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  • Day215

    Today's travels took us to the border of the beautiful Gran Sasso National Park with its magnificent mountains. We rose to an altitude of 550m where the snow was very thick and was obviously still causing difficulties. Workers surveyed the area, large generators were hooked up to pylons and several homes had poles with makeshift flags flying, possibly marking them out as in need of support.

    We'd been away 7 months today and although we've had some difficulties with the van and adjusting to the nomadic lifestyle, we are in love with life on the road, the opportunities it brings for exploration, both of the world about us and of ourselves.

    Teramo's free stopover was a bit muddy and littered but it was bordered by grass for Poppy and had a gorgeous long reaching view over a church tower, the town and mountains beyond.

    We'd decided we would try and eat out on Friday lunch times if we could and so started in to town to find a Trattoria. Cafés closest to the van were a bit down market with a tendency towards packaged fast foods. The streets were dirty with grit and run-off from the waterlogged land. It was difficult to walk because sections of pavements (where it existed) were still covered in snow and the zebra crossings, they were so faded that drivers couldn't see them clearly.

    We persisted through the stone archway into the Centro Storico and found a pretty church square bathed in warm sunshine and surrounded by cafès with outdoor tables. Few displayed menus and those that did didn't seem to show local dishes so we carried on and found a small restaurant hidden up a side street. It had a menu of traditional dishes and was just the place we were after. We ordered Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, a regional red, Arrosticini (small pieces of lamb skewered and flame grilled) and Chitarra alla Teramo (that turned out to be polenta and sausage served on a rectangular wooden plate). The accent here is difficult to understand and it was a challenge to know what the waiter was saying, but we muddled along and ended up having a fruits of the forest and a chocolate gateaux deserts rounded up by coffee and limoncellos. We came away very happy!

    Later that evening a car pulled up alongside us. The couple got into the back seat and started kissing. We'd noticed several discarded condoms among the litter earlier and looking around the car park we saw a few other cars had parked up amongst the vans. A number of them had steamy windows, which led us to the incontrovertible conclusion that our overnight spot was also used for other purposes. We put some music on and it may, or may not have been coincidence that Meatloaf's 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' came on...
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  • Day215


    January 27, 2017 in Italy

    Chieti, a hilltop town with reputedly stunning mountain views was our next destination. We had the choice of dropping down to the coast road or taking the smaller but more direct mountain road via Penne. The high altitude vistas had been amazing so we decided to go for the latter, with the proviso that if driving got too difficult we'd turn back.

    The snow grew in depth as we rose in height but the road itself was clear and ice free. The mountains around us looked incredible in the true sense of the word. Everything was going well until about half an hour into the drive when we reached a village and a wall of snow blocking the route ahead. Because it was a minor road, this was the extent to which snow ploughs had cleared. Luckily we were able to turn in a small piazza and make our way back to Teramo to take the coast road. We wonder what it must be like for those living in remote dwellings where the roads haven't been cleared.

    Arriving at Chieti we were once again blessed with a beautiful far reaching view over the Gran Sasso mountains as well as the smaller Maiella range and the flat valley below. Sadly the sights were shrouded in a thick haze of bluish grey air pollution, blotting out details so effectively that the mountains appeared only in silhouette. There have been increased amounts of dumped rubbish as our journey into Italy has progressed and this area was no exception.

    Chieti marked the furthest point south we've ever driven. We were looking forward to discovering the changes in climate, flora, fauna and ways of life that were ahead.

    Rays of gentle morning sunlight shone on the mountains, revealing their detail to ys the following day. Before leaving we hiked up through the steep streets of the town to a viewpoint from where you could see both mountain ranges. We'd been able to see the more southerly Maiellas from the van and they had appeared huge, but they were looked almost insignificant when seen alongside the Gran Sasso massif. It rose to over 2000m above sea level and its snowy peaks took on rather a surreal appearance, almost as if they had been painted onto the landscape.
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  • Day214

    Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata

    January 26, 2017 in Italy

    Although hairy at times, the drive to tonight's stopover, just south of Ascoli Piceno was stunning! Snow was banked high at the sides of the road, narrowing the lanes, it was sometimes impossible to avoid collisions with overhanging branches but the untouched sparkling snow beyond seemed to go on forever, adding a light to the landscape.

    It was with some relief when after an hour and a half we turned on to a straight wide dual carriageway, but it was back to 'white knuckle time' not long afterward as the sat nav directed us up the side of a high hill. Not only did we need to navigate steep switchback bends with reduced lane width due to the snow, but we needed to dodge deep holes in the road and avoid areas where it had subsided, some of which were fenced off for safety!

    Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata stopover had advertised itself as being in the countryside but it turned out to be a car park in an industrial estate. To give it its due it did have views of mountains over the top of the factories but it wasn't quite what we'd had in mind! We could have carried on but Vicky was knackered by the drive and had touched wing mirrors with an oncoming lorry towards the end so we decided to stay put.

    After all the 'Sexy Shop' advertisements we'd seen we were a little dubious of the large pink 'Fantasy World' building nearby. It was only when children started turning up at around 7pm that we realised it was a kids' party venue!
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  • Day12

    Am Vormittag wieder mit ADAC telefoniert. Am Abend gibt es mehr Informationen. Also zu zweit auf die Transalp und einen kleinen See in der Nähe besucht. Tolle kurvige kleine Strassen. Hätten wir doch beide Motorräder da! Im Supermarkt der nächsten größeren "Stadt" zum Grillen eingekauft. Komische Fleischspieße, komische Hähnchenkeulen und komische Hackfleischrollen. Bier und Wein, Kartoffeln und Gummibärchen. Zuhause dann den Grill angeschmissen und alles zubereitet. War doch leckerer als zunächst vermutet. Ketchup hat gefehlt. Dann mit dem ADAC telefoniert. Morgen bis Mittag gibt es Informationen. !?!Read more

  • Day10

    A 14

    June 9 in Italy

    Von der Autostrada sind wir total begeistert. Es ist rundherum viel zu sehen. Auch das türkisfarbene Meer zeigt sich zuweilen. Es gibt erste 🌴.
    Das Urlaubsgefühl steigt. Und die A14 gen Süden zu nehmen, war eine gute Idee.

    Nachtrag von 19 Uhr

    Der Campingplatz, den wir bereits gegen 17 Uhr erreichten, gefiel uns überhaupt nicht.
    Mich erinnerte er an ein Zigeunerlager. Da schlaf ich nicht ruhig.

    Beratschlagt, weitergefahren und somit immer noch auf der Autobahn.

    Wir haben am heutigen Tag die Emilia Romagnia, Marken, die Abruzzen und Molise durchquert und sind inzwischen in Apulien angekommen.
    Bis Bari sind es nur noch etwa 100 km.

    Links und rechts der Autobahn weiterhin bunt blühende Oleanderbüsche. Ich schwöre, ich buddel mir noch einen aus und pack ihn ein! 😁

    Ansonsten sehr viele Felder, Olivenplantagen und Weinanbau.
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  • Day10

    Der Trocknungsgrad lag bei 85 % als wir nach einer herzlichen Verabschiedung im Nieselregen zu zweit auf der Transalp auf die Autobahn zur Ferienwohnung fuhren. Zunächst ungewohnt konnte ich mich recht zügig an die neue Maschine und die Zuladung gewöhnen. Wir spulten die km gut ab und nach ca. 100 km waren wir auch aus dem Regen heraus und es wurde einen Hauch wärmer. Wir meldeten uns bei der Vermieterin nach der Abfahrt von der Autobahn und den etwa 70 km zum Haus noch vor uns. Es gab ein paar schöne Kraftfahrstrassen und ein paar bessere Verbindungswege mit unzähligen Kurven. Einkaufen fürs Abendbrot konnten wir auch noch. Der Empfang war sehr herzlich und das Haus ist eine Wucht. Alles da und sehr gepflegt. Sogar Nudeln und selbstgemachte Tomatensoße standen bereit. Sehr schön. Morgen telefonieren wir wegen der BMW. Gute Nacht.Read more

  • Day17

    Heute endlich mal einTag wie wir ihn uns gewünscht haben. Die Einsiedelei und der Pass war in den Garmin Navigationsgeräten eingetragen, das Wetter war schön und die Motorräder liefen. Über schöne kleine Strassen ging es zur Einsiedlei im Valle S. Martino. Über einen für Fahrzeuge gesperrten Schotterweg ging es in das Tal. Am ersten Rastplatz lies mich Katja zurück und ging noch den Rest des Weges zu den Ruinen. Aber auch ihr wurde es zu warm und wir gingen zurück zum Parkplatz. Von hier ging es dann ziemlich kurvig zum Pass. Dort angekommen mussten wir leider sehen, dass ein Ski-Gebiet im Sommer nicht so doll aussieht. Was solls, der Schinken und der Käse unserer Brotzeit waren gut. Es gab noch einen höher gelegenen Aussichtspunkt und obwohl wir zuerst zögerten, nahmen wir ihn doch noch in Angriff. Und es hat sich gelohnt. Auf 1850 m Höhe, an Schneeresten vorbei erreichten wir über den Wolken das Refugio. Mit lecker Cappuccino und Brioch. Fotos machen und den Blick in die Ebene durch die Wolkenlöcher genießen. Danach wieder in das Tal und auf leicht abgeänderter Strecke zurück zum Ferienhaus. Am Ende natürlich wieder ein paar Tropfen Regen.Read more

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