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  • Day2

    Guinness Taste Testing

    September 12, 2017 in Ireland

    Me with my cute little glass of Guinness, Me tasting my cute little glass of Guinness, me not liking my cute little glass of Guinness, Terrance finishing my cute little glass of Guinness!
    Me with my Coke Cola!😆 Where is the Coke Cola Tour?!

  • Day10

    Its a small world

    September 23 in Ireland

    We started the morning with a FaceTime session with the grandsons. The current generation of under 10’s are so at ease with modern technology. Having grown up in the era of iPhones and iPads they handle these devices so casually and our FaceTime sessions are great, allowing us to stay in contact from across the world. Our eldest grandson has just got his own email account so he can follow our blog and he regularly sends brief email messages usually of one word followed by a dozen emoticons. I think his parents will need to keep an eye on his inbox as he is already getting spam from unknown senders.
    Through social media MDW received a message from one of her cousins who just happened to be in Dublin for a couple of days. It was arranged to meet at the Jameson Whiskey Distillery at 10:45am. Being so efficient we arrive about 9am, not much is open, even in the main tourist area, as it is Sunday but we do find a very trendy coffee shop which provides some warmth away from the 3 or 4 degrees it was outside. We are directed to a table for two where we squeeze into chairs trying not to bump into other coffee drinkers. We share a fruit scone, butter and the best homemade raspberry jam. No cream available but the scone is great. The service is incredibly efficient and before we know it we have only filled in 30 minutes. Before heading towards the distillery for the Whiskey tour we use the ammenities then walk to Bow Street enjoying the little bit of warmth from the morning sunshine. We are still 45 minutes early but we walk through the entry hoping to find some where to wait. MDW’s cousin and wife were already waiting for us and suggested we sit down for coffee. We said “good idea” even though we had not long had one. Our bladders were copping a hiding but before the tour started we found the toilets. The tour was skilfully run by a young Irishman who had an encyclopaedic mind about American sporting trivia. He asked who is from the USA which is where the majority of people came from. He asked each couple what state they were from and he would name the main sporting teams from that state. When it came to Australians, there were the four of us and disappointingly he didn’t ask what state we were from. His sporting trivia about Australia was that Ireland beat Australia in a rugby test series and got a cup. He was ready with his New Zealand All Blacks knowledge bu5 no kiwis on this tour. His amusing sporting anecdotes filled in a good 20 minutes before we got into the history and how whiskey is made. Towards the end of the tour we could taste test three different shot glasses full of whiskey. It wasn’t compulsory but I felt it was something I needed to do to increase my knowledge of Irish whiskey. MDW offered me hers but having 3 whiskeys at 11:30am was enough. After the completion of the tour we had a whiskey, ginger ale and lime. We sat at one of the tables with MDW finding the stools a challenge to get on as they were quite high. Completing the drink we headed to St Michans where they have crypts and other ghoulish items on display. Disappointingly it was locked up so we had lunch at The Brazen Head, supposedly the oldest pub in Dublin. It was jam packed but the food was good as was the company. Tomorrow we pick up the hire car and head to the Wild West Coast. This will be a test for MDW as it is all about the scenery with The Giants Causeway our first destination.
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  • Day20


    May 16 in Ireland

    This might come as a shock but I really don't think I have even had a Guinness before, a Black and Tan, yes, but not a straight pint of the G. I visited the brewery today and I was completely blown away. Magnificent, educational, they did a fabulous job with all of it. Heaps of staff to help you through the beer journey. I even got emotional as I was watching vintage footage of a "cooper" (now I know what that is) making a barrel by hand, yes, you heard me right, emotional! Then came the taste test and learned how to drink this stuff! You first inhale and hold your breath, take a gulp of beer, hold it in your mouth a few seconds, then swallow it while you exhale. This allows you to taste the flavors in all of the different areas in your mouth, and it really worked! Then on to the finale, on the 7th floor, you were given your reward after the tour with a pint of the black stuff at the Gravity Bar, with a 360 degree view of the city. It was happening in the there!

    I then went from drinking, to church. St. Patrick's Cathedral (1192!) was having an Evensong, the members of the church chorus sing the mass, if you will. Got emotional there too, natch. Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels, 1726!) was dean there for 32 years and is buried there also. On his grave in the nave, his self-penned epitaph reads "He lies where furious indignation can no longer rend his heart". Heavy.
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  • Day23

    Back in Dublin.

    September 20, 2017 in Ireland

    Back art the flat, uneventful flight.
    Kevin and Chelsea are here as they start their own European wander. We wandered in the rain. Ate chips and ice cream, threw raw fish to the seals in Howth and drank Guinness in pub. That takes care of Dublin.
    I have had the National pfloufhinf championships on my list for years but I have not been able to be here in Mid September. The thrill of the ploughing was calling me.
    So here I am this year and it has been washed out by heavy rain., so it is still on the list.
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  • Day2

    The Motherland

    June 21, 2016 in Ireland

    After an easy 6 and a half hour flight with more then half the plane empty, we have arrived in Ireland --- I am already in love.

    We waited for about 10 minutes at the wrong baggage claim (hehe). Once we wondered a little, we found the right baggage claim, we got all our bags safely :)

    We navigated to find the 747 bus to Dublin City Center. After a 25 minute bus ride and the whole time trying to understand how they drive on the other side of the RIDICOUSLY narrow streets, we are at our hostel!!

    We are currently waiting for our room to be ready to check in before we head out towards Trinity College.
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  • Day2

    Grafton Street

    June 21, 2016 in Ireland

    After being amazed by the Book of Kells, we headed over to Grafton Street (the shopping district) to spend a little bit of our money. To be honest, most of the atorea were a little more on the high end and out of our budget, but we did manage to find an amazing jewellery store owned by a third generation Irish family who designed many of the pieces themselves. I picked up a cute ring and necklace, and Shaunessa & Taylor grabbed a ring each themselves.Read more

  • Day2

    The Temple Bar

    June 21, 2016 in Ireland

    After grabbing a quick bite of some amazing fresh cod and chips at the famous Leo Burdock's (yes, snoop dog has eaten here), our last stop of the day was the famous Temple Bar. One of the oldest bars in Ireland (founded in 1840) and home of some famous irish bot brewed whiskey.

    We listened to traditional irish music while drinking some Irish beer (breanna was daring enough to drink some whiskey on the rocks).Read more

  • Day2

    Trinity College

    June 21, 2016 in Ireland

    After Dublin castle, we made our way to Trinty College and walked into a campus that can only be described as Hogwarts-like. The buildings were gorgeous and old... But that wasnt even the best part.

    We went into an old library and found that they had the exibit for the Book of Kells.. For those who dont know, the book of kells is a gospel which was hand written by scribes & done a very long time ago. When we walked into the library we realized that the cost to go in was a little pricey for a self guided tour.

    Sooooo we might have "accidentely" snuck into the trinity library & avoided paying 11€ to see the book of kells. Sorry... We're on a budget 🙊
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  • Day2

    Temple Bar

    June 21, 2016 in Ireland

    After grabbing a quick bit of some amazongly fresh cod fish and chips at the famous Leo Burdock's (Snoop Dogg ate fhere), Last stop of the day was to the famous Temple Bar! One of the oldest bars in Ireland (founded in 1840) and home of some famous Irish pot brewed whiskey!

    We listened to some live traditional Irish music while sipping on some Irish Beer, and I had myself a whisky straight. It was a great way to end our first eventful day.. Can't wait for some new adventures tomorrow!!!! #sbteurotripRead more

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