that we are currently on a paradise island, snorkelling with turtles and sipping on banana smoothies all day! The locals on Air are very friendly and you can't get far without someone wanting to say hello and have a chat. We arrived by the public boat from Gili Meno for only 70RHP - bargain. The beers (bintang) are cheap and the happy hour cocktails do the trick! We went to a hotel called Ombak on Monday night for outdoor cinema on the beach and watched Drive on big comfy beanbag chairs. Spent a day at scratch beach club on the west coast which is definitely worth a visit. A little spot called Ruby's does amazing curry 👌🏻 number 2 on trip advisor and well deserved. The sunsets on all the Gili islands seem to be amazing but Air has definitely delivered some of the best so far.Read more

  • Day130

    Goodbye Gili Meno and hello Gili Air! We've safely arrived onto the next Gili Island we had planned to visit before returning to Bali. Our day began pretty early as the public ferry which is over half the price of a private boat left at 9:50am but we were told to turn up an hour early to ensure we get a seat. With that in mind we woke up and finalised our packing before setting down to our last breakfast on Gili Meno cooked by the neighbour of the place we were staying because the owner was stuck on Lombok (a large island near by). We left our key and walked the painful trip to the ferry dock. Having bought our ticket we sat down while we waited willing time to pass. The boat ride wasn't the comfiest as we sat with our big bags on but it was fast and efficient. We landed on Gili Air and walked the 10 minutes to our accommodation, another collection of bungalows. We were quite early so our room wasn't ready yet but they let us sit with our bags and use their wifi. We do feel this made them feel pressured to get us in a room because we have been put in a bungalow on a separate site of only two bungalows set further back from the road. It doesn't look as nice as the others so that's a shame and also the wifi isn't currently working there so that's even more of a shame but oh well. We dumped our stuff and headed for the ocean. There aren't many beaches here so we hung our things on a tree and went swimming hunting for turtles. We've booked onto a snorkeling trip tomorrow that only cost £6 each and you get your money back if you don't see a turtle so we weren't too fussed that we didn't see them. It was so nice to be in the water and cooling off from the heat. After a swim we chilled out at a restuarant on their loungers reading and having a small snack and tea. All of sudden I'm really missing tea so it's nice to have it offered everywhere. We spent about 3 hours reading and watching the family who own the resturant fish. A boy who looked about 10 would go out on his paddle board and set out a net then splash around causing the fish to swim into the net. After a few hours they had a bucket full of fish. We headed back to the bungalow and sat in the main area on their gazebo to use the wifi and we booked all our Australia bus routes. We paid for a pass from Cairns to Melbourne then just chose the buses and times we wanted to book onto. It was a lot easier than we expected and after an hour later the next important part of Australia is sorted m. All that's left to do is screen shot the routes from the bus stops to each accommodation. Then came the time to get the insect repellent on and cover up completely to head out for dinner. Last night I got 11 more bites and I'm reacting quite badly to them so we can't have anymore tonight! We do have a net in our room but as last night taught us that doesn't seem to stop them. It's the only downside to these islands and makes you want to run back to the mainland where it isn't such a problem. So fingers crossed it isn't that bad tonight as we're getting an early night ready to get up for our trip tomorrow.Read more

  • Day131

    Today was brilliant. At least it started that way. We were picked up from the bungalows and went on a snorkeling trip. We saw sea turtles, swam with so many beautiful fish through rich undamaged reefs and even spotted a couple of octopus. It was the first snorkeling trip where Nick felt confident enough to not wear a life jacket and boy did it set him free. He was diving down, swimming against strong currents far from the boat and shore and feeling as though he was on cloud 9. I felt so proud and delighted by how happy he was. We truly had an amazing experience and then that was destroyed and ended by someone's single cruel act. We returned to find the door of our bungalow kicked in, the lock on the floor, lights on and all the contents of our bags everywhere. They'd taken Nick's phone, our tablet, all our money and even our souvenir money that we'd kept from each country we'd visited. We were heartbroken, violated, hysterical and distraught. Next door was broken into as well but they left the door unlocked (it had to be double locked) and the bathroom door open when it's an open roof bathroom. At least ours was completely not our fault. Yes we could of hidden things better, yes we should of taken all our money with us but is it really any safer on a boat while you're in the ocean than in your locked accommodation? After hours of crying, cancelling cards, changing passwords and genuinely wondering what we are meant to do the police finally were called and arrived. Nick had gone to get food so I went through it with the policeman alone and he took photos and details and I felt a little reassured. The hotel were appalling. They offered us nothing, no drink, no food, no way of securing our bungalow, no sympathy and no apology. These bungalows had been empty all day and no one checked them until we returned to find the chaos. The policeman however was offered a buffet of food, drinks, cigarettes and a whole family gathering. It was then that we realised the owners are trying to get him on side so it goes in their favour. We are meeting tomorrow to go to Lombok to get a police report for our insurance. It was 9:20pm by the time this had been wrapped up and only then almost 5 and a half hours of our bungalow being unsecured and unmanned did someone put on a tiny little padlock to close the front door, again another act for the police. We left with the other couple and after an hour we both had new hotels to stay in even though the owners were expecting us to want to stay the night in our unlockable burgled room! We returned and packed up our bags and went to break the news of leaving to reception together and they were very shocked. Now we're here in our new bungalow, it's secure with decent locks, has security 24/7, is enclosed in a walled area and attached to other bungalows with no open fields around or dodgey houses around. We feel safer but still as if we will sleep with one eye open. The shower felt amazing after such a traumatic experience. I cannot wait to get off this island and at the moment go home but I will try and get over that and not let them beat me. As my sister said; they've already taken your things, don't let them take the world from you as well. I don't know where we'd be without my family. We love you all.Read more

  • Day132

    6 hours. 6 hours we spent at the police station feeling helpless, crying, pleading for a translator and calling the British embassy. Conveniently for the bungalow place the police officer stayed the night so when we arrived in the morning they were very buddy with him already and laughing and joking over breakfast when 17 hours ago I'd been hysterically crying in front of them. It set the tone for the day really and we set off to the pier and on a boat to Lombok where the police station is. Luckily there was no mention of us paying for this journey and the bungalow owners paid for it all without question. We did have to use the horse and carts we strongly disagree with but there was no choice. We went the whole journey with barely a word said from the owners or the police officer, it was all one big fun day out for them it seemed. We were up first and it didn't go well. The police spoke to the owners in their own language and lots of joking was happening. They asked for our passports, details and a brief statement of when we left and came back. They also checked what was stolen and all this had to be translated by one of the owners as no one else really spoke English. He could of told them anything. They printed the report and everything was wrong from dates to spellings but our biggest issue was they'd used the word 'lost' and not 'stolen' and it didn't include the owners name or the name of the bungalows. Our things were simply "lost on Gili Air". Unbelievable. After all we'd been through we now spent 4 hours battling with 6 officers and the owners for the details we needed, mainly being the owner's name and ID number. It took us calling the embassy for which we used all the owners credit on his phone and the other couple threatening to call a lawyer for the owners and original police officer to leave. After this things went smoother and we sat down on the officer's computer and wrote our own police report basically. They have no idea what our statement said, they simply printed it and signed and stamped on the dotted line. The owners finally returned to take us back but we were sceptical if they would return at all. We left in disbelief at the level of corruption, disregard for the law and lack of sympathy or care. At least we had our police report and we could focus now on the insurance side of things. After returning to the island the owner disappeared as soon as we docked on the shore. The other guy who could speak English did hang around so we thanked him, we had to be the bigger person. We then joined the German couple for a well needed drink and some food at their hotel on the sea front. It's surreal that we've bonded and been brought together in that moment because of one terrible incident. Our hotel has a pool so we decided to make use of that even though it was 6:30 and the mosquitos had descended. Now we plan to stay up to talk to my parents about everything and insurance. I've been dying to speak to them about it all and it's at times like this where the time difference really isn't helpful. We can never replace the photos, videos lost on those devices or our souvenir money but at least we are safe. I can't even imagine what could of happened if we'd caught these criminals in the act. We can move on from this and that is what matters most.Read more

  • Day14

    Gestern ging es für uns von Padangbai aus, mit dem speed boat auf die "gili air" Insel. Sie ist eine der bekanntesten gili islands, neben gili travangan und gili meno. Erstere ist die Größte der drei und stark von dem Tourismus geprägt und überfüllt. Gili meno hingegen ist sehr ruhig und klein.. wir haben uns für die perfekte Mitte, gili air entschieden 😊
    Hier fühlt man sich total in der Zeit zurückversetzt. Am meisten liegt es daran, dass keine Autos bzw. haufenweise Mopeds auf der Insel herumfahren, sondern ausschließlich Pferdekutschen und ganz vereinzelt mal ein Elektromoped unterwegs sind.
    Die Insel ist einfach paradiesisch!! ✨
    Unsere Unterkunft befindet sich ziemlich im Inneren, inmitten des "Dschungels" der Insel. Wir haben einen kleinen Bungalow mit einer Hängematte vor der Tür und einem Freiluftbad im hinteren des Bungalows. Es ist wunderschön😍

    Man merkt, dass die Inselbewohner auf den Tourismus eingehen, aber es ist noch lange nicht so schlimm wie auf Bali!
    Umgeben ist die Insel von glasklarem Wasser.
    Heute haben wir den gesamten Tag auch nur mit schnorcheln, sonnen, einer Radtour um die Insel und Essen verbracht.
    Morgen machen wir einen Kochkurs über einheimisches Essen in einem kleinen Restaurant, bei dem wir nur einmal waren aber es so fantastisch geschmeckt hat 😍
    Da freuen wir uns schon rießig drauf!

    Nur vor den Mücken haben wir etwas Angst, da besonders auf den Gili islands die Gefahr der Übertragung des Dengue Fiebers und Malaria sehr hoch ist. Aber wir bleiben jetzt mal positiv und hoffen natürlich, dass wir davon verschont bleiben..
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  • Day78

    Nach insgesamt 4 Open Water Dives an den Spots Hans Reef (2x), Air Wall und Shark's Point sowie 2 Pool Sessions bin ich nun stolzer Besitzer einer Open Water Lizenz, sprich: Man darf bei Tauchcentern mit anderen Open Water Divern und einem Master (Advanced Open Water) zu Fun-Dives rund um den Globus auf bis zu 18m Tiefe aufbrechen - grandios!
    Die Tauchgänge waren alle sagenhaft - Schildkröten 🐢 en masse, Muränen, Skorpion- und Löwenfische, Boxfische, Haie 🦈 an Shark's Point(!!!), ein Octopus, Rochen und allerlei andere tropische Fische. Dazu das Gefühl und der Blick bis zu 18m unter der Oberfläche im Wasser zu schweben ist einfach mega und ich freu mich jetzt schon auf den nächsten Tauchgang - vielleicht schon auf Nusa Lembongan 🤗
    Dazu hatten wir noch ein paar schöne Abende bei gutem, fangfrischem Fisch vom Grill für billig Geld und einen herrlichen Sonnenuntergang.

    Das Foto vom Essen ist von einem muslimischen Warung - Nasi Campur, sprich: Reis mit Chicken, Tofu, Erdnüssen, Gemüse, Ei, Chilli und Currysoße für umgerechnet 1,3€. Und das war wirklich eine sättigende Mahlzeit! Legga!
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  • Day75

    Trotz allen Karmas, welches wir auf unserer Reise gesammelt haben, hat es heute früh in Strömen geregnet. Das Ganze zog sich von der Abholung an der Unterkunft bis zum Besteigen der leider schlecht organisierten Fähre von Bali auf Gili Air weiter fort, sodass wir gut durchnässt jedoch glücklicherweise bei Sonnenschein auf Gili Air ankamen.
    Die Insel ist ein kleines Paradies, touristisch durch viele Restaurants und Warungs geprägt aber trotzdem irgendwie einfach, bodenständig und günstig. (Im Gegensatz zu der Nachbarinsel Gili Trawangan, die auch als Lloret de Mar für Australier bezeichnet werden kann ;))
    Nach Bezug unseres kleinen Bungalows ging es den Strand erkunden. Weiterhin folgte für mich die Anmeldung für meinen Open Water Tauchschein, den ich in den nächsten Tagen hier auf und um die Insel herum absolvieren werde! Morgen steht die erste Pool-Session und ein rund 45minütiger Tauchgang im Meer an - yippie!:)
    Zum Abendessen gab es fangfrisch Red Snapper mit Kartoffelwedges..sehr lecker!
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  • Day10

    Nous embarquons sur le bateau pour Gili Air et s'aperçevons qu on a oublié un petit sac à dos...rien de méchant mais chiant pour les chargeurs tél qui étaient dedans. ..😠..

    Gili Air très belle île ...temps superbe.
    Tour de l'île en Ferrari locale (calèche). Ville animée en bord de mer. Pas trop de monde...

    Nous cherchons un peu d'ombre sur la plage et que voit on : un varan... nous décidons de nous poser loin de lui 😁...
    Snorkeling pour lolo et mimi. .. très chanceux ils ont pu découvrir une tortue de mer... elle mangeait paisiblement les algues et remontait toutes les 2/3 minutes à la surface pour respirer..un vrai spectacle fabuleux et tout ça à 1 mètre d'elle.
    Apéro restaurant et piscine tout l'après midi en bord de plage.
    En repartant nous observons les locaux pêcher des oursins.
    À peine rentrés à la chambre ..18h15 la nuit est tombée . ..nuit noire...coupure de courant dans toute l'île... 21h couchés sans diner...
    L'électricité ne reviendra que vers 22h.

    Conclusion des 3 îles :
    Trawagan : île de la fête. ..trop touristique et trop intérêt...
    Meno : superbe île sauvage...très peu de touristes et animation...avons beaucoup aimé...
    Air : île que nous avons trouvé la plus belle.. île locale et authentique ..
    Si nous devions revenir ce sera GILI AIR !!
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  • Day12

    Nachdem wir heute Morgen einen fantastischen, fast wolkenlosen Sonnenaufgang bestaunen konnten und uns gestärkt hatten, sind wir mit dem public boat zur Nachbarinsel Gili Air gefahren.
    Gestern haben wir uns dort noch online für einen indonesischen Kochkurs angemeldet.
    Da durch die Abfahrtzeiten der Boote nur wenig Zeit vor bzw nach dem Kochkurs blieb, haben wir uns nicht allzu weit vom Hafen entfernt, aber einen tollen Eindruck von der Insel bekommen können. Hier ist es doch schon viel touristischer und geschäftiger, als auf Gili Meno.

    Um 11:30 ging es los mit der Zubereitung des Desserts 'Kelopon', bestehend aus Reismehl mit Kokosmilch, grün eingefärbt, gefüllt mit Palmzucker und gewälzt in frisch geraspelten Kokosflocken.
    Im Anschluss haben wir Erdnuss-Sauce und Gado Gado gemacht, gefolgt von Mie Goreng, was wir dann gleich verkostet haben! Yummie yummie!!
    Eigentlich waren wir jetzt schon satt, haben aber noch Chicken Curry und Chicken Taliwang gekocht, was auch super lecker geschmeckt hat, wir aber beim besten Willen nicht aufessen konnten.
    Wir freuen uns auf's zu-Hause-nachkochen.

    Leider ging das letzte public boat schon um 3 Uhr zurück, sodass nur noch Zeit für einen Verdauungsspaziergang war.
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