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  • Day2

    Sorpasso es a Vatikan

    March 18, 2017 in Italy

    Miután kiangyaloztuk magunkat, a Vatikán fele indultunk, ahol persze kedvenc üzleteink is vannak, be is ujitottunk néhány darabot a tavaszi kollekciobol. Majd (szinten az airbnbs Ekaterina tanácsára) beultunk a spanyolos Sorpasso bárba, amit abszolút csak ajánlani tudok- isteni olasz sonka, parmiggiana (osszesutott padlizsán, cukkini, mozarella, paradicsomszosz és parmezan) na meg persze az elmaradhatatlan aperol spritz, megint befottes üvegből.
    Ezt követően uldogeles a San Pietro lépcsőn (ez is a szokasos, legalabb most nincs lezárva) de a kupolaba vegul nem mentünk fel, mert oltári nagy sor volt. Maradt a kinti lablogatas, majd haza pihizni a 23as busszal. (Vajon mit csinálhat a kaller?:)))
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  • Day279

    We took a short video in the Vatican City that you can watch here:

    Today we explored the streets of Rome. We began by making our way towards the River Tiber, along which Will had found a cycle track when looking on Maps.Me. The river corridor was below road level and was pleasantly green and leafy, with large trees lining the course on many stretches. We came to Isola Tibernia, linked to each river bank by a bridge. The island itself was small and had been commandeered by street sellers as a place to flog their wares. Ponte Fabricio, the bridge that crossed to the far bank was the only one on the Tiber to remain intact without intervention. It was built over 2000 years ago in 62BC!

    Alighting from the bridge we entered the Jewish neighbourhood where we found the the main synagogue and museum. There were a few specialist Jewish shops and sadly, Will noticed 4 golden cobbles set into the road outside a large residential building. We've seen these in many countries. They are inscribed with a name, a date and mark the place from which someone was taken by the Nazi regime.

    Moving on, we came to Piazza Farnese where the French Embassy is protected by gun wielding soldiers. The guide book had extolled the beauty of the two fountains in this square, where water spurted out of lilies in bath tubs. Unfortunately Vicky's had set her expectations high and was a little disappointed by the reality. Never mind, just round the corner was the Campo di Fiori (Field of Flowers) market. We love a good market and so had noted this down as a 'must see'. We'd thought we might have a pastry and drink at one of the cafés but having been spoiled by small town prices, we were put off by the tourist rates. The market itself was entirely oriented towards visitors with prices to match. There was a lot of emphasis on presentation, with products such as rainbow pasta made into bows and dried herbs in gift packs. Even the dried ginger and banana slices we bought were placed into conical sweet bags and tied with a purple ribbon! Instead of a cafe snack, we bought a punnet of strawberries, some fresh pea pods and sat ouselves down at the foot of the central statue to munch and watch the people go by.

    We didn't like to leave Poppy on her own for two long so walked back to the van for lunch. We'd heard a few familiar squawks emitting from the trees but couldn't quite place our fingers on the type of bird until a flock of brilliant green parrots flew overhead!

    For our final trip into the city we took the tandem. We needed to cycle on the roads for a while before reaching the river and its bike track. The traffic was hectic and Vicky's nerves were shot but we probably couldn't have done the journey and the last trip around town on our aching feet. Thankfully we were able to ride to within 500m of our destination before we abandoned the bike and continued on foot.

    We approached what would be the 14th country of our tour; The Vatican City, via a long, wide, straight road thronging with people. We'd brought our passports just in case, but all that was required for us to enter this micro state, was for us to step through the line of low stone bollards into its capital.

    We found ourselves in the breathtaking Piazza San Pietro. Ahead was the basilica and the balcony from where the Pope would address the Catholic world at Easter, just a few weeks away. Wrapping themselves around either side of the piazza were two huge white stone curving colonnades, figuratively and literally welcoming people into the Catholic church. The plinth running along the top of each 'arm' supported statues of popes and other religious figures, made from the same type of gleaming white stone as the pillared structures they rose from.

    We'd planned to visit the basilica but, nearly as long as the colonnades a queue wrapped itself around the square. Will estimated there were over 1000 people waiting so we gave up on that experience and wandered a little way out of the piazza into the residential part of the city. It was normal looking, with apartment blocks and nothing we could see that distinguished it from Rome, the capital city in which this country resided. Returning to the piazza with ice cream we sat and took it all in. Many tourists were milling around but there were also a high number of beggars.

    After a bit we cycled home to rest and digest a very memorable day. Rome, together with the Vatican within it were like no other capital we'd visited and our time here had been full and exciting. We did however feel quite full up with the experience and were ready to move on and find somewhere green to relax.

    The following morning brought the thunderous drum roll of a storm shortly after sunrise. After a while torrential rain peleted the van and we counted ourselves lucky to have visited the city on the two previous fine weather days.
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  • Day6


    May 31, 2017 in Italy

    Lunch date :)

    This place was an awesome escape from the crowds. We had to descend stairs off a main road to enter the venue. It was secluded, rich with culture, and very welcoming.

    Must Try: The meat

    Price: $
    Food Quality: 3.5 Stars
    Service Quality: 4 Stars

  • Day99

    Vatican City, Italy

    August 13, 2017 in Italy

    I've arrived in Rome!! After a bus, subway train, another bus, flight, shuttle bus and 1km walk, I've finally made it to Rome where Nana and Kim are. It was really great to see them both after 3.5 months away from home. Nana struggled with her knee on the flight so spent the day stuck in bed with it elevated, barely able to walk! Luckily she managed to take some pain killers that returned it to normal and she's been able to explore Rome with us. Our accommodation was literally 100m from Vatican City and we spent our first day on a tour learning all about the state within a state. I'm not religious so a lot of it went over my head or through one ear and out the other but the actual buildings were incredible. The long hallway museum through the Vatican was covered with the most amazing paintings depicting life as the Bible describes. We made our way to the Sistine Chapel and it was cool to see the Michelangelo paintings that the world talks about so much. Unfortunately the whole place is overrun by tourists so it's difficult to really grasp the spiritual vibe of the place. It's ironic that there are signs everywhere asking for people to be respectful, not take photos, cover shoulders and not talk, yet thousands of tourists are allowed in everyday without a limit. I'd love to see the city introduce time slots with limited tourist tickets or something similar to hold on to the serenity of such a religious place.Read more

  • Day11

    Romantic evening

    October 17, 2015 in Italy

    We had a wonderful, relaxing evening. Suzanne shopped for beautiful scarves in an open air market on a piazza. Then some wine, bread and cheese at a street cafe, followed by dessert and coffee at a family-run restaurant near our hotel. The first picture is the view from our hotel room.

  • Day77

    Rome - St Peter's Square

    October 16, 2015 in Italy

    After the Sistine Chapel we walked around the corner (not taking the ~18€ tour that would've let us skip 10 mins walk and that someone was trying to sell on every street corner) to St Peter's Square. Wow, it's gigantic!
    Despite its size and the fact it wraps around you, the Basilica manages not to loom over you. Apparently the idea is that it's like comforting arms.
    The line to get in to the Basilica ran along half the circumference of the square (which is a circle btw) but "only" took about 30 mins to get in. During that time we listened to another Rick Steves guide pointing out the features of the square.
    Oh, and Vatican City hires Swiss guards and has them wear this traditional uniform (#5). Still looks quite good I think!
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  • Day16

    Vatican City

    May 16, 2017 in Italy

    Second half of a very busy day in Rome! So much to see, so much walking! This afternoon was spent taking a guided tour of the Vatican City, the smallest city in the world. Highlights included the museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St Peter's Basilica. It is no wonder the artworks in this city are so renowned, the detail is incredible!

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