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  • Day4


    March 5 in Japan ⋅ 🌬 4 °C

    ...ich in Sendai angekommen bin. Ich dachte mir jaja hier unten sei es weniger kalt. Hahaha Denkste es war A....kalt. So stand ich in der Kälte verloren am Busbahnhof. Da ich in Zao schon eine Unterkunft gebucht hatte, musste ich nun schauen wie ich dort hin komme. Zu Fuss waren es knapp 30‘ und ich wollte nicht laufen. Also fragte ich Google Maps wie ich dort hin komme. Bus 880 und nach 7 Stationen aussteigen. Alles Klar! Doch wo fährt der Bus? Da alles nur per Zeichen angeschrieben war hatte ich keinen Plan. Oke, vielleicht hat es ja ein Uber. 800 Yen war dann aber doch zu viel. Also nahm ich kurzerhand die Subway zur Station welche in der nähe lag. Und dann sind es nur noch wenige Meter bis zur Unterkunft. Perfekt. Angekommen lief einer bedeckten Einkaufsstrasse entlang.
    Typisch Japan... es leuchtet, blinkt und ganz komische Musik und Töne halte durch die Strasse.
    Im Hotel angekommen war alles sehr schlicht aber sehr Futuristisch. Ich war mir bewusst was für eine Unterkunft dies war. Ein so genantes Kapsel Hotel (siehe Bild). Als ich mein Plunder im Schaft versorge und meine Kapsel unter den vielen anderen suchte, dachte ich mir, hoffentlich kann ich hier schlafen! Da erst etwa 6 Uhr war und ich noch nicht ans schlafen dachte machte ich mich auf in die Gasse. Eine Strasse weiter sah ich ein Bier lokal. Ich ging herein und bestellte mir ein Bier. Und dann noch ein und noch eins. So kam ich in ein Gespräch mit einem der neben mir an der Bar sass. Er war der, der einigermassen gut Englisch sprach. Also fragte ich ihn ein bisschen aus über Sendai und Japan generell. Jedoch eine frage lag mir schon lange auf der Zunge. Und zwar: Wieso gibt es in den Strassen keine Abfälle? Nirgends fand ich eine Abfalleimer. Weder am Bahnhof noch auf denn Strassen. Aber alles war super sauber. Nicht ein einziges Fözzeli noch Zigarettenstummel gab es am Boden. Seine Erklärung, aus angst vor Terrorangriffen und Bomben in Kübeln hatte die Regierung alles wegmachen lassen. So fragte ich Ihn wo sie dann Ihren Abfall unterwegs entsorgen? Ja das nehmen wir alles mit. Oke frage beantwortet.
    Nach geschätzten 7 Bieren und einem Knoblauchbrot machte ich mich nun einwenig beschwips auf den zu meiner Kapsel. Schnell unter die Dusche da ich noch immer nach faulen Eiern und Schwefel roch, kriechte ich unter die Bettdecke und schlief friedlich ein.
    Good night from the capsule 363😴💊
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  • Day19


    April 2, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Matsushima est aussi connu pour son temple construit par Masamune Date ainsi que le mausolée de l'un de ses descendants. Le Zuigan-ji est décoré de magnifiques peintures murales. Il est malheureusement interdit de les prendre en photo. Voici donc un aperçu des jardins du bâtiment ainsi que de celui bordant le mausolée.Read more

  • Day4

    Matsushima Bay

    April 12, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    After much deliberation, and a very rough night on the seas, we decided the cruise ship's $159pp trip to Matsushima Bay was more than we could countenance. So instead, we disembarked after breakfast and caught the shuttle bus into Ishinomaki. This port town was devastated in the 2011 tsunami but seemed to have worked hard on its recovery - the very industrial port clearly in heavy use and the town incredibly welcoming to tourists. It is famed for its association with Manga, with a former resident being the artist of Cyborg 009.

    We followed the route past tourist information (staffed by a guy from Rochester...really) to the train station from where we could get to Matsushima Bay ourselves for ¥1000 return (about £7). The forty minute train journey took us last JASDF Matsushima Air Base, home to the Blue Impulse where we saw a couple of F-2Bs taking off.

    At Matsushima Bay, the temples and mausoleum are all famed for their relation to Date Masamune, Samurai ruler and founder of Sendai. We first visited the Zuiganji Temple, with its beautiful black lacquer and gold leaf wall panels, surrounded by manicured gardens with the remnants of snow. The path out was lined with wall caves and carvings used for religious and funeral services.

    Over the road, the red bridges to the Gogaido pagoda made for a quick stop, albeit one teaming with coach-loads of tourists one group tours from our ship. En route back to the station, the Entsuuin was a mausoleum and gardens for the the grandson of Date Masumune.
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  • Day4


    April 12, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    On our way back to the ship, we climbed the big hill (as is our cruise tradition) in Ishinomaki up to Hiyoriyama Park. The park overlooks the shore of Ishinomaki where the tsunami hit. Today building on this devastated land is considered too dangerous, so it remains barren with plans to turn it into a memorial park.Read more

  • Day6

    Another first.

    May 14, 2016 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    In a novel twist, Janet and I had a delicious steak in a "stand up" restaurant today. You had a number of choices - rib eye, sirloin etc which you paid for by the gram. It was then cooked to order over an open flame and served to you standing up at a counter. The steak was tender and well cooked. Who would have thought?Read more

  • Day6

    A Castle, Wedding and a Festival

    May 14, 2016 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    This afternoon we meandered around Sendai and got more than we bargained for. Visited the Aoba Castle which was built in 1601 and looks out over Sendai. There we ran into a wedding ceremony at the Shrine. As you can see from the photo the gaijin groom and his local bride are decked out in very traditional outfits. When we came back into Sendai we ran into the Aoba Matsuri Festival celebrating the start of spring. Must have been thirty or more community groups enthusiastically dancing the "sparrow dance" through the main mall and streets. Very colourful and a unique experience.Read more

  • Day12

    Recovery market

    May 20, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    First thing on my to do list today was Gebikei gorge. I got there a little late because i slept way to long but luckily the trainride wasn't too long. A short walk from the trainstation and i could immediately step into one of the flatboats that would take me and about 15 japanese people through the gorge. The boat is pushed forward by a man with a large pole (definitaley no pun intended!) and although he explained everything in Japanese, it was easy to understand whith help of the english brochure. It's a absolutely beautiful gorge and since the river is slowly and calmly flowing it makes for an easy and relaxing trip. At the end you get to leave the boat and try to throw some stones into a hole in the cliff on the other side of the water. Pretty hard to do and considering and for only 100 yen per 5 stones a pretty sweet deal (for the person selling them :-)) on the way back you are treated to a wonderfull (and slightly harrowing) local folk song.
    We got back to the pier and i had to make a run for the train. Normally i make it a thing not to run for public transport but since the next one would be 2,5 hours later i decided to break my own rules and make a run for it. As i got to the station, which is basically just a narrow platform with a booth on it, i could see the train coming. I got onboard al panting and sweating and sat down for about an hour until the train would arrive at Kesennuma. This place was very badly hit in march 2011 when the tsunami struck. A big part of this town, along with a lot of inhabitants were completely washed away... And although streets and buildings were being rebuilt, it was still easy to see the damage that the tsunami left behind.
    Now i wasn't there to witness the destruction because i don't like to prey on other peoples misfortune. And therefore you won't see any pictures of destroyed buildings and such. But i really wanted to visit one of the "recovery markets", a place they have setup with local shop owners who lost all of their belongings (and possibly even more) and who are recovering through tourism. A wonderfull and inspiring way of recovery. After a half an hour walk from the station i found one and was initially dissapointed to see it was nearly all closed. They would open later in the evening but that was too late for Morioka. Fortunately a couple of shops were open and i struck op a conversation with the friendly locals. Almost none of them understood english so i quickly found myself surrounded by around 15 Japanese trying to make conversation. My question in Japanese if anyone spoke English or even Dutch got some laughters but we had to reside on google translate to communicate. Which i have to admit worked wonderfully well. I ordered a chocolate and whipcream pancake and got a lot of laughs trying to eat my pancake in a very messy way. :-) We spoke about my vacation and the situation in Kessennuma. Unfortunately i had to get back to the station to catch the last train and so after a quick picture we said our goodbyes and i went back to the station. I slept all the way through on the train (it was one of those shaky local trains which always make me fall asleep right away) Back in the hotel i got a small glass of the whisky i got from the Nikka distillery and fell asleep.Truly awesome day!
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  • Day19

    Matsushima! Oh Matsushima! Matsushima !

    April 2, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Devant la beauté du lieu, Basho ne put rédigé comme Haïku que les quelques mots du titre. Matsushima et ses innombrables îles forment l'une des plus belles baies du Japon. La visite, entre soleil et chutes de neiges commença par un tour en bateau. Après des huîtres pour moi, un curry pour Stéphane, nous avons bravé les éléments pour visiter les îles accessibles par des ponts.Read more

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