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  • Day456

    Clervaux, Luxembourg! #11

    September 25, 2017 in Luxembourg ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today we began a fortnight's tour of Luxembourg. We'd previously visited a couple of times but we'd now scheduled a block in which we would try and explore, whilst immersing ourselves in the culture. As such, it was country number 11 of our 5 Year European Adventure.

    The father of our nephew Dave is from Luxembourg so we'd got some inside info on the best places to visit. The first of these was the pretty town of Clervaux, where Dave's parents met. The parish church was the first feature that caught our eye as we approached from a road that wound down the hillside into the valley. The two spires and circular stained glass window of the church the Lonely Planet described as 'neo-Romanesque' stuck up above the autumnal tree canopy.

    The beauty of the place had obviously made it a hive for tourists but being a Monday lunchtime in late September, it was quiet and we had space to wander up the highstreet lined by restaurants, hotels and cafés. There were a few other shops including a bakers with some delicious looking pastries but these were closed for lunch. Along the way we noticed large photo boards mounted on rocks or set to stand in public gardens. Clervaux was apparently 'Cité de l'Image' and considering our interest in photography, it really enhanced the place for us. In the whitewashed castle there was a photographic exhibition called The Family of Man, but this was only open a few days a week, Monday unfortunately not being one if them.

    We hadn't thought too much about how coming south would improve the temperatures but it was yet another warm, clear day. Wanting to make the most of the good weather we walked up the switchback road to the abbey high on a wooded hill. It was a functioning monastery with a small group of monks living there. They sold homemade apple juice but still being lunch time the shop was closed so we had a look around the exhibit showing the life and works of the monks before taking a forest track back down the hill.

    There was a stellplatz in a nearby town so we didn't stay overnight in Clervaux, but were very glad we had visited such a beautiful little town- thanks for the recommendation Dave!
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  • Day469

    Äddi (goodbye) Luxembourg!

    October 8, 2017 in Luxembourg

    We try to enter each country with an open mind and with as few preconceptions as possible but to be honest, in our heart of hearts we weren't looking forward to touring Luxembourg. It wasn't anything specific against the country, it was the fact we'd spent 3 and a half months in the beautiful, remote, peaceful countries of Norway and Sweden and had fallen in love with life up there. We found ourselves clinging to their memory as we travelled down through Denmark and Germany and the roads became more congested, the towns more frequent and busy, the people more hurried and seemingly less relaxed.

    Luxembourg therefore had a hard act to follow. After 2 weeks of touring, here are our thoughts on our time in this little country:

    As we've mentioned before, we had good recommendations of places to visit from our nephew Dave, whose Dad is from Luxembourg. We scanned our Lonely Planet guide but decided on 'Dave's Discovery Tour'!

    Luxembourg is a small country and we found ourselves able to set a relaxing pace, staying in many places for 2 nights and only travelling short distances between them. It gave us time to get out and explore by foot, bike and canoe, because we weren't too tired from driving. The roads were good quality, if slightly too narrow for our 3.5t van to go as fast as a car would along the winding woodland roads that followed the course of river valleys.

    When planning our stay we looked at the relatively few stellplatz with a little apprehension, as we'd been unable to find out definitively whether wild camping was allowed. Again, the compact nature of the country came in to play- despite there being only a handful of official stopovers, we were never far from one and are now confindent wild camping is allowed. Each of the places we stayed was free, as were most of the service points. Some, such as Redange and Dudelange even had free electricity! The only improvement would have been better recycling facilities. Parking for daytime visits was also free and usually easy to access, even in the capital city at the weekends! Only a few towns such as Echternach and Esch-sur-Sûre deterred motorhome parking in certain places. This combined with the cheap fuel, short driving distances and affordable food and drink, made Luxembourg an inexpensive place for us to visit.

    Coming from Scandinavia, the weather was pleasantly warm for September/ October and we enjoyed several days topping up on vitamin D in our t-shirts. Early Autumn was a great time of year to visit; many Luxembourgeois towns are nestled in forested river valleys and linked by woodland corridors. We got to watch the leaves changing to red, yellow, orange and brown before they were blown off in flurries that created gorgeous seasonal carpets. We get the feeling that in summer, the narrow streets and small car parks get packed. As it was, we parked easily and avoided the crowds. Historic settlements were able to exude their natural charm as we explored their quaint shops, stoic castles and pretty stone churches at our own unhurried pace.

    One of the things we relished about Luxembourg was getting back to using the small independent shops such as bakeries. They had been in short supply in Sweden and Norway, the only difficulty here was which one to choose! Because eatery prices are about on par with the UK we were able to return to treating ourselves to a meal out once a week- another thing we'd missed up north. We found the beer wasn't really to our taste but there was a good selection of white wines from the Moselle Valley vineyards that more than made up for this.

    The people we encountered were friendly and easy going. With close to 180,000 people making a daily cross border commute to work in Luxembourg, the country is used to foreigners and we were fascinated by the mix of tongues. Letzeburgesch, French and German are all official languages and many locals move fluidly between them when talking to different people. English is also widely spoken which was a bonus for us!

    If you spend even a small amount of time touring Luxembourg you will gain a strong sense of where it is in Europe. We had a lot of fun walking and paddling our canoe over the French and German borders and to end our visit we drove into Belgium. It also made us think about how much we value the freedom of movement we are gifted with in the Schengen Area.

    Most of the places we stayed were in small towns but we were never far from nature. Luxembourg's natural treasure is its meandering rivers and their steep sided, forest covered valleys, glowing with the golden hues of autumn and often filled with mist as you wake. We were given access to both woodland and water and revelled in many a happy hour spent hiking through glades and gliding over the top of gently flowing currents.

    Two weeks was a good amount of time for us to spend touring Luxembourg; you could stay longer in each spot and of course there were lots of places we didn't see. However, it is a country you can get to know well in a relatively short time and we feel we have gone a good way towards doing this. From an unenthusiastic start, this quaint and charming little country has won us round. We now think fondly of it, because lets face it, when it comes to Luxembourg, what's not to like?

    Thanks again to Dave and his Dad for their 'Discovery Tour'!
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  • Day468

    Layby near Vianden

    October 7, 2017 in Luxembourg

    After leaving Echternach we wound our way along a gorgeous tree lined valley on a road that snaked a course above the river's path. At some points the river formed the national border and at one point we crossed a bridge, only to find ourselves in Germany. Returning to Luxembourg a little further upstream, we eventually found a layby of bare earth and long grass in a forest. The road was quiet and it was good to get away from the bustle of town parking and see the stars twinkling in a dark sky when night fell.

    The last place that had been recommended for us to visit in Luxembourg was Vianden and so after a restful night's sleep we tootled the few kilometres down the hill and parked up at the base of the chairlift. Vianden was nestled at the bottom of the valley along the River Our. The streets were narrow, often cobbled and without pavements. A grand castle bore imposingly down from its defensive position high up on the steep valley slope. There was a fishing competition taking place and tens of thousands of euros worth of equipment was being dangled hopfully over the fast flowing water. A few coaches of tourists came in and took selfies on the stone bridge, chainsaws revved from the woods and the noise of Saturday morning vacuum cleaners reverberated off the walls of stone houses. It didn't look too busy but it sounded it and we retreated to the chairlift that scooped us calmly over the river, high up on to the wooded slopes. We enjoyed the ride and the zig zag walk down the forest track, stopping off for a close up look at the castle a third of the way down.
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  • Day456


    September 25, 2017 in Luxembourg

    One of the great things about Luxembourg is its compact nature. From our daytime exlporations in Clervaux, we didn't need to drive far to the nearby town of Wiltz that provided a free stellplatz and facilities for €1. Cutting accross country the roads wind up and down the hills. They weren't very wide so we needed to drive slowly but this gave us time to appreciate the beautiful autumnal scenery, in particular the tree corridors through which the roads wended.

    Wiltz had made a real effort with their 3 van stellplatz, with planted borders to each of the bays. It was opposite a bike park and although we didn't see many bikes, the local nursery brought their children on an outing each of the mornings we were there.

    The town was set on a steep hillside and Will needed to be careful not to hurt the tendons on the soles of his feet. He was excited to have found a fish and chip shop on Maps.Me and therefore needed to be very restrained, limiting himself to a slow stroll up to the centre. He was pretty disappointed when we saw the shop was now a French style café. We are sure their food was very nice but after 15 months without easy to one of his favourite dishes, he is craving the sort of food served by Netherton Fish Bar back home.

    One thing that has struck us since leaving Sweden is the smell of car fumes and cigarette smoke. It was easy to forget about the clean air as we were breathing it up north, but not so easy to reacclimatise now we are back in civilisation. On our way up we came across a memorial tower. Its spiral staircase was behind a gate but it was open for us to climb! It was great to get above the place and see it from a different perspective. The flower gardens, patterned cobblestones and colourful houses all nestled amongst the greens, yellows and oranges of the surrounding woodland and fields.

    We bought some bread and chose a cake each from the boulangerie. There is a real mix of languages in this country, Letzeburgesch has been one of the official languages since 1984 but French and German are also official. Many people can speak English but the assistant who sold us the bread and cakes didn't. We both know a little French and German and listening to people talk is very interesting. There are words we understand from each of the languages but also ones that sound a bit familiar but belong to neither. We feel we should understand it but don't.

    We sat on a bench in the square at the base of the tower and ate our cakes, a mocha gateux for Will and a rasberry mousse for Vicky -mmm! After this we stopped in at the tourist information office and asked whether it was legal to park for the night outside of designated motorhome spots. The attendant assured us it was, but then it transpired she didn't know about the town's stellplatz. Oh well. We asked if there were any opportunities for horseriding and after a while she found a flyer and called to try and book, but despite her leaving a message and taking our number we haven't heard back. Never mind, at least we tried.

    We enjoyed our two night stay in Wiltz and it was really nice to know we were in a small country so didn't need to spend hours travelling the following day.
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  • Day458

    Bavigne, 15 months away!

    September 27, 2017 in Luxembourg

    Today is 15 months since we upped sticks and left the bricks and mortar behind. Since reaching '1 year away', each monthly anniversary of this date seems less significant as we get more used to van life as our way of life. We wanted to take our only opportunity to spend more than a year away from the UK in the van (the MOT will require us to return annually from now on). We are glad that it has given us the chance to get used to 'living' not 'holidaying' in the van on the continent and are happy to say thay we feel comfortable doing this with the help of Will's wonderful sister Sue who recieves all our mail. However, with less than 2 months to go until we return to visit the UK we are inevitably travelling with this deadline in mind and enjoying making plans to spend time with friends and family whom we haven't seen in so long.

    First job of the day was to drop into a large Delhaize supermarket to stock up on supplies. Inside we discovered a 'Whisky Universe' aisle (much to Will's delight), with a dégustation containing 6 whiskies to sample! He had finished his last dram at Jan-Ols in Sweden and we'd been looking out for somewhere with a decent selection ever since. After sampling a couple he chose a highland single malt called Deanston and we went on our way, only to find a bottle of wine available to sample in the wine aisle! He didn't like it but we put a couple of good looking local wines in the trolley. Their marketing ploy obviously worked on us because we spent more than we would normally and needless to say it was Vicky who drove the van afterwards.

    The little village of Bavigne was our home for the night. It had a lovely free gravel car park sectioned off with bushes and trees and quaint and very clean public toilets accross the road, with net curtains hanging in the windows. The best thing about Bavingne for us was its location right next to the Lac de la Haute-Sûre, a wide, slow moving river that we spent the afternoon canoeing on. The banks were steep, forming forest covered ridges either side. The weather was glorious but cool enough that we stuck to the sunny side, where the calm was punctuated by loud plops as ripe acorns were released from their cups and dive bombed the water below. The trees, spotted with yellow, orange and brown, really seemed to glow in the golden light of late afternoon. We paddled until we heard a weir and at this far end Will caught sight of a Kingfisher, its iridescent blue shining fleetingly in the sunlight. Further up we both spotted another Kingfisher, although this one was further off and in the shade. A Sandpiper, Cormorants and ducks caught our attention at other points of our journey.

    When we arrived back we were relieved to find the boat, whose mooring spot we had used to launch, was still absent and we could get the canoe back up the bank without having to trample through weeds. The boats were all similar; small and flat bottomed with winches to wind their anchor lines. The anchors themselves were heavy metal cuboids, some with a couple of claws to dig into the soft muddy bed.

    Bavigne was a great place to park but it wasn't an official stellplatz so we didn't want to outstay our welcome and moved on in the morning.
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  • Day468

    Back to the start in Wiltz

    October 7, 2017 in Luxembourg

    For our last few nights in Luxembourg we returned to the stellplatz in Wiltz; the town we had first stayed at. We needed a little time to stop and plan our journey through Belgium, so staying somewhere we were familiar with was an ideal solution.

    On this visit we took a little hike away from the town of Wiltz, through a campsite and up through the oak woodlands behind the town. It helped give our minds a rest from the planning process!Read more

  • Day1

    Erkundung und Einkauf in weißwampach

    December 5, 2018 in Luxembourg ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Da wir noch ein paar Dinge wie Proviant und Wasser für unterwegs brauchten, haben wir uns nochmal auf den Weg in den nächsten größeren Ort gemacht in dem es Einkaufsmöglichkeit gab. Das war weißwampach und das liegt schon in Luxemburg.
    Die Fahrt dorthin war mehr als abenteuerlich... Es war Mega neblig und der Weg führte durch eine Menge Wald und über kleine enge Straßen. Auf dem ganzen Weg kamen uns nur 2 andere Autos entgegen.
    Wer absolute Ruhe möchte ist hier genau richtig.

    Der Ort weißwampach selbst ist schon wieder etwas größer und bietet einige Essens- und Einkaufsmöglichkeit. Zum Glück spricht man hier noch oder auch deutsch... 🙈

    Nach dem Einkauf haben wir dann noch burger gegessen, die wirklich lecker waren. Gestärkt und mutig haben wir uns dann auf den abenteuerlichen nebligen Rückweg gemacht.

    Zum Abschluss des Tages noch ein bisschen TV schauen und dann ab ins Bett und versuchen zu schlafen. 😴😴
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  • Day2

    Essen in Vianden

    December 6, 2018 in Luxembourg ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Da wir recht früh in Luxemburg fertig waren, die Restaurants aber alle erst gegen 18 Uhr oder 18:30 Uhr öffneten, haben wir uns dazu entschlossen nach vianden zu fahren um dort zu essen.

    Das war eine sehr gute Entscheidung.

    Als Nikolausessen hatte ich Käsefondue und zum Nachtisch Creme brulee.
    Schnucki hatte spare ribs und Eis.
    Super lecker! Es hat sich definiert gelohnt den Weg bis fast zum Ortseingang wieder hoch zu laufen, nachdem wir ganz unten einen Parkplatz gefunden hatten.
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  • Day3

    Burg Vianden

    December 7, 2018 in Luxembourg ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Als nächstes sind wir wieder nach Vianden gefahren. Dort wollten wir uns heute die Burg ansehen. Auch wenn es viel geregnet hat, in der Burg war das kein Problem. Der Rundgang führt durch Rittersäle, Küchen, Schlafräume bis hin zu Brunnen und dem Weinkeller. In 3d Animation wird gezeigt wie sich die Burg seit dem ersten Bau immer weiter verändert hat.
    Als Studenten haben wir nur je 4,50€ Eintritt gezahlt.

    Nach dem Rundgang sind wir nochmal runter in den Ort und haben in der patisserie Nosbusch noch je ein Stück Kuchen und einen Kakao getrunken.
    Der truffle cake war unglaublich lecker. Schokolade pur.
    Die Inhaberin erzählte uns, das hier noch alles per Hand selber gebacken wird. Und das schmeckt man - preislich merkt man es leider auch 🙈.
    Dennoch hat es sich gelohnt!

    Nachdem wir uns aufgewärmt hatten, ging es dann zurück nach weißwampach wo wir wieder essen wollten.
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  • Day6

    Großer Sprung nach Luxemburg

    September 15, 2018 in Luxembourg ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    In einem großen Bogen sind wir am gestrigen Tage über Belgien nach Luxemburg gefahren.
    Dieses kleine Ländchen wird von uns in einem 1 1/2 Tagestrip erkundet.
    Wer hätte gedacht das dieses kleine Land so wunderschön und verträumt ist.
    Weiden und Berge säumen die Straßen. Für Motorradfahrer sind die Serpentienen ein wahrer Traum.Read more

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