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  • Day513


    October 1 in Japan

    When we lived in Japan, we’d both visited Takayama separately. Christy remembered it as a very small, hilly town (which it wasn’t) and John remembered it as a fairly large city (which it turns out, it is).
    While it’s a biggish city, there are several blocks of well-preserved, old houses in the center. In the nearby hills there were many, many temples and shrines - making for a very nice walk along the Higashiyama path.
    Staying at a ryokan meant we had access to colorful yukatas. Even though the summer season popular for parading through the town dressed in these “outdoor” yukatas was technically over, we didn’t hesitate to dress-up and walk through the town. We enjoyed it so much, we even wore our yukatas out to a fancy dinner after being assured by our ryokan hosts that it wasn’t too odd.
    What was very odd, was a meal we had at a small gyoza restaurant, where the chef blasted death metal music, insisted every visitor draw a picture representing their home country, and was particular about many, many things, but cleanliness wasn’t one of them. Fortunately, the gyoza were delicious, though we tried not to pay attention to the black build-up on the fryer.
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  • Day37

    Après deux jours avec Marwan près de Kamikochi nous arrivons à Takayama, une petite ville des Alpes Japonaises que nous avons beaucoup aimée.

    Balade dans les vieilles rues authentiques, visites de superbes vieilles maisons qui s'ouvrent sur de paisibles jardins japonais, des jolis temples...

    Nous avons traversé la ville pour aller voir un village traditionnel de cette région montagneuse. Une fois arrivé on comprend que ce village n'est pas du tout authentique, ils ont en fait ramené de toute la région des maisons anciennes pour constituer ce village et ainsi faire perdurer l'héritage. Alors bon oui c'est bien mais ça perd le côté authentique, on se croirait dans le parc Astérix avec toutes ses maisons en toit de chaume!

    La région est connue pour son bœuf, le HIDA, une viande très marbrée comme le bœuf de Kobé (mais en un peu moins cher, heureusement pour nous les backpackers). On a pu en goûter dans un super restaurant, cette viande est fabuleuse, tellement fondante et juteuse... Ça m'a rappelé l'Argentine, quel délice ! (voir photo)

    Sinon nous dormions dans une jolie maison traditionnelle tenue par une toute petite femme trop mignonne qui nous a proposé d'enfiler des kimonos traditionnels, super moment! (voir vidéo et photo avec elle)

    Très chouette atmosphère dans cette ville !!

    Notre guesthouse
    Shakunage No Hana +++

    Nonohana +++

    Nos visites
    Hida Kokubunji ++
    Yoshijima house +++
    Hida folk village +
    Miyagawa market +
    Sakura Yamaha Chimangu +++
    Higashiyama shrine and cemetery +
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  • Day120


    March 19 in Japan

    Het kleine stadje gelegen op 300 kilometer ten zuidwesten van Tokio is vier eeuwen oud.
    We bezoeken een belangrijk oud overheidsgebouw. de stijl is zeer typisch Japans: schoonheid in alle eenvoud. Een groot contrast met de boeddhistische tempels die ik zag, waar goud en vele ornamenten overheersen.
    We lopen rond in het centrum van de stad waar de oude houten huisjes zorgen voor een authentiek beeld. Vele van deze huisjes werden destijds door samoerai gebouwd. Verschillende leuke souvenierswinkels, restaurants en streetfoodstandjes zijn er te vinden. Hier vind je tal van leuke Japanse geschenken, waaronder ook saké. Deze wijn op basis van rijst is een echte Japanse specialiteit. In de winkel kunnen we veertien verschillende soorten saké proeven. “Geen enkele groep is er ooit in geslaagd om ze allemaal te proeven”, laat onze gids ons weten. “Uitdaging aanvaard!”, denken wij. Een klein uur later is het zover: Het laatste glaasje van een reeks goede en minder goede saké’s glijdt naar binnen. We leerden ondertussen een Brits meisje en twee Amerikanen kennen en hebben veel plezier samen. Samen saké drinken schept een band...😉
    Die avond keren we terug naar ons hotel, dat ook over een onsen of natuurlijk warmwaterbad beschikt. De temperatuur is echt gloeiend heet. Daarna drinken we een bekertje macha (soort groene thee). Perfect om op te warmen na een koude regenachtige dag...Ik ben immers niet meer in Zuid-Oost Azië. De temperatuur herinnert mij eraan dat ik steeds dichter bij huis kom.
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  • Day9

    Hida Folk Village

    October 10 in Japan

    The second day of our stay here in the Hida area was spent exploring Hida Folk Village, an open air museum. Afterwards a short explore in Hida Furukawa, a twenty minute train ride from Takayama city. It was our first rainy day, and slightly overcast but it made the autumn colours really pop. The leaves of the trees are beginning to turn into the gorgeous shades of red that I've been waiting to see. Whilst walking along the streets of Hida Furukawa we stumbled across the tiniest of coffee shops. To date it has been the best cup of coffee I've had in Japan! The lady running the cafe even had a tube of Vegemite on her counter, which she google translated to tell me that one of her Australian customers had sent it to her!

    Takayama has been a real highlight so far and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Off to Osaka for a 6 night stint now. I think the kids are desperately needing a sleep in, so the longer stay will do us all a world of good.
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  • Day9

    Hida Furukawa pictures

    October 10 in Japan

    More pics. Walking along the famous canal street was one of the few times Sam happily asked to be in a photo. He was quite taken by the fish in the water and asked for photo after photo. He has been very reluctant to be in any of all photos so I was happy to take advantage of this rare opportunity to snap some quick shots of him ❤️

  • Day8

    Hida Takayama

    October 9 in Japan

    2 days spent exploring this beautiful town of Takayama. We arrived in the middle of the Takayama Autumn Festival, it is considered to be one of the best festivals Japan has to offer. It ran for a day and a half, but essentially the 2 day sessions were pretty much the same in the itinerary. The spectacular event was a night procession of all the display floats. It certainly didn't disappoint! The floats are wooden structures, pushed along by a handful of men and women for each one! Food vendors lines the streets, allowing us to taste the local delicacy of Hida Beef in various forms- grilled skewers, curry, ramen! They were all very mouth watering and delicious!
    Whilst there was an influx of tourists and many locals in attendance, the festival was the most orderly affair! The event staff even laid down a tarp for people to sit on at the corner we stationed ourselves on! The evening procession zigzagged down a small section of the town and was completed by a decent time of 9pm!

    Our accommodation here has been a traditional Japanese guesthouse, which the kids have affectionately named "the Totoro house" as it reminds them of the house in the movie!
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  • Day9

    Hida Folk Village

    October 10 in Japan

    While we were out here we also visited the Hida Craft centre, across the street from the following village. Isobel, Adeline, my 2 nephews and I all participated in a class to make a traditional "Sarubobo" doll. The dolls are iconic of the Hida region, and were originally made by mother's to pass onto their daughters for a happy marriage and smooth birth delivery. The different colours these days represent a different meaning. We saw them all over Hida region. Will post pics, these ones are of Folk Village.Read more

  • Day155


    August 15, 2017 in Japan

    Spend two days in Takayama with my sister and her boyfriend. It was a bit rainy, but not as hot as in the rest of Japan :) We walked around the old town, did a temple walk and bought peaches from the morning market.

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