Campo Santa Margherita

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  • Day1

    Die Stadt mit den vielen Brücken

    September 1, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Um 7.30 starten wir mit dem Zug nach Milano. Dort sind 1.5h Umstiegszeit für den Zug nach Venedig eingeplant. Fazit wir hatten nur 20 Minuten Berspätung, der Zug nach Venedig aber 30 Minuten.
    Irgendwann kommen dann auch wir an und beziehen unser kleines Hotelzimmer. Es ist eher eine Kammer. Aber bequem und sauber. Hoffentlich denken wir in der Nacht an die 3 Stuffen bis zum WC 😂.
    Danach liefen wir ein Mal quer durch Venedig. Auf dem Canale Grande war heute noch eine "Regatta". Wir sahen viele ältere Gondeln welche von Leuten, meist in Originalverkleidung, gefahren wurden. Leider sahen wir nicht so viel, die Sonne brannte einfach zu stark.
    Nach dem anstengenden Spaziergang belohnten wir uns mit einem Aperitiv und später einem guten Abendessen.
    Nun sind wir doch etwas kaputt und freuen uns auf morgen.
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  • Day72

    Getting to know Venice

    August 28, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    After breakfast we walked around getting an idea of the layout- winding canals and so, so many bridges. In the afternoon we did a walking tour which included a visit inside St Mark's (San Marcus) square and Basilica. The entire multi domed ceiling is tiled with Venician glass depicting both the Old & New Testaments. A lot of gold! It is unbelievable. Unfortunately we couldn't take photos inside. After the tour & leaving from the beautiful Rialto Bridge, we had a boat ride down the Grand Canal and some of the smaller ones. Wonderful day but very hot and a storm is now brewing.Read more

  • Day3

    Vom Jelmoli von Venedig nach Dorsoduro

    August 28, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Da wir vorab keine festen Pläne hatten, wussten wir nicht, ob und wann wir im Fondaco dei Tedeschi vorbeikommen würden. So hatten wir leider keine Reservation für die Dachterrasse mit Rundblick über die Stadt, der Besuch hat sich aber trotzdem gelohnt: erstens erfuhren wir, dass wir kein Fieber hatten (wurde bei allen Eingängen gemessen 😎) und zweitens war schon der Rundgang durchs Warenhaus ein Erlebnis. Nicht wegen der angebotenen Ware - ich konnte mich sogar bei den Glitzerturnschuhen zurückhalten - aber das Gebäude ist toll und die Details oft ein Foto wert. So zum Beispiel der goldene Käfig - sprich Lift - der leider ausser Betrieb war. Da haben wir halt die rote Rolltreppe genommen, auch chic... 💅🏾😊
    Anschliessend war es Zeit, unser Gepäck im NH Palazzo Barocci abzuholen, einen letzten Blick auf die Rialtobrücke zu werfen und ins NH Rio Novo umzuziehen. Schon auf dem Spaziergang dorthin gab’s einen ersten Einsruck des Quartiers. Nicht so touristisch-schickimicki, aber immer noch enge, verwinkelte Gassen und unzählige Brücken.
    Nach dem ereignisreichen Tag haben wir uns eine Pause im Hotelzimmer gegönnt um die Batterien wieder zu laden - unsere und die des Telefons 😂 Im Nachhinein perfektes timing, hatte es doch in dieser Zeit geregnet ohne dass wir es bemerkten.
    Zum Abschluss wollten wir mal etwas typisch Venezianisches essen und haben uns für Polenta mit Bacalà misto entschieden. Der Fisch war dann nicht so unser Ding und das Grillgemüse leider versalzen - immerhin gut für den Koch... 😊🥰
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  • Day2

    Lost in Venice

    November 2, 2014 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We almost made the mistake of getting on the boat that would have taken us to the boat via the airport, about a two-hour addition to our schedule. Such an option was not acceptable to us, because we needed to return to our boat by 2:30 pm in order to join the group that was to visit one of the Murano art glass factories on Giudecca Island.

    On the vaporetto I decided to go astern to photograph St. Mark’s Square from the water. There was a German family there with a father who acted as though he wanted to be the commandant of the whole world. Unlike his sons, he never acknowledged that I was even sitting in front of him. When I took their picture, he looked straight up, as though if he were not looking at me, then I could not see him.

    We returned to St. Marta’s, in view of the ship. The only problem was that we found a locked gate between us and our boat. We asked a policeman on a bicycle how to get back to the ship. He told us, in broken English, to get on the “People Mover,” and to get off at the first stop. This would lead us to the street we saw on the other side of the chain-link fence going to the River Countess. With some confusion and difficulty we made our way to the People Mover and found our way to the ticket machine and up one storey to the loading platform. After just a few seconds I saw that we passed over the road leading back to the ship, and continued to travel toward downtown Venice. The sense of helplessness was palpable. We got off at the next exit, and found that we were in the Piazza le Romana. Both Jim and I had maps. We charted a course back to the ship and started making our way south. Unfortunately, there were several places where the name of the street did not precisely line up with the street’s location. Betty and Glenda got worried, though Jim and I basically knew where we were, and were confident that eventually we would make it back to the ship. We wandered through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. Though I did not know it at the time, this walk through a less visited part of Venice would be one of the high points of the whole trip for me. When we saw the ship we hit another obstacle. We were separated from it by a chain link fence with a locked gate. So we had to backtrack several blocks, trying to remember exactly where the ship was until we hit a street that went without obstruction to the south. Finally we found one, and came out at the ship. We did manage to get back to the River Countess in time to go to the glassworks on Giudecca Island.
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  • Day4


    October 31, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    I'm not going to write much because I don't have an adaptor to charge my phone with, and I want to use my phone to find our way to the ship tomorrow. We landed in Venice in the late morning. Today was spent wandering over bridges and through narrow winding streets, finding our way to Hotel dalla Moro, and then our parents' hotel. Venice is confusing and gorgeous and very crowded. Here are some unedited photos.Read more

  • Day9

    Schlemmen bis der Bauch platzt

    October 5, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Liebe geht ja bekanntlich durch den Magen. Das gilt für mich im Zusammenhang mit Venedig. Hier kann man an jeder Ecke schlemmen, bei einem kleinen Snack im Sonnenlicht einen Trink genießen und an der nächsten Kanalecke gleich weiter futtern. (Eigentlich haben wir viel mehr vertilgt aber ich eigne mich nicht zum Food-Blogger - die richtig leckeren Sachen waren verputzt, bevor ich daran denken konnte ein Bild zu machen.)Read more

  • Day23

    "Maybe I should start drinking red wine"

    October 3, 2015 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We had an admin session this morning, sorted out our route for the next week and did some washing. We left the camp ground at 2ish and headed back to Venice to tick off a few things we missed yesterday.

    We had some delicious handmade gelato. Finding it is tricky amoung all of the stores but hamdmade stuff is 1) presented flat i.e not whipped up in to mountains and 2) banana is grey not yellow and mint is white not green. Then we headed to Saint Marc square, so many people! A lot of people were facinated by the pigeons too, trying to get photos with lots of them perched on themselves. I just wanted them to poo on the people. Then we had an early dinner before taking an spin on a gondola. Nick has decided that he's going to take up drinking red wine!
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  • Day77

    Vista of Venice

    November 19, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    Checked out and got a 2 hour train to Venice (train was with Italo - nicest ride we've had in terms of comfort, although scenery was average).

    Hotel for this part as we only have one full day here, and then it's a super early flight on Tuesday. Checked in to the hotel, receptionist was lovely. Somehow managed to get a free upgrade to a nice room with a canopy bed.

    Rested and did some planning and then got bus tickets for Tuesday. Then it was off to find some dinner as the light faded. Walked to a pasta place that was cheap and OK (mushroom tagliatelle good, tricolor amitriciana OK). Followed by a cup of gelato from Grom. Was good.

    Browsed some shops on way there and back. Also stopped for more pasta as wasn't quite full. This one was cuttlefish in black venetian sauce. An inky black sauce and really nice fish (could've been like reconstructed fish but tasted nice and vaguely squid-ey). Surprisingly good.

    Overall liking Venice so far - haven't seen much but canals and streets are cute. Bit of a smell occasionally though, and not looking forward to the heaps of tourists and high prices we'll no doubt find tomorrow... but should be fun!
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  • Day20

    Damien Hirst

    July 24, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    The Wreck of the Unbelievable was the name of the show. It took place in two separate buildings that were about 15 minutes away from one another. The whole premise was that Hirst constructed this narrative about finding a shipwreck and all the lost treasures in it. The gallery spaces, which were enormous, housed the relics of the wreck. Now none of this is true, but the crazy part was that it all looked like something you'd see in a museum.

    For example, he created statues with sea debris and coral on them. He filmed a whole "documentary" about scuba divers retrieving the artefacts! And he constructed a model ship showing where all the artefacts would have been stored. But it was all fake! But you kind of thought it was real. And that was the whole point. The line that exists between what is real and what is presented as being real. Anyway, the show was really phenomenal!

    After the two galleries, we stopped to grab gelato. The rain had stopped and the skies were clearing as we ate. I had bonci just for Kathleen!

    We made it back to our apartment just long enough to make a dinner reservation and head out again. We walked into a part of the city we hadn't seen before, and we got to cross over the famous Rialto bridge. Dinner was at Restaurant Al Corner, which was not in a corner. We were too hungry to take pictures today! Evan had gnocchi, Brad had a seafood spaghetti, and I had ravioli carbonara. We all shared the mixed seafood grill which featured cuttlefish, shrimp, langoustines, and tuna.

    It was a cool evening, which we didn't mind at all during our walk back home. Tomorrow is our final day in Venice, which I can't hardly believe!
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  • Day70


    October 4, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Von Chiogga fuhren wir abends nach Venedig auf die Festlandseite. Dank der Park4night App haben wir dort 24 Stunden kostenlos stehen können und auch der Expressbus fuhr direkt von dort auf die Altstadtinsel, den wir bereits um 8.15 Uhr genommen haben. Dort angekommen haben wir einen wunderschönen Tag in Venedig verbracht. Insgesamt sind wir 12 Stunden und 21 km weit durch die Gassen und Brücken rauf und runter gewandert.
    Nach dem schönen Tag fuhren wir noch 200km bis Bergamo, wo wir den Wagen für eine Woche am Flughafen parken (24€) und nach Berlin fliegen.

    Nächste Woche geht's weiter.
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